Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bright illuminating diamond and round shape UFOs 9/27/17 Tacoma WA.

UFO Sighting occurred around 8:30 pm pacific standard time a bright flashing light was spotted about the house. The UFO hovered for several minutes before changing colors. The colors go faint as the UFO moves.. Minutes later several fast low flying airplanes appeared for at least 15 minutes. At least three Unidentifiable aircrafts "UFOs" where spotted in the sky. UFO Sighting occurred on 9/27/17 over Tacoma Washington duration: 45 min.

Multiple Triangle Shaped UFOs reported 9/27/17 over Johnston City IL.

Some of the UFOs appeared to have pulsating lights along the sides of the UFOs. Counted at least 9 Triangle or V shaped UFOs, seemingly hovering then moving in formation slightly forward then backward or shifting side to side. Some would sporadically move extremely fast almost appearing as falling stars, then stopping abruptly. UFO Sighting occurred on 9/27/17 over Johnston City IL. source

UFO Sighting reported red strobing light flashing from left to right 9/26/17 Salem VA.

Was standing in the driveway looked up and to the right noticed a red strobing light flashing from left to right. Looked like three red lights tightly formed in the front of the UFO then a red light flashing from top to bottom. UFO was incoming to my location, then stopped and hovered for several minutes. Took out cellphone and began recording UFO Sighting for over 40 min. Took still photos as well. UFO then proceeded to move off away from my vicinity but stopped to hover again. I walked up the road to get a clearer view away from the tree line and the UFO proceeded to loiter around the area for a long time. It would move left to right then come closer to me never getting as close as I would have liked. All lights on this UFO were red and moved in irregular patterns sometimes the horizontal lights would go then the vertical would flash. I do not believe this UFO was a standard aircraft as it made no sound. And I do not believe it was a drone because of ! length of time of observation and battery on drone vehicles. I went to retrieve a neighbor to witness as well but on returning the UFO had left. I had a similar UFO sighting about 8 years ago from much further away in the early am and on that occasion 2 F-16's gave chase. source

Orange Yellow Triangular UFO reported 9/28/17 Bremerhaven DE

I drove my friend home from work, as we drove down a country road she asked me if I had seen the orange light on the left. I looked to my left and saw a triangular shaped orange yellow UFO. The UFO seemed far away and strangely we did not even thought about taking a picture or something. We drove across the road and suddenly the UFO was gone, my friend looked out of the right window of my car and the UFO was appearing again on the right side. I stopped at a marketplace nearby but the object was disappearing and we lost it in the trees on the side of the road. As we got out of the car we saw a helicopter that made a sharp turn away from where our UFO sighting happened. mufon cms# 87030 UFO Sighting occurred on 9/28/17 over Bremerhaven DE.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Helicopter chasing an Oval UFO over Wake Forest N.C. 9/28/17

My UFO Sighting occurred at approximately 10:00 to 10:10 in the evening of Sept 28th, 2017. I live in a rural area approximately 20 miles northeast of Raleigh, NC near the town of Wake Forest. My daughter had been over for dinner and as she was getting ready to leave I escorted her outside to her car. We were standing outside carrying on a conversation when, in the distance, I heard the approaching sound of a helicopter. As I looked toward the sound I see the lights of the helicopter approaching. And by the way they were blue. I would say first off that often it is hard to discern how far away an object is in the sky. Sometimes objects are farther away than they might initially appear. But I could clearly see the helicopter and it was facing broadside to me as we were watching it. And at this point the helicopter was hovering I'd say perhaps for maybe twenty seconds or so. It then began to turn to the right towards our position and began to accelerate very rapidly. I would also note that the helicopter seemed to be a rather large, twin rotor aircraft. My sense was that it was military. And I could plainly see blue lights both fore and aft on the helicopter. One thing that struck me was that the helicopter was flying extremely fast for something with rotors. But as the helicopter passed by us I exclaimed to my daughter, " that helicopter is chasing something. So, my best observation of what I saw was something like a yellow round, faintly glowing orb or ball way out in front of the helicopter that it was trying to catch up to. And as we were following the helicopter going by us left to right we could see the moon in the distance.And only because at that moment the moon was lighting the sky could we see what the helicopter was chasing a massive Black UFO or, rather, what I would describe as an oval shaped UFO much larger than a commercial airliner, perhaps the size of two thirds of a football field. The UFO was not completely round but more of an oval shape. We could clearly see it although the UFO Sighting lasted only four or five seconds. There were no wings and absolutely no sound from it, the only sound being from the helicopter. I would estimate the helicopter was four to five hundred yards behind the UFO. Here's another observation, really just a gut feeling that the helicopter was chasing the UFO as opposed to escorting it. I don't know why but that's just the sense I had. I think probably because they were both traveling at such a high rate of speed. mufon cms# 87012

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

UFO fell from the clouds then left a trail of cloud spray or smoke 9/26/17 PA.

I was taking my break from work then notice that something is falling from a cloud cover. I thought it was an airplane but 3 of my workmates also noticed the object being strange. The UFO just burst out from one cloud and the it fell with cloud or smoke from behind it. All of us who saw the UFO believes that this is not an ordinary airplane. The UFO just stopped emitting smoke or clouds and just vanished. mufon cms# 86962 UFO Sighting report occurred over Lower Moreland PA on 9/26/17

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hovering glowing UFO in distance then passed directly over us 9-22-17 TN.

UFO Sighting occurred over Powell TN. about 11 p.m. last night (9/22/17) two of us were sitting on the front porch. My friend noticed what she thought might be Mars in the distance, bright red and glowing. A few minutes later, she noticed Mars wasn't there any longer. Quickly we realized a bright red circular UFO was traveling toward us. The body of the UFO was bright red and well-demarcated by the lights. It eventually passed over our heads and continued on in a straight path. We noticed there was a single blinking light on either side of the UFO. My reaction to it was curiosity. I watched it for a little bit longer then sat back down on the front porch. mufon cms# 86859

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Possible Link Between Cattle Mutilations & UFO Sightings

I was driving on a gravel road in Nebraska a little after midnight. All of a sudden I saw what at first looked like an airplane going down. Then after about 4 seconds I saw that they were two bizarre looking UFOs. They seemed to be hovering fairly slowly (10 mph) heading West, smaller one in front of the other on the same path with the other one appearing to be about 2-3× it's size. I was in complete awe. I'm so stunned that I can't perfectly describe the first UFO or identify it's color; the larger one appeared to be neon red on top and neon blue on the bottom (clear outline) with white neon outside the outline and inside the UFO. It disappeared within 10 seconds of viewing. It came out of no where and then vanished. Within a 5 mile radius of where this even took place, SEVERAL cattle mutilations have been reported (including several from my own personal farm) as well as several UFO Sightings discussed among the locals. source MUFON

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

UFO Sightings using CE-5 Protocol's

UFO Sighting occurred on On September 12th, 2017, I meditated using the CE-5 protocol at home however I did it twice and my session lasted two hours. At approximately one hour and a half I started saying "Peace and love" in my mind repeatedly. That's when things started to pick up. I started to hear clicking noises and within my mind seeing repeated images of my back door. My alarm rang letting me know the session was over. I went through my back door to go to my backyard, looked up to the sky for a minute. I then saw a Star Glow a Bright Orange-Yellow UFO, it then streaked to the left then at an NW angle to the clouds. It moved lighting fast!! This was my first time seeing a UFO. mufon cms# 86778

Monday, September 18, 2017

UFO Sighting Reported 9/16/17 Transparent Disc UFO over Gracefield QC CA.

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: After having dinner with my family I went to throw out some garbage and went for a walk. I went towards an empty camp that is near our property and proceeded to turn around. When I got to the end of the lane, I looked up and saw what appeared to be a star. But it was much too early and there were no other stars out and it was still quite bright. I walked back to my cottage while keeping and eye on it and made sure not to lose it in the trees.

When I got back to the cottage I grabbed my telescope and told my dad to bring out his phone with a GPS sky-map on his phone to see if we could identify it. When I looked through the lense, I saw a perfectly Round Disc UFO which was translucent. On the upper side of this UFO it looked like it had ridged and seemed to be emanating light, which I thought to be reflected sunlight, but the lights were of purplish color. As I watched this UFO through the telescope it moved somewhat slowly, while to the naked eye it looked like it wasn't moving at all, but I would have to constantly adjust my telescope to follow it. In the middle there looked to be three lines like a peace symbol in the middle. While it was moving and looking like it was rotating the symbol and lights did not move from their place. My dad, my sister and I all looked through the telescope and tried to figure out what it was.

I proposed it was a weather balloon, my dad thought a satellite and my sister thought it was the International Space Station, and we could not come to a consensus. We continued to follow it and try to figure out what it was, when our neighbors came by to talk, I asked them to look at it and they saw the same thing both with their eyes and through the telescope. For about 45 minutes it began to drift behind the treetop and away from our sight line. The last I saw of this UFO was heading behind the nearest mountain and emanating a darker and more yellowish color. mufon cms# 86733 Note: This same type UFO Sighting was reported over Mattawa Ontario Canada see report here

UFO Sighting very high speed broke into 2 than disappeared 9/17/17 Oxnard CA

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: We were driving home from Ventura headed towards Oxnard, we were driving Southbound on Victoria, when we both noticed a UFO Light in the sky zipping by at a very high speed. It was going in a perfect horizontal path from west toward East, never have I seen something travel so fast in the sky, UFO was completely lit up, with a bright white light and a green tinge, it was going very fast and suddenly it broke off into two separate lights, one continuing in the Eastern path at high speed, the other went straight up into the sky, they both then completely disappeared in the blink of an eye. There were no airplanes or helicopters or signs of aircraft around. And there was nothing in the sky the second day disappeared. Did not see anything in this guy or in the area immediately after. It was as if it had never been there. It completely vanished it did not fade away or disintegrate. It was as if it just disappeared as if Zapped away. The speed in which this UFO traveled was very very fast we could barely keep up with it and it appeared out of nowhere. When it first appeared it went up and then down and then up and then down. Then immediately zipped from west to east so fast it was almost like a flash and it was very bright. Have never seen anything like it, and I have never seen anything before as far as UFOs go. So glad my boyfriend witnessed this also, we both just were in complete shock. We both cannot figure out what we saw. We don't know what it was but we know what it wasn't, it definitely wasn't a flare, an airplane, a jet, a helicopter, a drone or a shooting star, or a firework, or a reflection or street lights, car lights, swamp gas LOL, whether this was natural or unnatural phenomenon it definitely is categorized as a UFO in my opinion. A little creeped out still really feeling bothered by this whole thing would like to know what I saw. mufon cms# 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Large UFO Fireball Observed 9/17/17 close to the Pentagon

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: A friend and I were returning to our hotel (The Westin) in Crystal City, VA from a diner. We were at the crossing of S Eads Street and 20th Street S (38.855640, -77.053176) between two large buildings. At approximately 00:56 EST we observed a large fireball or flash rapidly move East to West between in the Northern horizon. Note we were facing North as we observed the UFO moving East to West. If facing North from out vantage point it would have been at a 45 degree angle in the sky and close enough to where it looked as if it flew over the George Washington Memorial Highway, approximately .4 to .5 miles from our location. Note, this is in the flight path of the DCA Ronald Reagan National Airport, however checking flight records there were no arrival or departure flights during the time period of the sighting. Furthermore, this would have been directly over the air port and we would suspect it would be normal to not see aircraft from our vantage point as this was in direct path of the airport and craft would be taking off and landing from fields of view not within our sight path. Also the UFO Sighting was so bright it illuminated the buildings and ground that were around us, where a plane light would have not provided sufficient illumination. No noise was heard coming from the UFO either, it was a very quiet night, even for the relatively busy area we were in, and no air craft noise or anything else affiliated with the craft could be heard. Using basic trigonometry with estimations for the angle of UFO (tangent) and perceived distance (adjacent) I would estimate the UFO was approximately 4,000 feet in the air (2,500 * tan(45) = height). In summary, I observed an unusually bright large blue/green rapidly moving fireball in the northern horizon above the George Washington Memorial Highway/DCA Reagan Airport moving East to West at approximately 4,000 feet. I believe an obvious explanation for the sighting would likely include a fireball meteor event, however after observing multiple examples from Youtube of meteors and fireballs each of these have a significant trail and are very high in the sky and rapidly fizzle out. This UFO was not fizzling out and was cruising along with a minimal haze or trail (I hesitate to say there was a trail) behind the UFO and was very low. I do realize the Southern Taurids meteor shower is technical active during the time period of the sighting, but it is not at it's height of activity until October. I was unable to locate a database to identify whether any fireballs or meteor events were observable from my location during the time period of the UFO sighting. mufon cms# 86722 UFO Sighting occurred over Crystal City VA on 9/17/17

UFO Sighting 9-17-17 Pillar like shape over New Delhi India reported

UFO Sighting today (17th Sept.2017)At 8:00 PM IST. I and my wife were sitting on the terrace and staring stars (observing their shapes which are in Equilateral triangle shape) Suddenly, I noticed two bright UFO lights moving in a direction across the Equilateral triangle shape stars. And within a minute the light vanished. I've never seen nor heard flying Pillar shape object in sky. The UFO lights were steady and a size of star. The speed of the UFO was uniform. and in around 30-40 seconds it was seen (The lights were bright when near the stars, but it became low when moved forward and suddenly vanished). I guess, that UFO was very very big in shape It was at great height. Its lights size were as shape of star. I was telling my wife to see that moving UFO but her eyes didn't see it. It was there for 30-40 seconds but she didn't see it. I was normal, nothing unusual happened. I'm writing this because maybe someone else has also seen this incident. mufon cms#86723

UFO Reported 9-15-17 Size of Greyhound Bus all Silver windows no tail Guernville CA

My husband and I were driving country road home from grocery store. I suddenly saw this UFO to the right in the sky about a 1/2 mile to the north and above a hill. I said Stop, Slow down, so we could see this UFO. We slowed and a 2 cars came up behind us close so we had to continue, since road narrow and no place to turn around. The UFO just sat there. but when I looked away it was gone. Happened quickly. It was not a plane (no wings, or tail or wheels or noise.) Definitely not a kite. It looked solid. I've never seen a weather balloon that shape. I thought it must be UFO since nothing I could think of matched. No motion either but one weird thing. As I said it was kind of greyhound bus shaped, except the ends were fuzzy, fading as I looked. I was not scared just curious, and my feeling was, OH No not again, as I had seen another much larger UFO Sighting 5 months ago. As we slowly drove on I kept waiting for it to reappear, but it did not. Kept my eyes on the sky looking back towards the place we had seen it My husband did not see this but kept helping me guess what it could be. mufon cms# 86712 UFO Sighting occurred over Guernville California 9/15/17

Friday, September 15, 2017

Pulsating UFO lights 9-13-17 over Dodger Stadium Shape of a Cone see photo

It was September 13 2017 about 10:45 pm. There had been a police chase in the area about 10 miles away around the same time. I counted about 7 helicopters in the silver lake area. I jumped on the 101 Hollywood freeway and transitioned onto the 110 north freeway.At this point I could see all the helicopters behind me hovering around the Hollywood area. As I approached the area around Dodger stadium I looked up and saw these bright lights flashing green blue and red . It was in the shape of a huge cone "UFO". I kept looking at it thinking maybe it was something to do with an event at the stadium. The only problem was there was no events going on and the light were not on the hill. As I drove by it I found myself under it. The lights were about 75 feet off the ground. They seem to be floating by themselves, no UFO. I could see the night sky. Then they just turned off. Nothing took off or made a noise. They were clearly over the freeway. Not on the hill. There is a few videos on Youtube and a few pictures on Face-book floating around. I can get links and send them to you if needed. The lights also happened on 9/11 around the same time according to these video sources.The video shows the lights in a circle like if they are Ferris-wheel. When I saw them they were in the shape of a cone. When I drove under them they were in a shape of a cone as well. I will attach a picture someone took. This is what I saw. I should have taken video and pictures but when you finally see one all I could think was oh lord they are real and just let it all sink in. No one is covering this. There is hundreds of witnesses. mufon cms# 86693 UFO Sighting occurred over Los Angeles California

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pulsating UFO in the sky changing color and shape 9-13-17 Dearborn Heights MI U.S.

I observed a pulsating UFO in the sky over Michigan while facing West. I noticed it on Sept.13,2017 at 8:30 pm and then retrieved my Panasonic 4K video camera and tripod from my home. I filmed the UFO and also captured screen shots of its changing shape and color once uploaded to my computer. The UFO video and photos are unedited and unfiltered. I also read that multiple people had seen the same UFO over Michigan tonight on facebook. Dearborn Heights MI U.S. UFO Sighting Video Here

Pulsating UFO chasing away another Reddish Brown Glowing UFO over Shelter Island New York 8-25-17

My wife and I and our dog were on Shelter Island New York and it was a clear night and the sky looked amazing. I have been looking forward to looking up the night sky to see if I could catch any unusual activity. We went for a walk and our dog took us to his favorite spot, a beach down the road. I thought it was genius of him. It was perfect. Like clockwork, shortly after we laid down on the sand and I started looking at the sky, I saw without a doubt, something in the heavens that could only be explained as something strait out of science fiction. A satellite looking (star looking) UFO Sighting that was pulsating brightly was chasing away another vehicle that was reddish brown and faint. The pulsating vehicle was ejecting a beam at intervals that looked like a dashed line in a curve towards the fleeing vehicle but not directly at it. It looked like it was shooting across the other vehicles bow. There were 2-3 ejected dashed line beams that were strangely identical to one another. The direction of both vehicles was not in a straight line and were completely UN-ordinary. After approximately 10 seconds of this pursuit at the location of the glowing reddish-brown UFO, a streak of light appeared to shoot downward and the reddish-brown UFO was gone. After the reddish-brown UFO disappeared, the pulsating star looking UFO stopped pulsating and changed trajectory slowly. I lost sight of this star looking UFO shortly after that. This was in space. The UFOs looked to be in orbit like satellites. Was this an extra-terrestrial civilization chasing away another? Does Earth have ET's protecting us from other civilizations whom may violate our indigenous rights? Was this our military who has space faring vehicles (stolen from ET's) chasing away ET's? We can handle the truth. The powers that be will not accept the fact that they are powerless. mufon cms#86669

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Classic UFO Sighting reported 9-2-17 Salinas CA

While observing the night sky from my garage I noticed a single non blinking red lite low in the horizon in the NW sky. The light was deep red larger than a conventional aircraft navigational light. after a second or two of observing the single lite, four more lights appeared forming the classic V shape. The UFO appeared to turn off then reappeared a few seconds later in the northern sky traveling to the NE with one red lite on. The UFO changed color from red to white, made a flash with what appeared to be a halo then disappeared. the UFO then reappeared in the original NE sky with only one red lite. The UFO then flew up at a speed faster than an airplane or helicopter. it then came down and made a 90 degree turn without stopping to the SE, stopped, then came back to the NE. it flew to the NE, before turning off. The UFO did not reappear. The UFO caught my attention due to the size of the non blinking deep red lite. It was larger than an aircraft lite and was not blinking. I observe aircraft and this was not conventional air traffic. I was delighted to see something i could not explain after 60 years on this planet. mufon cms# 86653

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bright Illuminating White UFO Sphere high in the morning sky 9/8/17 Houston Texas

Bright White Sphere Shaped UFO Sighting high in the morning sky, illuminating light grows in size, then vanishes in an instant. I was traveling to work along Beltway 8 East in Houston, TX, this morning, Friday, 9/8/17, at 8:45am, and noticed an Extremely Bright UFO Light high in the clear blue sky. The illuminating UFO light was spherical and grew in size, somewhat changing shape, then decreased in size, then completely disappeared in an instance. It did this three times within a period of 3 minutes or less. It definitely was not an airplane; there was never any definite shape that formed, no white trail of smoke, no clouds around it, no sound (though it was very high in the sky). I called my husband immediately to share what I had seen, as I was perplexed as to what it could be and very excited, it sounded like other UFO Sightings I’ve heard described. I’m trying to find out if there are other local reports of people witnessing the same thing. source

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Irregular shaped UFO sphere photo captured 8-20-17 over Villa Real PT.

I was hiking on the mountain and taking pictures when I observed a spherical UFO the size of a helicopter. UFO flew silently and too fast, so I immediately started shooting. While doing this I lost the visual reference of the UFO. When I returned to look at the sky in search of the first UFO appeared a second UFO at the same speed and following the same path. The UFOs traveled from SE to NW at a speed of over 300 km / h, at an altitude of 100m to 200m and at a distance of less than 3km from the observation point. mufon cms# 86512 UFO Sighting occurred on Aug.20th 2017 over Villa Real PT.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Red Glowing UFO Orb Hovering 9/3/17 Over Cicero IL.

I was in my backyard with my girlfriend having a smoke at around 10:48pm then all of a sudden as I was starring Into the sky I saw a red glowing UFO orb hovering above my house like 100-500 ft away on the NW side of the sky.. as I continued to stare at this thing, it startled me and I knew it was a UFO right away because I been seeing mysterious things in the sky for years and this one was really jaw dropping cus of how this UFO was Deep Bright Glowing Red it was just hovering then changing directions and acting awkwardly and descending. UFO also disappeared and reappeared repeatedly and a sudden awkward blink. It moved suddenly in multiple directions in the same area. As I recorded when it moved away from the camera like 5 min later I saw white flashes in the sky that wasn't lighting then it stopped flashing. Later on I also saw a weird fast moving UFO moving fast in a straight line when I was starring at the moon thru my telescope. Could not identify what it was. Another UFO sighting before the red orb I saw a triangle shape UFO orbs moving together on the NE side of the sky following a bigger white UFO orb moving fast wasn't able to record the Triangle UFO orbs cus of bad lighting on the NE side of the sky. Tonight was a busy multiple UFO sightings in the sky in Cicero IL. mufon cms#86478

Saturday, September 2, 2017

UFO Lights reported low over Pico Truncado Santa Cruz AR. 8/27/17

UFO Report Translate from Spanish to English: Transporting personnel by the RN 3 for the North to Caleta Olivia and we had spent about 20 Km the RP 43, it was the 27/8 and the hour the 23:10; We were going down the Tin Tin straight. The night was clear, at that time the passengers were sleeping, we saw no other vehicle on the route and my driver's companion saw a few UFO lights coming from the east side of the sea and flying very low but quite far and I think they were boats in the sea ​​although this one is to more than 20 km of the route. As at 2 minutes the UFO lights had come much closer, they were white and very bright and came very close together but not in formation directly towards the route. For the speed with which we went to 90 km / h and the UFO lights at a time I thought they would hit us even though they came higher than a traffic, so I stopped at the side of the road and in an instant the UFO lights crossed the route to about 30 feet very fast and making a muffled noise, the whole field lit up as they passed as one who shines with a very powerful light from top to bottom. UFOs crossed us ahead like 150 meters ahead of us and we saw them going west in a straight line to most, some UFO lights went up after crossing the route and they went to the Southwest. Just half a minute after the UFO lights went on we heard a muffled noise and passed almost above us a white helicopter very fast that seemed to follow the UFO lights, then we got off the traffic and we followed with the view as if it was losing in the night and the UFO lights far beyond. My driver accompanied me pointed up and saw pass but also above maybe as 300 meters a silhouette as a plane but was very thin and with wings very thin and long, and had no lights so we do not know what it was but it was following the UFO lights and the helicopter. We stayed about 5 minutes and continued our journey to arrive on time. They had awakened a couple of passengers but did not see the UFO lights or the other, but we saw everything very well. My companion tried to make a video with the cell phone but you can not see anything, just a few UFO lights moved and the rest dark. mufon cms# 86414

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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