Monday, February 29, 2016

Two Black UFO Triangles Reported 22416 Overland MO US

UFO Signs:

On 02-24-16 at 8:30 pm the witness saw 2 triangle shaped UFO craft hovering at approx. 30 degrees in the eastern sky. One of the UFO craft made a sharp turn and left briefly, only to return to the same area almost head on colliding with the remaining UFO craft before it stopped to hover beside it again. The craft appeared larger than a commercial airliner, were dark, and had rows of lights on the underside. There were 2 rows of red, a few white, but mostly green lights which numbered at about 20 on the underside of each UFO craft. There was no sound, no animal reaction, the sky was clear and there were no other aircraft in the area. The witness lost sight after 30 minutes because she grew tired of watching and went into the house. Witness called me 02-28-16 MUFON CMS #74869: Debbie Ziegelmeyer
MUFON Star Team

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pope Francis would Baptis Aliens

UFO Signs:

Pope Francis Would Baptise Aliens
Everyone has the right to be Baptis, including aliens from outer space, Pope Francis has declared. The pontiff told worshippers at his daily mass that Christians cannot "close the door" on anyone seeking to be admitted to the religion. That…ASTROWATCH.NET

Military Officer claims seeing Top Secret UFO Alien Files

UFO Signs:

Here's a new UFO News article about the 'Navy whistleblower', written by Alejandro Rojas from Open Minds. I supplied some new quotes says Nick Pope.

Alleged retired Navy petty officer claims to have seen Top Secret UFO files |
Alleged retired Navy petty officer claims to have seen Top Secret UFO files Posted by: Alejandro Rojas February 26, 2016  An anonymous witness claims to have seen thousands of files relating to “UFO/ET” projects while working at the Naval Telecommunication Center at NAS Moffett field in the late 80s,....

Friday, February 26, 2016

Starlike UFO Space Ejection over Bakersfield CA 22616

UFO Signs witness reports I exited the freeway. Headed west and stopped at a stoplight. I was signaling to turn left. In front of me in the night sky is a reddish-glowing, star-like object. I asked myself what it was. I pulled over to the side once I turned left. The object released a flash of light that looked like a strand. Then a pulsating object appeared below it and descended. It disappeared and the star-like object looked stationary but it quickly disappeared into space. In my mind that was a UFO. SO many questions are running on my mind as I type this. The government has to know something and why is it that they're not telling us. MUFON CMS # 74771 

Monday, February 15, 2016

UFO Sightings Report Video Phoenix Arizona

Date of UFO Sighting: January 17, 2013
Location of UFO Sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Eyewitness states: I was driving home last night, which is in an elevated part of the north valley.. I always can see the city lights, airplane traffic, Luke jets etc. I glance over and see 4 HUGE glowing orange goldish UFO lights hovering over the valley (if I had to guess the area would be I-10 and maybe right around 111th ave) I immediately pulled over and started taking pictures with my cell phone. I also took video as well. My dad and I are always talking about UFOs and such so I went ahead and called him to let him know what I was witnessing and then a second set of lights this one was 3 of the the same type of orange goldish lights. About 2 minutes after that one appeared the first set had 3 lights go out and the last fade out. since I was on the phone I was not able to get a picture of the two sets together. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen and if I had to guess I would say whatever each set of lights was attached to had to be at least the size of two city blocks. Upon reviewing on line it sounds like quite a few people have witnessed similar evens over the past few weeks. The UFO lights appeared very bright and seemed to pulsate and almost change color slightly they seemed to get bigger and smaller but always stayed right in line with each other so definitely appeared they were connected to something.. I have seen plenty of military flares in my life time and watched several shows after the 97 lights and how they tried to make the flares look just like the lights over Phoenix with no luck.. These were DEFINTELY not flares!!! 2 seperate sets of V like formation of orange lights Credits: MUFON

Saturday, February 13, 2016

UFO Sightings Reports 2/1/16 Apollo Beach Fl

My son and I observed a UFO Sighting tonight at about 9 pm. It looked to be over the Riverview area in Florida. We witnessed the UFO craft which started out as a yellow craft in color change to red and orange glowing. Its path was random making gentle turns but finally stopping and hovering for a few seconds then getting faint over a time of about 5 seconds and vanishing. It was not a plane, helicopter, drone, RC anything, lantern or anything either of us have ever seen. the entire sighting lasted about 2 minutes with the UFO making random circles and lines. It never traveled in a particular or predictable pattern from our vantage point. there were aircraft in the area flying at different altitudes but nothing flying right at it or close to general commercial airplanes just going about their normal flight paths. This was a UFO. It was not a normal aircraft or balloon or anything. It was floating with the wind.This was without any question a UFO. MUFON CMS# 74452
The Photo above depicts the Orb UFO most commonly sighted & reported..

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

UFO Sightings Worldwide Phenomena reaches Mainstream News

The truth of the UFO Extraterrestrial phenomenon is taking over the Mainstream News Media reaching media outlets world wide. The CIA recently released their UFO 'x-files' in which they clearly show images of Extraterrestrial UFO craft. Click the video below where James Gilliland is interviewed on Australia TV News speaking on the UFO phenomena. Bring up this topic so we can all expand our consciousness. The more people we have thinking about this the more we are moving towards complete UFO Disclosure ending years of Government Truth Embargo.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

UFO Sighting Conflict over Lower Lake California 1/10/15

UFO Sighting witness states I had been experiencing very strange things ever since a very bad forest fire in lake county northern California in September 2015 but the months of Oct and Sept were was there most UFO activity. I have a lot of different photos video and audio but the most amazing thing I experienced and with great photos to with it is this so I remember walking out side I had been watching the skies constantly since I had my first UFO Sighting experience in September 2015 a few weeks before I watched a orange ball fly around in ways that had me like a exited kid for weeks anyway when I was in my back yard on Oct 1st and looked up in time to see a very strange UFO object appear out of nowhere and it began to do things I have a hard time explaining but of what I can say is it began to light up pulse change colors and kinda crackle with energy then I noted a second UFO object that kinda looked like some creature or entity begin to attack the light UFO object even looked like a few smaller creatures were attacking too then the light UFO object turned bright white and it looked like it made the entity light up white then it looked like holes opened up in the air then it was gone all of it and the very weird part is I don't remember anything afterwards I even forgot about it completely until the next day or so until I found the photos on my phone then the memory's came back to me for the most part but its still feels really weird in my head I'm very glad I have the photos I study them allot and it helps but the whole thing is strange any way I want to share this with who ever wants share their thought s with me and like I said I have other things on photo, audio and video and its a few different things like paranormal things I am ready to share with the world.....btw I am feeling allot more humbled and consciously aware of the universe since I've been experiencing these things and it's made my life better so I'd love to share these things I was scared at first but I feel ready now. MUFON CMS # 74330

UFO Alleged Metal Fragments Found with Metal Detector

I am currently 56 years old. I have enjoyed many leisurely hours with my metal detector over the years, finding everything from old bullets and/or their casings, coins, and old rusted metal tools.

Two years ago my, then 7 year old, grandson who enjoyed doing this with me, asked to go to an area close to a place where we had found a very large quantity of spent bullets. (This area was a scene of many civil war engagements).

We had not been in this new area very long when my metal detector started sounding. After digging about 16 to 18 inches, we found the source. It is a silver colored metal that is about 3 inches at its widest point, and about 4 1/2 inches in length. It only weighs 109.96 grams, but looks like it should weigh much more.

In addition to being light in weight, it appears that it had been molten when it came into contact with the soil. The bottom clearly shows it hit the soil while molten because of the rough pits, obviously caused by the damp soil giving off steam from the heat. The top looks like a smooth molten blob of metal. (See picture).

It is important to note that soil in this area is very hard, red clay. As such, everything we have ever found had been stained a reddish color by the clay.

My first thought was that it was possibly aluminum, however; I have found aluminum cans at MUCH more shallow depths, that were not only stained red by the clay, but displayed extensive degradation through the oxidation process of being buried in this highly acidic red clay.

The fragment we found, as I mentioned earlier, was buried quite deep by comparison, yet showed absolutely no sign of red staining nor degradation whatsoever. It was just a curiosity to me at the time, and we kept scouring the area.

We wound up finding a very large quantity of different types of metal than the first piece mentioned above, but they too showed no sign of staining or degradation.

I make jewelry, so different metals interest me. About a year after obtaining it, I ran across it. Using my jewelers fine toothed electric band-saw, I cut a piece about 1 inch long off of it.

I also started handling it more many times. Not long afterward, I started having numerous dental & respiratory problems. I lost a few teeth, and will have to get more removed. There was a period of time while I was handling it quite a bit, that my fingertips became and stayed numb and/or tingling.

It has other strange properties, specifically when it involves magnetism, and in a very short time I associated my symptoms with the metallic pieces.

About one month after the last time I handled the metal, the numbness in my fingertips went away.

Sometime after that, I started watching various television programs with my grandson in which your organization was mentioned.

I would welcome providing samples of the various fragments we found, especially the piece that hit the earth while molten.

I would like to have a metallurgist inspect and try to identify what this metal is.

While taking pictures of this specimen, each attempt to take a picture of the end of the larger piece, ended up out of focus. MUFON CMS # 74334


UFO Contact of the flaming kind

"Filled with a mixed feeling of bewilderment and awe, my father slowly began to walk toward the UFO craft. For approximately the next two minutes, his arms outstretched in virtual supplication, he stood there silently, no more than 20 meters away from the fiery UFO object hovering approximately 100 feet over the barn as it lit the night sky with its intensely bright crackling flames."…/close-encounters-of-the-flaming-kind-8…  credit Japhy Ryder

UFO News Italy Crop Circle Decoded Anunnaki Message

UFO News Italy Crop Circle decoded - Messages from EA-Enki of the Anunnaki!

In 2010 at Poirino, Italy the precise number of “stars” in a crop circle formation picture specified the famous equation Albert Einstein E = mc2 in decimal ASCII code in a Crop Circle.

A similar crop circle picture which appeared near Poirino, Italy on June 20, 2011 shows at its center a large seven-pointed star, Even more interestingly, a series of seven rays along the outside of that new crop picture at Poirino are written in eight-bit ASCII code, and seem to identify the crop artist as “Ea” or “Enki”, who was a extra-terrestrial god in ancient Sumeria. According to ancient legends, he and NINGARHSAG created modern humans by hybridizing sperm from the male gods with eggs taken from local aboriginals, already living on Earth tens of thousands of years ago.

Please take notice that both Crop Circles, A 27 Hz frequency creating the Enki-Ea Seven-Ponted Star, and the D 36 Hz frequency creating the Six-Pointed “E=MC2” fall within these most harmonic numbers frequecies! And they both are related to a 432 HZ Pythagorean tuning or Diaspan!

“When Scientists learn that the seven-pointed star has a forward progression and recreates itself infinitely as a whole unit, there will be huge leaps in the progress of man.” – Bear Bearcloud

With the Enki Crop Circle we now know Enki of the Anunnaki has been presenting us and guiding us with the importance of 432 HZ and it’s 4 octave below 432 Hz (27 Hz) (Diapason A 432 Hz) in the form of the seven-pointed star which is encoded into the Enki Crop Circle, they even created the Babylonian World Map from it! credit Michael Lee Hall

Crop Circle decoded - Messages from EA-Enki of the Anunnaki!

UFO Sighting Captured on Video Moscow Feb. 2016

Over the years since the fall of the Soviet Union their has been a rise in UFO Sightings being captured on video and shared with the world. Here we have an alleged UFO Sighting video of three lights maneuvering in unison over the night skies of a populated area of Moscow.


Friday, February 5, 2016

UFO Moves over Las Vegas Hills Daytime video

UFO Signs:

Date of UFO Sighting: January 9, 2016
Location of UFO Sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Source: MUFON #74266

This UFO flew over Las Vegas this week and seems to have been ignored by most of the city. Its moving slowly and as a lower front section which could be a military blimp that got lose again, but it is riding the ridges of the mountains, staying a distance from the town on purpose. Hard call to make, but it does appear 100% authentic. We do however need more eyewitnesses to come forward on this one, to confirm or disprove it being an alien craft. Scott C. Waring

UFO Sighting Eyewitness states:
While at a sales conference at the Red Rocks Resort I had just gotten ready for my walk to the conference center somewhere between 7:15-7:40am. Remembering I told my family I would take a photo from my hotel of the beautiful landscape and the Vegas city skyline. I opened my curtain on this sunny morning. I got my phone ready and began to scan the view for the best picture. After a quick glance I noticed a hot air balloon to the right it was a typical looking hot air balloon. I looked to the left side of my window and noticed a dark shape that seemed contrast in color and shape against the mountain chain. I looked a few moments longer and thought wow that large shape is actually moving. I starred for a few moments and came to the firm conclusion that the object was indeed moving slowly left to right from my viewpoint. After a few minutes of personal viewing I thought I might take a video cause no one will believe me. So I began to take video and a short time into it the video stopped and a message of lack of storage came up. I thought to myself I should have bought the 32GB phone. Any way, I took a few moments to clear up some storage glancing up to make sure the craft was still there, and it was still moving almost hovering as it had been doing. I cleared the necessary memory and began to take a picture and video again. I wondered what it could be moving so slow it didn't look like any blimps I have seen at sporting events. It was moving too slow for conventional aircraft, it seemed large for a drone. At one point I quickly pan to the right to see the hot air balloon I had seen earlier to give some perspective. In addition, you can see cars driving underneath. while the first video is a bit shaky I made sure to lean on the window support to try to steady the video. After about four minutes I stopped recording because I had get my rear downstairs to work my booth at our convention. Honestly I do not know what it is which is why I have submitted it to you. I would be interested to hear what the locals or experts have to say about its identity. Summary, seemingly large UFO craft dark in color, moving left to right somewhat steady buy very slow almost hovering. Traveling toward Las Vegas.

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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