Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Five Triangular shaped UFO's tethered together May 10,1966 Forestville New York

I was home leaving to pick my two boys from church school. An unusual noise coming overhead from the south got my attention. The group of UFOs came out from the trees at about three to five hundred feet above ground heading north.These UFOs were traveling at about forty miles per hour in a north-westerly direction. The UFOs were almost completely silent, just a low frequency hum and the buffeting of the wind as they passed. They were tethered together and no doors or windows were visible. This UFO sighting happened on May 10, 1966 at eleven thirty in the morning. mufon cms# 81835

Monday, January 30, 2017

Two glowing UFO flying East at high altitude Edmond OK 1/29/17

At approximately 7:20 pm, my wife and I noticed a red/yellow-orange glowing UFO flying from the NW from our present viewing position moving E/NE. My wife said, "What's that" I said, "I don't know". I had been watching it before she noticed it as I was trying to determine what it was for myself. My wife went inside with our son and I was about to write it off as another airplane but decided to keep watching it just for the heck of it. The first thing I noticed was it's unusual illuminated color, and I didn't notice any strobe or marking lights like I'd seen on planes flying in the area many times before. Then I noticed how fast it was flying which then lead me to see how high it was flying as well! I thought it might be a satellite but it was much too dim to be one of those. The UFO moved in, what seemed to be, a perfectly straight trajectory from the NW to the NE. Not much else was noticed about the sighting at this time. Then another, very-bright, UFO appeared suddenly out of nowhere! Well that really got my attention! This UFO appeared to be flying in the same, perfectly straight, trajectory as the other UFO. It got even brighter, much like the sun or a star, and then pulsed a couple of times between bright and dim before completely disappearing! I tried to see if I could locate it visually but the UFO could not be found. I quickly looked for the previous UFO and much to my amazement it was still within view. Not much had changed with this UFO but I continued to watch it anyway. At the approximate location where the second UFO disappeared, this UFO started getting brighter and pulsing as well! It too soon disappeared! I looked vigorously to see if it had been blocked by a tree or something but to no avail. The UFO was simply gone! It was then that I knew, or at least believed, that I had witnessed two UFO's. Their illumination, flight path, and supernatural behavior is what has lead me to this conclusion. I am not writing this report to be right. I am simply sharing my experience with others who may be able to help me understand what I saw. I would not be offended it I was proved wrong, but I would like for this to be done scientifically if at all possible. Thank you for reading my eyewitness account. mufon cms# 81803

Series of white UFO lights in a v-shaped pattern flying very low Yorktown Heights NY 1983

On the evening of March 23, 1983, I was observing the night sky in my parent's back yard(because I am a amateur astronomer) when I noticed seven bright white lights lined up in a V formation approaching my location from the north. As the UFO approached it moved very, very slowly and it appeared the seven individual lights did not move in relation to each other, therefore the seven lights appeared as if they were attached to one very large UFO. As these lights slowly moved past my location they slowly turned from bright white in color to all red in color. If indeed this was one large UFO instead of several smaller UFOs then I would estimate that it had to be at least one football field in size or larger! At no time could I see any structure or connecting material between the several individual lights because it was too distant for me to see it in that much detail. For the entire time I witnessed this UFO, it made no noise whatsoever. Also, the speed that this UFO(s) was moving was, in my opinion, far too slow to be any kind of fixed wing aircraft for they need to move faster for their wings to provide sufficient lift to keep them airborne. Before the UFO appeared, my sister and I were taking astronomical photographs so when I pointed out this UFO to my sister she took a few photographs of this formation of lights in the night sky. Unfortunately, I have since lost the negatives which my sister created of this formation of lights but I do still have two photographs of this formation of lights and they are quite amazing!!! They show something very unexpected and incredible about this formation of lights and that's the only way I can describe them. You have to see them for yourself to understand. Unfortunately I can't make any copies of these photos to show you all because I have since lost the negatives. mufon cms# 81800 Note: This UFO Sighting was during the Hudson Valley 1980 UFO Flap.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Triangular UFO Sighting Liberty IN, with 2 red and 2 white lights and gun metal gray 1/25/17

This is the 6th or 7th time we have had a UFO Sighting what ever it is hover over our house. It's triangular shaped and is gun metal gray about the size of minivan (know color cause we had flashlight that we had on it has it hovered over house). We have seen this UFO THING in several location now but only at night. Been trying to see if there surveying or something in our area but can't seem to find any reports.

Tonight's UFO sighting, I had my camera ready and it was to far away to get clear photo (but working on getting a clear shot). It does have a very low humming noise that we can hear in house so we know when it's close. It has 2 red lights and 2 white lights. I feel silly honestly filling this UFO Sighting report but have never seen anything like it and now with us seeing it so many times in the last month it has us both curious as hell I won't lie. I'm 47 my spouse is 55 we have lived here for 22 years and have never seen such a thing wondering if not a drone except for the size and the sound of it.Triangular UFO Sighting by 2 men in Liberty IN, with 2 red and 2 white lights and gun metal gray. NUFORC UFO Sighting report Liberty Indiana 1/25/17

Friday, January 27, 2017

Austin Texas Residents Say They Spotted UFO's & Meteorologists Agree 1/23/17

Several Austin Texas residents say they spotted UFO's in a triangle formation and Meteorologists provide images from the same time showing the mysterious UFO speeding through the sky.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

UFO glowed gold was shaped like a plane New Creek WV 1/10/17

My son, Marty was outside splitting wood, he yelled for me to come out to see the weird UFO light in the sky. I went out and saw an UFO in the sky glowed gold all over it looked like a cylinder with a small wing on top and on bottom, it was below and following behind a plane (we are on the Dulles airport flight area) heading south west. I had my glasses on and could see the color and the shape clearly. He noticed that there was a regular airplane in front and it has the usually red blinking light on it. When he first saw the UFO the plane was way ahead of it, but the object caught up, then disappeared close to the plane, he said. I went back in to get a coat as it was really cold that night. But then he saw it disappear (blink out) and in one second it came back but then disappeared into "glitter." Size of UFO: if you hold up your hand the UFO was about the size of an aspirin. It looked bigger than the plane. There was not sound except for the plane. I immediately jotted down the information above and made sure of what Marty saw. There was not cloud cover and the sky was clear. No wind. We can provide a sketch but do not have access to Internet at home. I am submitting this at the library. mufon cms# 81694

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Green UFO lights in Chevron form flying over Fort Collins CO 1/18/17

I was letting my roommates dog outside, when I saw a group of fluorescent green UFO lights in the form of a chevron. This was observed a few minutes after 23:30 MST approximately 4 blocks south of CSU Fort Collins campus. The event lasted for 5 to 10 seconds. It was a clear night with no clouds, stars were visible. I was the only witness who saw this. I am a senior at Colorado State studying Civil Engineering and have a good understanding of physics, optics, and trigonometry.

There were 5 to 7 UFO lights in the formation, and were first seen 20 to 30 degrees above the horizon. I was looking south when I first sighted these UFOs, and watched them move north almost directly overhead; they were 20 degrees from vertical to the east of me. As the UFO chevron passed over head, it started accelerating and gaining altitude, before the UFO lights disappeared 40 to 50 degrees above the horizon looking north. The UFO lights were observed for a total of 100 to 120 degrees in the sky. As the lights passed from south to north, they changed shape from a chevron into a straight line. I live on a N-S-E-W street grid, and I can determine that the UFO lights were traveling within 10 degrees of the N-S axis. From the observation point, the lights appeared relatively small, but much larger than a star. The individual lights were round, with a hazy edge and appeared to be about 1/6 the size of the moon. The UFO chevron formation had a span of 3 moons, and stayed approximately this size for the entire duration, as they changed shape. As the UFO passed overhead, it made no sounds. The dog I was letting out did not respond to the event. NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, and we found him to be eloquent, and sober-minded. In part, because of his technical training, we suspect he is a very capable witness. He has submitted a very nice graphic, which illustrates the UFO sighting, and which is posted to the NUFORC website.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Triangle UFO Sighting overhead moving slowly towards Bays Mountain Kingsport TN 1/18/17

I exited my house at a moment past 7:00 PM on 1/18/2017 to go out to dinner. As I was putting the key in my car door to unlock it, I glanced up. Over our house and a little to the right of it, about 60 degrees up, a series of lights caught my attention. I instantly thought they seemed peculiar. The UFO to which the lights were attached was a triangle. There were white lights on the three points and a red flashing light in the middle. The UFO was going painfully slow. It proceeded towards Bays Mountain and gently banked to the left (the right side went up a bit) and it proceeded more directly South. I kept hoping someone would come by so I could point it out to them, but no one did. I did glance at my watch to document the time and it was precisely 7:10 PM. There were no aircraft in the area and it did not make any noise. I could not tell its altitude, but it was probably around 5-10,00 feet. Not as high as commercial air traffic. I did notice that it seemed a little "fuzzy" towards the front end. The air was chilly, but the sky was crystal clear. After a few moments it just gently moved on towards the South and I proceeded to dinner. I specifically looked to see if there were traditional aircraft navigation lights and all I was was the one bright, flashing light in the center. The duration of the experience was perhaps 4-5 minutes because it seemed in no hurry. Regarding my feelings, I was noncommittal. There it was and I actually chuckled at the thought of seeing a possible UFO - then I just studied it for details, noted the time and went to dinner. I anticipated filing this UFO Sighting report today.
mufon cms# 81628

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

UFO Alien Soul Abduction telepathic 4 short ones and one tall Sun Valley CA 5/15/93

Late one night a shape shifter with my dad's voice arrived at my bunk bed and asked me to meet some friends. It had no face and walked through walls. I went outside and saw a large white chrome craft with about 4 short fat wrinkled beings with large blue eyes. I was in terror closed my door and ran to my closet grabbing anything I could find. Only an empty spirit can. I tried desperately to make it sharp to fend off the creatures. I tried to stay quiet and I remember the steps as they moved around my home while I tried to stay hidden. As I waited I wondered why no one else was awake or helping me. I was too scared to scream when the first one entered my room. I was immediately unable to move. They telepathically said, we will not hurt you and tried to advance. I was able to make a wall in my mind which agitated them. My fear caused my heart to almost explode from my chest and they showed me a scale in my mind with my heart rate getting dangerous. My failed attempt to communicate reached its peak when my mind could no longer keep them out. I feared the worst, a rat in the alien lab because my mind was weak. I asked God why evil would be allowed at this level without balance. The universe has an order and I was asking to be its vice. Suddenly as if I died from fear and returned from the darkness of death. The UFO Aliens were still there but they were afraid of me. A red glow was all around me that burned them if they got to close. A tall skinny dark figure approached and spoke out, a purple porthole was shown and it asked me to go inside. The next day my brother thought I was a god and the neighbors were sad saying they saw the devil and sold their souls. I told them the obvious. It was a UFO and something happened to all of us.(Using telepathy 4 short ones and one tall. They came for souls. A purple porthole was shown to me. I went in) mufon cms# 81599

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Superstition Mountain UFO Sighting Summer 1997

I went camping off of Old Kane Springs Road, Borrego Springs, California, just south of Highway 78, and north of El Centro in the Anza Borrego Desert BLM lands. Arriving just before sundown to meet up with a friend who had arrived earlier in the day. My friend carried on and on about unmarked gun metal blue jets flying very low passes at very high speed over the area since early afternoon. I did notice jets flying upon arrival but it was not surprising since I knew the Navy’s proving grounds (mysteriously called Superstition Hills) was just a mile or so southeast of our campsite. You could see the chalky white hills slightly poking up from the desert floor with commercial air traffic from El Centro Airport in the background. After setting up my tent and popping a beer we enjoyed talking and watching the full moon rise from the southwest as El Centro’s plane traffic was visible to the southeast. Within 15 minutes of sundown, out of the blue, two gun metal blue F-18 whizzed over us at extremely high speed and extremely low lower than I have ever seen. And they came around again, crisscrossing each other in the skies at least three more times. My friend went bonkers proclaiming he was not a liar and I could not argue with him. This was an amazing UFO sighting and I ran to get my binoculars.

With binoculars readily in hand I chased them around the sky as my friend frantically searched for his pair. At one point, the two jets lined up together side-by-side very low bearing southwest towards the direction of Table Mountain easily zooming directly overhead at over 400 mph. On approach, they split up and disappeared over the first set foothills. My friend was still searching for his specs as I watched, totally stunned, as a large glowing presence rising from them where the planes disappeared. I had no idea what I was witnessing as the entire side of Table Mountain lit up and then I freaked – small red orbs started to manifest below the whitish glow.

As the glow grew brighter these red orbs crested the mountain in formation of a huge clock. The lights continued to rise together in a fixed circular formation until an entire ‘clock’ formation was visible. In the middle of the clock of red lights, a nebulous blob glowed brightly when all of a sudden, two smaller red lights at 4 and 7 split away and flew off in opposite directions at enormous speed, disappearing over and around Table Mountain. I surmised they were the jets I had just seen, but it was hard to tell. The shimmering red orb clock formation then rose up over the crest entirely in view and disappeared over another ridge and the lights dimmed into darkness. The hillsides went back to normal moon lit desert and I was screaming aloud that this was the wildest thing I have ever witnessed. But then it got wilder.

The strange giant ‘clock lights’ had appeared and then disappeared into the mountain landscape in less than a minute – all occurring as my friend finally found his binoculars in a futile attempt to zero on the subject of my pointers. All he could make out was the glowing mountains, but I excitedly recounted in detail what I had just seen. We relayed the experience to one another for perhaps 10 or 15 minutes as we scoured the sky and landscape with our binoculars. We got tired of looking with the binoculars and grabbed another beer to begin settling into camping, when very casually my friend suddenly pointed about in 70 degree ups towards the southerly sky and said, “what the *** is that?” I looked to where he was pointing but I could not see anything. I was looking past it! The moon was full and bright and not a cloud in the sky, a billion stars, and right there about 1000 feet off the ground was an “invisible” moving UFO. It was very nebulous with no hard visible edges. Within or perhaps attached to it were a random arrangement of lights in varying brightness – virtually indistinguishable from stars in the sky. It was insane we could not make out the actual shape. This nebulous blob of sparkle lights appeared to about 2000 feet off the ground and about 2000 feet away – perhaps the size of a smallish blimp. It was also totally silent. We grabbed our binoculars, if you looked directly at it, the UFO sighting essentially disappeared into the background. You could really only see it if you looked to the side or below or above it, reminding me of how we were told to view Andromeda by looking to the side of it, allowing our peripheral vision to ascertain the galaxy. This was! clearly some form of cloaking technology, but the shape of the cloaked UFO craft was indiscernible.

UFO moved extremely slow from the northwest to the southeast, at various points it would just stop in the air, hovering silent, and discharge what appeared to be a bunch of flashbulbs going off in random order as if it was trying to blend into the sea of stars behind a full moon night sky. We continued watching this “cloaked” UFO air machine for at least 15 minutes. UFO craft moved ever so slowly stopping at least three more times to “impersonate the night sky” light show as it moved over Superstition Hills and stopped again. We noticed at this point there were no more jets in fact, El Centro’s plane traffic had completely stopped with only this smallish nebulous sparkle cloud in the southeastern sky. We wondered aloud if the Navy had told the airport to hold off takeoffs and landings.

We were actually getting bored of watching it through our binoculars when all of a sudden it took off like a streak of light towards the southeast edge of El Centro. This UFO craft had to have moved at several hundred miles an hour or faster from a dead stop and then made a dead stop right at the edge of Highway 78 about a mile southeast of us. All this time is moved so slow, it was stunning how it suddenly moved and stopped so fast.

While we stood there trying to process what this hovering nebulous sparkly blob thing was, it made another light show and suddenly in a blink of an eye it streaked away disappearing into the horizon towards the Yuma proving grounds. We couldn’t make any sense of it but I’ll never forget it. A minute or two later the El Centro air traffic started up again.

I was a skeptic of UFO stories until this happened. Was this aliens? I don’t know but if it was, given the earlier presence of the F18s and their accompanying the ‘mother ship’ as it lifted over the mountains, the U.S. Navy is definitely in cahoots with them. NUFORC UFO Report

Huge triangular UFO craft about 50' high came slowly over house Troy MO U.S. 5/1/86

Description of UFO Sighting Report: Troy Montana U.S. 5/1/86

This UFO sighting was the second one my family and I had, and was much more intense than the first. It was almost dark if I remember correctly in May of 1986 when I noticed their were about 8-12 UFO crafts of some kind scattered all around our house. Their were a couple as close as a few hundred yards, and their were some that looked to be a mile or so away. My mom and I were on our back deck looking out at our lake we owned along with four or five other families that lived on it when I saw a HUGE UFO triangular craft it honestly looked like something out of Star Trek it had a long nose about 15' wide and about 30-40' long and behind that it looked like a huge triangle. It had at least 8-10 different lights on it, and several different colors. This UFO came right over our house, about 75' in the air (we had about 10 big trees in our back yard and it was about 25' over them I'd say) and it looked to be going about 10 miles per hour...very slow. It stayed going the same direction toward the center of our lake which was about an 8 acre lake and stopped right over the center of it hovering for about 2-3 minutes. Then this UFO slowly started moving again at the same speed, and the odd thing was it took the EXACT path it came in on but never turned around it was like they put it in reverse and took the exact same route out of there as they did coming in. We watched this UFO until it was out of sight, which was probably 10 minutes or more as slow as it was going. That's about everything from that particular incident. mufon cms# 81518

Monday, January 9, 2017

Strange Blinking Lights over New York City UFO sighting 1/1/17

There were lots of little white lights UFOs moving north east in direction. In the past, I have also witness in that direction, a blue light in the sky. But last night, a group of four people including myself witness possible 10-12 little blinking lights erratically moving in that direction at different speeds in no specific order or configuration what so ever. It was like the UFOs were independent of one another and traveling in a group. A few lights came after others moving much slower. At first the people I was with thought it may have been airplanes, but airplanes would not travel so close to one another at such a slow velocity. Then there was the idea that they were drones, but why would multiple drones be flying in one direction and not turning back. nuforc NYUFO Sighting report

Blue colored UFO sphere sighted by three people from three different locations Sri Lanka 1/1/17

Location: Sri Lanka East sky Orion constellation appeared alongside “Bellatrix”

UFO Description: This UFO appeared as a spherical one and it had a glowing bright blue color. Three friends including me saw this UFO from three locations situated approximately 20-45 km (Kandy, Central Province, Sri Lanka) to each other.

Remarks: UFO hovered for about 20-25 minutes while radiating orange-yellowish colors from the UFO sides. Slight movement from left to right was observed and went dim and bright (slow flickers) several times (no clouds) and after 2-3 minutes later moved towards south east direction in a constant linear speed faster than a common satellite.

1-2 minutes later an Aircraft with no sound (probably as I think) traveled in a strange path closer to the exact area the UFO was observed. Perhaps that arrival may have caused the UFO to move away.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

UFO appeared about 15 ft. Long 7 wide.Jet Black Triangle Thousand Oaks CA 1/2/17

I was chatting in thousand oaks ca.my friend was oblivious talking to me. I had noticed a black UFO the shape of a soft edged triangle with a drifting s.e. rotation. I said "what's that!" The time was 3:02 roughly it was very black under a overcast sky. When they first saw it the one guy was insistent it was a helicopter. but no sound at a distance of what seemed like a couple thousand feet a height of about 1000 feet. Speed seemed like 50 miles an hour.another witness saw it moving slowly in a 360 circular motion."no noise". The UFO covered about a mile and I had to climb onto a wall to keep seeing it. I know for a fact I would probably not pick it up well on my phone because of the lighting available. nuforc

Friday, January 6, 2017

Silent UFO craft observed flying close to Nuclear Installation Thetford GB 3/2001

From Jan 2000 to June 2001, I served within the RAF Regiment as an Armed Guard at a Nuclear Warhead storage site at Royal Air Force Honington in Suffolk, UK. My memory for the date and time of this is a little hazy, but I can remember exactly what I saw that night and I was not the only witness. It was around 3 am in the morning, me and a colleague were returning to the site after conducting a three hour off site mobile patrol. We parked our vehicle just outside the main gate to the site and started moving towards the first of three pedestrian access gates when we noticed what we thought to be a low flying aircraft on a course that would take it directly over the Nuclear installation. Just to point out that RAF Honington was not a flying base, it was a very rare thing to have any air traffic at the base at all during this period. There was also a strict no fly zone in place over the Nuclear site to all Military and civilian aircraft. We estimated the UFO craft to be at around 800 - 100 ft in the air. The size of the UFO craft was probably similar to that of a Stealth Fighter. We couldn't make out a definite shape, but there were three white/yellow lights creating a triangle with a red light in the middle (cant remember if this flashed). We ran over to an external phone that was just outside the gates and alerted the control room that a plane was just about to fly low over the site. As we watched the UFO craft approach the site from the South East (see attached pic) it veered off at the last minute towards the West, avoiding the site and disappeared out of view. Up to this point we thought it to be no more than a military plane from nearby RAF Lakenheath that had gone off course, it wasn't until the UFO craft came close by us as it turned off to the West that we realized it was completely silent, the whole area had become strangely silent also. This event was logged in the Control Room DOB though at the time we didn't make a big thing of the silence for fear of ridicule. After this we racked our brain as to what it could be, coming to the conclusion it was either a glider (which I didn't know could operate at night) or a top secret aircraft being flown in to Lakenheath.

UFO hovered above trees and moved towards us on the road New Milford CT 12/28/16

In new Milford located in Fairfield County of Connecticut, around 5:55 pm we sighted a weird UFO craft in the sky. We were driving on our way to dinner when we saw a low flying, plane-like UFO object. It couldn't be a plane though because of the shape, almost triangle like with light at all corners and ends. It first hovered over trees for a second about 500-1000 ft. away, then moved forward over an old bank less than 250 feet away from us in the sky. It was dark and we were only at a stop light to video it for less than 30 seconds, so couldn't make out details of the UFO craft but only the lights. When we turned and continued onto the next road it followed our movements and "jolted" over us. It moved quick, I couldn't tell relative speeds because of the distance between us but seemed like it was moving much faster than usual speeds. It was over top of our car while driving for a few seconds because we couldn't spot it and then it was on the other side of the car before we lost sight of it. We even looked at other cars while stopped to see if they were seeing anything and a woman in her car was staring at the lights and UFO craft in the sky in awe like she was terrified of what it could be or was. Overall a very creepy and cryptic experience and wish we had just pulled off the road to see what was going on better. We have 2 videos in which you can see the light in the sky and something moving but do not want to post them yet unless much interest. mufon cms# 81364

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Angel UFO Appears over Brooklyn, NY Church 1/4/16

"This was taken from a bus that was moving very slowly during a tour of Brooklyn, NY. I did not have my flash on my iPhone when I took the photos. Also, I only took a photo of this because I knew what the building was but was not mentioned by the tour guide so there would probably not be others taking photos." "I saw the UFO light after the fact when I was looking at my photos. If anyone has the knowledge to judge if this is a reflection, I would welcome that. I took many photos from the bus that day and that particular image did not appear in any of others."

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

UFO rise's above tree's coming in my direction it was pulsating San Juan TX 1/1/17

Outside watching neighborhood fireworks when I noticed a red-orange pulsating fuzzy oval shape UFO come towards me from the NE. At arms length a penny would be about right to cover the size.

I first thought it could have been one of those lantern things, but the size and the behavior was off. It was not lanterns, fireworks, drones or aircraft. It appeared under intelligent control. It was coming towards me, then stopped for about a minute then it changed course going away from me towards the north.

I had called my daughter to come see as it was getting smaller in the distance. It was then a second shape with the same description appeared and did the exact same maneuvers. So..this one had two witnesses.

Like the other one, it too did a skittering jerky but slow appearance pulsating the entire time. It also made a full stop as if to observe us observing it, it continued to pulse. It then made a slow turn to our left and retreated toward the north. It seemed to dissolve in the distance.

I considered both UFOs to be about a 'block' away from us. If nothing else, I find it interesting to have a UFO Sighting like that going stealthily into neighborhood fireworks. I felt slightly amused by the experience because I have seen strange things in the skies before in my lifetime. My daughter felt apprehensive. I will continue to watch the skies...perhaps it will return. mufon cms# 81297 UFO Sighting reported 1/1/17 San Juan TX

UFO two triangles formed by three pulsating lights rotating slowly 1/2/17

I had stepped out from my house at around 9pm to smoke a cigarette before bed. I looked up to observe Orion, who has appeared in the East at an elevation of about 20/25 degrees (Sirius would have been above the horizon but obscured by a hedge) and noticed an unusual star in the sky near where Sirius should be. I decided to move onto my terrace to take a better look.

I rushed up to my terrace and continued to view the star. As I watched it I realised that it was in fact three lights very close together in the sky, marking the corners of an equilateral triangle. The lights seemed to be pulsating randomly and alternating colour randomly between red, blue and green - there was no discernible pattern. Occasionally there were visible lines going from the lights in the corners to the centre of the triangle, always the same color as the lights. The lines never met in the centre, which was already dark.

At first I thought the UFO seemed to be rotating slowly in the sky, but then I the actual points of light weren't moving as i would have expected from a rotating UFO, and that they were fading in brilliance and then growing again in unison.

The UFO was visible in the NEE, above the ocean (I live on Ilha das Flores, A├žores). There was also a second UFO at a slightly lower elevation visible at NE.

Due to the way the lights flickered like the stars I guess they were at a good distance from where I was standing and that the light reaching me had been distorted by the atmosphere.

I called my wife out, and she came up to the terrace and confirmed what I saw.

The lights were there for roughly fifteen minutes, and then faded away and did not return. During the time they were visible they did not move discernibly or make any noise. I was unaffected psychologically (apart from my obvious excitement at seeing an unidentifiable object "UFO" in the night sky). mufon cms# 81305

Monday, January 2, 2017

UFO Alien Sighting Shepparton, Australia on a cold winter’s night back in 1947?

After Nearly 70 Years A Policeman Comes Forward With Amazing UFO Extraterrestrial Encounter.

Did an alien UFO spacecraft hover over the streets of Shepparton, Australia on a cold winter’s night back in 1947?

A former Victorian policeman has broken his nearly 70-year silence on what he claimed was a close encounter with a flying UFO not of this earth.

Neil John McIntyre, who would have been just 12 at the time, claimed that he saw an UFO alien spacecraft when he was walking home late one night in June 1947.

Full Article

Multiple Diamond-shaped UFOs were sighted Indianapolis IN 12/30/16

Multiple flying and lit-up diamond-shaped UFOs were seen going from one specific place to another waiting in sync for each one to go.

Around 1:01 AM on Friday December 30th, 2016, I witnessed multiple flying UFOs in the night sky. I was up watching a show, when all of a sudden I heard a loud and peculiar noise, not one of an airplane but it was louder and more high pitched. I looked out of my bedroom window and noticed a flying, lit-up diamond shaped UFO coming from across the sky, so I watched it. Curiously I stayed until it was out of sight then right as I was about to turn around I saw another one coming from the same area where the first one had come from. So I waited for that one to pass but before I knew it I was there for over 45 minuets just watching these UFOs go from one side of my window to the other. Finally I had gotten tired of waiting for another one after about the 15th one so I headed to bed. There was a gap between the 15th,16th and 17th ones. Around 1:55 AM, I went to lay down in bed whenever I heard the noise get louder. Two of the UFOs flew close to each other a! and stopped. About 15-20 seconds later they left one going one way and the other the other way. I thought it was finally over until I heard the noise coming back again, but shortly after that, a train came at 2:02 AM, and after that train, there were no more flying UFOs that were seen. nuforc UFO sighting report 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Boeing 747 spotted UFO flying past their cockpit

Jeffreys Bay – An unidentified flying object "UFO" was apparently spotted 1 000 feet (about 300m) above a plane before it was seen hurtling towards earth on Monday night, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said on Tuesday.

The UFO was spotted around 21:30 on Monday.

"A Boeing 737 cargo aircraft captain and co-pilot, flying from Cape Town International Airport to Port Elizabeth International Airport, reported seeing what appeared to be a green UFO increasing in altitude past the cockpit of their airplane, reaching to about a thousand feet into clouds above them, and then returning towards earth at high speed past the cockpit of the airplane," NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said.

"The UFO sighting was reported to air traffic control at Port Elizabeth International Airport who requested NSRI's assistance to investigate the possibility that an aircraft or craft may be in difficulty."

Lambinon said the NSRI's Jeffreys Bay team monitored the matter throughout the night.

"The green UFO has not been seen since and there are no reports of anyone, or craft or aircraft overdue or missing."

Lambinon said the incident happened about 10 nautical miles off the Jeffreys Bay shore.

At first it was thought the UFO was a green parachute flare, but this was ruled out because the flares "cannot reach that height".

"No further reports of UFO sightings have been received and the incident remains a mystery," Lambinon said. mufon cms# 81267

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