Monday, June 6, 2016

Bright Bell shaped UFO over the hill almost landing Washington State 5/22/82

It was Earlie 80s I was 10 years old me and my family were living on Boistfort Washington lost valley road we lived on a small farm half field half forest me and my twin brothers bedroom faced the west same as my parents my mom made curtains for our room I remember because they were pink see through curtains I could always see the full moon through them one night I had just for no reason woke up about 2 am looked through my curtain to see a full moon and something else illuminating in the sky curious I opened my curtain as god as my witness I will never forget what I saw as I stared in disbelief a disk shaped UFO coming over the hill toward my house as I stared it was dead silent the UFO came closer it got to the fence at the field about 50 feet off ground and the UFO just hovered. I was scared at that point being 10 years old what's weird is its like it knew what I was thinking because the same second I got scared I started for my moms room which was on the same side of the house what was strange the same time I started for my moms room I put my foot on my bedroom floor I looked out the window one last time at the same second my foot hit the floor it started taking off I ran to my moms room tried to wake her she was scrambling for her glasses while all this was happening I was looking out the window of my moms room to see the UFO take off so fast it melted from a bell shape to a cigar shape took off toward the south got up in the sky and stayed there like a regular star.I'm 45 years old I remember like it was yesterday I want to be hypnotized one day the weird thing about all of it was I know the UFO knew what I was thinking scary I'm a god fearing man as god as my witness I know what I saw up close it wasn't from our planet. MUFON CMS# 76839

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