Monday, October 31, 2016

UFO Alien ET Disclosure the Elite’s vs. the People’s 2016

There are two types of disclosure of the reality and importance of flying saucers "UFOs", one engineered by the ruling classes and the other created by the peace loving people of our planet.

I strongly suspect that all terrestrial elites are fundamentally opposed to an ET presence.
If humanity realized that advanced intelligences were assisting our planet to evolve into a civilization of world peace based on social justice, most conventional politicians would be out of job. This is because they maintain their power through fear and divisiveness.

The military have been shown to be impotent by the "UFO" saucers that fly circles around their high performance aircraft that attempt to shoot them down. A world at peace in open contact with friendly ETs "Aliens" would not need much of a military.

Many religious fundamentalists ascribe to the bizarre notion that ET "Alien" is demonic and must be opposed. Thus disclosure-promoting conflict would fuel the fire of religious intolerance.

And let's not leave out the most important group, the oligarchies that control most politicians. Their wealth based on burning fossil fuels and endless military expenditures would disappear on a peaceful planet that might be granted the energy secrets of the so-called "ETs" "Aliens" propulsion systems.

A Marxist view of religion that was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries labeled religion as the “opiate of the working class.” But Frederick Engels, Karl Marx’s benefactor, added religion was also the “wish dream” of oppressed people.

By analogy it is possible that those hoping for “official disclosure” are expressing the wish dream of millions of Earth’s citizens that are rightly fed up with the de facto policy of ridicule and denial engineered by governments, academia and the corporate dominated mass media.

I encourage UFO truth activists to consider how “official disclosure” will likely be used under current world conditions as a way to spur a massive arms race here on Earth and in outer space. If millions of people are poisoned by racism and xenophobia now, and their passions are manipulated by cynical leaders, what might happen if the reality of flying saucers "UFOs" were not slowly introduced over decades if not generations. Those that want a people’s disclosure are already part of what I like to call “The Contact Underground” that for decades have been communicating with This Otherness That We Now Call ET.

I suspect that someday UFO truth seekers and contact activist will be leaders in massive social movement for peace here on Earth and in the Cosmos. That is the kind of disclosure that I seek. I encourage others to work for what I imagine is a great and noble cause to create a people’s disclosure movement of the reality of flying saucers "UFOs". UFO Alien ET Disclosure, the Elite’s vs. the People’s.
J.Burkes MD

Sunday, October 30, 2016

UFO Sighting metallic sphere moving in rectangular fashion with white trail Ontario Canada 6/7/16

Walking towards lake on my property, at noon on first hot day of June 2016 near Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. No clouds, bright sun. I saw a seagull fly by, a somewhat rare occurrence, then something high in the air caught my eye and I thought it was another seagull gliding on the updrafts. As I continued to watch what I thought was a seagull, I couldn't make out any wings and it now seemed too high for a bird. It's height was roughly the same as the height of a cruising private plane like a Piper Cub. At first the UFO was still or almost still but when it started to move I could see that the UFO appeared to be a metal sphere, glinting in the sun, it moved, not hurriedly, in a fairly tight rectangular path that it retraced several times leaving a white trail (or my eyes saw it that way) the same thickness as the Sphere's diameter behind it which seemed to dissipate quickly. On the last rectangular retracing of its path, the sphere, instead of making its usual 90 degree turn, kept moving, always at the same speed, not fast, kinda like just trundling along and eventually disappeared from my sight behind trees. This UFO Sighting did not last long, probably 1 to 3 minutes, it took me a few minutes to distill what I saw, but I concluded that what I saw was not of this earth and could not have been a bird or human machine. It didn't distress me. mufon cms# 80098

UFO Sighting like a star shiny fly like movement over Anaza ES 10/30/16

I was with my friend watching the skies and talking about our stuff when we realize that it was a star in the sky doing really weird movements. Our description about the movements was like a bug jumping or a mosquito flying. We stared at the UFO because it was like a star but it was shiniest than the other ones and the light of the UFO had reflections. I thought that it was a star of course because it was close to a constellation. We stared at it and them, it started to moving, we thought that it was an illusion but we were seeing the same movements during 2 hours. In that Sky Area is a usual plane area but the movement of the UFO was totally different and irregular. Like a non- physical moving.

The UFO looked as a star but it had like a tiny blue lights in every side. The UFO had a boomerang form. Our reaction were shocking at the beginning but them we started to try to understand what the UFO was and try to understand the moving. The light didn't move from that area when we left the place.

I tried to make a video recording but I didn't have my camera with me. I work in the VFX industry and I use to see UFOs videos and I know this wasn't a bug or an illusion and that's the reason why I didn't made a video, because I preferred to write something here than try to upload a shitty video without real information. mufon cms# 80103

Saturday, October 29, 2016

UFO search light came down beach slowly then moved out over ocean Daytona Florida 6/25/78

Yes,, Simple. In pool along side the ocean in Daytona Beach. Friend beside me asked "what is that? Helicopter? I said something like yea, They search for people laying on beach. Probably not legal. Spotlight was ( although we were 150 feet from Ocean across sand) we were 300-400 from the UFO at first. It had a beam like one of those big beams that shine in the sky for advertisement. But it just shined down at the beach. This was in about 1978 and It's hard to remember a lot of detail as far as speed and shapes. But I think the craft was moving up the beach toward us at about ten miles an hour. This lasted 1/2 to 3/4 minute then,,, A flash very similar to a fireworks display but short. The flames that shoot out from the center and each one of the 30-40 flames shoot out from the center to make a giant circle. But, in this case, the flames went out a short distance. Like now if I had to compare the size of the craft as 50 foot across the flames were now making it 100 foot. No,,, Smaller, sorry. The craft is now nearly straight out and about 180-200 foot from us but the little explosion like flames were just barely bigger than the craft. Like a ball tennis ball 5 feet in front of you and flames all of a sudden jump out from it in all directions about 2 inches from all sides. just like a fire work except instead of 200 foot, it was 6-8 foot from craft in all directions. AT any rate, as soon nearly as the fire came out around the craft, i think the beam stopped but the craft was out over the Atlantic by 80 or 100 miles within 5 seconds with no noise that I can remember. I have thought about the noise factor many times but just cant remember. I know it wasn't loud.I remember asking my father about it because through he years I couldn't come up with anything and he seemed to be knowledgeable about everything. Opinionated at least. His idea was that a helicopter with jet engines. And I didn't bother to tell him about the fact that there was no noise/. Jet engines were very loud and this definitely was no helicopter with jet engines. But the object sat still out over the ocean what appeared to me to us to be about 30- 5- miles,, 60 ? So hard to tell. But way, way out in 3-4 seconds. Hmm See why I don't talk about this now.? Huh ! Any way, the UFO sat for 15 or 20 seconds Just sat still. Then, The little firework like explosion or charge of electric went off again and it went what appeared to be north and it was gone. The second time it took off was the same. The little firework thing and then gone ! Fast ! I was with another woman before I met my wife so as I mention this story, I reference to 'a friend ' that was with me. [name removed/CMS/jpg] was next to me just talking as we both witnessed this. I asked what to do . thinking no one would believe us anyway and Susy said" no one would believe us anyway" I distinctly remember this because of the coincidence of what I was thinking and what she was saying. She described the same thing that I saw and we were sure we saw the same thing and weren't hallucinating from the beer we drank a day or two before that. I had contacted another group 20 years latter about 1998 or so and they were concerned with the witness. Very understandable but the relationship had ended by 1980. Last I heard she had moved to a place called Texas City Texas. I'm not 100% sure the town even exists but I think I had looked it up before. Maybe along the gulf side. I has tried many times to contact her by face book to no avail. She was from Waterford, Michigan and moved there about 1980 or 1981. [name removed/CMS/jpg] had a brother named John. A father , a Pharmacist in Waterford, Mi. At a Drug store near Walton and Dixie Hwy on Dixie 1/4 mi north of Walton Blvd on left. They lived on Williams lake. In Waterford. She worked at B's bar on Dixie and Walton where I met her. If I had it to do over, I would have followed up much sooner. Always wondered if someone else saw this but I don't see anyone explain it this way. It would be hard for someone to NOT see this UFO. Maybe it was reported. Maybe they felt as wee did that no one would believe it anyway. Sorry I don't have pictures but I can draw a description if anyone even thinks it would help. I have no police record other than driving infractions and no convictions or anything and no reason to make anything up. I always feel someone should know. I seem to spin my wheels. I have watched many videos on Netflix and Youtube and only one had the (firework like ) flash when a video was made of a UFO. So I can't think of any thing else but at a distance from 200 foot or less I was close. The UFO came up the shore with the spot light on the beach for a minute or two and then flashed away. 50 miles over the Atlantic in 2 secs. Then another flash and Gone ! . Very short happening. Very little amount of things happening but as real as it gets. Can think of any more details right now anyway. Thanks for listening,,, Joh : j mufon cms#80086

Thursday, October 27, 2016

UFO Sighting of pill shaped Red and White cylindrical over Brisbane Australia October 16, 2016

UFO Sighting of pill shaped Red and white cylindrical (pill shaped) object over Brisbane Australia, during full moon rising of October 16, 2016. Recorded on unmanned time-lapse video and later discovered upon viewing of the digital images (12 sequential frames from 559 600 shots).
Initially I assumed this to be an aircraft. Several lights appear during the time-lapse (total play time of 11 seconds) – I have not yet closely examined the others. NOTE: As has been the case previously when I recorded such footage - the camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 bridge camera with Leica zoom lens) which was set to MANUAL focus, mysteriously lost focus near the end of the recording, (and in one frame of this sequence) then regained focus once the UFO had left the area being recorded. This UFO was descending on a steady flight path angle from left to right, as would an aircraft. My question over this being merely a commercial aircraft, is that it doesn't appear to be a case of motion blur; rather an evenly halved red and white body. Also; if it was an aircraft heading from my left to my right towards Brisbane International airport, from my vantage point on the west side of Brisbane (about 20KM from the CBD); why then do I see it as a well lit, thick cylinder instead of just what I would normally see from a conventional aircraft of wing-tip lights as it passed side-ways to my viewing perspective NOT bright lights as it would be if facing my direction? I further speculate that even if it was the cabin lights from windows it would appear on film as only a relatively thin band of white lights not the full height of the vehicles fuselage. Also; there would be no red color on the full side of same to leave this image as an equally distributed red and white UFO and certainly would not start and end as a rounded curved shape as it does. I have a good degree of photographic knowledge, as I was a professional photographer for over 30 years. This is not the first unusual UFO Sighting from the same vantage point of my house MUFON has another authenticated video of mine on line which I named; 'UFOS IN AUSTRALIA 2016 HD' (13 Feb 2016 20:33) based on the full length video of mine 'UFO in lightning storm Australia'
Still frame data:
Focal length 40mm
Metering mode: Pattern: 3 of 12 original frames attached (one is out of focus) + Full 11 second time lapse video

Bar shaped translucent but not transparent silent UFO Sighting Tooele Utah 8/10/16

My wife and I were in my parents backyard watching the stars and talking. We witnessed what I would call a Bar shaped UFO traveling above us. I can't tell how high how large or how fast this UFO was moving as we had no frame of reference and it was nearly directly over us when we first saw it. We both saw it at the same time. It was a cloudless night and was approximately around the date of the Perseid meteor shower. The UFO traveled in a straight line, from approximately north north west to south south east. The UFO made no noise, did not speed up or slow down nor did it seem to emit any light other than to simply glow slightly. The UFO was mainly translucent as we could see the star field behind it, but not clearly, almost as if light was bending around it. It struck me as odd because this UFO was flying with the least possible aerodynamic shape, instead of the front being the smallest point, it flew edge on. There were no exhaust contrails or any emissions of any kind. I am an amateur astronomer and aviation enthusiast and i can say this did not match any aircraft known to me. At the same time we saw this, we both got a very strange feeling i can only describe as "eerie/creepy"? It was only visible for about 1 - 2 minutes before we lost sight of it. mufon cms# 80050

Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting over Wilmington NC 10/26/16

I was standing on my patio and looking up when I noticed some white lights in the sky to the northeast. They were neither particularly bright or particularly dim. At first I suspected they were from an airliner taking off from the Wilmington, NC airport which lies about 10 miles north of us give or take. They were about the right size, but seemed to be moving unusually quickly for a civilian aircraft, but not super fast. As the UFO passed overhead I realized it was not an aircraft at all, but a triangle shaped UFO with three lights at the corners and a single larger light in the center. The center light was considerably dimmer than the corner lights. The UFO was totally silent and as the UFO moved it rotated slowly in a counter clockwise (from my perspective) direction. I couldn't tell for sure, but it looked to be about the size of a commuter jet, so maybe a little over 100 ft. stem to stern, and flying at 5000 ft. (just a guess but I'm an aviation buff so that's probably accurate to about 2000 ft. either way.) The UFO continued in a SE direction before disappearing over my house. At no time did the UFO change direction or altitude, it just continued in a straight line toward the ocean. I've always been skeptical of the "triangle craft" reports and wondered if they were of hysterical origin or maybe the result of the power of suggestion, but I am a sober, educated individual with some background in aviation and I know what I saw. As for how I feel, honestly I'm a little freaked out. I saw lights in the sky many years ago, but they were so far up, I was more fascinated than anything else, and nothing has happened in the interim. I'd like to believe it's terrestrial technology of some sort. MCAS New River is not too far from us, we see V-22 Ospreys flying over from time to time and Coast Guard helicopters and the odd C-130 from Elizabeth City, but who knows what the black ops guys have developed? I can tell you that what I saw, traditional aerodynamics cannot explain. mufon cms# 80055

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Recent UFO Sighting Video Over Milwaukee WI 9/16/16

Our friend David saw the UFO first and brought it to our attention. All four of us were sitting on our front porch when it appeared. The UFO hovered for a minute or two then it moved around a bit stopping and hovering at random. We saw red, white, and blue lights while the UFO was both moving and hovering. The lights flashed sequentially in the order of red, blue, and white. It continued to move and hover for a few minutes the lights continued to flash the entire time. The UFO hovered for a bit before it flew off and we could no longer see it. A few minutes later our roommate Katelyn saw an UFO creating a white strip in the sky. As it passed over the moon the UFO appeared black. The UFO appeared to be moving east/northeast from high atmosphere to lower altitude out of sight heading toward the beach/lake in the same place other UFOs have disappeared to. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Stationary brilliant star-like UFO Sighting during Hunter Moon Wakefield RI 101616

While outside to fill my bird feeder at about 19:35 hrs,give or take a minute, "hunter's moon" just coming up in the East, clear sky with stars, I noticed this bright UFO just sitting there where no stars were just fifteen minutes earlier when I was out there. As I looked at it I noticed two very small red blinking lights near it (I did not see them ejected from the UFO). I cannot say for sure if the red lights were connected to the UFO in any way or were some satellites that were much higher up than the object. As the small red blinking lights moved SW, the object began to slowly move away to a spot right above my house. At this point I knew this was a UFO. Its speed was about that of a small plane and I would estimate between 7,000 and 10,000 feet up. There was absolutely no sound at all from the UFO. I have never seen anything quite like this UFO. Its luminosity did not change at all, nor did its speed as it headed SE in a straight line. As it continued over my house to the SE I watched in amazement as the UFO began to dim, and then fade away as it continued on its path, until it was completely gone. It was like some kind of 'cloaking device.' There were no planes in the area at that time, although I am on the direct flight path from Greene Airport in Warwick, RI, where the normal paths are NW to SE, SE to NW. mufon cms# 79857

Sunday, October 16, 2016

UFO Hovers and Departs over Burlington International Airport 9/24/16

At Approximately 6:15 PM on Saturday, September 24, 2016, my wife, son and myself were in close proximity to the Burlington International Airport inspecting some commercial buildings in a wide open field. I am a licensed commercial small UAV (drone) pilot. And I was scouting the location in preparation for an upcoming drone shoot.

We were about a quarter mile west of the airport and I witnessed an airliner making an approach and landing on runway 33—this will be important in a minute.

My son is 5 and absolutely loves airplanes. We routinely drive by the airport and hope to see aircraft take off and land as it’s a thrill for him.

As we proceeded to drive over towards the airport my wife and I spotted a slow-moving unidentifiable aircraft "UFO" coming in towards the airport from the north. I estimated the UFO to be at around 2,000 feet in altitude and moving incredibly slow. This was alarming to me because I made a mental note just a couple of minutes earlier that airliners were utilizing runway 33, which meant that general aviation (small planes) would have been utilizing runway 1.

This would have put the unidentifiable aircraft directly into the path of a departing airliner. As the unidentifiable aircraft "UFO" was in Class “C” airspace, it would not have been permitted to fly over the airport at an altitude of 2,000 feet, let alone on a heading that put it into the path of departing airliners.

By this time, we are at the airport driving through the terminal and my son is enjoying the airliners. My wife and I are trying to keep track of the unidentifiable craft "UFO" as it is literally right above the airport STILL at an elevation of around 2,000 feet and moving ever so slowly towards the southeast.

We lost the UFO in the clouds and thought that was the end of it. We proceeded to the cell phone waiting area on the north side of the airport where people wait for phone calls to pick up their party. My wife found the UFO in the sky and it had changed directions completely. It was NOW heading back the way it came from towards the North West.

I got out of my truck grabbing my cell phone in the process and tried capturing as much of it as I could. I wish I had better footage to show you, but it’s regrettably not great. It was already moving too far away. BUT, the UFO had no anti-collision lights. NO strobe lights. No noticeable engine sounds. Far, Far too large to be a drone. It had a fat oval mid-section, not a long cylindrical aircraft shape. nuforc UFO Sightings report

Saw Triangle shaped UFO craft with some kind of cloaking Eugene Oregon 9/25/16

I am a veteran of the military and an amateur astronomer so I am pretty good at aircraft identifications and where lights should be in the sky. Last night, 09/25/2016, at approximately 20:15 I saw what looked to be a triangle shaped UFO craft over the city of Eugene, Oregon.

I had just stepped out on my balcony for a smoke and sat down in my chair facing East overlooking most of NE Eugene and N Springfield. Looking in the sky above and well beyond the neighbor's house at the sight line of the power lines I saw 3 orange lights equidistant apart and in a triangle. It occurred to me that there shouldn't be bright stars in the sky in that area that time of night and time of year so I looked closer.

As I looked closer at the UFO, I saw the bottom most of the lights moving and then I thought to myself: that makes sense it is commercial aviation. So I looked back at the other 2 lights and saw they were moving together too and that it was one triangle shaped craft rotating on its center axis. All the while I noticed the bright orange lights were shining through what looked like heat shimmer coming off the desert floor.

Very much like a scene from the movie, "Predator," the "cloaking" around it wavered for just a brief second and when it did I saw a large triangle shaped craft with smooth sides and a smooth metallic bottom with a smaller circular abutment in the center with a light bluish glow. The UFO stopped rotating and it looked like a harrier jet pulling up its nose on a vertical takeoff and then it disappeared. It did leave but as it was leaving the "cloaking" kicked back in and it disappeared from sight.

Like something out of the X files 2 helicopters showed up within 30 seconds of the UFO disappearing. Eugene is a small city and helicopters are fairly rare here with just a couple of overflights a day but these stayed on station for the better part of an hour circling over the Eugene/Springfield area. nuforc UFO Sightings report

A massive skipping UFO disk that dematerialized Trout Lake WA U.S. 7/28/12

2012 I summited Mt. Adams with 2 friends. After arriving at camp at 8645 feet we decided to set up two go pros to film the sunset, one go pro 2 the other a gopro3. We placed the 2 on time-lapse and the 3 on video 25 feet apart from each other. The time-lapse was accidentally set on 1 minute intervals, the other 30fps 1080p HD video. While we were eating dinner we observed a UFO that looked unfamiliar and even in the video two of us are discussing what it could be although neither one of us had remembered the conversation. In the video we start to eat and stop watching the UFO toward the end which is the section of the video the UFO dematerializes. We continued to summit the next day and return to Portland. For 3 years the video sat on a hard drive. I was cleaning up my hard drive when I first discovered the object in the video clip. I was very confused as to the conversation we had in the video as someone asks me if the UFO is a airplane and I reply, "If not its a UFO". I had no recollection of ever saying that. Examining the video, and running it through basic filters on iMovie, it became quite obvious to me that what I had recorded was a disk in a slow spin which appears to be skipping but I believe the skipping illusion was caused by whatever powered this craft because the UFO skips along in the video, and its is a solid disk in the 3 photos captured by the gopro2. I believe the illusion of skipping is caused by a distortion by whatever powers the object. All 3 photos taken show a solid disk with a light upper and a dark lower. I have 3 photos and one 5 minute video with a 2 minute 50 second sighting. On December 31st 2014 at New Years, roughly a few days after I had discovered the video, my wife, my climbing partner and I were on my porch celebrating New Years eve. At exactly the change of New Year, a disk illuminated 500 yards above the Broadway Bridge, the disk was stationary and had a bubbled center with a tracer type light circling the disk before it went dark. I saw a clear bubble shape in the lower center and the disk was completely stationary. After 5 seconds the disk slowly started moving west toward the coast and as it got directly over Portland a "orb" came around the side of my building, 8th floor, and stopped directly in front of all 3 of us for about 3 to 5 seconds. The appearance of the "ball" looked like a rock, there was no smooth surface, and the movement was irregular like if a nickel was put into a blown up balloon and tossed. It then shot up into the air and went directly toward the disk. I lost sight of both as the went over the hill behind Portland toward Beaverton OR. I will upload a photo taken, but the video file I will only give to someone who takes interest. I have tried other resources getting help with this and have had no luck, no one has the photos or video file. The video I put together was recently shown at the Roswell UFO Festival 2016. mufon cms# 79834

Friday, October 14, 2016

DeepMind’s latest AI Called a Differentiable Neural Computer (DNC)

The system also carried out tasks such as identifying the relationship of one person to another in a family tree. DeepMind owned by Google, has previously developed a memory-aided neural network in 2014 called a “Neural Turing Machine”. The DNC outperformed this “across all tasks”, says Alex Graves of DeepMind. DeepMind’s AI has learned to navigate the Tube using memory.

Disc Shape UFO Sighting with 4 white lights on side standing in the air Geneva 10/12/16

Location of UFO Sighting: Geneva: Date: 10/12/16 People saw the UFO near the Geneva Stadium, about seven guys saw it, from different angles, and they all say the same thing, it was a Disc Shape UFO that was literally standing in the air about 30 seconds then disappears in a flashlight. It got four lights on the side. You can view it quite properly on the images and videos. People were stunned and can't believe what they just saw. Sorry for my English...mufon cms# 79786

Solid Black UFO with no lights being chased by jet airplane Huntington PA 10/12/16

Location & Date of UFO Sighting reported: North Huntington PA 10/12/16: I was standing outside of my house smoking a cigarette when I heard the roar of a low flying loud jet out of nowhere. I looked up and at first could not see anything that could be making that noise. All of the sudden, from over the tree tops, I spotted a very loud low flying small jet airplane. Something caught my eye out in front of the airplane, and when I looked up I saw a solid Black Triangular shaped UFO that was solid black with zero lights on it. It was moving in a straight path at a high rate of speed with the airplane fairly close behind chasing the UFO. The moon was pretty bright that night and the UFO flew directly through the moon light which gave me a great look at it. It did not have wings, and there were no lights on the UFO at all it was a solid black shape. It continued past my house and off into the distance with the airplane following close behind. I watched until they both flew out of my sight, and then just stood there trying to contemplate what I just saw. It definitely was not normal. You could just tell that it wasn't anything that you would see normally flying through the sky. I felt a little uneasy, but also exited about what I just witnessed. It would really be great to know that someone else witnessed this, just for validation, although I know what I saw, at it was not normal at all. mufon cms# 79792

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Third Goleta CA UFO Sighting in five weeks 10/9/16

Location: Goleta, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 minutes
Date of UFO Sighting: 10/9/16

My daughter and I were driving home at dusk heading west. I was telling her about the virtues of looking up quite a lot. One sees all sorts of things; bugs, birds, stars, satellites, etc. I decided to glance up out of the side window of the car and saw an aircraft seemingly triangular in shape. The dusky light made it difficult to discern an actual shape. There were three lights on the UFO; one on the nose of bright white magnitude -7 appearance, one at each "wingtip", port side red, starboard side amber, each of similar magnitude to the front light. At first the UFO seemed to be a fighter jet at an approximate altitude of 500 ft traveling directly over the suburb of Goleta. It traveled over the top of our vehicle on a banked trajectory at which point I told my daughter to look up and out of her side window. She immediately located the UFO and noticed that only the wing lights remained visible but in a matter of seconds appeared white in color. There were no flashing lights. The UFO trajectory became due north and, instead of planing off as a typical jet aircraft will do, the UFO seemed to maintain a strait line up at about 10 degrees and continued due north becoming seemingly a hundred miles away in a matter of thirty more seconds or so. The UFO eventually curved a bit before disappearing still well above the northern horizon. nuforc UFO Sighting Report here

UFO Sighting of two brilliant tear shaped UFOs right along side the moon Norwood MA 10/10/16

UFO Sighting Location: Norwood, MA
UFO Shape: Teardrop
Duration:90 seconds
Date: 10/10/16
Never before have I witnessed something like this UFO. Wow!! While smoking outside with my mother and stepfather on the front patio. It was raining and the moon was crescent and waxing. There appeared two brilliant tear shaped UFOs right along side the moon but seemed much closer to the ground. Almost like in front of the moon but at a lower altitude. Maybe about 20 000 feet. I've been a private pilot for 14 years so I have a good sense for AGL. The two UFOs were bright pink in color. They hovered for about 45 seconds and then simultaneously took a sharp left at 90 degrees and shot straight up out of view. Traveling at several thousands of miles per hour. They left no streak of light. They just took off. The strangest thing is, it left a smell. The whole neighborhood smelled like a sweet fruity smell for about 12 hours??? Really strange and crazy. I thought i should report. My first report ever. nuforc UFO Sightings report

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two Black Triangle UFOs Sighted Low Over Old Airfield and Village GB 10/11/16

I was advised by a friend at work to look up MUFON and report the UFO sighting we have had today 11/10/16 over our village of Grafton in Shropshire. Myself and 8 other friends were out walking along our local lanes and fields, and were heading back towards Grafton from the Montford Bridge area near Shrewsbury. At about 11:30 am we were walking towards Forton Heath Farm which is located alongside the old Forton Heath Airfield which is disused, when we all heard a loud humming sound. As we stopped and looked slightly to our left and to the North over the field that adjoins the airfield we saw two black triangle shaped UFOs low in the sky approaching the farm to the left of where we were standing our approx coordinates were 52.754036, -2.837602.
These two triangle type UFO things were really dark and solid and moved so slowly it was almost like they should fallen out of the sky. They were at about 500 ft my friend says and were moving alongside each other. We all stopped still trying to figure out what they were and two of my friends took their mobile phones out and took pictures (the images can be provided). As they did so both triangle started to shine red lights on the front and bottom of them. They then came to a hover about 200 yards from us, turned on a 360 and started to move back to the North but much quicker and with the same humming sound. They eventually disappeared from site and we couldn't hear them anymore either. One of the group with us is a recently retired police officer from West Mercia Police Force and he said that there is no way on earth that they were fast jets or drones, because jets and drone have loud audible engines that produce thrust and not a humming sound. He also said that the speed they were going defies all conventional means of moving through the air and he is dumbfounded as to what they could possibly be. We all agree that they are UFOs because they cannot be easily identified. We would like to know if anyone else has seen these strange looking things in Shropshire, and why they might of been lurking about over an old airfield etc? mufon cms# 79738

Monday, October 10, 2016

Giant Triangular UFO appeared out of a large flash of light over Ontario Canada 10/12/12

My girlfriend and I were dropping my Brother off in Belleville Ontario.We were on our way back to hastings after dropping my brother off.So everything seemed OK until my girlfriend and I were driving back from Belleville. I remember it was late in the night around 10:30-10:45 pm we were driving up to the small town of Campbellford Ontario which is approx 45 min from Belleville so as we approached Campbellford my girlfriend noticed a very bright light coming from the sky up ahead she was frightened by it she screamed Steve what is that. I look up in the sky and to my amazement these bright lights come breaking through the small clouds and out comes thus Triangular UFO. It's was huge I told my girlfriend Lori to pull the car over so we could get a better view of the UFO as it approaches. So we pull off to the shoulder off the country road and watch this Triangle coming through the field. It made no sounds at all totally quiet and it had a spotlight coming from it. It looked like it was scanning for something on the ground? As it came closer I noticed it had 3 light that pulsed in sync with each other.As well as an X on the belly of the craft wit a circle around the X. On the back of the UFO it had 20 lights all white. Like in a row the UFO had to be at least 500-1000 ft. For sure and again it made no sound as it passed by us. Lori and I were in total awe. I know it wasn't a plane my girlfriend knows it wasn't a plane.This was a UFO Real true proof. mufon cms# 79720

Latest UFO Sightings of Two V-Shaped Triangle Craft Littleton CO U.S. 10/7/16

We (husband and wife) were sitting on back deck talking, looking at stars and for satellites. Our back yard has a good sky clear view of the sky with little to no light interference.

I was looking at the sky and noticed an UFO that was out of place to should not have been there.

Note: we are amateur sky watchers and look at the sky, stars etc. almost every night.

UFO was large and V-shaped with soft white lights that were out of line. UFO appeared to moved in unison but fluttered, did not make a sound, no contrail and made an immediate position change to closer to us. My wife and I went into the house and called our son to come take a look. In passing him we asked our son to get his camera. We went to the front yard exiting the front door of the house. At the time we went into the house the UFO appeared to be already pass. When we exited the front door of our house the UFO was just passing overhead. This time our son also saw the UFO. Unfortunately, our son was unable to get a picture as the UFO disappeared. At this time I left my son and wife in the front yard and I went back into the back yard and looked at the sky.

At which time I spotted another UFO similar to the larger one but with 4 white lights per side and one in the center almost directly above the house moving from N to S. At that time I knocked on the house to get the attention of my wife and son who were now back in the house. mufon cms# 79713

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Very large UFO orb with multiple colors blending /changing Brechin ON CA 10/7/16

Driving north highway 12 towards Orillia when all of a sudden a large UFO orb moving from the west (below my sun visor) to the east then south east and then disappeared. I witnessed this for about 6 to 7 seconds and it did not change altitude at all. it had a swirling color change of white and green. It was so low and big and very bright solid UFO that was over Orillia and disappeared into the sunrise over towards Lindsay Ontario.

I have seen shooting stars before but this was absolutely nothing like one at all !!!!I am an avid R/C hobby pilot and am very used to looking at very small planes in the sky but this thing was amazing and unbelievable. My Dad wonders if I saw an iridium flare but says it cant be if it was that low and isnt sure if they go west to east? It was so low I didn't even have to look up !
I wasn't surprised at first but as the day went on and the more I thought about it I realized this was something very unusual and had to tell co workers about it which is something I don't like to do because they might think i'm crazy! I cannot get over the immense size of this UFO and how it accelerated into the sunrise. There was about 5 cars behind me that would without a doubt would have to have seen what I saw as it was so massive.

Did not feel scared but had to hit brakes as I almost drove into the ditch on east side. As the day went on the more i realized I saw something very different and not from this world and had to tell people about it. I told my Dad who believes in UFOs because he saw one as a kid in a school yard with other kids but I always laughed at him because I did not believe in them. The UFO Vanished into sunset mufon cms# 79674

Outside window, burnt orange UFO Sighting 3ft to 20ft traveling in one direction CA 10/8/16

I was laying on my bed next to a window just looking straight up not looking for anything and a UFO orb or round shape traveled across my field of vision at approximately 30 miles an hour or faster, traveling from south to north. It was burnt orange and emitting a burnt orange light or energy. The sun was south and in no way was shining through it. It was not transparent. It was not a balloon. It traveled at a constant speed in one direction.

I have read many UFO reports but didn't really believe them until I saw it with my own eyes. I had to see it to believe it. This has changed the way I understand this reality. I didn't even think of getting a picture until after the event. mufon cms# 79686 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Counted 14 UFOs two UFOs remained above 12 UFOs searching woods Grass Valley CA 9/26/16

I had gone to pick up a friend who called me at approx. 1230 am Sept 27th to rescue her from a domestic violence situation out on an old logging road there are a few homes out on this road as well named Jones Ridge road here in grass valley. I found her sitting on road it complete darkness. I picked her up and continued down Jones ridge top try and reach the other end that comes out close to my home. About 2 miles down Jones Ridge I high centered my car and busted a fuel line and all my gas drained out and we were now stuck in middle of deep forest in complete blackness in the middle of nowhere. I began trying to patch the fuel line I did not have anything to do this with so I tried to "Macguyver" it with a maxi-pad, string and a zip-tie (ya that happened) So I was on my back on the ground attempting this repair and the first thing I noticed was there was ZERO NOISES coming from the woods. No crickets, frogs, crunching leaves...NOTHING ! If you know the forest..THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN...EVER ! When I noticed there were no sounds coming from the woods I pulled my head out from under my car looking straight up. That's when I sighted the first two of these UFOs. They were straight up above us very high up...I'd say about 3,000 - 4,000 ft hovering and moving slightly back and forth and up and down but maintaining their position. I was immediately excited and stood up covered in red clay dust from the ground. I called to "G" my friend to come out of the car and look she did so and became very upset and started to cry and become hysterical...I hugged her and gave her my best not "all Aliens are bad" speech.. she began screaming.."we have to get out of here they are going to abduct me !" I told her to please keep her voice down and that we couldn't leave because of the busted fuel line. She calmed down a bit and that's when we saw the other UFOs. I counted 12 of these UFOs to our immediate north in the woods at varying distance form 20 yards to maybe 60 yards they were all in the woods about 10 ft from the ground to maybe 30 ft from the ground. They looked to be searching for something in the woods. They were "C" shaped turned sideways (up and down) gray metallic with 2 lights. One on the top end of the "C" and one on the Bottom of the "C". They were each a little larger than a VW bug approximately. I asked "G" to hand me the mag light because I wanted to blink it at the two hovering to see if I could get a response (big mistake) "G" objected and began to cry again..I should have listened. She handed me the light and I began slowly flashing the two bosses (what they seemed to be ) above us. The blinking provided no response so I held the beam steady on one of them..Thats when things got a bit "hairy." When the solid beam hit the one UFO it stopped moving completely as well as the one next to it a stood completely still in the sky. While I was looking up "G" began to scream ..."Oh my god...oh my god they're coming !!" I looked down and over to where she was pointing into the woods. ALL !2 of the UFOs in the woods had stopped their search and were rushing down the hill weaving in and out of the trees directly for us. Thinking that the light had upset the "bosses" I quickly shut it off. The lights that were coming toward us ALL froze at once. holding in place as if awaiting orders. They froze for approximately a minute then turned around and continued their search of the woods. We watched these UFOs for about a half hour. I tried to film them with my phone but kept getting an error message that the phone was malfunctioning. That reminds me when I was on my way out Jones ridge to get "G" I had my stereo on running on a flash drive and it kept going In and out with static. I thought this very strange because it wasn't the radio it was a flash drive and not dependent on a signal. I got the patch to hold and had enough gas in the lines to start the car. We left the UFO lights to their business and headed down the road. We got 3 or 4 miles when the gas ran out and we slept in the car in the middle of the road until the next morning when my buddy "J" came out with gas and a proper patch.The next night I was on line and saw to my amazement that our UFO lights were part of a huge squadron like group that FEATURED WAS ON MAINSTREAM MEDIA NBC KCRA CHANNEL 3 SACRAMENTO AT 7:56 THE SAME NIGHT OF OUR ENCOUNTER JUST EARLIER. They were sighted above Rocklin/Roseville in a huge "C" formation heading east right towards "G" & Me. I took a picture of the NBC report along with a couple of the road with my car broke down on it from the next morning. I have always wondered how I would react to something like this...and to my satisfaction I had absolutely NO FEAR in me ..just wonder and amazement. I would be happy to take you out to the exact spot if you would like to search for evidence. mufon cms# 79639

Shiny UFO observed hovering an estimated 3 miles Bangor ME U.S. 10/5/16

While driving I observed a shiny UFO in the distance at approximately 12.30 pm local time. I first though it to be a helicopter with a landing light on as it was very small but bright and displayed little position movement. The UFO moved very little from my vantage points (I stopped twice to observe and take photos with my cell phone). The UFO appeared round with some thing hanging from it not a balloon gondola and not suspended by thin ropes but a thicker UFO hanging downward. I had the feeling this was not anything I had seem before and stopped twice to observe I noticed it seemed like no one else was stopping to look at it, and my cell did not want to focus even though it was in full daylight and focus should have been quick and accurate so I continued to shoot many photos bracing the phone on the rolled down window. The UFO was 3 to 5 miles distant in my opinion and of the size of a hot air balloon (maybe it was a balloon?) I was working and could only watch it for less than 10 min. when I left it was still hanging in the air. mufon cms# 79643

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Twenty Real UFO Sightings photographs from the fifties

UFO Sightings are not a modern phenomena and there are still many images that can’t be “debunked”. Like these 20 UFO photographs from the fifties. From Europe to Japan, from USA to Australia, UFOs sightings were a global phenomena way before the Internet. Taken by amateurs or military personal, here are some of the best examples from that decade. credit Robert Bailey MYSTERIOUSEARTH.NET

Sunday, October 2, 2016

UFO blinking red lights outside my window Temple City CA 10/2/16

I was getting ready to go to sleep and all my lights were off when suddenly I saw a blinking red light from my window (4 fast blinks then a long blink). I suspected it was a drone but was very suspicious as it was night and it moved in a very smooth manor. As I looked outside (window open) I could hear a very constant whirring noise as the UFO moved across the sky in such a quiet yet rapid line. The UFO moved at a constant rate with a whirring noise, sort of sounding like a jet would make yet very very quiet. I moved across the sky effortlessly. The red light that blinked never stopped and repeated the same blinking pattern, 4 fast blinks then a long blink. I was confused at first and tried to remain calm. I looked on line if anyone had witnessed this but no reports came up. I was very confused trying to think what object would fly so perfect at night, be so quiet, have a constant blink, and be so fast. I lost sight of the UFO when it flew past my window (600 ft away) and flew behind some trees. I didn't see it afterwards. mufon cms# 79540

Star-like UFO Sighting flashing white light moving slowly deliberately toward me Bristol GB 9/27/16

It was approximately 10:30 in the evening 9/27/16 I was staying in Brean Somerset UK on a week's break. As usual when staying there I took my two dogs for a last walk of the day, ready to bed them down for the evening. I took them as usual down onto the beach - (Brean Sands). I always take a torch to see where I'm walking with, as the beach here is behind sand dunes and so away from the main street and the street lighting. The weather that evening was fairly mild, a clear cloudless night with a slight south westerly breeze. Everything was very normal and uneventful, I walked for about 5 or 600 yards along the beach until we reached the first row of dunes at which we turned around to return. After walking back for 100 yards or so I sighted a white blinking UFO light far off out over the sea I paid it no real attention assuming it to be an plane on its way to Bristol airport. Which is a few miles away and Brean is on its direct flight path. Over the next 5 minutes or so the UFO Light continued to travel across the sky at a right angle to my position just as I'd expect an aircraft heading toward Bristol airport to do. Then the UFO finally caught my attention as odd because it seemed to be descending as it came in over the coastal headland to the north of me. I thought to myself that can't be an aircraft, it must be a helicopter, it's too low. All the time this UFO Light continued to blink much as you'd expect an aircraft to do. Except it was only the one single white/slightly yellowish tinged light. The UFO Light descended downwards over the following few minutes at an angle of about 20° until it was down below the height of the headland  I'm estimating its height at this point to be about 200 feet and it's distance from me to be a mile or so away. The UFO Light then appeared to become stationary in the air although there was no sound I still thought I was seeing a helicopter until I realized it wasn't stationary at all and in fact had turned at a right angle and was actually traveling directly towards me. I moved about 10 yards up the beach away from the sea to get a clearer angle to see if the UFO light was indeed traveling towards my position. I could now clearly see the UFO light was moving parallel to the coast along the sea edge of the beach. It continued silently and slowly to descend as it traveled along. As it was drawing nearer the UFO light appeared more and more brighter and the blinking seemed to be more of a pulsing than a blink. The UFO light then drew level with my position. It was by now less than 40 yards from me and approximately 30 feet above me. The UFO Light was really quite bright (not blindingly) but enough to be dazzling and the pulsing quality was less defined because of the glare. Although it was definitely still pulsing. The UFO light was now totally stationary by now I was feeling increasingly disturbed by what was happening and began backing up the beach away from it. I was distinctly uneasy and kept watching it as I moved away. Although it may well of just been fear induced I had the horrible feeling of being watched. The UFO light then started to move away back out over the sea and gradually began to ascend as it moved away. It continued to retreat and ascend moving back towards the north west of me towards the general area I first sighted it come from. I found, in my unsettled state I'd missed the track back to the main road and had to double back on myself for about 50 yards, until I found it again. All the time I kept watching the blinking UFO light retreating upwards and seawards as it went, for another 5 or so minutes  until it gradually disappeared in the haze of the horizon. I had the distinct impression that whatever it was  it came in from the sea and deliberately was drawn towards me by the fact that I was alone and drawing attention to myself with the torch I was carrying. I'm a grown man, but I'd be the first to admit this UFO experience has quite spooked me. mufon cms# 79528

Dark gray metallic elongated seven sided polygon shaped UFO Sighting Rheinfelden CH 8/20/96

It was mid August 1996 in Rheinfelden, Switzerland. I was at home watching TV in my living room. My mother was visiting and we both saw mysterious lights approaching from the west at a low altitude which we thought might be low flying aircraft. Planes do fly over the area, but never that low. We went outside to get a better look. The UFO was traveling silently at a slow, constant velocity as if surveying the area. Because of the complete absence of any sound, we both thought it could be air balloons. As the UFO ship came in closer we were both surprised and shocked to realize that it was a huge, dark gray/ black metallic UFO craft of some sort. It had a strange shape like an elongated seven sided polygon. There were white or light green lights at each angled point and a couple in between. Beneath the UFO in the center was a light that seemed to be moving, rotating or spinning haphazardly, possibly a smaller craft beneath the main one. The main UFO itself did not hover or spin, but kept on moving in an easterly direction at an altitude of about 200 to 400 feet. My mother said she also observed lights in the fuselage area, but the shape of the UFO above its base could not be determined. We lost sight of this UFO when it was eventually obscured by cloud cover. I have never read or heard anything in the media or Internet about this strange "UFO Sighting" and I have never reported it until now. A number of other people in neighborhood also seemed to be observing the UFO from their balconies. We were not able to identify the huge craft, what it was remains a mystery.

Perhaps there is a connection, perhaps not, but two days earlier my partner at the time witnessed a ball lightning incident in the same living room from where I first saw the lights of the UFO approaching. A very bright white orb shaped light appeared in the top right hand corner of the room for about 10 seconds before suddenly vanishing. There were thunderstorms in the area at the time, but not in Rheinfelden. mufon cms# 79524

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Interpreting the manifestations of the Trickster Archetype in the world today

Jason Reza Jorjani is a philosopher and faculty member at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Jason Reza Jorjani describes how he placed Jeffrey Mishlove’s study of Ted Owens, “the PK Man”, into a larger cultural and philosophical context. He defines Mercurial Hermeneutics as the art of interpreting the manifestations of the trickster archetype in the world. He suggests that this archetype, aka Hermes or Mercury, is the intelligence behind the psychokinetic demonstrations of Ted Owens and others (such as Uri Geller). He also maintains that the very same intelligence was behind the establishment of the Abrahamic religious traditions. The PK Man and Mercurial Hermeneutics with Jason Reza Jorjani  Credit Jeffrey Mishlove

Another Alien UFO Mega-structure Discovered in space 2016

No one knows why these stars are acting so peculiar? Astronomers discovered a second ‘Alien UFO megastructure’ star that’s even stranger than the first one  BUSINESSINSIDER.COM {credit Jimbo Jim}

Australia's UFO Society UFO Alien Sightings Phenomena 2016

"We ought to know what's going on with the UFO Alien Sightings phenomena instead of having the wool pulled over our eyes by the government. Astronauts and pilots are now coming out of the woodworks." 

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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