Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cleveland man claims he was taken by UFO

Cleveland Police have disclosed all of the reports they've had of UFOs; One caller claimed he'd been taken to Durham in a UFO Missing Teesside Man Claims UFO Abduction UK) THEUFOCHRONICLES.COM credit Frank Warren

World UFO Day 2016 The Secret World of UFOs

Aliens Are Here...Tony Topping for World UFO Day explains to the public what the UFO encounter experience is all about. Tony takes the viewer on a journey where science fiction meets real life as we enter into the covert world the public don't see World UFO Day The Secret World of UFOs

UFO Alien Investigator releases sensitive UFO Files on Wikileaks

A TOP UFO ET disclosure activist publicly "dared" the US Government to charge him after he carried out his own UFO Wikileaks in defiance of the alleged secrecy surrounding the UFO ET Phenomena…'SO CHARGE ME': UFO Alien investigator dares US Government as he releases 'UFO  Wikileaks' EXPRESS.CO.UK/NEWS/WEIRD/684…|BY JON AUSTIN