Saturday, June 29, 2019

Two Bright UFOs disappeared then heard rumbling east sky Lakeland FL.

Getting out my truck 2 UFO lights caught my eye in the east sky, it was if they were drifting but they were very far away. UFOs were bright like a slow moving fire ball I guess. One disappeared then seconds later the another One disappeared. One other time 3 years ago I seen what I thought was fire balls, it was 5 perfect looking round shape rocks in formation with each other like traveling across the sky in together in with a sphere together, literally over my head. Come out of no where. The 2 UFOs I seen tonight were far away but had the same color as the group of boulders, bright white and yellow and slightly orange and maybe a little red. And after they disappeared I heard rumbling like thunder in a distance the lasted several minutes. UFO Sighting occurred on June 25th 2019 Lakeland FL.

Circular Saucer UFO with 3 glowing yellow lights seen in Charleston SC.

I was just looking outside my window when I saw a circular disk UFO with 3 glowing lights floating in the air. the lights were yellow with a faint red dot in the center. I thought it might have been an aircraft because I live next to a air base. But it didn't look like a normal ship and didn't look like it was going the usual airline flight path. The UFO Sighting was huge, just floating in the same spot. I went out of my room to tell my family what I've witnessed. when I came back it was gone. UFO Sighting occurred on 6/24/19

UFO Sighting and Strange Music Idaho witness claims

Very near Idaho/Nevada border, I picked up a strange radio station and spotted at least one UFO - I didn't believe until last night.

At approximately 23:47 on U.S. Hwy 93, 3 miles south of Hollister, ID the station I was listening to “Boise State Public Radio” on 91.7 when the usual news/classical format changed. It began playing very strange atmospheric, almost psychedelic music, with what sounded like whales in the sounds as well. The noises in the music all put together sounded like something I had never heard before, it is almost impossible to describe the sense it created.

I continued for several miles, still tuned in for curiosities’ sake. At this point I was only a few miles south of Rogerson (8 miles from where I originally began hearing the strange music) My dog that I travel with began barking very loudly, which he never does on car rides. I very briefly looked back to calm him down when suddenly the music got much louder and when I shot my view back forward there was a very bright purple/blue light just above the road, I swear it grew brighter and brighter with every passing moment. It almost appeared like an air traffic light burning very bright in the middle of the highway. I braked almost immediately and pulled to the side of the road, terrified as my dog continued to bark, yelp, and howl. As I reached in my glove box for my pistol, the music went down to its usual volume and as I hopped out the large light was gone. I could almost see nothing since the light took away my adjusted night vision. I took out a cigarette to calm my nerves as my eyes readjusted, continued listening to the strange music still playing through my Oldsmobile and realized my perception of time during this whole incident was very skewed, a 15 minutes had felt like hours. Just then I noticed five UFO lights, getting brighter and brighter just as the first had, UFOs were staggered almost like a Z with an extra line going straight up and slightly to the north from the south as I was facing it. They stayed bright for several moments before one by one faded into the atmosphere! here. At some point during my dumbfounded staring at the sky my radio had gone to static. After looking it up, I had been out of range of the radio signal since Hollister.

I did not believe in UFOs or Extra Terrestrials until last night, if you had told me they were anything other than folk stories, I would have laughed at you.

I have never been more wrong, or terrified of my mistake, in all my years.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Las Vegas Alien UFO Bases IUFOC93 Video

British UFO Researcher RW took his time to watch the Vegas Desert area with care, and on Hi8 Video. His material is on UFO shows and YOU Tube around the world. But this horrific 1993 IUFOC interrogation was captured just after the Nights hypnotic and drug Interrogation, in a hotel Room in the old Showboat Hotel downtown Las Vegas, by Irish UFO researcher Miles Johnston. Critical to this hour long interview is the intrusion, of what became known as Six Greys , and MILAB style Ultra High Multi Frequency Audio technology, detected by the camera, as mushy noise. The Camera's Infra Red auto focus, tried to focus on numerous entities around the worn out and R-W, after his night of interrogation by some of the speakers at the IUFOC Dec 1993. So important was this tape that Certain Psi-Intell Agencies in a number of countries got copies. This was released in part, in BASES 2. Now released in part in YOU Tube in 2007. FULL DVD available. The full interview after his interrogation is too disturbing, and is ONLY available to mature well experienced researchers.

Major UFO Disclosure 2019

Exciting News!!! In this video you'll here about how 2 senators and the president have been briefed on UFO's following the increase of UFO sightings by the US Navy. Is disclosure coming soon?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Greenfield MN UFO Sighting outside my window

I'm laying in my bed and I look out to my window and I noticed a UFO that presumably looks circular and has red yellow and white lights in a non distinct pattern heading West I open up my window and try to listen for a sound in the best way I can describe the sound is a low pulsating humming sound and it's very faint and it gets fainter as it gets away and then a plane not too far behind it comes to light but then I can hear the sound of the plane and barely the sound of the aircraft.

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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