Sunday, June 12, 2016

UFO Triangle shaped fast big soundless reported Kuhren DE 6/12/16

I was at my Friends birthday party in a little village that hasn't so many street lights it was already very dark. We went outside and played hide and seek. Me and 2 other friends were hiding in a very dark place between 2 trashcans. I looked into the sky and at the stars, then there were 3 big lights in a triangle shape and a little red light in the middle. It was moving very fast and the lights were not flashing like airplane lights are, they were just shining continuous. It made no sounds although it was very big and near to me. It was flying in a straight line and disappeared behind some houses after a couple seconds.When I first saw it I thought it was an airplane but like I've said the lights were not flashing and also there was not a airport anywhere near by so why should a plane this size fly so close to the ground and make no sounds.When I saw the UFO I felt really weird and couldn't really talk but after it was gone I asked my two friends if they've seen it too, they had but they thought it was just an airplane and they said I am mad for thinking it was an UFO. Also they did not really listened when I tried to explain why I thought it was a UFO. I am still really confused what this was. MUFON CMS# 76995

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