Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saw UFO while driving home from the store 6/7/16 Abilene Texas

While driving home from the store I noticed lights in the sky blinking, at first I thought it was an airplane but there was just something off about it. The UFO was initially at least a mile or more away and just a little bit lower than most airplanes I see in the area, it moves in towards my direction with very fast but very smooth motion. It zoomed in to where I was, like you would zoom in on a map on your phone or GPS device or a scope, that's the best way I can describe the motion. So I'm driving down the road, I see this thing, it comes towards my direction and hovers not over the road but just a stones throw away on the south side of the road. It had three lights on the bottom of the UFO craft and they were moving in different directions but all towards the same area. It moved with a purpose and I would say it was searching for something. While I'm driving and it zooms in just off the road, the area it hovered was just ahead of me so I drove pass it while observing the various lights and structure of the UFO. I could see windows and lights, the bottom and top of the craft, it was big and round and looked surprisingly like the traditional flying saucer. I am posting this because a friend of mine told me a couple years ago that he saw a UFO on my road, I asked him to show me where and he did, this was a couple years ago. I thought it was interesting but now years later I see a UFO on the same road and in the same area. It makes me wonder how often it visits this area. It makes me wonder what it is looking for. It leaves me with more questions than answers. This happened on the NE side of Abilene, Texas just pass the city limit. MUFON CMS# 77254

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