Saturday, December 30, 2017

Observed over 100 UFO lights maneuvering in a V-formation 12-29-17 Olympia WA

UFO Sightings occurred on Dec.29,2017 over Olympia Washington. My son and I drove my car to the dumpster at my office to unload construction debris. I was watching the moon as the clouds passed over because it had a rainbow halo around it from the rain clouds passing over it, while my son was unlocking the dumpster. At first I thought I was seeing stars peaking through as the clouds would push by and there was a break in them. I quickly realized the lights were in motion, and they had two distinct patterns V or W depending on how large that UFO Sighting cluster was, and we're moving fast from the north end over my building to the south towards our downtown area. This UFO cluster covered the area of my building parking lot the main 5 lane street and over the buildings across the street. The first wave of UFOs was so fast there were so many and they just kept coming from every angle I looked. I told my son to look up there were UFO's so he could see them passing over also. I started yelling for him to hurry up and call his dad to come outside my office and watch the sky. My husband walked half the length of the building after we called him and they were still coming in clusters but a little more spread out then the first group I initially observed. They're were no colored lights or blinking lights of any kind that I observed just straight golden white UFO lights like a bright star glowing. It was quite incredible to witness for all of us myself my husband and my son. mufon cms# 89188

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Black Triangle UFO Photo 12/26/17 LA California

A single large red UFO light flew upward amidst the normal LAX traffic towards the moon. Once it got into position it stopped and just sat there in one position for a good 10 minutes. During this time it was mostly this really deep bright red but would turn green for a few seconds every now and then and sometimes the UFO would just turn completely off disappear. Then in the course of about 3 seconds UFO went from the full stopped position to a position countless miles away then stopped on a dime. Mind you it did not just go out and appear miles away nor did it accelerate and decelerate you just see this red dot just kind of casually travel this large distance with ease then come to a complete stop. UFO then traveled all the way across the horizon in the other direction descending and moving horizontally in funky patterns. It is kind of hard to describe this last part. mufon cms# 89129 December 23rd, 2017 Los Angeles 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

UFO above SFbay amongst SFO flight paths CA

I was working security in San Rafael with Clear View of the sky above the bay. Turn 3 hour. I witnessed approximately 100 planes landing and taking off from SFO area except for 1 UFO. At first it looked just like a star but as a plane approached it it lazily drifted more to the West from my perspective out of the Plains way or something. And then stays put flashing brilliantly then going dull for short. Then with a bright flash comes back into view. I walked away for about 5 minutes while working came back to look at it and it was moving very obviously to the South west. As I'm speaking it is drifting back to the east. It only seems to move larger distances when other Planes are in vicinity. Seems very Observatory. I'm currently watching it still nothing else about it to report. mufon cms#89118

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New technologies today Plasma Energy thrown into the atmosphere

New technologies are used today it is about plasma which is thrown into the atmosphere...!!!
The question is how harmful can it be for Our health? credit Arturo Robles

Latest UFO News From George Knapp 2017

"Mr. President Trump had nothing to do with the release of UFO information. President had no idea the UFO program/study even existed until he saw it on Fox News, four days after the NY Times story aired. Sec. of Defense James Mattis likewise did not know about the UFO study until the night before the NY Times story was broken. Mattis was pulled out of a holiday party and was informed about the reason for Luis Elizondo's resignation, hours before the Times story broke." Latest UFO News from George Knapp source Frank Stalter/Grant Cameron.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Black Disc UFO Sighting near Capital Forest Olympia WA 12/21/17

I was driving around Rock Candy Road looking to see if there were any good places for star watching. I wanted to find a good spot in my area for viewing the space station away from lights. I wake up early every day for work and just couldn't fall asleep after I woke up so decided to go for a ride since the sky is clear today. I did not know if there was a gate to get into Capital Forest so I drove to check it out. Just past the parking lot for the trail head there was a bright flash everything illuminated like lightening but there were no clouds and no storms anywhere close. I stopped my car and got out to look at the sky and grabbed my i Phone. I saw a black round maybe disc shaped UFO maybe 100 feet from me about 40 feet above the trees. The UFO made no sound. My i Phone was completely black then after a few seconds I saw the apple logo and realized it was rebooting. I never shut it down it did this on its own. The UFO was only visible by the fact that it block out the sky and made no sound at all. It moved to the WSW and behind some hills and I couldn't see it anymore. I got very emotional afterwards and started crying. I am very skeptical of these sorts of things and have no idea what the UFO Sighting was. source

UFO Light scanning cruise ship in international waters 12/21/17

I was in my stateroom on a cruise ship in international waters heading home to port Everglades in Florida (I live in Georgia so I put the location in Georgia), when at about 4:30 am I woke up and went to the bathroom to get some water. When I came back I watched TV for a while (maybe 10 minutes ) and noticed a bright light shining through the glass door and curtains to the balcony. I assumed it was a light house or some other light because it was moving back and forth. When it went on for about 30 seconds I went out to the balcony and attempted to investigate when I opened the balcony door I noticed that there was a solid circular UFO with a bright light scanning the ship hovering about 5 feet off the water about 10 feet in diameter and around 50 feet from the ship. During this UFO scan it hit me and dropped in the water sank and turned off all lights. I went inside scared and lied in the bad for a bit and headed back out to see if it had came back but I saw nothing and we were close to land and starting to dock. As I was sitting out there my younger sister walked onto the balcony asking if I was OK and where I had gone. source

Sunday, December 24, 2017

UFO Disclosure 2018

A thought-provoking contribution on "2018 -The Year of Disclosure" , by Whitley Strieber :

The UFO Coverup Ends: What does this Mean for the Close Encounter Witness?
The end of the UFO coverup is the beginning of the next phase of the phenomenon. Initially, there will be resistance to even mentioning the close encounter phenomenon, but gradually this will mo

Saturday, December 23, 2017


For the past 12 days, NUFORC has received reports of an event that occurred across the U. S. on Saturday night, December 09th, 2017. Our initial reaction to the reports was that they addressed a very unusual event, possibly UFO-related, although the U. S. Air Force has asserted that the UFO sightings were of a flight of military aircraft involved in a large-scale nighttime training operation. In the interest of sharing accurate, and complete, information with visitors to our website, here is the recent USAF statement.

However, given what we continue to believe are facts that on the face of them appear to contravene the Air Force explanation we intend to continue both collecting reports and investigating some of the peculiar aspects of the large-scale UFO event. There are many elements of the apparent military exercise that simply do not seem to correlate with what many eyewitnesses have reported to our Center.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Triangle UFO Sighting 12/13/17 Murfreesboro TN.

Saw six varying colored UFOs take off at different times. Was weird. Dogs were barking step dad called me outside to check with him. He is an army vet of many years and knows the difference between stars, airplane lights and helicopter lights etc. These were not any of the things listed. We counted six UFOs at first (either red-white or green-white but never red-green) shaking/hovering erratically. After abut ten or so minutes one moved to the left of the UFOs and seemed to get closer but also fly away it got clearer but it was flying off. It looked like airplane lights blinking on the video I took but as I said it clearly was not. There was a distinct triangle-shaped look of the UFO flying off in real life. This happened again about ten minutes after the first UFO flying off. Then two other UFOs ten minutes apart, flew off in the other direction. THE WAY THEY WERE HOVERING WAS NOT POSSIBLE BY AN AIRCRAFT WE KNOW OF. It was shaky but stable. Moving back and forth but then being totally stationary. Totally unwavering. Literally not a single motion. Two UFOs remained. We busted out the binoculars to look at them. They both had an odd 3 D look to them if that makes sense but I will also add it might have been light refraction because they also appeared a white color from a distance. This was also the night of a meteor shower. I know this. However these were not meteor like in nature at all. It was very cold out and we were losing interest. We went inside. This is the second time my family has seen this (albeit the first was my dad in the 70s). Once a generation, I guess. source

Triangle UFO Sighting report 12/13/17 over Ellsworth ME.

Last night, on the night of December 13, 2017 at about 10:50 pm I saw an "UFO" unidentified flying object. I was sitting on my couch when I happen to glance out my window. I saw a triangular UFO craft just above the trees closest to my apartment. It had 3 red lights and a blue light in the middle. It also made a loud noise which I heard for a few minutes after I could not see it anymore. The UFO must have flew above my apartment but it was so close I thought it would hit our building. I was honestly pretty freaked and did not want to be a lone so I crawled into bed where my sleeping husband was. I was too scared to go to sleep so I check Face book. The first post I saw was a friend posting about a meteor shower in my area. I think well maybe it was a meteor I saw. Then I get up to my bedroom window and look for meteors and I do see about 5 falling meteors. That’s when I see the second UFO Sighting or maybe the same one. This time I could not see a shape I saw a red light and a blue light almost on top of each other, and I did not hear a noise. It looked smaller and was flying a distance a way. It looked like It was flying through the middle of the tree line. It stayed in a straight line for a few minutes then disappeared. It was now about 11:00 pm, so the whole experience lasted around 10 minutes. The last thing I would like to mention is when my husband and I woke up this morning December 14, 2017 I mentioned to him what I saw. He told me he remembers hearing a loud noise and figured it was a plane and went back to sleep. source

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saucer Shaped UFO came in slowly than hovered with lights 12/08/17 Ridgecrest CA

I was out side with a friend when it came in slowly with bright lights almost like landing lights on a helicopter but with no strobes it was a saucer shape UFO about 200 feet above the ground. After it came in it started to hover. after it hovered for about a minute or so it appeared to drop several smaller UFOs and than from the ground a bright orb shot up towards the saucer than disappeared. right after that the lights on the saucer went out and the saucer shot out really fast. mufon cms# 88634

Friday, December 8, 2017

Triangle UFO Sighting that gleamed red above tree line 12/07/17 Houston Texas

Triangle UFO Sighting with slightly curved edges. The entire UFO glowed red. There was a yellow circle of lights underneath. The UFO hovered in the air above the tree line but below the clouds. Unknown how large or distance from me. Weather was cloudy, cold and with occasional rain. Observed from inside the house at night with tree branches partially blocking the view. Observed for about three seconds, then went outside to film but UFO was gone. mufon cms# 88604

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cigar Shaped UFO observed over Pacific Ocean in San Diego CA.

On October 26, 2017 I witnessed a Cigar Shaped UFO from my balcony in San Diego. I was on my balcony watching the sunset around 6:00 pm. I noticed a very bright UFO off in the Pacific rotating clockwise. When I fixed my sight on the UFO it stopped in a vertical position. After a few seconds this UFO slowly rotated to a 2 o'clock position and started to descend towards the horizon. While descending it flattened out to a horizontal position parallel to the horizon. Then it started to move south staying in that horizontal position. Before this UFO disappeared behind some trees a plane flew directly in front of it (taking off from Lindbergh Field). This gave a good perspective of how large it was and how far it was off the coast. Although it was at least 10-20 miles off the coast it was the same size as the airliner that was 10-20 miles in front of it. I have two videos of the UFO Sighting and multiple still shots taking from my I phone. mufon cms# 88599

Monday, December 4, 2017

UFO was moving NW above phone power lines 12/1/17 Ontario

UFO Sighting occurred over Carleton Place Ontario on December 1st, 2017 at 19:00 I had just finished work and was heading home and that's when I noticed a white UFO moving above the power lines. I had stopped my car to make sure that it was not light deflecting since the sky was overcast. That's when I saw the UFO move North West and moving around between the lines. The UFO was about maybe 10 to 15 feet in diameter. It's hard to explain because the best way I can describe the UFO it was shaped like a fried egg with the UFO misty white and the middle a brighter white. It also moved like a flying "magic" carpet. I followed it for about half a kilometer and then it headed upwards and I lost track of it. I was intrigued by what I was seeing and I guess in awe since I've never seen something like this and as low. I had seen UFOs before but only moving lights in the distance. mufon cms# 88551

Saturday, December 2, 2017

UFO Sighting reported 11/11/17 whitish upright cylindrical pulsing light Fort Collins CO

Was sitting in personal automobile in parking lot outside of workplace awaiting time for start of shift, in 2nd row of spaces away from the building facing westward. At moment very light breeze from north-to-south sun was approximately 65 degrees above horizon in south south-west with no clouds in general region at the time but with noticeable atmospheric haze present. While waiting in the parking lot casually glanced around to observe general surroundings and noticed a quite large formation of Canadian Geese approaching area from the northwest heading to southeast at approximately 1,500 ft. altitude. Noticed that the presence of the geese themselves made the atmospheric haze more noticeable and they appeared to be skimming just beneath the haze level. While watching the passage of the geese attention was drawn to one of the birds among the grouping's longest trailing lines in the formation attempt to break formation and pass the bird positioned just ahead of it in attempt to start its own "formation" feature to the grouping. Maneuver caused minor disruption in the formation for short period, and while watching them jostle for resumption of former positioning, I noticed something light-colored pass directly "above" the involved geese, as seen from my angle of observation. UFO appeared to be traveling at approximately 5,000 ft. altitude, on an east-to west trajectory, traveling at approximately 200 mph, displaying a continuous rate of travel with no apparent adjustments to altitude, speed, or trajectory. UFO Sighting did not make any detectable noise noticeable over the ambient background noise associated with the general area. UFO Sighting was observed to be traversing over the area well within the layer of atmospheric haze as its passage created a noticeable "wake-wash" turbulence effect behind it in the haze it passed through. The flock of geese did not appear to show any reaction to the UFO proximity/passage. When initially spotted the UFO range was approximately 1-1.5 miles distant,positioned slightly to the west, northwest of my position, heading westward, and lost sight of the object when at approximately 2-2.5 miles distance, at approximate 40-45 degrees above horizon. UFO was whitish in coloration, and upon initial notice was mentally dismissed as potential gull/pelican/stork-type avian at little higher altitude than the geese formation being watched. When the UFO Sighting was brought under more focused attention & observation it had the appearance of an upright-standing (longer length axis perpendicular to horizon) cylindrical shape with rounded ends with the bottom rounding less defined and "shallower", than the top. At the range and altitude perceived UFO appeared to be approximately 20-30 ft. in vertical height, with approximately 10-15 ft. horizontal width. UFO Sighting appeared to be either naturally colored a somewhat dull white or was dimly illuminated that shade. With the sun-glare in the sky, and the atmospheric haze present UFO coloration made it somewhat difficult to detect and if I had not been observing the geese formation at the time that it passed over would likely not have noticed it in the area at all. Every approximately 1.25 seconds, the UFO would "flash" to display more intense level of coloration/illumination by approximately 3x, which would last for approximately .5 second, before flashing back to the original dimmer level. Flashing sequence was displayed throughout entire UFO sighting and was maintained at a steady, rhythmic rate. Sighting of UFO was lost at the end of the observation period when it was "suddenly" no longer detectable to eyesight with the trailing haze layer disturbance/turbulence ceasing without any detectable sudden increase/agitation to the haze disturbance. mufon cms# 88504

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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