Saturday, April 30, 2016

UFO Alien Sightings They Are Here on Earth Video

UFO Signs: UFO Alien sightings strange lights in the sky continue to escalate across communities worldwide. Their "high strangeness" escalates as well - with UFO sightings of bizarre "dripping" lights to apparently structured extraterrestrial vehicles, the world asks the questions - Why are they here? Footage includes bizarre "smoke-like" emissions in space from NASA photography, consistently rotating energy-based entities, commercial airline pilots witnessing UFOs first hand, and a resurgence in the strange phenomenon known as sky flashes. This video presents evidence, not only that "They", whether Ultra Terrestrial, Extra Terrestrial, or however else you describe the Visitor "Alien" Phenomenon, are not only here - but that their agenda appears to include us and our children. Do elements of our government or the NWO know of their presence? And has the agenda continues, unabated, for decades?

The 2007 Alderney UFO Sighting Case Revisted

UFO Signs:

The 2007 Alderney UFO Sighting is one of the best reported UFO cases out there- so why the heck do we not talk about it more? Has Ufology began its walk towards the absurd and this case too "good" for it?

​It was 9 years ago, almost to the day, that on April 23rd, 2007, Ray Bowyer and his passengers aboard flight A-Line 544 departed Southampton, England. Alderney and Absurdity; Where Does it all Lead? It was a routine 45-minute flight in good weather and visibility- and as they neared their destination, they witnessed two large unidentified UFOs hovering over the English Channel for several minutes. credit Terra Obscura

UFO Sighting reported 4/28/16 Unexplainable Logic over Woonsocket RI.

UFO Signs: Unexplainable logic in what I saw over Woonsocket Rode Island.
As a prior service member and a veteran I tend to embrace a more logical explanation on things, what will follow in this UFO Sighting report has baffled and puzzled me in its complexity of engineering. I stepped out for a cigarette outside I have a view that allows me to see a bit of range over the tree line and most buildings in view. And in the quickest most unexplainable fashion and very bright oval in shape UFO (with a very bright HID light shine) soundlessly came into view as it zipped right in front of me then as quickly as it came into view this UFO changed complete trajectory and course and just went out of view. What messed me up was the fact that I'm trying to make logical sense of this,"thing/UFO/craft" whatever name anyone wants to put on this was definitely not something I know to exist nor do I know of anything that can move so fast and so bright and so soundless it was eerie and illogical. I'm perplexed and oddly uneasy. source NUFORC

Circular UFO Sightings reported 4/28/16 Near Famous Oak Island NC

UFO Signs: Mostly orange-red circular UFOs appeared in southern sky over ocean near Oak Island, NC. Seven red-orange circled UFOs appeared in the sky about 15-20 degrees above the horizon in southern direction over the ocean off of Oak Island, NC. These UFOs appeared first as 4 circles at 8:34 PM then others (or some of the same) again at 8:47 PM. The UFOs appeared rapidly out of nowhere and then disappeared within 5 seconds. The circles all appeared each as a large filled in circle of red-orange color. They all seemed to appear and disappear in the same general area (but not exactly the same)of the sky. At one point two UFOs were side by side before disappearing.They all seemed to disappear by collapsing into themselves. The two that were side-by-side appeared to have a halo around them. All circles were filled in with the same color and appeared to be large.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Cosmic Plan Mission Rahma UFO Contact Peru

UFO Signs: 

"THE COSMIC PLAN" as received by contact group Mission Rahma from 1974 until the mid 1990's…/the-cosmic-plan-accord Mission Rahma began in December, 1973 when a Peruvian family and friends interested in UFO research attempted a telepathic form of automatic writing after listening to a well known parapsychologist dwelling on the possibility of using this method to communicate with space faring civilizations.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

UFO Sighting V-Shape Craft reported 4/26/16 over Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

UFO Signs: UFO Sightings of several different type of craft over Phoenix Arizona have been reported since the UFO Sighting sensation "Phoenix lights of March 13th 1997". Many Triangle & V-shaped UFO Sightings have been reported and on late Tuesday night 4/26/16 at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, an employee was taking trash to a Dumpster outside the air-traffic-control tower when a mysterious glow caught his attention. A massive V-shaped UFO was hovering off the ground, light emanating from the bottom.

UFO Reportedly Spotted at Airport By Sky Harbor Employee


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bright Red Hovering UFO Reported Sighted by many Witnesses 4/23/16 Texas

UFO Signs: This UFO Sighting incident was reported to me by a credible person , I thought it should be reported I am peace officer in the city where the incident happened. I was off duty and was called by a resident of Wentz St who asked me if I was working I told him I was not and he said he was wondering if anybody had reported the UFO above the Wentz St area.He told me that a bright red orb UFO was hovering over the neighborhood and that all the neighborhood was looking at it and taking video he then said the UFO orb suddenly got brighter and broke into 5 different UFO orbs going into 5 different directions trailing what seemed to be fire behind them some of them going into the clouds. He told me that this UFO incident went on for several minutes the light was close enough to hear if it was man made but this orb made no noise, he also reported that he heard gunfire in the area where one of the UFO orbs flew off too.Thirty minutes later a thunderstorm came into the area.No other information given other than the above mentioned.He advised he would try to get me some video of om the neighbors. MUFON CMS# 76014

Saturday, April 23, 2016

UFO Unidentified Flying Object True Story of Flying Saucers 1956 Video

UFO Signs: "The most amazing thing about this film is the fact that it was made with the full cooperation of the United States government, and every scrap of evidence it presents was made available to any and all scientific agency who wanted to examine it."

The Original Uncut 1956 Public Information Feature Film Produced With The Cooperation Of The United States Air Force In All Regions Released: 3 May 1956/ Note - Audio is "mono"

Enjoy this drama-documentary, based on the experiences of Al Chop, a reporter who served as press liaison for the Pentagon during its investigation of UFO's from 1947 to the early 1950s.

Miller, Soule, and Tremayne provide the voices for the narrated portions of the film. Although the movie contains only two brief film clips to serve as photographic evidence of UFO's, the producers build a good case based on the credibility of certain UFO witnesses (airline pilots, military personnel, radar operators, etc.).

On a more subtle level, director Winston Jones pulls off a clever trick; he begins the film as a pure documentary, but he gradually modifies this approach and focuses on reporter Al Chop's personal involvement in the UFO investigation. Chop slowly changes from UFO skeptic to UFO believer

The climax is a gripping reenactment of a true incident which occurred in 1950, when a group of UFO's cruised above Washington DC for several hours. The voice of Harry Morgan is heard over the radio as an Air Force pilot whose plane is literally surrounded by UFO's, during which Al Chop and a group of bewildered military men cluster around the radar scope, watching in wide-eyed wonder. Dramatically speaking, this scene is far superior to its counterpart in `Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. The most amazing thing about this film is the fact that it was made with the full cooperation of the United States government, and every scrap of evidence it presents was made available to any and all scientific agency who wanted to examine it.

The April 7 1952 issue of Life Magazine had Marilyn Monroe on the cover, not Harry Truman. It was her first magazine cover. It was the U.F.O. issue though, with the blurb for it in the upper right corner, as shown in the film. The July 1, 1952 issue of Look magazine did not have Eisenhower on the cover as depicted, but a group of six pictures. One was of an Air Force fighter plane with the same blurb as the film's magazine: 'Flying Saucers - The Hunt Goes On'.

Original Tag Lines:

"You Will See Them With Your Own Eyes!"

"Actual color films of Unidentified Flying Objects that have been kept "Top Secret" until now!"

"It appears to be a metallic object of tremendous size...I'm trying to close in on it!" - and then he crashed!"

"FOR THE FIRST TIME! THE TRUTH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS!" (original print ad - all caps) "EVERY SHOCKING WORD, EVERY FANTASTIC SCENE, EVERY FRIGHTENING MOMENT IS TRUE!" (original print ad - all caps) "Now! The truth about flying saucers!" "See it all as it actually happened ... and is still happening!" "The motion picture scoop of the century!"

Followed by Multiple UFOs 3/29/16 Farmington NM U.S.

UFO Signs: We, fiancĂ©e , children and best friend who I was abducted with, were driving to the 4 corners USA. We all felt incredible amounts of energy and it was like something was following us. We shot out I phones off at the clouds and certain a anomalous looking rock formations. We couldn't see things with our naked eyes but the camera picked up a UFO that were dancing in the clouds following us. There were unexplainable cloud formations that were running vertical that should have run horizontal. There were greenish florescent orbs, lightening bolts ( despite total cloud covering and no rain) shooting down at structures that looked like Stone Henge. There was a white tubular UFO. We all felt almost crazy with energy. Again there was nothing that the eye could pick up, but the camera did. These photos must be blown up, you'll see multiple UFO's in and out of the clouds!
MUFON CMS# 75984

Friday, April 22, 2016

Large Green Disk UFO Sighting Reported Hayward CA

UFO Signs:

Large Green Saucer Disk Shaped UFO Sighting flying over San Francisco Bay. Size: 100 Yards across! Very clear details.

Map coordinates of UFO Sighting location: N37 46.199’W12210.448 I have seen several UFOs over the past 20 years, but most of those (except one) were smaller lighted objects at a long distance away. Erratic flight patterns and high speeds always told me that these were UFO’s. But the UFO sighting I am reporting in this report is a game-changer for me! It was the diameter of at least 100 yard across and at a much closer range! I was driving my minivan across the San Mateo bridge heading east on the night of April 11, 2015. Time was 11:55 PM. The bridge traffic was completely deadlocked at a near standstill due to a highway construction crew of several trucks and men with jack hammers making repairs on the pavement of the number 2 and 3 lanes lanes. This construction zone stretched for a distance of several hundred yards from the approach to the bridge, and all the way up to the highest arch point of the bridge a mile later. The traffic was so dense, it took me about 40 minutes to drive the 1 mile distance to finally clear all the construction crews and bright work lights.

I had one male passenger, seated on the bench seat behind me. He was from Ukraine and he did not speak English. We could not communicate with a single word. I had hired him that night to be a sound man and photographer for a murder mystery show that other actors and myself had performed at a San Francisco restaurant. One of my actresses is Russian and she made all the arrangements for me to hire him for our show. During this long wait on the bridge, this passenger had his head buried in his texting device talking to his wife during the whole time I was driving.

As soon as the traffic bottle neck cleared at the highest point of the bridge arch, I hit the accelerator and quickly gained speed going straight downhill. At this point, we were out in the middle of San Francisco Bay and the weather was very clear with stars in the sky. We had another three miles to drive East before hitting land in Hayward.

THE UFO SIGHTING! I was traveling over 70 miles an hour for only about 10 seconds when the interior of my entire van was blasted with a blinding green light! It came directly from the ride side of my van, but the light was so intense, I could not even see my dashboard or out the front windshield. In a split second, I cursed the construction work crew for using excessive lights that made driving unsafe. But in the split second I thought this, I hit the brakes and hoped no other cars were close behind me. Then, I looked out my window to find the source of the green light and I saw a GIGANTIC UFO saucer traveling parallel with me at the same exact speed and about 500 feet above the water. The entire size looked to be well over the length of a football field and the distance from me seemed like about a quarter mile away.

The bottom of the saucer was the source of the bright green glowing light, and it quickly twisted to a more upright position where the green underside of the saucer was completely visible and tilted towards me. But, the tilt angle was enough to cover the top side of the UFO and I could not see what the top half looked like.

UFO DESIGN: To instantly memorize all the details of this UFO, I used a highly trained technique I have developed over the years. I call it the “SNAPSHOT” effect. My eyes and brain soak up as many details as possible in the shortest amount of time. I am a trained investigator and I am well known for having a better-than-average memory recall of live incidents and events. The main details I remembered are permanently etched into my memory just as clearly today as the moment I first saw them: 1. The saucer’s perimeter was lit up with two concentric circle rings of light that were the source of the bright fluorescent green light. The looked identical to a giant ring of neon light tubing attached to the outer rim of the bottom side of the space ship. A second ring was inside of the first ring with a small space between the two 2. Both rings had some sort of thin, dark separation strap that broke them into 5 segments each. (See attached photo shop picture of UFO reconstruction).

3. The whole bottom half of the UFO looked identical to a computer motherboard. It had a massive cluster of pipes and tubes and flat looking designs that intersected each other and overlapped each other across the whole surface like a road map. The color of this whole underside radiated a green color, but I believe this was merely reflected light emitted from the outer rings. It seemed like the whole motherboard underside was probably more of a white or light gray color.

4. Across this network of pipes and circuits were about 3 or 4 major square areas of a denser concentration of pipes. The re-created drawing I have made clearly shows these more defined areas.

THE PORTAL: The UFO imitated my direction and speed as we both moved East for another 5 seconds. And then, the entire craft slipped into an invisible black slot in the night sky where it completely disappeared! The speed of the UFO had slowed down quite a bit for this last maneuver. It was almost as if it was a car pulling carefully into a garage. This space craft did not dissolve gradually, nor did sip away into the outer space at a high speed. It simply glided smoothly behind the equivalent of a giant black door with a vertical hard edge. For all the thousands of UFO’s that witnesses have seen over the years, I realized that witnessing the ACTUAL PORTAL action of the crafts disappearance into another dimension was probably a rare sight, indeed! I quickly looked into my rear view mirror and noticed that ALL THE CARS on the bridge behind me had either stopped completely, or were traveling extremely slow since seeing the whole night sky lit up with the green UFO. I checked my speedometer and I had been cruising at 40 miles per hour during the sighting. I was in the middle lane of 3 lanes, and I breathed a sigh of relief that I had not been rear-ended by another vehicle.

MY PASSENGER MISSED THE ENTIRE UFO SIGHTING: The second after the sky turned black and the UFO left, I yelled out over my shoulder to the passenger in the back seat: “HOLY SH_T! Look at this!” But he couldn't figure out what I was saying because of our language barrier. The best I could do was point my forefinger up in the air and spun it around in one foot circles while making a high-pitched (cartoonish) flying saucer noise. I was trying to convey it was a UFO without words. He nodded his head excitedly, then went down to his language dictionary on his mobile device. He then found something and lifted up his tablet to show me what it was. He had found a merry-go-round amusement ride. I shook my head “NO” and realized I would have to wait until the next day to call his Russian friend who would have to give him my UFO report second hand. This Ukrainian gentlemen lost the sighting of a lifetime just by keeping his eyes buried on his stupid texting device the whole time. When I returned home about 25 minutes later, I called the California Highway Patrol and tried to make a report. The pretty much shined me on and thought I was coo-coo for Coco Puffs.

The next day, I checked all the news reports on the Internet and local media the next day. For a UFO of that it actually made me feel great that I had just witnessed a very REAL UFO, but with more detail than I have ever heard anyone describe before. I was excited, but scared at the same time.

So, I have kept this a secret for the entire past year. About 3 months after this UFO Sighting encounter, I entered a key word search on the Internet for "green UFO San Francisco Bay April 11, 2015". I found a hit from another website that originates out of Florida. There was a report entered by another resident from Union City (near Hayward) who had seen a large green UFO on that same day, but early in the morning (05:20) as he drove to work. It was located above the SF Bay, EXACTLY WHERE I SAW IT late that same night! I am an artist and I immediately made a Photo shop drawing of exactly what I witnessed - including all the minute details. (Note: I am a 65 year-old retired homicide detective and graduate of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Academy). I am trained to soak in a lot of details and info in a short span of time. The photo composite I have created is an identical facsimile of exactly what I saw. I have been inspired to finally report this sighting after one full year because April 11th is TODAY, and tonight I plan on camping out along the shore of the San Francisco Bay, I will aim my video and digital cameras at the coordinates that match the location of last year’s UFO sighting. It’s a long shot chance that history might repeat exactly one year later! Source NUFORC 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Diamond Shape UFO Sighting Reported 4/18/16 Manhattan Beach CA

UFO Signs:

My friend likes to smoke cigarettes and I don't so I just stand with him outside when he does. Just an ordinary night and we like to look up in the sky especially after dark and talk about space/observe the visible planets/moons. Tonight less than an hour ago starting about 2:30 am we both witnessed a upside down diamond shaped UFO we both could not explain. We are both aircraft enthusiast and pondered for over an hour on what the UFO could be. I even had time to go inside and get my binoculars so we could get a better view. This thing was amazing, It appear in the west out over the ocean with 4 spotlights pointing down under the craft that had an aura like glow to them while it blinked a plasma or laser like green. We could immediately distinguish this UFO from the many airplanes that take off from the local airport and fly out over the ocean because this one blinked a bright green light almost like a laser, then a softer brighter white then normal planes, then a deep red laser type red. This thing just hovered for over 20 minutes in place! I ran inside, got my binoculars and we were just observing the UFO when it started hovering very slowly up and down the coast almost searching. At first we thought it could be a spy plane, or advanced drone or craft our military could be testing. We still have no evidence to prove it wasn't, It might be but at this moment I cannot make any assumptions. It seemed to fade out and what i mean by this is when we saw it first, it was small. About double the size of a 747 at 10,000 feet. It then traveled north up the coast and disappeared, reappearing about 10 minutes later from when it had initially started moving. This time it was the same distance out over the ocean from us but it had grown 3-4 times the size. It was as if the first one was a drone and this second UFO encounter was the drone command vessel or carrier type craft it was enormous! It then ascended and descended many times in a weird pattern before sinking to a hover right above the tree line. There was no sound for the first UFO encounter and no sound for the second UFO encounter until after it had went up and down and sank to a hover that's when a really weird jet type hum was heard at a super low frequency. Right when I heard it I asked my friend if he had heard it to, as it continued for about 15 seconds. He did and said he had never heard any type of aircraft make that sound before. It then slowly at almost a crawl speed hovered as it made its way down the coast, this is where the fading in and out came into play. This UFO thing went from enormous to the size of the first UFO encounter within seconds! a circle in the middle of the UFO immediately became black and everything outside of that circle just faded in transparency until it was no longer observable, it did this a couple of times then returned back to its original huge visible form. after traveling south down the coast it disappeared behind some trees but within 20 minutes it had returned slowly floating back up the coast again to its original spot where we first encountered it. It was amazing because in the amount of time it was there about 3-5 planes flew in the general vicinity of this UFO almost as if they were looking for it or didn't even see it and it just slowly sank to a hover barely above the tree line and went the opposite direction of the planes. The first two planes that we observed almost chasing it were the size and shape of a concord jet, these planes we very fast and flew north to south twice one by one. Eventually the UFO just disappeared, but that wasn't it. In the same place where the UFO appeared there was now a bright star shaped UFO that was glowing yellow and even through binoculars we could only see a yellow ball shaped UFO glowing a plasma yellow color. This UFO remained in the sky almost the same size for only a couple minutes then was gone. A little higher in the sky above these encounters, about a half hour later was a bright light blue/white UFO that looked almost like a star. When it appeared it was a very deep almost teal blue and eventually turned into a light blue then into a white/blue flicker. This disappeared around 3:15 in the morning. We observed these things for over an hour and went over every possible plane or craft that it could of been/every celestial object/or weird phenomena we have heard about our entire lives. I have never witnessed anything like this, i was not scared but excited. My friend was deeply scared but not admitting it besides the constant reference to the world being ended by lasers or bombs and how they could possibly go to war with us. In the end we both agreed it was nothing we had ever heard about besides in science fiction or the x files and the technology demonstrated was beyond anything either of us had seen any military use. We really are not alone and before tonight i only had this theory based on my vast knowledge and love for science/space time. I have physically seen and heard the evidence and will even testify in court as will my friend who witnessed it with me. You can lie detector me, you can claim my accounts were false, you can make me look crazy, or even go so far as to ruin my life. Just know that till the day that i die i am a man of my word and i have witnessed something i could only explain based on my knowledge of science fiction. We have very advanced technology in use around our planet and in this solar system, I don't know where they are from. I don't know who or what they are. I don't even know if its a military black ops project. All i know is i saw a craft i had never seen before, it displayed advanced hovering and speed maneuvers, It was pulsing and blinking lights i had never seen a aircraft use, It could fade transparency of huge parts of its ship making it go partly invisible or even entirely invisible, the planes flying around it seemed to not know of its existence flying directly in its path, and I'm pretty sure it exited the atmosphere in a yellow plasma glow when it left and then turned into the color or a degenerate dwarf star(blue) as it traveled wherever it was going before it faded from visibility. Whatever it was it was way more advanced than me or my friend had ever seen, we are aircraft enthusiast and this blew our minds. I apologize for not getting a picture but it was really dark and i can not afford a good enough night vision or inferred camera to capture the images. I would have loved to see if thermal energy could be picked up on this craft though! when I get a good enough camera I will post pictures but until then I can only upload pictures of crafts with the same shape. I am not considering the craft I post pictures of to be real or fake, I don't know and I didn't see them I am only posting the pictures for reference of the exact type shape of what I truly saw tonight. Again we will testify in court if we are asked to, as to what we have see tonight i can only describe to help understand what exactly was hovering up and down the southern California coast at approximately 3 am 04/18/2016. Until I have encountered something else or have documented photographs I will not be posting anything to leave space for other actual encounters, I hope everybody else takes the caution and respect I do to this site so we can better understand what is truly happening in our skies. DON'T BE AFRAID TO LOOK UP, educate yourself and stay up to date on current propulsion technology so you are credible. If you can afford or save up to buy a decent infrared or night vision camera do it, every night while we sleep things are happening above us and it might be a threat but how are we suppose to even find out what these things are so we can assess them if the true accounts are buried or discredited. If this was a government black ops project, please release this to the public! This technology will save millions possibly even billions of lives and place our species among the stars where we truly belong. You are only hurting yourself and holding your species down if you are hiding whatever it was we observed tonight. Divided we will fall, but together we will rise! MUFON CMS # 75908

Sunday, April 17, 2016

UFO Reported 3-29-16 Large Oval Shape Disk Snellville GA

UFO Signs:

I saw a UFO just south of the corner of Leach Rd and Bethany Church Road. At approximately 8:45 - 9:00 pm on 29 March 2016, I was driving south on Bethany Church Road and as I approached my turn onto Leach Road, I observed a large row of extremely bright rectangular windows hovering just a few hundred yards farther down Bethany Church road. The UFO seemed to be circular because the windows appeared to be wrapped horizontally around it.

The UFO was low enough to be partially hidden by the trees. It made no noise and was completely motionless.

I have a pilot’s license and I know the differences between types of aircraft. This UFO was definitely NOT an aircraft. It’s lights were too bright and it’s low altitude was way beneath FAA minimums. It did not move in the time that I observed it and I would have stopped to take a photograph, but I became frightened and did not want a close encounter. Next time, I’ll take the chance to get a photo. I lost sight of the UFO because of my driving away from the intersection.

This was my second UFO sighting. My first was in the company of my older brother where we both observed a pair of UFOs flying high on a clear, moonless night. They seemed to be following the magnetic lines of the earth as they traveled silently and with great speed. They were definitely saucer shaped and emitted a blue-green glow. This first encounter was in the first hours of July 5th. Not sure of the year but I would guess 1955. Location was Auburn, New York. MUFON CMS# 75898

Friday, April 15, 2016

FAA Data Supports UFO Sightings Encounter Video

FAA Data Supports UFO Encounter! – Open Minds UFO Report Posted by: Alejandro Rojas April 15, 2016 Welcome to the Open Minds UFO Report! latest UFO news on a weekly basis, with interviews from news makers and UFO researchers

Latest UFO Reported North Carolina 4-14-16

UFO Signs:

-Date: April 14, 2016
-Time: estimated around 2025-2030 at first contact
-Location: North Carolina I-40 East (estimated to be. between Exit 355 and 364)

•Saw two flying objects in sky
- [Object 1] appeared to be a helicopter because of the lack of illumination from lights
- [Object 2] was close behind it and had brighter lights and a noticeable blinking light like a normal plane.

•As I got closer I noticed UFO 1 didn't have a blinking light like most aircrafts do and had a red light on top where I thought was the tail of the helicopter.

•Object 2 was still identifiable as a fixed wing aircraft

•I got closer underneath the two UFOs and noticed UFO 2 silhouette matched what I first anticipated it would be, a fixed wing aircraft. It's lights were located at the nose and both wing tips and we're very bright. Presumed to be military as their aren't any commercial airports nearby for it to be so low to the ground.

UFO 2 was unidentifiable. It wasn't what I thought It was, that being a helicopter. It wasn't even identifiable as a privately owned aircraft like a propeller plane. The silhouette appeared to be triangular. From underneath, it had a bright light at its frontal point and two dimmer lights at the remaining rear points. All three lights much dimmer compared to UFO 2. The front light seemed to reflect the underside of the aircraft which emphasized its triangular shape. The red light was no longer visible, possibly being located on the top of the aircraft.

•The UFOs were about as close as a closed fist held at arms length.

UFO 1 appeared as large as my finger tip if my arm was extended before me. UFO 2 was of similar size which surprised me as it appeared small due to dimness of lights.

•Lost sight of the aircrafts as they passed to the left-rear side of my vehicle. Last seen moving in a Northeastern direction.

I was first intrigued by the event because I don't usually see aircraft in the night sky in this area. Especially so low to the ground where I could see silhouettes. And what also intrigues me was the proximity of them. At first glance one was definitely escorting the other but I realized one was following the other ( UFO 2 following UFO 1). After that realization and with everything detailed above in addition to the fact that Ft Bragg Army Base (which has an airfield) was relatively close, I figured that this was a UFO being tailed by a military aircraft or it could be just a new aircraft. Maybe I'm just crazy. Source MUFON CMS# 75834

Sunday, April 10, 2016

UFOs invade the skies over Bradenton Florida on 4/9/16

My wife and I were about to run to 7/11 when we noticed several UFOs that were all shaped exactly the same. The four UFOs were not in a group but spaced out across the sky of West Bradenton Florida. We originally thought the UFOs were stars but the UFOs began to move across the sky we then figured they had to be planes even though they looked nothing like any planes we ever saw.We just chalked it up to the sky playing tricks on our eyes. The UFOs that look like 4 separate strings of pulsating beads moved in slightly different direction but all four headed toward the same westerly general area,what appeared to be a planned direction or location two of the UFOs changed directions as we watched.The UFOs also seemed to gain altitude as they were moving , after about an hour 15 mins the UFOs stopped dead in the sky in four different locations. As I type this report they are currently hanging in the sky on the extreme West of Bradenton .The pulsating of the lights seems to have increased especially in two of the UFOs. The lights appear to be White, Red and Blue/Green but are pulsating in unison not separately. The scary and worrisome part of this whole thing is It feels to me as if they traveled and then stopped in what I only can describe as a pattern that makes me feel unsafe. Like they are stationed there to observe something or be ready to initiate some type maneuver. I just walked back outside and all UFOs are still there clear as day but two have moved very slightly from there original parked position of about an hour ago. To be honest my wife is freaked out. What comes to my mind is a few days ago NASA launched a rocket that basically flys right over Bradenton , it just seems like this situation is related in some way to the Rocket launch . It's 23:30 currently and no change still there. MUFON CMS #75736

UFO Boomerang & Triangle Reported 4/8/16 over Rockingham Au

UFO Signs:

I was driving to work at 4.30 am on the 4/8/16 when something caught my peripheral vision in the early morning night sky, then all of a sudden I noticed a very bright star slowing to a halt, this happened less then a minute from work. I parked my car and looked up at the star like UFO, the UFO starting moving so I reached for my phone and took a short video of it and just before it went out of sight I took a still photo of it because on the still photo I can enlarge it. To much of my surprise it wasn't a star anymore ,it had a defined shape. Because my focus was on the moving stare like UFO I neglected to notice at that moment that there was a larger UFO to the right as if it was a mother ship just standing stationary. I have since sent copies of the video and still photo to channel 9 Perth. I tried to upload the video and still to my home computer however it does not show the true quality of the images like my galaxy s5 phone does. My only regret is I wished I kept taking more photos because after the moving UFO went out of sight over a rooftop I noticed 3 white UFOs moving super fast straight up through the clouds then out of sight. I got the feeling the moving UFO I first noticed split up into three. MUFON CMS #75738

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Multiple UFOs reported 4/8/16 over Taunton Massachusetts

UFO Signs:

Around approximately 9:30 pm on Friday April 8th, 2016, I witnessed multiple unknown flying objects "UFOs" in the night sky over Massachusetts. My son yelled "Mom, come look". After watching for a moment, I then yelled to my mom to come look also. The three of us watched from my kitchen window. We also went outside and watched from our driveway. Ive never seen anything like this in my life. It began with a very bright orange (yellowish) light hovering above the tree line in the horizon. It appeared singular and then appeared as clusters of lights. We would watch as it moved in circular like motions. Almost appearing to change substance or dimension (very hard to explain). As it flew across the sky we saw other lights that flashed green red and blue in no particular order. At one point I could see a large triangular shape with many lights. My whole body was filled with nervous energy. The lights (UFOs) moved throughout the sky in a way I have never seen anything like this before. MUFON CMS# 75727

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

UFO Sighting and Swamp Gas 1966 investigation Michigan

In March of 1966, a wave of UFO sightings across southeast Michigan aroused media interest, bringing the perennial issue of the UFO back to popular attention. Controversy arose when the Air Force's scientific consultant concluded that at least some of the sightings were the result of "swamp gas," an explanation summarily rejected by witnesses and other state citizens.

The ensuing public outcry was instrumental in bringing about the Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, the only academic assessment of the topic completed to date, and the last attempt on the part of the US Air Force to settle the unrelenting mystery of the UFO.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Various UFOs observed close proximity 2/27/16 Faribault MN US

UFO Signs:

27th of February, 2016 beginning from 9:15 P.M. to approximately 12:00 A.M. the next day: Witnessed 12+ UFO's from a range of 200 - 3000 feet from my position. I was able to observe the underside of a thin boomerang shaped craft 200 to 300 feet from my position, with a wingspan of 50 to 80 feet. It's underside was comprised of many intricate plates with deep black borders, and smooth corners. The center and edges were comprised of simpler patterns. This UFO craft had no surface color but the 7 small, rectangular white lights aligned close to the anterior. It moved silently at about 10 mph in a straight path for 5 out of the 7 seconds I was able to observe it, before taking a sharp right turn in front of my garage of which I stood behind. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed, realizing that I should have chased after it instead of standing still trying to process the thoughts running through my head. I took steps back, frantically looking around to see if I saw it again. My aunt later pulled into the drive way, and I rushed towards her trying to explain what I saw, only to have her sarcastically say she believed me. I stayed outside while she went inside, and not even 5 minutes later I saw another UFO: 600 to 800 feet from my position, this UFO was a bright yellow mist in the shape of an arrowhead,with its anterior corners separated, moving silently at about 30 mph. It's wingspan was 100 to 150 feet across. The corners instantly merged into the center of the UFO craft as if they were non-solid after about 5 seconds of observing it, to then zoom into the distance at speeds of at least 200 mph(Faster than anything I have ever seen before). I was shocked, my heart racing. I thought I was hallucinating. 10 minutes after running around my house staring into the clear night sky, I decided to stand in front of my house for a wider, clearer view. Looking upwards down the street, I see a "Letter T" light formation descending from 600 to 800 feet high, estimated to be 400 feet high when it moved just above me down the street at 40 to 60 mph. As it descended I couldn't help but focus on the front lights, as it was made of 4 pure white ovals of 2 distinct sizes: Both on each end were around 80 feet long while the 2 middle ovals were around 50 feet long. The tail was comprised of pure, white circles with radii of about 70 feet. I say pure, because I observed identical lights create a wide-angled boomerang formation only 100 to 200 feet above my house while the entire formation rotated counter clockwise, yet I couldn't see any depth or physical structures surrounding these lights.(I'll come back to this sighting). As it passed above me, my eyes retracted to yet another UFO. Once again, only fainter: A yellow arrowhead of mist passing under the "Letter T" formation at 40 to 60 mph. Only this time its corners were not separated, and again: this craft did not seem to be solid as it looked like a triangular yellow cloud of dust moving into the distance above the rest of the neighborhood. I looked back that the "Letter T" formation as it descended near ground 700+ ft away past the tree line and above yet another neighborhood. Words came out of my mouth naturally, as I attempted to record these things with my phone. Not even 10 minutes later, yet another one of these "Letter T" formations appeared roughly at the same altitude I initially spotted the previous "letter T" formation. The circles comprising the tails were never in a symmetrical pattern, and I observed 5 to 6, and 3 of which I can remember accurately. This second formation I witnessed only had 4 circles forming the tail, but what I was more observant of was the formation of lights making the front part of these UFO's. They seemed faint from afar, but as the UFO descended, I could see the same exact shape and size as the previous "Letter T" formation. From all the "Letter T" formations I could observe, these 4 lights seemed to be elevated in comparison to the lights forming the tail. I assume that because the tail is comprised of individual UFO's, that some structure must extend above them coming from the front part of the craft. Assuming this is correct, the lights forming the tail must be emanating from crafts of a height that is relative to the difference in elevation of the lights forming the front and the lights forming the tail. This difference in elevation was about 40 to 60 feet. But what is strange is that I was never able to observe anything else but the lights coming from these light formations including the other 5+ boomerang/triangular formations of identical circular lights. (The first boomerang shaped light formation I mentioned was the only symmetrical light formation I witnessed during this 3 hour event). Keep in mind that I did attempt to record many of these UFO's with my cellphone in 4k, however after reviewing all the videos it seemed the camera was unable to capture the light from any these objects. After witnessing the third "letter T" formation, I witnessed a unique UFO in the distance at 1000 to 3000 feet from my position: Blue light in the shape of a triangle with extensions protruding from each corner continuing into the center. This UFO craft rotated counter-clockwise and moved at speeds of at least 100 mph at an altitude of 200 to 400 ft. The center had a pattern too blurry for me to clearly observe, as I was only able to observe this UFO for a little less than 7 seconds before it faded into the distance. Not long after that I witnessed one of the last "letter T" formations I remember. This one stood out to me as there were many lights aligned along the right side of the last 4 or 5 lights, and as usual it followed roughly the same straight path as the previous "letter T" formations. These "letter T" formations appeared between 5 - 15 minute intervals. Shortly after seeing these, things didn't get any less stranger. I began to witness fast moving A symmetrical formations of the same circular lights. They tilted like giant winged animals as they took wide turns over the neighborhood towards the direction of the second UFO sighting I mentioned(Southwest). This was the case with all of the remaining UFO's I witnessed. I cannot remember the exact order in which I saw these formations, however I can accurately remember the appearance of 3 out of the 5 or 6, all from a range of 100 to 800 feet when nearest to my position. In no particular order, here is how they appeared and behaved:
1. An approximately 140° wide boomerang formation of pure white, perfectly flat, circles, rotated counter-clockwise as a whole while moving at about 30 mph, 100 to 200 feet above me and my house as 3 of these circle aligned themselves (individually) at the left end to form a symmetrical pattern, to then tilt almost 90° and take a wide left turn over a small school near my home as I chased after it. It had gained significant speed after moving about 200 feet after forming into a symmetrical formation(100+ mph). I decided to use flash whilst recording some of these formations in hope that it would attract attention(may seem unbelievable), however nothing happened as a consequence of that action. This formation was made of 17 to 19 circular white lights.
2. Similar to formation #1, only it had another 2 circles to the left of the last 2 circles at the right end. This formation remained tilted the entire time it was observed 500 to 800 feet when nearest to my position and 300 to 600 feet high, moving at speeds of 100+ mph.
3. At first glance, it seemed like I was watching the big dipper moving at speeds of 200+ mph, however it was a symmetrrical, triangular formation making the front, while the back was made of 5 - 6 lights on the right end and 2 on the left end. The right end formed a trapezoidal formation. Also remained tilted the entire time observed roughly at the same distance as formation #2. All of these formations tilted just under 90° leftward.
These were the last of the UFO's witnessed at around 12 A.M the next day. The only people who I saw outside were the few drivers who may have seen me running up and down the streets looking up into the sky. To my disappointment, it seemed as though nobody else witnessed any UFO's that night as I decided to report this to MUFON CMS # 75595,only to have them dismiss my case and deemed to be "unbelievable". After much thought, I have come up with several explanations as to what I saw with these points in mind:
1. All UFO's Observed Were Near Ground Level, Under 800 Feet In Altitude When Initially Spotted, With Some As Low As 100 - 200 Feet As Observed.
2. All Were Silent, Even From Close Proximity.
3. Cloaking Technology Was Observed In First UFO Sighting, Signifying the Need For Stealth.
4. The Flat, White, Circles Never Had Differences In Elevation To One Another Even When In The Process Of Alignment.
5. No Solid Structures Were Observed Other Than The First UFO Sighting.
6. All Circular And Oval Lights Could Not Be Determined As Emanating From Structures Who Came In Physical Contact With One Another.
7. The Need To Separate And Realign May Signify The Need To Transfer Physical Material From One UFO Craft To Another.
8. As Some Of These UFOs Were Clearly Unresponsive To Light Signals From The Ground,That May Suggest That They Are Not Designed To Observe Terrestrial Objects.
9. The Boomerang Shaped Craft I Was Able To Observe Was No More Than 8 feet From Bottom To (Observable)Top, At Its Thickest Part(Center). This May Suggest That These UFO Crafts Are Merely For Stealthily Abducting Subjects And Transporting Them From One Place To Another, Unless The Space Inside Is Somehow Larger Than Outside Of The Craft Itself.
10. As All Of The Formations Of Circular Lights Tilted, The Lights Became Flat, And Almost Invisible As They Moved Into The Distance. Also, These Lights Were Fainter When Viewing Their Top Side Than When Viewing Their Bottom Side, May Be Because I Was Not Able To Observe Their Top Side For Long As They Moved Fast When Tilted.
11. If These Indiviual Crafts Forming These Light Formations Were Able To Tilt At 90°, Does That Not Effect An Anyway What Goes On Within These Individual UFO Crafts?
12. All Letter T Formations Remained Perfectly Flat As They Descended. I Was Never Able To Observe Any Directional Changes In Their Paths.

Vertical Cylindrical UFO descends near airport Phoenix Az

UFO Signs:

I was riding my mountain bike on Javelina Trail on South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ, on April 2, 2016. At approximately 7 pm, I noticed an UFO in the sky that was unusual enough to stop and take a picture and video. The UFO size caught my attention first. It appeared to be a solid, vertical cylinder, with an angled, extended tube or pipe attached to the cylinder's bottom. It was drifting east and descending slowly towards the ground. I observed the UFO for 1 minute and then I continued down the trail for approximately 1 minute to find a better view. I observed the UFO for another minute before losing sight of it below the horizon. It was twilight and visibility was too low to observe a landing site. At the approximate distance of 2 miles, I estimated its height to be between 30-50 feet. This flight path looked to be within 2 miles of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and I thought it was unusual for any hot-air balloon or leisure craft to be so close to a major airport. I can't think of an explanation for this UFO. It looked like a deflated hot-air balloon, but it was moving too slow to be a crash-landing balloon. There was no movement from the upper portion, like a deflated balloon might have. The body of the UFO looked solid and well formed with definite edges. And the angled appendage from the bottom was very unusual. I took a 15 second video during the first minute observation and a single picture. No media from the 2nd viewing location. I had no emotional response to the event, but wanted to capture some evidence to show others. MUFON CMS#75606

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Lost Betty Hill UFO Alien Sighting Interview - Part I

UFO Signs:

Legendary UFO Alien abductee Betty Hill is interviewed by New England folklorist John Horrigan in October of 1999. This interview, conducted at Betty's home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was thought to be lost to posterity until Horrigan discovered the tape in his attic in October of 2009. In this segment, Betty describes her alleged UFO Alien Sighting encounter with extraterrestrials (along with her husband Barney) on the evening of September 19th-20th, 1961. 

UFO Sighting Reported 3/30/16 New York City

UFO Signs:


While traveling west in Queens on the LIE into Manhattan, I noticed an object hanging still in the sky south towards Brooklyn. It was shaped like a corpuscle on its side and appeared whitish in color. It did not move. It hung there in the sky for about 2-3 minutes. It was not a plane or a helicopter. I was on a bus moving quickly and could not take a photo. NUFORC.ORG

Saturday, April 2, 2016

UFO Sightings Reported 3/30/16 Walope island Ontario CA

Red light emitting with slight glow hiding behind tree in neighbor's yard, then seen other low-flying lights fly off. Long Description of UFO Sighting Report:

The night was clear and cold with lots of stars out. It was about 11:20 p.m. and standing on the back porch, I seen a big red light hiding in the trees slightly moving but stationary.Then, we seen small white lights fly off together. I don't know if it was just the one red light that morphed into the little lights or what so I put "unknown" instead of "1" UFO viewed.

I was outside visiting the cats on the porch when, without looking up into the sky but glancing at the neighbor's house to the east, I seen a big red light, bigger than a basketball, looked like it was 3 and a half feet tall, in Neighbor back yard. It was right in with the tree height, not higher than the tree. This is Neighbor B's yard from a previous UFO sighting in December 2015. The light was round or oval-oval shaped and emitted a faint glow. I looked at it for a few seconds. It seemed to be hiding behind the tree but wanted to be seen as it was a big red light. I went in the house and told my sister really fast. When we went back outside quickly, the red light was gone. She came out and seen low flying small lights going east. I seen 2 low flying white lights going east that seemed to be flying in tandem. We both were looking in the western sky as they traveled away. We were standing outside, armed with not much, but armed, in case it wanted to land. I put myself in an enraged state to keep them away. I dislike them, don't want them pests to land here. Anyways, it flew off. MUFON CMS# 75560

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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