Monday, June 20, 2016

UFO spoke with me and hypnotized me for 5 years reported

When I was around 4 years old, a strange text like UFO flying from a long distance attaching itself to my rooms window just before I was about to fall sleep I remember seeing an orange, burning light about a second before it appears, and I could not move my body, i was paralyzed...this text like UFO then started speaking with me in some strange manner, then pulling my body to some wormhole like liquid, and the strangest thing is this terrible thing were happening to me for around 4 years, I have told my parents, but they never believed was shining, glowing and white like diamond, no, it was not nightmare, yes I was just a kid, and both psychologically and physically healthy, but this text could put me to sleep in 3 second, and the strange thing is, right after I entered my room, I have forced to sleep, it is not a dream, what kind of dream or nightmare would last over for 4 year period? I'm not a religious person, i'm studying biology and attend to university entering still shivers me to think about those weird text like UFOs and whispers. Thats all I remember from it. MUFON CMS#77158

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