Tuesday, August 30, 2016

UFOs appeared disappeared zigzagged in sky Billings MT US 8/29/16

At approximately 8:45 PM, a star-like UFO appeared above South tree line traveling faster than a satellite, slowed its path and illuminated bright white light three times within the same path, brighter than any star in the sky. The UFO stopped moving several times and disappeared above the NW tree line. A second UFO appeared almost directly overhead in the West, illuminated bright light and moved S by SW. The second UFO stopped moving and blended like faint star. At that same moment, in the same N by NW location where the first UFO disappeared, a bright white light illuminated and zipped towards the second star-like UFO. A third UFO appeared in between the first and second UFOs traveling N by NW. The first UFO illuminated bright white and changed direction from moving extremely fast S by SW to N by NW without any delay or change in speed. The second UFO stayed on one place and the other two UFOs disappeared above the NW tree line. At approximately 9:00 PM, two jets (possibly F-15's) flew cross patterns around the location of the UFOs and circled back around the sighting area instead of continuing the same flight path. One jet came from the SE and one from the SW. Approximately two minutes after the jets, a large plane (a bomber sized vessel), flying much lower, traveling N by NW did a big 180 around the location of the sighting and continued flying back to the SE. Similar to the two jets, this large plane had identifying lights on the wings, but it also had a solid red light in the center, much brighter than the lights on the wings. The slower moving plane flew slowly overhead and turned around in the same location as the first two jets. I could hear the afterburners from the three marked vessels, but no sound came from the UFOs. At approximately 9:10 PM, a fourth UFO from the East appeared, as faint as a star, and started traveling in the same direction as the large plane, towards the SE. This UFO did not illuminate bright light but traveled much faster than the plane and two jets. However, no afterburner sound could be heard. This fourth UFO faintly appeared and disappeared three in a 10-second time-frame before disappearing all together. MUFON CMS# 78802

Shiny Triangular UFO orb formation hovered almost motionless PA 8/30/16

My girlfriend and I were laying in bed and heard a helicopter hovering overhead for several minutes. Finally my curiosity was piqued and I looked out the window to see a shiny UFO triangular object hovering stationary in the clear blue sky. It was a perfectly clear day, with almost no clouds, and the UFO was plainly visible.

As I continued to look, the UFO or UFOs started to tumble in place, reflecting sunlight or twinkling, and moving slowly to the west away from our location. It appeared at first to be a solid object, but the longer we watched, we could see three distinct orbs in a triangle formation, shiny and white, tumbling in place and changing formation several times.

The helicopter continued to hover in place directly above our house, but we couldn't tell if it was a news chopper or a "black" helicopter. We attempted to capture footage on my cell phone, but it was too far away (shots I took where it should be in frame show only blue sky) and it moved W/SW until it disappeared from sight. MUFON CMS# 78811 

Three UFOs videotaped hovering over Portland August 19, 2016

Three UFOs videotaped hovering over Portland Posted by: Roger Marsh August 30, 2016 A Washington witness at Portland watched and videotaped three lights in the sky that remained stationary before eventually disappearing, according to testimony in Case 78601 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. …Three UFOs videotaped hovering over Portland | Openminds.tv

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Three star like UFOs vibrating changing colors Overland park KS US 8/27/16

My father called on my phone to alert me to the first UFO which was about 250 degrees south west and two finger widths above the tree line. Pulsating through white, blue, yellow, red, orange, green, purple (VERY BRIGHT), then blue very quickly. A finger width to the left another star-like UFO with the same color pattern but pulsating at less than half the speed. Looked to the NWest at 306 degrees and saw another UFO with the same color pattern but Vibrating. Another star-like UFO would separate to the left of it then move back into the original UFO. The first two UFOs moved quickly behind the trees (5 mins or less) but the last UFO that separated stayed above the trees but faded away. Checked with an astronomy application on my phone before they disappeared to make sure I wasn't seeing stars or supernovas blinking out but nothing showed up in the areas these were, except for the tail of Ursa Major which was easily seen by me. MUFON CMS# 78746 

Double star like UFO appeared stationary in sky for over 30 min 8/27/16

UFO Sighting Palm Bay Rd Florida 8/27/16; In the parking lot of Walmart 875 Palm Bay road happened to glance up at the evening sky and noticed a UFO what first appeared to be the only star in the sky but at closer look appeared to be 2 stars one under the other or possibly light-emitting downward from the first UFO,the UFO appeared stationary, I stopped a fellow patron walking by and the 2 of us sat for 30 minutes watching this thing trying to reason what it might be after 30 minutes as the sun was almost gone the UFO appear to go below the horizon, I assume it was stationary and what we were seeing was the earth turning it out of our view. this was clearly not normal aircraft,we also both seemed to see little sparks of light emitting irregularly from the bottom UFO/beam. MUFON CMS# 78748

Friday, August 26, 2016

UFO Sighting platinum type material clearly had no windows lights rivets Hamilton AU 1969

1. Parish Priest was driving me back to boarding school in Hamilton that night after having dinner at my parents house in Camperdown, We were driving back and it was that sought of night where you did not need to put on your headlights, but we did as it was a full moon and not a cloud in the sky.
2.It was actually Father Flanagan who noticed it first. He said can you see that? I said No. Then I sighted it also, and he asked me what I thought it was? to which I replied it was a UFO. Now Father was an amateur astronomer who used to take students for science activities at night looking through his 2 telescopes at the heavens.
3.We stopped the car and got out to observe the UFO, During our observations we went through everything we thought that the object could be. The UFO was less than 100 feet away from us. We said is it a blimp, no there were none in Australia at that time.only the Good-Year blimp in the USA. Was it a reflection off something? no. Was is an Astronomical anomaly of some thing? No.Was it that we were both Hallucinating and imagining the UFO in front of us? No. Are we both sane and normal? Yes. Father said to me not to tell anyone about this as it was totally removed from his catholic religion and he did not want anyone to find out about our sighting. The UFO we sighted at close range was massive 100' to 120' in diameter and between 600' and 700' long, there was no sound at all, there were no flashing lights, you could not see any join marks or rivet marks, but was seamless not a dint in the exterior metalwork, the ends of the vessel were perfectly rounded, there were no extrusions ,exhausts, fins engine openings no visible hatches, doors anything. The UFO was about 50' off the ground and hovering just to the back of a house that was there. We did not speak to the occupants if there was any as we were concerned about being abducted or whatever. We climbed back into the car and drove the car from one end of the UFO to the other this is how we arrived at the approximate size of the UFO. We got out and continued to observe the UFO until Father Flanagan said I think it was time that he got me back to boarding school.
4. The UFO was perfect in every detail there is no way that we could manufacture an object that big and cold fly, float not move and be completely silent. So there was no movement whatsoever, up down, sideways forward or backwards.They had obviously mastered Anti-gravity and speed of light propulsion.
5. I think both of us felt privileged to have witnessed this UFO Sighting it changed my beliefs in life in the universe.To this day I have not spoken to father Flanagan who is still parish priest in Hamilton Victoria and I would like to know what are his thoughts about our UFO Sighting today, he is a lot older than me. I am not sure what you people think , but I now believe that there are an incredible number of civilizations out there and that we should be looking at classifying the different types of UFOs seen where ,when and the time,the 50s were saucers, the 60s various 70s cylinders. 80s boomerangs, 90s wings.20s v shapes and various. that could be 7 or 8 different civilization that have traveled enormous distances to check us out.
6.We left the UFO exactly where we found it.I have always wondered if there was anyone living in the house at that time and weather they noticed anything. If you were asleep in the house it would not have woken you as it made no sound. MUFON CMS# 78693

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lubbock Texas first UFO Sighting on August 25 1951

THE LUBBOCK LIGHTS - Lubbock, Texas - First seen on August 25, 1951 by a group of local professors, the strange formation of nocturnal lights known as "The Lubbock Lights" would be seen (and photographed by Carl Hart Jr. on August 30th) by dozens of local witnesses over the following weeks. Reported by the popular media (including LIFE Magazine), and investigated by the US Air Force, the encounters at Lubbock would come to be known as one of the first celebrated mass sightings in UFO history. Skeptics of the period attributed the UFO Sightings to a formation of reflective birds. credit Michael Huntington

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sighting two white cylinder shaped UFOs moving north horizontally BC CA 8/21/16

I was at home and just heading out for a walk with my two children on the drive. Looking up SW above the trees I saw two white cylinder shaped UFOs moving north horizontally for a few seconds. They moved off behind some clouds as disappeared. No noise was heard. I pointed to the UFOs and told my daughter to look. I think she missed them. I then went back inside and got my binoculars and smart-phone just in case I saw them again, but did not. The UFOs were flying close together and would not be planes. The local planes you can here clearly but these were silent. MUFON CMS# 78624

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Very round golf ball shaped UFO solid white 40,000 feet Cochranville PA 8/19/16

On Friday August 19th about 12:10 in the afternoon, while spotting airplanes via my binoculars, (I hobby watching aircraft utilizing Flight Radar 24) I was watching a Delta flight flying from Northeast direction when just above it a stationary UFO, perfectly round and golf ball like, caught my attention. Thinking of course it was just another aircraft I checked my iPad radar and it was not on it. I looked again and realized it really was just hovering high in the air. Going from the altitude of the Delta flight I ascertain the UFO to have been 40,000 or more feet up. The UFO then started to slowly drift to the Southeast in the same contrail direction of the Delta, and then it abruptly shot to its upper left direction and subsequently vanished. The entire episode was little under a minute, but it s something I'll never forget. I can only say that in the purest sense of the acronym, this UFO Sighting truly was, for me at least, an unidentifiable object "UFO". MUFON CMS# 78548

Translucent "sky jellyfish" UFO moving much faster than clouds Novato CA 8/19/16

I was driving on the US 101 North with two other people in the car (not witnesses) when all of a sudden in the distance around the same height as the low clouds in the sky (30 min before sunset) I spotted a translucent UFO moving quite fast in the sky. Because I was driving, I did not take out my phone in an attempt to capture an image but I tried pointing it out to the other two passengers in the car. By that time, the UFO had gone from a background of sky to a background of mountains and it was lost in the changing scenery. I followed it with my eyes for approximately 45 seconds because I had to look away and when I looked back I had lost it. I tried explaining it as a sky jellyfish to my friends. It was the bell-shape of a jellyfish sans tentacles. It was also translucent like a jellyfish. You could see the mountains behind it but it was clearly not a cloud or anything man-made. I would compare it to looking through a bubble floating in the sky. The bottom was slightly wavy, not a straight line but the top was a clear curve. I had first noticed it when I was scanning the horizon for traffic. It was moving at a steady pace across the sky in an eastward direction and I looked around for airplanes when I saw the UFO. I saw 1, and the airplane was minuscule in comparison and clearly solid. This UFO was also 3-D, but like I said it was translucent. I was speechless when I saw it. I have seen lights in the sky in the past and technically I couldn't identify them, but I could imagine they were a satellite or fireball. This was like nothing I have ever seen before and I'm clearly at a loss of words to describe it. I wish I had asked my passengers to try to take a photo or see it with their own eyes but it was lost in the mountains by the time I could articulate my thoughts. I can imagine that it would be hard to see if you hadn't spotted it and followed it. It was nothing with a solid color or bright light that attracted attention. It was trying to blend in with the scenery but had some sort of electromagnetic field around it that made it visible to the naked eye. MUFON CMS# 78555

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Latest UFO Sighting very wide single chevron made up several bright lights Safford Arizona 8/17/16

On the night of August 18th, I was sitting with my mother and sister on my mother's back patio when we saw a formation of 10 or 12 extremely bright UFO lights due east approximately 30° above the horizon. Each light appeared about the size of an aspirin when held at arm's length and the total formation covered a width of about 10 inches at arm's length. The UFO formation seemed to twist on a central axis slightly then the lights on the outer ends suddenly and quickly moved towards the center in an arc movement, merging with the next lights in. Those UFO lights then moved quickly and merged with the next ones; this continued sequentially until there was only one bright UFO light in the center which then emitted a cloud of swirling, sparkling smaller and dimmer lights just as it disappeared. Our sighting lasted for about 8 seconds but the lights were already there when we saw them so they could have been there longer. It seemed to be extremely large, quite high, and fairly distant. All three of us witnessed this. These UFO lights were definitely not fireworks; any fireworks close enough to appear that large would have been audible as it was a quiet night and there was no accompanying cloud of smoke. Three aircraft were also in the same quadrant of sky moving towards the area where the lights were but they were too high to identify. The aircraft did not appear to be in formation but were moving fast. My mother called the local sheriff's office to report it. The deputy she spoke to stated that a similar UFO Sighting had been reported the previous night. I also posted to a local face book group and one other person replied that he had seen it as well. Additionally, the cat seemed very disturbed and climbed to a spot she had never climbed to where she sat staring in that direction for nearly an hour. Note: I grew up in this area and am accustomed to seeing maneuvers from Davis Monthan AFB being carried out over this valley; this was most definitely nothing like that. MUFON CMS# 78509

Black Egg Shaped UFO very small unusual flight pattern MD US 7/16/16

We were in the back yard in the swimming pool and I noticed a black football shaped UFO at the edge of the clouds. I told my son to get my binoculars and after viewing the UFO with the binoculars I had him get my camera. It would fly left then right, hover and go in the clouds then come back (which is what made me think it was a drone). After viewing the UFO in my binoculars I was sure it was not a drone, UAV, or a weather balloon. It was very exciting because my whole family got to witness it and look at it. Once we looked at the pictures on the computer it really got us to wonder exactly what was this we just viewed. Finally it went into the clouds and we did not see it again. I would be very interested in finding out if anyone else saw the same thing we did and what it was. I have showed the pictures to several Naval pilots and others who work in aviation here at PAX river and they encouraged me to submit these photos. I also work in the aviation industry. MUFON CMS # 78511

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Triangle Shape UFO Sighting very unusual lights pulsing Exterior pitch black hovered No sound

UFO Sighting occurred between 9 pm-10 pm Arnold MO US 7/3/16. Driving home from my parents after BBQ, and was first observed by my son. As we were turning onto the street where we park, my son excitedly yelled, "Dad look a UFO!" I assumed he just seen a plane or a firework, but the UFO he had seen caught my eye looking straight above, out of my car's windshield. It was moving in the same direction as we were, so I continued so I could park and get a better look. This UFO was flying low but I would say it was about 10-15 stories high. It had a triangle like shape with very unique lights at three points, with a unique glowing pulse. I was driving about 20 MPH and about ready to pull into my parking spot, and the speed of this UFO seemed to be slightly faster. The reason I say this is because as I pull in to get out and get a better look, the UFO hovered steadily with no noise heading North West bound. Looking at Google Maps, and the direction of the UFO, if it had continued in the same direction, it looked to be going toward Tesson Ferry near St. Anthony's hospital. My wife was also in the car and she also seen the UFO but was not sure what it was. My initial thoughts were possibly a drone? It just seemed way too big for anyone to fly whatever it was remotely. It also made absolutely no noise. The way that this thing hovered or flew, was very ominous and for the moments we observed it, I felt uneasy. I have never seen anything fly like this thing was flying, and I wanted to post this to see if anyone else had seen this UFO. I searched on line for any similar UFO Sightings, since it had been the 4th of July weekend. I figured many people were watching fireworks and possibly observed this thing. Very unusual UFO Sightings! Triangle shape, but based on very unusual lights pulsing. Exterior was almost pitch black. Seemed low altitude, and hovered. No sound Arnold MO US MUFON CMS# 78485

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

On 24th April 1949 there was a UFO Sighting over White Sands New Mexico Charles B Moore

Charles B. Moore is known for deflating Roswell with the MOGUL balloon explanation, but his 1949 UFO sighting was pivotal in boosting the credibility of flying saucers. His was the first widely publicized report made by a scientist, and it's one of the best. Does anyone know if this UFO sighting has been dramatized in a show or documentary? credit Curt Collins / Charles B Moore

Search PDF versions of UFO publications 8/16/16

UFO source materials available as search-able PDFs may help improve the quality of modern discussions of issues relating to “UFOs”
Now online : 51 issues of Project Red Book (1998-2004), plus YUFOS Journal etc (UK UFO magazines)   Project Red Book, The YUFOS Journal and UFOdata magazine - searchable PDFs

Monday, August 15, 2016

Experience with UFO Alien entities and implants Long Beach Township New Jersey 8/4/16

A paranormal group visited me on the first week of August 2016 because I did not know where to turn. I explained to them I was experiencing occult influences in the form of entities that were able to control my thoughts and talk to me with my own voice it has been going on for seven years. I thought it was a mixture of Alien and supernatural but was not sure and needed help. I told them I did experience seeing a UFO at least twice I saw one fly over my home around seven years ago when this all began, it was very large, about the size of my house, and flew off extremely fast when I saw it for about a second there over my house. The second UFO Sightings event was around five months ago and it flew left, then flew right, stayed there for a short while. I showed no interest because of my symptoms and it disappeared. I have been guided into believing the control over my mind is robotic and from implants. They have mentioned reptilian to me. I saw a Alien gray once in my room but am not sure what to consider actual because I know they like to trick and manipulate. The word Illuminati comes up a lot. I have been getting attacked both mentally and physically when the paranormal group came they tested me for EMF signals, and I was emitted them from the left side of my ear and my arm. The group has it recorded on a camera video phone they tried reaching out to MUFON and was told to personally submit a report. I can ask for the video of the EMF when you reply to this if you need it. I am unsure as to the procedure you take. I have been struggling and life has been very hard for me with all of these attacks. the attacks include pains in the head, chest pains, unwanted sexual feelings, heating of the body, loss of memory, feeling drained and tired, being kept awake at night, altering electronics such as music i'm listening to, nausea, and I need help. I have a MRI scheduled for Monday and dermatologist scheduled in late September for this bump in my arm but I am afraid of ethereal implants which they have mentioned and other types of influence that I am unaware of how to get rid of additional evidence such as video of emf signatures can be provided I just need to ask the paranormal group to send it to me. MUFON CMS# 78420

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fast flying disappearing UFO Sighting Sioux City IA US 8/13/16

I looked out my patio screen door (it's a cool summer night) and saw solid white and red lights. The UFO was going way too fast to be a plane, after about 5 seconds it flashed red and then disappeared. I saw it while on my couch. It was night time with clear skies, not a single cloud in sight. I immediately got up and went on the patio to verify if it was an actual UFO or a plane by looking up to see if I saw any other lights to compare. I counted 4 very slow moving craft consistently flashing a red and either a white or green light (I am thinking white) and determined those were completely different from what i had seen. The UFO I was seeing when I went onto the patio was very small, equivalent to a star (I determined them to be airplanes), and the UFO I saw disappear would be equivalent to the size of a penny from where I had been seated. MUFON CMS# 78376

Large UFO cigar chapel matte dark gray descended slowly Exeter NH 8/13/16

A large UFO cigar shaped dark is gray craft with no wings or cockpit was witnessed above tree tops slowly descending. Lost sight of it behind the trees. Could not make out windows but seemed to be a straight line of little black squares. UFO was approximately 80-150 feet in length. MUFON CMS# 78389

Friday, August 12, 2016

Black disc shape UFO split's into three then one again flew out of sight Salt Lake City 8/11/16

My family and I ( myself 37 years of age, sister 24, brother 27 and my two boys 10 and 8) were driving up interstate 15 in Utah just south of salt lake city. I was the first to notice a black object in the sky which seemed to be about 3 miles away, about 1500 feet off the ground. I made a joke to my boys to look there was a UFO. My sister said its just a cloud to which I responded " I know I'm just trying to trick the boys". I did think it was weird that there was a single black cloud low in the sky and not all that far away. We watched it for a few minutes still talking about it going back and forth weather it was a cloud because as we got closer so it seemed it seemed more defined edges and solid. I decided to take pictures half thinking I was just taking pictures of a single solid black cloud. The pictures did not turn out well because it was with a cell phone a little past sun set and zoomed to the max. After taking several pictures and looking threw what I took I looked up and there were now 3 black classic UFO shape objects. Then two and then one again. I did not see them separate or come back together if that is in fact how there became three and then one. It then seemed to pick up speed continuing north towards Ogden. Within seconds it was gone. My brother and I both thought the UFO was about 500 yards across and about half that tall. We all at first were not excited about what we were watching but slowly realized it was no cloud and then when there were three horizontally and evenly spaced apart about 600 yards we became real excited and kids a little scared. I don't know what it was but I know it was unusual. There was never a light on the UFOs. Just black. MUFON CMS #78355

Large UFO in sky above radar station hovered dropped light New York 8/12/16

My boyfriend and I were near the abandoned radar station to watch the Perseids meteor shower. He called my intention to a large, brightly lit UFO in the sky hovering past the radar station, changing lights rapidly. We watched the UFO for nearly an hour as it hovered, dropped, rose again, faded away, and returned to hover and move around in the same area. The UFO emitted flashes, or what I would call booms, of light that reflected off of the clouds. It occasionally dropped concentrated light that looked like shooting stars, but they were not shooting stars. We were facing northeast and I captured our coordinates listed at the end of this narrative. On the opposite horizon at almost due west, we saw an identical orb about 15 minutes after we noticed the first. The UFO was lower on the horizon and much closer than the first. It also glowed brightly with flashing lights from red to yellow to white to blue in rapid succession. It hovered for awhile and then it began its path further west, hugging the horizon the entire time. I was primarily watching the first orb, which continued to hover and move around quickly in the sky to the north and my boyfriend primarily watched the one to the west as it moved further away. Both disappeared around 1 AM at the same time. It was pretty exciting and certainly better than watching the Perseids meteor shower. MUFON CMS# 78360

Coordinates when watching object 1: 43•0'34" N 73•41'9" W, facing 21•N (12:15am)
Coordinates when watching object 2: 43•0'33" N 73•41'10" W, facing 290•W (12:40am)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Four Boomerang shaped UFOs seemed to be hovering and making no sound Show Low Arizona

I was looking to the night sky hoping to see a couple of meteors fall. To the east was a patch of lightning so I worked around the side of the house to see if there was a clear area to observe. The moon was very bright and next to it was a Boomerang UFO that was displaying 5-6 lights blinking vertically. It was to bright to be a star and it was silently hovering just at the edge of the clouds. I then realized there was another identical UFO to the right of it. I then turned and saw another same UFO to the left of the moon and another Boomerang UFO directly over my home. I saw two planes fly through the sky but only one craft was moving, the craft directly above me was moving forward ever so slightly. All displaying the same lights and making no sound whatsoever. I banged on the bedroom window and asked my partner Chuck to come observe with me and he did. We were both amazed. they stayed in the sky for about 20 minutes and then disappeared one after the other. I was so excited! I have never witnessed something so incredible! I don't believe I will ever see anything as amazing again in my lifetime. Unfortunately my cellphone was dead so I did not capture this amazing event on film or camera. MUFON CMS# 

UFO changed direction and sped up towards the jet Thunder Bay Ontario 8/9/16

Bright white UFO teardrop with a slight bright pointed tail moving very slow over the house.
I could hear a high flying jet nearby getting closer. The UFO changed direction and sped up towards the jet, and spiraled around its nose, dipping up then down, then sped off SE and seemed to slow down when it was over the city. The behavior of the bright UFO reminded me of a cat running out, jumping straight up to swat a toy and running off. Jet was traveling North/North east. The UFO was the size of the front of the get from the wing to its tip, I was able to get a good size comparison when it spun around the jet. The UFO came extremely close to the jet. My witness who was with me was recording it on a phone, but stopped recording before the jet interaction, as my fellow witness got a text message...which apparently was way more important at that moment. Video is a typical light in the sky, the quality you expect from a phone in the evening on a distant object. I will see if I can get my fellow witness to send it to me to upload on here later. MUFON CMS# 78326

Monday, August 8, 2016

White Triangle Shaped UFO flying in Las Vegas southern sky 8/3/16

Around 3:45pm(PST) on Wed Aug 3 I was driving south on Las Vegas Blvd heading toward the intersection of Blue Diamond. Had just left a work meeting. There were clouds all over the valley that afternoon… some of the really big puffy clouds… some grayer clouds, some thinner clouds… but also lots of sun. I noticed a lightning bolt (which I don’t see very often in Vegas) directly south several miles. That drew my attention to a white object moving toward the north and to my left (basically over Henderson and 10 degrees to southeast from my southernly direction). It was moving through the clouds. It then stopped in mid-air… maybe a couple of miles up, as a complete guess. I thought that seemed strange… it was smaller than an airplane. My first thought was maybe it’s a helicopter. But it was solid looking, no rotor and all white. The white didn’t appear to be from any lights or from sun reflection as best I could tell. It was somewhat triangular shaped… but really it was more crescent shaped that, instead of being rounded off, came to a point at its head. Next thought… it must be a drone. Then the object started flying from its midair stop to next moving from my left to my right (moving directly west). At this point, I was still thinking it’s a drone. It was sort of moving erratically… but not particularly fast. It stopped near one of the large puffy clouds for a moment and now positioned off to my right. Maybe over the Southern Highlands area 10 degrees to southwest from my southerly direction. I was at this point parked near my home. Then suddenly, the object slowly moved directly into that big cloud. I waited around outside for several minutes to see if I could spot it again, but was unable to and it was a tad bit hot out! But it was an unusual looking object that stopped in midair, flew a somewhat erratic pattern, and then seemed to intentionally go directly into a cloud. The whole sequence maybe lasted 10 minutes. MUFON CMS# 78272

Saturday, August 6, 2016

NASA Suspends Live TV Feed over UFO Sightings?

"UFO theorists will now surely look at NASA's move as further confirmation after a live NASA video feed by the ISS was cut on July 9th as a blurry round object was seen descending from the upper-right corner on the live feed before the screen went dark as the UFO appeared to stop and a notice followed indicating technical difficulties. The incident was captured on a You Tube video that prompted alien hunters and conspiracy theorist to think that NASA was covering up the sighting." NASA Suspends Future Live TV Feeds from the International Space Station --"Move Follows UFO Cover Up Claims" DAILYGALAXY.COM credit Frank Stalter

UFO Aliens on the mind Roswell & the UFO Phenomenon

Prior to 9/11 it was the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories, a cosmic Watergate," says William Dewan, a professor of history at the University of California at Irvine, who wrote his doctorate dissertation on the UFO phenomenon. "The contemporary climate is key to understanding these events.New Mexico commemorates the anniversary of a supposed alien spacecraft crash in 1947 and an alleged government cover-up.Aliens on the mind: Roswell and the UFO phenomenon

Are UFO Alien Experiencers always Abductees?

The answer is NO! Over 1,200 individuals responded to this question and we determined that only 32% of those that have had both UFO contact AND contact with a Non-Human Intelligence have also had what is commonly called an "Abduction". Thus, 68% of Experiencers are NOT ABDUCTEES. How many of you have seen a UFO, have had contact with non-human intelligence, but have NOT had an abduction? credit Reinerio Hernandez_FREE

UFO Virtual Experience of the First Kind 2016

The UFO & Paranormal Research Society is dedicated to the study of UFO, paranormal and related phenomenon so that we may better understand the Universe and our role within. In this talk I describe an astounding UFO sighting report that I obtained from a Department of Energy maintenance engineer. The event took place when he was working at the research facility in the Santa Susana Pass. While visiting our Kaiser Panorama City ER he revealed to me that an act of sabotage had taken place when a UFO cut a large pipe that brought water to the labs that he was in charge of maintaining.
I also discuss my contact experiences in which I was shown by UFO intelligence how they use visual displays that are illusions to interact with human subjects. This is what I call a Virtual Experience of the First Kind. Joseph Burkes MD Here is a link to talk I gave on July 17th, 2016 to the UFO and Paranormal Research Society Los Angeles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwWJXRSgJc

Friday, August 5, 2016

Triangular UFO Sighting equal in size to moon as viewed through binoculars KS US 6/11/16

Waiting near SUV in parking area after June 11,2016 11th Annual Symphony in the Flint Hills 7 miles south of Cottonwood Falls on Hwy 177. Turn west onto Rock Road and continue 7 miles to the concert site. many other event goers all around the area. we were all waiting for traffic to clear out and take our turn to leave event. I was with my friend who had lost their glasses and could not safely drive at night due to farsightedness. I was looking at the moon with pocket size binoculars. I had found a steady position and stabilized and focused on the moon when a small point of light appeared to drop out of the moon and swoop leaf-like into view as a triangular shaped UFO approximately the same size as the moon through the binoculars. it hovered had whit lights at each corner of object.I asked my friend if they saw what I saw and they noted it "looked like it dropped out of the moon" they could note the shape and color of the lights clearly even with poor vision. I heard a voice in my head tell me I want to look at the moon. the object slowly started to drift out of view through the binoculars and I really had to "fight" to shake loose the thought of only focusing on the moon. I kept my sight on the UFO through the binoculars for the entire experience,my friend was next to me watching this occur unaided by binoculars and they could see it clearly even w poor eyesight, I have no clear sense of distance because I was looking through binoculars. it slowly drifted horizontally. I could see a solid object that seemed to reflect the dark sky but it was slightly matte in finish. I could distinguish it as solid lights changed color to blue and appeared on the edges not the corners. white corner lights turned off. continued on path when lights turned all red and appeared at the corners. stopped, hovered a second then slowly reversed horizontal course very briefly then returned traveling ENE on original trajectory. UFO moved along path then slowly began descending and as it did the lights changed to a violet color and went out of sight behind a ridge line in the flint hills. The UFO did not ascend again. making no sound no one around us seemed to notice we both had sensed the UFO was there all along and observing the event? it felt as if it was simply making us aware of its presence. like it was only for the two of us to see. MUFON CMS# 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

UFO was transparent lights around the circumference followed our car IE 11/15/12

It began when I was at my father's house. My brother, sister and I where there. My sister and I where inside, and my brother was outside. My father had left two hours prior to the event to go to work. We where waiting for our mother to pick us up. I was sitting in the house when my brother ran in talking about " strange glowing orbs " in the field in front of our house ( the house was in the country side ). At first I didn't believe him but I went outside anyway, and sure enough there it was as clear as could be. It was hovering around 30 feet off the ground, and about 20 feet away from where I was standing. It was Circular in shape, with seemingly no physical structure. It was completely transparent, with pulsating glowing pale yellow orbs slowly spinning around the outer most circumference. There was a smaller circle on the inside slightly elevated above the outer circle of orbs. I would estimate that the ship had a radius of about 15 feet. One thing I noted was the almost scary silence at the time. No wind or any ambient noise. Just silence, I could even hear my heartbeat it was that astoundingly quiet. The UFO seemed to fade away and then fade back every couple of minutes. I haven't really told anyone about my encounter and this is why. None of us had any phones or cameras etc. To document the UFO. My mother eventually arrived to collect us and we pointed it out to her as well. I asked if I could take a picture with her phone only for her to hand me her old Nokia with no camera ( she is terrible with phones ). This where it gets most interesting, we got into the car and we set off to a town that was about 5 miles away to get some food, and to our amazement the UFO followed us. It perfectly matched our speed, and the scary silence followed us, even the cars engine sounded quieter than usual ( perhaps some kind of stealth sound suppressant technology? It would make sense along with the fact that it was transparent ). About half way to the town, I asked my mum to stop so I could get out and look at it for a while, with it still being only about 30 feet from the ground, and now closer to us than before. So me and my brother got out to look at it for about 10 minutes and then we got back in the car. This part was scary, my mother went to turn on the car, and there was no response. The car was in a sense "dead" or drained of all power. The headlights became a did yellow orange and the car wouldn't start for a few minutes, and then all of a sudden it just reverted to normal and started up as if there was never a problem. So we continued on until we reached the edge of the small town, all the while I was keeping my eyes glued on the UFO. And just when we reached the signpost saying "Welcome to *town name*" the UFO stopped for a second, slowly went back a few feet and dissipated. It just faded away. That was the first and last time we ever saw it. We have since moved away from that area, but for the remaining few years we where there I always looked out to that field at night in the hopes of another sighting, but it never happened. Now, I mentioned before that none of us had any phones cameras etc. But I have a theory that this is why it appeared before us. There was no one but us in that area on that night, and we had no technology capable of documenting the UFO, is it possible that it/they somehow knew this? I was recently speaking to a man who was hiking in New Mexico. He saw exactly what I described to him, and funnily enough he mentioned the scary silence, and the fact that he had no phone/camera. I hope my encounter helps in some way in this community coming a few steps closer to the truth. MUFON CMS# 78124

Monday, August 1, 2016

Grey/Blue haze light surrounding circular UFO on empty highway NJ 7/11/16

Brief flashes of light followed but a Grey/Blue haze of light surrounding a circular object on empty highway. I saw two "UFO" flying objects, appearing as flashes every couple of seconds. I was heading home with my mother and just had gotten on the road. I was up and awake and looked ahead only to see flashing lights. When I picked my phone up to record the phenomenon, it does, although it was at 78% approximately. There was a dark grey/bluish light surrounding the UFO object. It wasn't stable in the least bit and was quite frightening. My car slowed down although my speedometer reported I was pushing 55 mph. My mother was tired and wasn't paying attention to the road but I had gotten 12+ hours of sleep so I know I couldn't have been mistaken. I recall briefly looking at the dashboard to check what time it was only to realize I'd lost nearly 7 minutes. It's not much, but it was terrifying. My family says I see things no one else does, so maybe it was a trick of the light, but I swear I know what I saw. NUFORC Blue Star Memorial Highway NJ UFO Report

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