Thursday, June 30, 2016

UFO News:Top Secret Nazi maps and documents confirm the existence of Agartha

One of the most interesting questions that many people have pondered over the centuries is whether our planet is at least partially hollow and inhabited. Many of us have read the legendary stories about the Nazis who explored the polar regions of our planet and even created secret bases in Neuschwabenland, Antarctica. UFO News Top Secret Nazi maps and documents confirm the existence of INNER EARTH ATLANTEANGARDENS.BLOGSPOT.COM|BY ATLANTEAN GARDENS credit Miles Johnston/ Nermina Ganibegovic

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cleveland man claims he was taken by UFO

Cleveland Police have disclosed all of the reports they've had of UFOs; One caller claimed he'd been taken to Durham in a UFO Missing Teesside Man Claims UFO Abduction UK) THEUFOCHRONICLES.COM credit Frank Warren

World UFO Day 2016 The Secret World of UFOs

Aliens Are Here...Tony Topping for World UFO Day explains to the public what the UFO encounter experience is all about. Tony takes the viewer on a journey where science fiction meets real life as we enter into the covert world the public don't see World UFO Day The Secret World of UFOs

UFO Alien Investigator releases sensitive UFO Files on Wikileaks

A TOP UFO ET disclosure activist publicly "dared" the US Government to charge him after he carried out his own UFO Wikileaks in defiance of the alleged secrecy surrounding the UFO ET Phenomena…'SO CHARGE ME': UFO Alien investigator dares US Government as he releases 'UFO  Wikileaks' EXPRESS.CO.UK/NEWS/WEIRD/684…|BY JON AUSTIN

Monday, June 27, 2016

UFO Disclosure National Security & Espionage Act of the United States

“Any distribution of this kind of information” Viggiani quotes from the document, “threatens National Security in addition to the Espionage Act of the United States.”#UFO Disclosure Advocate Makes Secret NORAD Files Public EARTHMYSTERYNEWS.COM credit IAN PAXTON

Encrypted UFO Alien Messages from beyond in Crop Circles

Throughout the years, people involved in researching crop circles have found that these complex designs may sometimes offer hints of different universal aspects.…Are Crop Circles Encrypted Messages Assembled by Otherwordly Beings? UFOHOLIC.COM credit IAN PAXTON. A crop circle or crop formation is a pattern created by flattening a crop, usually a cereal.  The term was first coined in the early nineteen-eighties by Colin Andrews.  Formations are usually created overnight although some Crop Circles are reported to have appeared during the day.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dozens of UFO orbs sighted Whitby Ontario CA 6/24/16

During the hours of 11:00 pm, in the Durham Region of Ontario, Canada, over Ajax, Whitby and possibly Pickering, five friends of mine and I had decided to take a late night stroll. Within two minutes of our walk and leaving my house, in the north direction, I noticed the sky was very clear. I could see many stars, and especially the typical airplane lights. Over the horizon to the east-southeast, three orange UFO orbs started to appear in view, slowly making their way into view, heading west-southwest. The further into view, the more UFO orbs began to appear. There were more than a dozen UFO orbs, extremely bright in the sky. Their brightness' dimmed and increased seemingly at random, pulsing like so with gentle transitions. They all moved together in harmonized formation, looking kind of like the outline of the horseshoe nebula formation. They were hovering for the most part and at the least, three times brighter than the brightest start in the sky. Their brightness was more prominent than the moon. At first, I had no idea, then my initial response was UFO's, possibly of intelligent origin. I called my friends over to see if they saw it as well, as all five witnessed this. At the time, the UFO orbs had ceased their movement in the sky and simply hovered. Some orbs began to glow much brighter than others. A couple started to move in two separate directions, glowing further red until vanishing. 

During those three minutes, we all attempted to capture video or imagery, but our cameras on our phones were not working at their normal quality. Video produced nothing but black film, but the photo came out decently OK. By the end of roughly three minutes, the orbs all began moving in their own directions, sometimes circling back to their original position, and each faded away one-by-one, until four remained in the sky in the Orion's belt formation, for another minute. I ran to get my mother to witness the sighting. She witnessed the last four orbs, before they, too, vanished with a blink.

Another couple of minutes passed when we decided to continue our walk, after the event had occurred. Again, over the east-southeast horizon, I, and two of my friends, witnessed a much larger UFO orb, glowing a translucent greenish-blue, while it possessed an even fainter aura of bright blue around it. It's flight path was clearly a descent, making its way roughly 150km/h. It made no sound, and took a full minute and a half to descend before it became out of view beyond the horizon.

After the UFO sightings had stopped, several jets were seen in the area, all traveling in random directions. As well, Each of us (the witnesses) responded and reported different feelings: shock, confusion, excitement; except one that was common for every individual: extremely energized. Like being given a large dose of caffeine or sugar, that lasted several hours.

P.S. The following night, in the same general horizon location, a solitary orb of the same bright, orange/red was seen traveling slowly west-northwest, in a gradual curved path, until blinking very bright and vanishing in the blink of an eye. MUFON CMS# 77289

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pentagon-shaped UFO rapidly transiting across the northern face of the moon 6/23/16

Observation of a Fast Moving Lunar Transit Anomaly Jacksonville, Florida, June 23, 12:31 EDT At about 0:31 hours (12:31 EDT, to the nearest minute) this morning, I was observing the waning gibbous moon from our driveway with a 4.25” f/6 reflecting telescope. At the time, I was using a magnification of about 100X with a # 21 orange filter. Although the rising moon was still low in the SE, seeing was quite good, and there were no clouds or haze.

While observing features on the lunar terminator near Mare Serenitatis, I noticed a fast moving, solid black pentagon-shaped UFO traversing from west to east [moving from the terminator roughly in the direction of Mare Imbrium] across the lower (mid-northern) portion of the moon. The estimated time of passage before it swept out of the eyepiece’s field of view was – my best guess – well under five seconds. As I was not wearing a watch, I immediately went inside and looked at a wall clock (known to be accurate within a minute or so), and recorded the time.

The most unusual aspect of this observation was the shape of the UFO. Because it swept across the field of view so rapidly, I am not 100% sure that I am getting this exactly right, but my recollection is that its silhouette was something between a pentagon and a five-pointed star, as shown on the accompanying drawing. This rendering is based on a quick pencil sketch that I made within a few minutes of seeing the UFO. The thing that sticks in my mind is that this UFO was inky black and perfectly symmetrical – with no change of shape or tumbling effect as it crossed the face of the moon.

As to the UFO size, I have tried to relate it to some of the named lunar craters in this area, and – again, to the best of my ability – it seems to have had an apparent angular size midway between that of Menelaus (27 km) and Manilius (39 km), so my best guess would be an apparent size of about 30 km, as projected against the lunar disc.

Based on its eastward trajectory, moving roughly in line with the ecliptic, my suspicion is that this is some kind of large, earth orbiting satellite – but what could it be? Although I have never witnessed a lunar transit by the International Space Station, I am familiar with its appearance, both as it has been imaged in telescopes and as it has been photographed traversing the moon, but the UFO that I observed looked noting like this. Has anyone else seen anything like this? NUFORC UFO Report

Saw UFO while driving home from the store 6/7/16 Abilene Texas

While driving home from the store I noticed lights in the sky blinking, at first I thought it was an airplane but there was just something off about it. The UFO was initially at least a mile or more away and just a little bit lower than most airplanes I see in the area, it moves in towards my direction with very fast but very smooth motion. It zoomed in to where I was, like you would zoom in on a map on your phone or GPS device or a scope, that's the best way I can describe the motion. So I'm driving down the road, I see this thing, it comes towards my direction and hovers not over the road but just a stones throw away on the south side of the road. It had three lights on the bottom of the UFO craft and they were moving in different directions but all towards the same area. It moved with a purpose and I would say it was searching for something. While I'm driving and it zooms in just off the road, the area it hovered was just ahead of me so I drove pass it while observing the various lights and structure of the UFO. I could see windows and lights, the bottom and top of the craft, it was big and round and looked surprisingly like the traditional flying saucer. I am posting this because a friend of mine told me a couple years ago that he saw a UFO on my road, I asked him to show me where and he did, this was a couple years ago. I thought it was interesting but now years later I see a UFO on the same road and in the same area. It makes me wonder how often it visits this area. It makes me wonder what it is looking for. It leaves me with more questions than answers. This happened on the NE side of Abilene, Texas just pass the city limit. MUFON CMS# 77254

Friday, June 24, 2016

Eight of us had witnessed this Boomerang Shaped UFO Pilot Butte SK CA 8/12/97

My friends and I had been watching the Perseid's meteor shower the previous night and had seen a large boomerang shaped UFO object flying high in the sky. It was at least 10 times the size of a jet plane, but we had no real perspective. It was my friends birthday 11th August. The following night it was my turn to host the meteor party with lawn chairs, blankets, cookies and hot chocolate, (there was no alcohol involved.) As it got to midnight we were all tired having sat up until 4 am watching for meteors that we decided to call it a night. My friends left and I pottered about picking up mugs etc, on the distant Northern horizon, I sighted a glow of the Northern lights. I went to my back yard gate to get a better look and to my my left, some thing caught my eye, which I can only describe of as a 'gathering' in the air. Almost like a flock of black birds. As I watched, suddenly this huge UFO craft materialized and floated towards me. It was so low that I ducked because I thought it was going to crash. It was odd because it was as if it was floating in water. Whether it was hovering over me or because it was so large, it seemed to take ages to pass over my head. It was a solid, boomerang shape. A pair of wings, something like children depict as angel wings. And underneath the UFO it had bumps all over it, what I thought of as upturned loaf pans, very smooth and seem less with surface area. The color of the UFO craft was a cross between silver and gold. Not bright but reflective,and shiny almost aluminum like no sound whatsoever. It stretched across the ditch and the road and partly over my house, then it floated to the only street light there and hovered above it for a few seconds, it then slowly turned and faced North, then in a blink it was gone so fast, I never saw it go. (incidentally the next day a crop circle was found up North). I had been standing with my mouth open, but then I rushed into the house and I was shaking. I locked all the doors and bolted all the windows. then I sat down and wrote out what I saw. The next day I phoned the local air port 30 miles away to see if they had heard anything, and was told no, as it could not have been anything if it did not have a transponder on it. I told them it was very low, then the guy laughed and said probably a UFO, then corrected himself and said kidding.
I ALSO WROTE TO THE MOOSE JAW AIR FORCE BASE ABOUT 2 HOURS AWAY AND WAS TOLD NO PLANES IN THE VICINITY AT THE TIME, I FURTHER SENT THEM A DRAWING AND WAS THEN CONTACTED MY THE COMMANDER OF THE BASE, WHO ASKED ME A LOT OF QUESTIONS AND GAVE ME A NUMBER TO CALL IF I SAW IT AGAIN. In the next few days my plants started changing, I'm a keen gardener and do not use chemicals. I had petunias which were fully purple, they started getting patches of white then they ended up with green stripes, (I have photos, but no digitals then) My sun flowers started to get multiple heads squashed on one stalk, and my yellow daisies were yellow on one side and red on the other. I do not know if this had anything to do with the UFO, but that is what happened. I contacted numerous nurseries to ask about the the change in my flowers but never got a satisfactory answer. Next day I was checking the backyard and ditch for anything I could find, but found nothing, I was waving paper, string and various other things to see if they would make a noise. They made faint noises, but the odd thing was I could feel a slight waft of air when I waved these things around. there was no sensation of displacement of air when the huge UFO craft went over me. and definitely no sound of any kind, not even when it disappeared at an astounding speed. Days later I was at a friends house and left at 10 pm.just as I was going into my yard, I spotted a bright star, which I thought was Venus, but then I realized it was a lot bigger and brighter and in the wrong place for Venus, so I waved at it, and said Hi, it immediately went out which completely unnerved me and into the house I went with all entrances locked. This UFO Sighting is as vivid today as it was back then. I still have my notes. Rather than be disturbed, which I was at first, I am thrilled to have seen it. MUFON CMS # 77225

A UFO Conference by Experiencers for Experiencers 2016

Experiencers Speak is an annual UFO conference created and organized by Starborn Support. We bring together people that have had encounters with other worldly beings. What makes Experiencers Speak different? The majority of UFO conferences have a collection of researchers and (maybe) one or two experiencers. We pride ourselves as having nearly all experiencers as speakers. Experiencers Speak gives experiencers a platform, a voice, a place to be heard! EXPERIENCERSSPEAK2016.BLOGSPOT.COM  Experiencers Speak 2016

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Emily was only a few feet away from the beings and believes she was given messages.
Zimbabwe UFO Child Conactee Speaks Publicly For The 1st Timeb The reports indicated that only children saw the UFO craft and the beings. If I recall the details correctly there were no landing traces or any other objective evidence that a UFO was indeed present that day. The emotional power that this experience had on the children even to this day I suspect is very strong as evidenced by her testimony. The kind of close encounter that these children experienced is certainly not a “mass hallucination" as some detractors might suggest. The very term “mass hallucination” is totally bogus from a scientific point of view. There is a big difference between technologically mediated illusions and hallucinations that result from many different pathophysiological conditions like sepsis, drug toxicity, withdrawal syndromes and dementia. "Hallucination" as a label is particularly distasteful to me as a contactee MD because I know that self-styled "debunkers" and those that believe their lies, falsely label contact experiences as hallucinations. Some contact experiences especially aircraft incidents with multiple witnesses and radar confirmations are almost undoubtedly physical not mental. Is it possible that a physical "UFO" object with living, communicating non-human beings visited the school? My answer is yes it is absolutely possible. Could the entire episode have been a theater of the mind co-creation between an Alien intelligence and the children involved? Same answer as before. How can we tell the difference? This is an important challenge for us as we search for the truth in this amazing realm called contact.
credit Joesph Burkes MD

Black Triangle UFO suborbital reported Wichita KS 10/10/10

Just before dusk I was viewing satellites using my 15x70 binoculars in my back yard when into my field of view from the east was an UFO lower then the orbiting satellites. Refocused binoculars for the suborbital UFO (maybe at somewhere around 100K feet) straight overhead. This was a pure black triangle, at each of the 3 points a red light would appear to flash (all 3 together) then the UFO would accelerate rapidity. This happened about 4 times before the object was approaching the western horizon and out of my view. Without the binoculars none of the UFO or red lights flashes were visible. One might even say that it was possibly igniting fuel during each red burst, but the acceleration jump must of been so great that I suspect the inertia was dampened or possibly a unmanned craft. MUFON CMS # 77225

Monday, June 20, 2016

Observed about 12 orb UFOs flying overhead while camping Alberta CA 6/4/16

On June 4th at almost midnight our family was camping at Miquelon lake in Alberta with neighbors when our children asked what the lights were. We were all sitting around a campfire and got up and noticed 1 orb light UFO followed by 3 more lite UFOs in formation. And then they just kept coming, around 8 more UFOs. There was no sound and these UFOs looked nothing like what my picture looks like, they were high up but bigger, they were like glowing orb like UFOs. I tried to take a video but on the last 7 secs recorded, my neighbor took a video but there was no sound and it was distorted. We were excited by what we were seeing but I know I was scared, and my daughter was scared. They kept flying and then one by one would get smaller and disappear. Strangest thing we have ever seen. MUFON CMS# 77151

UFO spoke with me and hypnotized me for 5 years reported

When I was around 4 years old, a strange text like UFO flying from a long distance attaching itself to my rooms window just before I was about to fall sleep I remember seeing an orange, burning light about a second before it appears, and I could not move my body, i was paralyzed...this text like UFO then started speaking with me in some strange manner, then pulling my body to some wormhole like liquid, and the strangest thing is this terrible thing were happening to me for around 4 years, I have told my parents, but they never believed was shining, glowing and white like diamond, no, it was not nightmare, yes I was just a kid, and both psychologically and physically healthy, but this text could put me to sleep in 3 second, and the strange thing is, right after I entered my room, I have forced to sleep, it is not a dream, what kind of dream or nightmare would last over for 4 year period? I'm not a religious person, i'm studying biology and attend to university entering still shivers me to think about those weird text like UFOs and whispers. Thats all I remember from it. MUFON CMS#77158

Three witnessed UFO flame and sparks came out of bottom Loveland CO 6/19/16

I was outside approx 9:30 p.m. checking my lawn sprinklers. Looked up and a bright orange-red pulsating UFO was flying directly towards me at approx 90748158300-1000' alt. Observed UFO with some sort of coronal ejection of bright colored lights out of bottom of orb. My first thought was it appeared to be in distress. The orb was ejecting lightning like light from bottom of orb. And it appeared to be slowing. At approx 1000' from my position I could see the orb flashing internal lights of yellow and white that appeared to be almost like fire. I could hear no sounds from orb. Then orb went from pulsation to flickering orange-red light until orb went black. There is a full moon tonight which back lite the shape of the UFO. When it was descending we could see clearly the outline and that it had been changing direction and hovering. Approx size estimates 200-300' UFO shaped possible round or square. Approx distance of landing site up to 1 mile away. We witnessed the UFO descend between the house across the street and their tree. When it reached the top of the tree behind them we lost sight. Approx 1 second afterwards we witnessed impact flash. We went looking for the UFO since I know approx location of impact due to hunting in area. However, we were unable to locate any evidence of landing or possible crash due to night and vast rural areas and adjacent to foothills. UFO Sighting Loveland CO U.S. 6/19/16 reported MUFON CMS# 77155

Sunday, June 19, 2016

5 Strongest Signs Of UFO Alien Life Exists Video

These are 5 of the strongest signs that could suggest UFO Alien life exists. 5 Pieces of evidence that could prove UFO Aliens exist. Skeptics and believers are constantly battling each other as to whether or not we are alone in the universe. Though we have no solid proof of UFO Alien life, many state that we have enough evidence that could prove humans are not alone in the universe. So here are 5 possible signs that could prove aliens exist.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Alien Mysteries Rendlesham Forest UFO documentary

 The Rendlesham Forest Incident, also known as 'Britain's Roswell', is undoubtedly one of the best documented and most significant military encounters with a UFO. It is also a case that involved very credible witnesses, trained (USAF) United States Air Force observers. The incident spanned four days in 1980. Rendlesham Forest is a large pine forest, east of Ipswich, in Suffolk, England. (UFO and Alien Documentary) Rendlesham Forest  PLAYLIST
(Click Here)
Jim Pennistion in #5 Alien Mysteries Rendlesham Forest UFO documentary  credit Peter Mandeville

UFOs and Nukes Documentary Film

Hastings’ intriguing documentary film, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, will premiere at Albuquerque’s Kimo Theater on June 23, 2016. Theatrical Premiere of Robert Hastings’ UFOs and Nukes Film Unlike many of the UFO “documentaries” found on network television nowadays, which contain far more speculation than fact, this film rigorously examines the officially-still-hidden history of UFO activity at nuclear weapons laboratories, test areas, storage depots and missile sites—using authenticated files and the testimony of vetted military eyewitnesses. credit Frank Warren

Will The Real UFO Expert Please Stand Up?

Alas no one is a "UFO expert." How can one be sufficiently knowledgeable on something that is a true unknown? Mostly we tell each other stories about how we feel about this amazing mystery, form opinions and then fall in love with our pet ideas. The result is most UFO enthusiasts reject information that might contradict their beloved belief systems and we ceaselessly argue among ourselves. This is an all to common human trait that has led to much confusion and suffering.


Unfortunately humanity has not committed itself to making a rigorous analysis of the phenomenon's impact on our belief systems. UFOlogy doesn’t appear to have the material or intellectual resources to initiate such a challenging research project. Alas because of the “UFO truth embargo.” such an investigation is not an acceptable activity for academic soft sciences like sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology, or researchers in mythology and folklore.

Contributing to this dilemma is the human tendency to need authority figures to approve of us and to lead us, the so-called UFO experts. The basic emotional need to “follow the leader” causes many to abandon their own critical judgment.


On a more personal note I too am so very guilty of this sin in my long history of political involvements that go back to the 1960s. I will not deny that my need for having authority figures has extended to my involvement in the UFO subculture.

In the course of 24 yeas of contact work I imagine that UFO Intel has shown me in a series of staged experiences how they create illusions that we believe are physical objects. This is part of what I call the “Virtual Experience Hypothesis.” I suspect that “Flying Saucer Central” did so for a reason and that “ they” wanted me to share with others this illusory mechanism of contact. So despite how unpopular such notions as the Prime Contactee designation and Virtual Experience Hypotheses are to my fellow contact enthusiasts, I will strive to continue to promote my understandings about what is really going on.

Does my effort to delineate the basic mechanisms of contact make me an “expert?” Not at all! I simply possess a few pieces of a vast puzzle and like many contactees I am imbued with a sense of “mission” to serve what I truly believe is a higher cause.

As a child of peace and social justice movements from fifty years ago, I hope that flying saucers can eventually be linked to solutions for the fundamental problems facing mankind. In my opinion they are war, racism, religious intolerance, sexism, poverty and environmental destruction. I understand this is a very ambitious agenda. It will not be easy to create a dynamic movement of planetary unity that will change the world by inspiration from “wonders in the sky.” WILL THE REAL FLYING SAUCER EXPERT PLEASE STAND UP? J. Burkes MD 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

UFO Alien Contact could be 1,500 years away Cornell University really?

If you are hoping to meet an alien then you may be in for a very long wait, according to astronomers at Cornell University. UFO Alien contact could be 1,500 years away, say Cornell astronomers | Fox News  With all the countless UFO Alien eyewitness reports from Military Personal,Government Officials,Airline Pilots, Civilians worldwide here on Earth Billions of Dollars are being wasted searching for Aliens out in space doesn't make sense.

We have the technology to look for UFO ET right now why don’t we?

“NASA has been shameful in not searching for extraterrestrial life and at the same time claiming that’s one of the motivations for their programmes,” says Chris McKay, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. “The Mars programme counts life as the reason for the programme, and then the missions NASA implements don’t even approach the question at all.” Frank Stalter A new study says Hubble's successor could spot alien life on 3 new exoplanets. Should NASA be doing more? Or is it right to focus on other priorities?We have the technology to look for UFO ET right now – why don’t we? 

White UFO appeared to be Shape Shifting reported 6/14/16 PA

After dinner my husband was in the backyard playing with the dog. He yells: I see a UFO, I see a UFO. I come outside but it had gone behind the big trees behind our house. We waited a 2-3 minutes and then we could see again. It was white cigar shape, with left end round and the right end triangle shape ( like a q-tip but bigger ends) It was horizontal. Going straight really slow, then stop and hover for a couple minutes, then move again, hover etc.It appeared to be shape shifting or morphing and changing shapes. It would appear round, then elongated, the like a triangle. A large jumbo jet flew by the UFO and it appeared slightly bigger than a jet, but I do not know if its because it was closer than the plane, therefore it looked bigger. At one point the triangle shape to the right moved away from the object (maybe 100-200 ft) and disappeared. It was too far away to guess the actual size but it appeared big at least 100 ft long. It looked too big to be a drone or helium balloons. Its weird shape shifting ruled out it being a blimp. It was a windy day but stayed stationary when it stopped to hover.
It was solid white and changing shape either from rotating and showing different sides or actual morphing. It hard to explain the shape. The sun was behind me and it was not reflecting sunlight on the surface. If I held my arm straight out and compared it to my thumb. It was about 1 inch long using my thumb as a reference. As wide as my thumb. My husband got the binoculars but the UFO was too faraway and a little blurry from the morphing changing shapes to make out more details. No lights. Was heading south toward the Ohio River and Pittsburgh, PA. I watch it for about 10 minutes until it moved south and my view was obscured by more big trees. I live about 10 blocks 1 mile from the confluence of the Ohio River and Beaver River. Another time, we were walking the dog near a small sandy beach on the Ohio River and a big orange glowing soccer ball size meteor or UFO flew over our heads and went in the river. I keep looking outside for it in case it comes back. MUFON CMS# 77094

Observed small discs/orb UFOs passing over rooftop reported 6/14/16 MA

Doing yard work when I noticed the first UFO passing over. Approx. time was 3:15 PM. I was in the shadow of my roof line and thought that is a strange shiny UFO. Don't remember why I initially looked up . It passed by in a NW to SE direction. I watched it travel at a good clip over the tree line to my left. Sky was crystal clear and just a slight breeze. About one minute after another traveled the identical route. I observed more closely. Each UFO passed over pretty evenly spaced by about 1-2 min. between. As the sixth one passed over my son drove up the driveway and I insisted he watch for just one minute. He was in a hurry but did so anyway. He also saw one of the UFOs pass over and dismissed it as a mylar balloon. To me this didn't look at all like balloons and it was pretty creepy. They appeared to be small craft of some kind. Seeing I had already seen so many I ran into the house and grabbed my camera. Cannon power shot. It' not so great for videos and does a pretty poor job of zooming so I set it on infinity as they were so small and pretty far away. First tried two short clips of video.One is about 10 sec. the second about 5. Took four pictures and the battery died. They were still coming one at a time consistently spaced so I grabbed my telescope from the basement pulled it outside and realized the eyepiece was missing. Ran in to the house brought the computer on line , called NUFORC and they advised me to take careful notes. Called my wife because I couldn't find the binoculars - found them and ran back outside with scrap paper , pen and binoculars. I managed to focus on 3 or 4 still about one or two min. apart and the sun was reflecting off of them brightly to begin with and they appeared to have a small dome on top. As the UFOs traveled to my left the suns reflection wasn't as strong and was able to not only see a small dome but a faint red orange ring at the base of the dome. The shape overall was a fat disc or squashed basketball with the dome on top. The final one I saw was at 4:03 PM and it passed over a small single engine plane . I have to guess that the plane was about 600 to 800 ft. and the object in question was another 2 hundred feet higher. As it passed over the plane it curved more towards the SW instead of SE. I was a little relieved because I was able to get more perspective for my depth perception. The final orb traveled N to S then took a slight hook to the E. This was so fascinating , exciting and confusing to watch unfold. I saw an approx. total of 25 . I have in my notes 4:05 was the last one. I do regret talking to others about this already and am glad this can remain anonymous. MUON CMS# 77071

Diamond shaped UFO with white lights reported 6/13/16 Durand MI

This UFO had been seen by a friend of mine in the area around the same time 2 separate nights so a few of us got together to investigate. At first we saw a few planes but they were always to high and the light pattern was wrong and the wrong color. 11:30 rolled by and we saw dim white lights moving rather slow toward us. It was above tree level, about the height of the towns water tower and flew right over us. There were 4 dim white lights all on the tips of a diamond shaped UFO that appeared to be about the size width wise of a house. The UFO was solid black outline and was silent until it was right over us. Then we could hear a deep but soft whine. Like a distant plane but it came from right above us. There was no downdraft of apparent propulsion anywhere we could see and then it picked up speed away from us. We believe the pilots noticed they were being watched and have since changed their flight path because we haven't seen it in the same place again. We tried to follow in our cars but it was moving faster than we could follow. My radio presets were all erased when I started my truck, my watch was acting strange and my walkie talkies died with over half battery left. We wrote everything down and drew what we saw and later had trouble recalling exactly what happened. MUFON CMS# 77078

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reported 5 perfect round circles of light 4 white and one blue-green UFOs Kingsburg CA 6/10/16

Went out to my car and looked up to the NW and sighted five large circles of light. 4 whitish/tinge of gold. One blue-green UFOs (seemed to be the one in charge and was one the end.) They were not in a line, but semi-line, could tell they were traveling together and at the same speed. Like when one sees a flock of birds traveling. They were large, each one about the size of two cars put together. The UFOs were completely silent. Very beautiful to look at. Past close over head, about distance a helicopter usually flies. They seemed transparent, with light inside the circles. It wasn't like they had lights on them, but rather they WERE lights. The light was contained in the circles. I ran quickly back into the house to tell my family there were UFOs. They came out to front yard...within those few seconds the objects had picked up speed and were in the distance heading SE. My son saw them as well as my grandsons. We watched them ascend until they looked like stars...then they were gone. This happened at dusk with light still in the sky. MUFON CMS# 77057

Minutes into walking I saw the Metallic UFO Federick MD reported 6/14/16

I dropped my daughter off for swimming practice at the Green leaf pool at 7:35 and then proceeded up the street to the neighborhood gas station to get a pack of smokes and then returned to the pool parking lot at about 7:42 or so. I parked my car and started to take my walk, that I preplanned on doing, for the duration of my daughters practice. When I reached the end of the parking lot, I crossed the street and walked to the left up E.Green leaf drive towards Tuscany Drive. As I was approaching the stop sign at the end of the street, which sits at the top of a slight hill, light reflecting off of an UFO in the sky caught my eyes. I stopped in my tracks by the stop sign so I could observe the UFO. It was, what i believe to be, a metallic UFO that was orb shaped and highly reflective hovering off in the distance just above a development of town houses and trees off of Tuscany Drive. When I was convinced that it was a UFO I proceeded to get my phone off my hip to take a video of the object. I put my phone in video mode, pressed the record button and lifted it to the sky and pointed it at the orb...but upon aiming the phone at the orb, my screen was completely black. So I lowered my camera to check the settings. Everything was the way it was suppose to be but my screen was still black. I then checked the lens and everything was fine with that so I turned the phone off and then back on to start the process all over again all while occasionally glancing up to make sure that I didn't loose sight of the orb. Once my phone was back on I put it in video mode again and pressed record, but this time I made sure that the screen wasn't black and it was recording before I raised my phone to the sky. Once I was sure it was working correctly I looked up while raising the camera but the orb was gone...or invisible. I stood there for about 5 minutes searching the skies to see if I could locate it again. Disappointed upon not finding it, I continued my walk by making a left on Tuscany Drive. So excited by what I saw, I called my friend, after making a left onto Christopher's Crossing off of Tuscany, to tell him what I saw and how unfortunate I was at my unsuccessful attempt to record the orb. By the time I made a complete circle and reached Tuscany again, which was at about 8:16 pm or so and still on the phone with my friend, I looked up and was searching for the orb again. After I walked about 50 yards on Tuscany from E. Green leaf Dr., I saw it again or maybe even a different one. This time it was much further away and was traveling to my right and was pulsating from bright to not being visible back to bright again. I didn't attempt to film it this time because it was just to far away and I didn't believe my phone could have captured anything because of it being so far away. I observed its flight path and it pulsating in and out of a visible spectrum for about 10-15 seconds before it completely vanished from my sight. I stood there looking for about five minutes but it never appeared again. I couldn't stand there and wait to see if it would appear again like I wanted to because I had to finish my walk and get back to the pool to pick my daughter up. MUFON CMS#77058

Sunday, June 12, 2016

UFO Triangle shaped fast big soundless reported Kuhren DE 6/12/16

I was at my Friends birthday party in a little village that hasn't so many street lights it was already very dark. We went outside and played hide and seek. Me and 2 other friends were hiding in a very dark place between 2 trashcans. I looked into the sky and at the stars, then there were 3 big lights in a triangle shape and a little red light in the middle. It was moving very fast and the lights were not flashing like airplane lights are, they were just shining continuous. It made no sounds although it was very big and near to me. It was flying in a straight line and disappeared behind some houses after a couple seconds.When I first saw it I thought it was an airplane but like I've said the lights were not flashing and also there was not a airport anywhere near by so why should a plane this size fly so close to the ground and make no sounds.When I saw the UFO I felt really weird and couldn't really talk but after it was gone I asked my two friends if they've seen it too, they had but they thought it was just an airplane and they said I am mad for thinking it was an UFO. Also they did not really listened when I tried to explain why I thought it was a UFO. I am still really confused what this was. MUFON CMS# 76995

UFO encounter bright light can't move humanoid figure Coney Island New York

Sometime in Sept 2001 was on the Coney Island boardwalk around west 31st sitting on a bench with my girlfriend who was pregnant at the time. We saw a flash of light in the sky and all of sudden the sand on the beach rolled up like a wave and then some craft all black was above us. We made an attempt to run but then there was a bright light, we couldn't move in my peripheral vision I can see People walking past us and my girl friend was looking up with tears in her eyes and then a humanoid figure surrounded by or was in the form of a bright light appeared and stepped up behind her and vanished then all was normal again, we took off running until we go to the west 31st and there was something above the clouds I estimated to be larger than Central park with 3/4 rows of light rotating clock/counter clockwise and we saw 13 smaller crafts cone from the larger one heading in separate directions then there was something that looked like a cloud shaped like a ruler with definition, 7 black craft UFOs in the same shape came out of it and then the sky turned all sorts of colors and the clouds rolled in an indescribable way. On the 15th of Sept 2001 my son was born and on the heel of his left foot there's a dark mark very defined that looks like a UFO or pyramid. I honestly don't care if this is taken as a joke. Just thought I'd share.. MUFON CMS#76998 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Private Plane Encounters UFO over Apple Valley CA 6/5/16

Sunday 6-5-2016. While flying my private aircraft, shortly after takeoff and still in the traffic pattern I encountered an unidentified UFO at approx 1000 ft AGL. UFO was going in opposite direction and passed within 300 ft off my left wing. It was a metallic orb that reflected the light brilliantly, and was approx the size of a basketball. At this point I banked hard left to chase it, placing my aircraft at its 6:00 position. Almost immediately the UFO did a hard left turn accelerating to a position opposite my left wing, and within 150 ft. I banked hard left again and became engaged in a two turn "Dogfight" with the UFO as we both tried to get on each others tail. After the second turn the UFO broke away in a southern direction. I lost sight after that. This is the second encounter with an identical UFO while in the air. The last encounter was in 1978. MUFON CMS# 76954

Friday, June 10, 2016

Bright-white geometrical UFO flying slowly reported 6/7/16 Montana

1. I was showing my friend from Brazil the milky-way that you can see clearly in Northwest Montana it was about 11:30 pm Mountain time.
2.We were walking back to my house and looking at the sky when a Bright and large "orb UFO" came floating slowly above and out from behind a nearby mountain.
3.When we saw it we both were surprised and the Brazilian, he was scared more than I. We were both fascinated, it was immediately recognizable as a nontraditional flying craft. This UFO was Obviously too large, too slow, and too silent to be a plane or helicopter and both are uncommon in my area.
4. The Craft/object UFO was moving slowly, silently, and steadily Northeast. it "floated" directly above us at around 5000 ft the closest large mountain nearby is about 7000 ft and this UFO craft was not as high up as the top. As the UFO passed over us and the surrounding pasture it was emitting a bright white light similar to a welding torch. What I think is somewhat interesting is I waved my hands shouted at it and flicked a lighter and I cant be sure but it almost seemed like it "realized" we were there and its lights began to dim to nothing and it revealed what I recognize/(believe to be) as an icosahedron made of what looked like Hot metal it seemed to cool off after dimming its lights off and as it did this the hot metal look faded and it became no longer visible against the night sky as it moved off in the distance from what I saw it was clearly a large solid, metallic geometric shape because of the size it appeared to be at its altitude. It was appearing about the size of my little fingers nail while at about 5000 ft so I guess it was actually somewhere around 20-40 feet around in circumference.
5. I was surprised and mildly fearful/cautious but I was more interested and in hindsight maybe too curious, this curiosity overcame any fear I was feeling. My Brazilian friend was scared and told me to stop trying to get its attention. He said he had no doubts that what he saw was unique and a UFO. I think it is a craft of some metal that is clearly developed by an intelligence that understands geometry. I also think it that it was not "intending" to be seen.
6. I think it obviously noted our presence and then the UFO began to behave differently by "turning off" its light and cooling and fading into the dark sky around it becoming no longer visible. MUFON CMS# 76935

Thursday, June 9, 2016

UFO began ascending into the sky and disappeared 5/30/16 San Antonio Texas

Memorial Day 2016 5 pm in the afternoon. Had gone to the cemetery to put flowers on a grave. As we were about to get in the car to leave I observed a very white shiny UFO quietly floating across the sky towards me. The UFO stood out because the sky was very blue. I asked my daughter what it was and she didn't know. I grabbed my phone to start taking pictures/record this hard to make sense of situation. The UFO began hovering over a tree as I took pictures and there appeared to be a lens on the front of the UFO. At one point a plane flew by not too far from the UFO and I wondered why the two "aircrafts" would be in the sky together so close. Then the UFO started ascending up in the sky and just disappeared. This entire situation has left me a lot of questions. At first I wanted to believe it was a drone but then I looked up what a drone looks like and this looked nothing like a drone. I had always thought of UFO sightings to take place at night in a desolate area with no one else around to witness its existence! But this sighting took place in a completely opposite environment. I asked an employee at the cemetery what was flying over the grounds and initially he tried to convince me it was balloons that a family had released around the same time. That is until I showed him a picture and he reluctantly admitted this was no balloon. I forgot to mention my phone was almost fully charged when I started taking pictures and recording and before I could finish my battery was completely drained. When I tried to turn the phone on to show the employee the pictures it took a lot of persistence before it would stay on. At the time of this incident it really never crossed my mind this UFO could be a UFO. I was very offended that someone would actually fly over a cemetery taking pictures of people during such a sad and personal time of their life. After I started researching other pictures similar to mine that had been classified as UFO I began to realize this is probably something way bigger then I'll ever completely understand or be able to get answers to. One picture I took came out fairly clear. The rest of the pictures look like a bright white spec. In the video nothing showed so I randomly screen shot footage and enlarged the image to try and get a better picture. MUFON CMS # 76907

Star like UFOs blinking lights fast slow different times reported Highlands IN. 6/8/16

When I let the dogs out I look at the jets going into Midway Airport MDW to land. I was at the corner of Highway Ave. and Highway Ave. in Highland Indiana. While I was looking in the sky at the stars one of the stars started to blink randomly but fast like a flutter! The star had caught my eye because it almost looked like the moon when it is only a quarter lit. The side of the UFO that had light was facing the west. It slowly started to move and I started following it. It Almost seemed like it was spinning really fast and only half of the UFO was reflective so it would blink. It ended up going directly over a jet going into MDW airport in Chicago. I don't know how high it was compared to the jet but from what I could see I would say it was about as high as a normal passenger jet goes up. The jet was coming from the east going west. The UFO was going north coming from the south. As it got closer it started blinking slower and slower and like I said it looked like it was spinning and only half of the UFO was reflecting light so when it got to the half that did not reflect light it disappeared! There was absolutely no sound what so ever! It had no other lights on it other then the one and the UFO itself was not viewable almost like it was invisible or it was black so it blended with the black sky. The closer it got to me the closer the light blinked but the longer it stayed lit. When it got directly over me it completely disappeared and I never saw it again. It was directly over me when it disappeared and it was like the snap of your fingers there one second gone the next? Put it this way I have seen some stuff in the sky that I could not identify over my lifetime but the second I saw this I knew I had to report it just in case someone else around me saw it! Whatever it was it was really cool! I would say the speed of the blinking at first was 2 a second and then it would slow down to once a second then back up to 2 a second. Then it really started to slow down to once every 3 seconds but it stayed lit for 3 and would stay lit for like 2 seconds. When it got really close to being directly over my head that is when it really slowed down until it completely disappeared! It was like nothing I have ever seen before and I have a little hobby where I check to see when the satellites, space station, and in past the space shuttle are going to be visible over my neighborhood so I can normally Identify most things in the sky at night and day. MUFON CMS# 76912

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

UFO was like very large telephone pole suspended in the sky 6/1/16

We were driving through town after a stop AR Cumberland Farms. My husband said "What is that? It looks like a giant telephone pole on,its side. We lost site for a few seconds, while turning on to our street. There I had a perfect view through the sunroof. This UFO appeared to hover and gently sway like a balloon. However it was very large. My pictures didn't capture how big the UFO was to the naked eye. At our house, my 18 year old son, and a friend also observed it. I took several pictures. I see the UFO in only 2 photos. This was at 1130, and very sunny, so difficult with my Samsung phone. All agreed it was weird. A logical maybe explanation was an escaped float/balloon/advertising display. My husband offered, maybe a huge tire float display escaped, and we were viewing it from the side. I have been checking news, websites to see if anyone else saw it. It was broad daylight, at 1130, and beautiful out, some else should have seen it. The UFO appeared to be going higher, and to the west, slightly north. MUFON CMS # 76874

Monday, June 6, 2016

Bright Bell shaped UFO over the hill almost landing Washington State 5/22/82

It was Earlie 80s I was 10 years old me and my family were living on Boistfort Washington lost valley road we lived on a small farm half field half forest me and my twin brothers bedroom faced the west same as my parents my mom made curtains for our room I remember because they were pink see through curtains I could always see the full moon through them one night I had just for no reason woke up about 2 am looked through my curtain to see a full moon and something else illuminating in the sky curious I opened my curtain as god as my witness I will never forget what I saw as I stared in disbelief a disk shaped UFO coming over the hill toward my house as I stared it was dead silent the UFO came closer it got to the fence at the field about 50 feet off ground and the UFO just hovered. I was scared at that point being 10 years old what's weird is its like it knew what I was thinking because the same second I got scared I started for my moms room which was on the same side of the house what was strange the same time I started for my moms room I put my foot on my bedroom floor I looked out the window one last time at the same second my foot hit the floor it started taking off I ran to my moms room tried to wake her she was scrambling for her glasses while all this was happening I was looking out the window of my moms room to see the UFO take off so fast it melted from a bell shape to a cigar shape took off toward the south got up in the sky and stayed there like a regular star.I'm 45 years old I remember like it was yesterday I want to be hypnotized one day the weird thing about all of it was I know the UFO knew what I was thinking scary I'm a god fearing man as god as my witness I know what I saw up close it wasn't from our planet. MUFON CMS# 76839

Gold Colored UFO shot me with some white plasma stuff 5/29/16

I was sitting in my living room. I didn't notice the UFO ship until after I was shot. I had burning all over and was paralyzed when I was able to move I lifted my hand up and white energy was beaming out also there was static coming off like electricity coming out of my hands. Specks of light as well (white and silver). It was very painful but I am getting used to it because its not the first time this has happened. On the ceiling there was this swirling cloudy looking stuff which had beams coming down that were entering me. When it was done the energy looked like it was being sucked back up through the ceiling. I got up and went to get some water and I saw my cat outside looking up. I thought he saw a bird or something on the roof but there was this UFO ship above my house it was goldish copper looking and the UFO was shaped like a V no body just a boomerang look to it. I looked at it and thanked it then it shot away super fast. This UFO effected me physically and mentally as well. I am stronger than before and my senses are more sharp! My telepathy and telekinesis seems to have improved as well. I am able to do EMPs with more accuracy now and my weather skills are becoming stronger! I think they are programming me to be some kind of hybrid. I am not sure if this is a military experiment or extraterrestrial. If I told you what I do and showed you our ships you won't take me seriously. You just aren't ready I suppose. I wanted you to get a first hand account of one of my "upgrade" experiences. I tell Air Force Space Command about all of my encounters as well as what our projects are for this planet. No one seems to want to investigate me which is odd and kinda verifies that I am a military experiment. I can knock helicopters around and they don't care! I have knocked out rockets from entering our airspace....nothing happened. Some of my ships have even knocked military aircraft out in the sky (during our weather work) but no one cares! Why is that? We are currently working on bringing in several storms (as we have been) this is to cool your planet down. I can't tell you anymore because its TOP SECRET so to speak. However, I can tell you this there are many ships surveying the planet, the sun, and the inner solar system. We also have millions of hybrids on Earth all developing at different rates. That energy I spoke of is used to alter the body's molecular chemistry to advance them and prepare them for the next phase in the earth's changes. Its all part of an experiment to see how far the physical vessels can go and how much of our energy they can take before shutting down. We are also preparing your planet for our touch down. Clearly we are here but we work in a distance so that you do not panic. We will not save you for you must learn to be responsible. When your kind have mastered repairing Earth we will allow you to further explore the universe. We open the doors little by little with each achievement and effort we have observed on ground as well as above. Sort of like a reward. You save a species we allow another piece of your space garbage to look around. If you go too far in exploration we destroy the object. I think I have said enough here. I am a ground keeper I observe and report the activity on earth and also give suggestions as to what changes need to occur in specific areas to further improvements and or expose areas that need work. I also I won't say that never mind. Oh look a storm!! YAY!! Okay time to go. I just wanted to open the doorway a little more for you guys so you know a little bit about our project here. Again still not sure if it is military or not. Did I say YOUR military? No....I was talking about ours. Good day. I'll give you some pictures but not sure if it really matters. Our ships aren't boomeranged shaped though ours are diamond or star orbs. So that boomerang one threw me off unless that was one of the ones I upgraded...hmm I forgot about that! Ha! woops I guess if you want to really investigate me you can take a gander at my face book page and go through my files most of my stuff I purposely put on face book because it is public and for those who see they shall find. You should see my conversations I have there is so much more proof in there then you would ever need! lmao but you won't and you probably can't. If you look at the SOHO and LASCO c3 sometimes you will see a blip of our ships at work putting in new installments for the sun. OH if you only knew. I can't fit any more on here sorry. MUFON CMS# 76831 UFO Contact Reported 6/5/16

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bright UFO enters atmosphere then makes 90 degree turn 6/4/16 Chicago

I was out on my apartment porch, enjoying the early evening weather. I have always been an astronomy enthusiast and make an effort to look at the sky and test my knowledge of constellations and solar system objects. I was looking West over the buildings, and noticed the sudden appearance of a bright light between the constellations Gemini and Auriga. The light entered in a North-East direction and at first I thought it was a meteorite or iridium flare. It had a slight trail of light following it to a tapered point. What really caught my attention was that it appeared to decelerate. The UFO object then abruptly stopped and executed a 90 degree turn, headed North. The UFO object then continued on the new trajectory for about 5 seconds until it disappeared. The UFO did not make any perceivable noise, nor did it move like a conventional aircraft / natural object. The only other object in my sight was a commercial airplane, traveling in a South East direction a few minutes prior.MUFON CMS# 76802 UFO Sighting occurred on 6/4/16

Kure Beach Pier NC UFO hovering long period then accelerated rapidly 6/3/16

We were fishing with our kids on Kure Beach Pier North Carolina.I was observing a red light that had been stationary approx 2-3,000 ft above the ground due west from my location. I then observed the UFO object begin to accelerate in same altitude at this time my husband also observed the UFO object accelerate due north. Initially he was not all that interested until the UFO object changed direction rapidly headed back due south same distance and same altitude. My husband and I then observed the UFO object descending out of sight from our vantage point into the Cape Fear River basin near Ft Fisher. The immediate change in direction is what really captivated us. It defies any current knowledge or physics for such an immediate change in direction and the rapid yet instant acceleration, meaning it accelerated at its terminal speed instantly and then changed direction in the same manner. MUFON CMS# 76803 This UFO Sighting took place on 6/3/16

UFO Contact in the Desert 6/4/16

UFO Report Joshua tree for contact in the desert UFO watch with Melinda Leslie using military night vision goggles. First a white/glue sphere popped out of the sky very low and we watched it ascend with a more blue sphere following after it. we saw more blue with a purplish color, 2 green, and one red. some of them flashed back at us when we clicked out our lasers at them, they were responding to us! some of them met up in a triangle formation, but I kept my eye on the third one that had come out. with the military night vision goggles it reminded me of a jelly fish, almost translucent with a hollow bottom that draped or swayed with fuzzy sides. Its the most complicating thing to describe. With the naked eye they were glowing in pure color and had an orb form.MUFON CMS# 76809

Friday, June 3, 2016

Travis Walton 1975 Mysterious UFO Alien alleged Abduction

Few cases of alleged UFO Alien abduction have garnered as much public interest as the Mysterious UFO Alien Abduction of the Travis Walton case of 1975. In an event witnessed by six friends and co-workers, Walton was abducted into a saucer-shaped UFO craft and deposited back outside of his hometown five days later. Despite the efforts of police and journalists to discredit the bizarre narrative, neither Walton nor any of his co-workers have ever admitted to having perpetrated a hoax. The case remains one of the most credible and fascinating abduction accounts on record, and one of the few to involve consciously recalled memories of the witnesses terrifying experience aboard the mysterious UFO craft. On November 5, 1975, seven men witnessed a spacecraft from another world hovering silently between tall pines in the Apache-Sitgreaves National forest of north-eastern Arizona. One of those men, Travis Walton, became an unwilling captive of an alien race when the other men fled in fear.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bright Amber UFO Sphere Reported 5/30/16 Elyria Ohio

Bright amber sphere, with one smaller sphere on each side of the UFO craft over Elyria Ohio 5/30/16 reported. My husband, neighbor, and myself were star gazing...Coming directly out of the west, was a bright amber sphere with one white smaller sphere on each side of the craft. There was no sound to the UFO craft. The altitude was 2000 ft, moving very slow. There were no navigation lights on the UFO craft as seen on a plane (red and green). When the UFO craft went over head and towards the east, we could see white circular motion lights moving around the UFO craft. These lights were very small. The UFO craft moved northeast and it was gone. Description of our background: My husband is a machinist in research and development. I'm retired from working in a biology lab. My neighbor works in landscaping and is a Boy Scout leader. 

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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