Thursday, March 31, 2016

UFO reported March 30 2016 over Fultoham Ohio US

I was outside looking at the stars a little after 9:00 pm. I noticed a white light with a flashing red light to the east. I thought it was too far up to be from a tower. When I went inside to go to bed I realized I had not gotten the mail. I got my keys and went back outside. The lights in the east were gone and then I noticed a large diamond shaped UFO going overhead. It had a white light on each point and a flashing red light. I had my phone in my pocket so I snapped a bunch of pictures while it passed over me. It continued on a straight course to the west and out of sight. I got my mail and went inside to look at the pictures. At first they looked like blank frames, but on one I noticed a pinprick of white. I zoomed in and cropped the image. I had to do this to all of the pictures to see the UFO. The whole time the UFO appeared to me as a diamond shape, but the pictures have different appearances. I have only lived out in the country for about five months. Three times I've seen what at first looked like a star in the east that then began moving in a north to south direction and then made a sharp right turn and continued moving west. The UFO I saw last night seemed large and quite low, much lower than an aircraft of that size would normally be traveling. Pictures taken on my phone appear smaller and farther away than in person. Hope the fact that I zoomed in and cropped them doesn't mess up what you need to see. MUFON CMS# 75535

Thursday, March 24, 2016

UFO Alien Praying Mantis Beings Allies? or Foes?

UFO Signs: 32416

G. S.'s altered state perception of three deep brownish-red Grey-type UFO Alien entities trying to work with a ring instrument resembling a car steering wheel above his head. The Grey Alien  environment seemed to be a circular craft, while another part of G. S.'s mind knew that he was still
sitting in the chair in the corner of the Toronto condo party unable to move his body
or to open his eyes. He felt like he was in two dimensional tracks or timelines simultaneously.
Illustration © 2015 by Douglas Vanasselstine. Environment

Friday, March 18, 2016

Silent Oblong Shaped UFO Daytime Sightings UK 3/13/16

UFO witness reports that I was walking home from the local shops with my elderly mother (on the 13 March 2016 5.56 pm) The Sky was perfectly clear, in my peripheral vision I noticed some movement in the sky… I looked up just as a silent black rectangular UFO passed almost directly over our heads! The UFO was moving at speed (approximately 50 mph) on a perfectly straight trajectory exactly as if it was on rails it’s height was approximately 150 m. I pointed it out to my mother.. we could not make sense of what we were seeing. Barnsbury Avenue is very quiet so any sound from this UFO would have been obvious, but there was absolutely no sound. It was only in sight for 15-20 seconds.. the moment I saw this UFO I pulled out my iPhone to capture some video/stills, but realized by the time I would have the camera ready the object would have passed behind house’s so we simply observed it with our eyes. Within 30 seconds of this UFO object passing I had set my iPhone up to take some digital shots of the location/lighting.I also made a note of the wind direction *southernly (the UFO was moving westerly)

Structure of UFO:
Rectangular cube shape (not aerodynamic) ..Beneath the UFO was 8 thin legs like extrusions that appeared to have some motion possibly being buffeted by the wind they seemed to be flexible like thin rubber.
Size: of UFO From what we could make out it appeared to be approximately L=10ft W=7ft H=7ft …roughly size of an old type Mini (small British car)
Appearance: of UFO It’s coloring was very odd to observe.. the sides appeared to be rough weathered mat Black metal, the back end of this object was somehow more than 100% Black, the back end seemed to absorb light completely no reflected light at all.. (this light absorbing effect I have never seen in life) I have created to the best of my ability an accurate 3D animated visualization of the sighting using the digital photo that was taken 30 seconds after the object had gone behind the house. This is very close to what we had seen in terms structure, size, height, and speed. I have had many sightings of orb like UFO objects but none have been as close and as clear this Black oblong object..

UFO Sighting witness personal thoughts:
• It was moving silently with speed at a constant velocity on a perfectly straight trajectory across the direction of the wind.. so it can’t simply be a balloon or a drone.
• It was not being pulled through the air by another vehicle.
• My mother and I both witnessed it it's not my imagination.
• It was Black with no illumination not a lantern.
• There was no exhaust.. so I have no idea to what was causing this object to move.
• The light absorbing quality gave me the impression we were observing a new kind of technology not normally seen my man.
• Its size, speed and lack of engine/motor sound also gave the impression that this is of a technology also not normally seen my man.

Other UFO Sightings witnesses
There could be a good chance there will be other witnesses, it’s flight path takes it virtually over Aylesbury town centre. MUFON CMS#75244

Monday, March 14, 2016

UFOs The True Story of Flying Saucers 1956

UFO Signs:

Enjoy this drama-documentary, based on the experiences of Al Chop, a reporter who served as press liaison for the Pentagon during its investigation of UFO's from 1947 to the early 1950s.

Miller, Soule, and Tremayne provide the voices for the narrated portions of the film. Although the movie contains only two brief film clips to serve as photographic evidence of UFO's, the producers build a good case based on the credibility of certain UFO Sighting witnesses (airline pilots, military personnel, radar operators, etc.).

On a more subtle level, director Winston Jones pulls off a clever trick; he begins the film as a pure documentary, but he gradually modifies this approach and focuses on reporter Al Chop's personal involvement in the UFO investigation. Chop slowly changes from UFO skeptic to UFO believer

The climax is a gripping reenactment of a true incident which occurred in 1950, when a group of UFO's cruised above Washington DC for several hours. The voice of Harry Morgan is heard over the radio as an Air Force pilot whose plane is literally surrounded by UFO's, during which Al Chop and a group of bewildered military men cluster around the radar scope, watching in wide-eyed wonder. Dramatically speaking, this scene is far superior to its counterpart in `Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. The most amazing thing about this film is the fact that it was made with the full cooperation of the United States government, and every scrap of evidence it presents was made available to any and all scientific agency who wanted to examine it.

Watch it and make up your own mind about UFO's -- but you'll loose some sleep over it before you do. Note: Some reviews mistakenly identify the star of `Unidentified Flying Objects' as Tom Powers, a co-star of `Destination Moon' (1950). The star of `UFO' is actually a Los Angles newspaper reporter (not a professional actor) named Tom Powers, who portrays the real-life reporter Al Chop.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Operation UFO Saucer official Brazilian search for UFOs

Operation Saucer: The Official Search For UFOs That Attacked Brazilians With ‘Light Beams’ In 1977
While UFO Alien hunters concentrate their energies on pictures from Mars or the top secret Area 51 base in Nevada, an island off Central America was the location of a bizarre UFO Sighting were an unidentified Flying object "UFO"' attacked people with a laser like weapon. In this Brazilian city of Colares in the year 1977 the residents say that not only did they have multiple different shaped UFO sightings which were maneuvering at tree top levels but they were attacked by this strange appearing craft. Some of the witnesses state that they were able to see the occupants of these UFOs which appear to be small alien beings. The next several days after this UFO event the Brazilian Military were contacted and the military investigated the incident under the name Operation Kirk Walker

Monday, March 7, 2016

Several UFOs reported 3/1/16 over Queens New York

UFO Signs:

30-40 orb shaped UFOs sighted moving through cloud cover in Queens New York on March 3rd 2016. Witness states I thought I was seeing stars, at first then suddenly realized the UFOs were moving. I looked in another area and another UFO. The clouds were moving fast and starting to cover quickly though the little openings a light would appear and than be gone moving in its own direction.

At first, I thought it was just the clouds moving against the sky but I started testing each UFO by using the telephone pole and the wire and I stood still and the UFOs were moving fast pass my set focus points.

I then ran inside and got my Girl Friend and the sky was almost completely covered with clouds. strange cloud fog.. Tiny little holes would open in the sky and you would see one and another and another moving in the same direction. If that same place was again clear the objects were not in the sky. Must have seen 30 of these UFOs before the sky was completely covered with cloud fog.

I retuned outside 45 mins later around 830pm and the sky was completely clear and the stars were ! in there natural place and no clouds to be seen. Source 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rectangle Shaped UFO sighting over Delray Beach Fl 3/5/16

UFO Signs:

UFO witness states I was traveling eastbound on Hwy 80 just between Gladewater and White Oak. I noticed a very large red object in my rear view mirror. I thought it could have been a life flight helicopter and dismissed the object as that. Roughly 30 seconds go by and i notice the object is now getting much closer than it was when I first viewed it.

Again, I dismissed it as possibly just a life flight helicopter and continued to drive. The UFO closed in within 50 to 100 ft of my vehicle and I then noticed that I heard no helicopter or aircraft sound. As the UFO was coming up behind my vehicle, it turned on some sort of white "spotlight" or bright white light that illuminated the entire road beneath the UFO. Then it moved directly over my vehicle and matched my speed, staying above my vehicle for the duration of this experience.

I pulled my car over on eastbound side of hwy 80 in the middle of the bridge leading over lake Devernia. My wife was with me during this event and once I started to pull over, she became extremely upset and scared and asked me to please just continue to drive and not to stop. Once i came to a complete stop, I opened my door, stepped out of my vehicle and tried to better observe this UFO. There was a very distinct "hum", almost like a hum you would hear coming from a street lamp. Very consistent and very unique sound.

I used my left arm to shield my eyes to try and get more details on the UFO. On each wing tip, there white lights. The cavity the lights were in looked like someone taking a scoop out of an ice cream bowl. The light itself looked to come from further back in this recess. The object was a flat black looking metallic skin. The only reflective item on this UFO was the circle around the red light/hugely bright white light coming directly from the center of the undercarriage of the vehicle. When I observed it, it would have been "red/white light in recess, reflective black metallic material forming a circle, almost exactly like a recess light in your home. The housing for the light would be identical to what i saw on this craft.

The best description I can give on how I felt during this is like when you put a 9v battery to your tongue, that metallic/static/uncomfortable feeling is what the whole area felt like to me. While looking at the craft, there seemed to be something that made the outer edge look like what pavement looks like on a hot summer day. There was absolutely no wind or prop wash coming off of this UFO, just the electric sounding hum.

After a few minutes of seeing the UFO while out of my car, it slowly gain roughly 100 ft in altitude, looking like it was moving sideways or "crab walking" back toward the west where I originally saw the red light, it flew over some tree tops and out of my line of sight. As I sat back down into the car, my wife was hysterical. Extremely afraid, extremely shocked and frantic. I started driving east again and within seconds started to feel as if I were sunburned. My face/left arm were the only parts of my body that felt this way. It was identical to how a sunburn feels. It felt like it radiated heat, was warmer to the touch than any other part of my body and yet there was no sunburn. My arm/face looked perfectly fine, but felt as tho they had been burned.

There are other details to this event that will remain untold unless it's directly to a MUFON detective. Never in my life have I ever experienced something like this. If anyone else witnessed this UFO, please come forward also and lets get this on record. Not only was this the biggest vehicle UFO I have ever seen, it was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. MUFON CMS# 74989

Friday, March 4, 2016

UFO Disclosure Good verses Bad UFO Aliens?

UFO Signs:

Good and Evil (UFO Alien) ETs? Is it time to get out of the playpen?
J.Burkes MD

I have been posting on Facebook for almost three years. I find it rather curious how quickly any attempt to have a balanced discussion of the nature of flying saucer intelligence quickly degenerates into a debate about the so-called "good and bad" ETs.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the ET hypothesis is likely, but there is no absolute proof. As I have written again and again experiencers don't need proof that the so-called “visitors are "ET" or from the future, or inter dimensionals before we willingly engage them. In the process we have been co-creating with a non-human intelligence close encounters that can be multiply witnessed.

Nevertheless when it comes to discussing this topic on social media, UFO fans of all stripes argue among themselves like children fighting in a sandbox. I suggest that if we want to act like adults then we can take it upon ourselves to attempt to meet the alleged ETs in groups. Importantly as these encounters continue to occur in group settings I urge contact workers not to become too attached to their particular views on what kind of intelligence we are engaging.

I have learned the utility of using the strong personal connections that long-term experiencers have with flying saucer intelligence. In the presence of what I call “prime contactees” I have co-created with the "ETs" real time events that are multiply witnessed. This effort has been going on since the early days of Mission Rama in the 1970s.

Thus in the contact network I have learned that as in Hollywood it is not "what you know, but rather "who you know." In other words if one attaches oneself to high-level contactees as I did in 1992, you can have the adventure of a lifetime. The links that the prime contactees have with "flying saucer central intelligence" facilitates encounters for people like me that never saw a UFO before joining Dr Greer’s and later Rama’s groups.

As a result of my personal involvement with the contactees I have had multiple sightings both in the field and in my neighborhood, at least two episodes of missing time and I even channeled for a few years. These experiencers occurred with someone that prior to becoming a Working Group Coordinator in the CE5 Initiative had only been interested in UFOs for about one year. I suggest others try to do something similar if they want to climb out of the playpen. Or is that too scary?

In our dualistic way of thinking we take the positive and negative experiences as representing different intentions and agendas of supposedly different races. It is understandable that many experiencers initially define good and evil in terms of pleasure and pain, but is that the only criteria to employ? Some contacts are very frightening indeed, but then there are a growing number of experiencers that are willing to report that once they "work thru" the negativity, they find their encounters to be incredibly meaningful to them. Whitley Strieber is the most famous example that has reported this transformation.

Sometimes encounters are described in a spiritual context that may allow psychological healing. In this way experiencers can overcome symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that many abductees have been diagnosed with. Very few people experience significant physical injuries and deaths are incredibly rare, if they occur at all, and I might add that miraculous cures of serious illness by the alleged ETs "Aliens" are also rare events.

What if the different flying saucer intelligences are one unified intelligence deliberately staging both "good and bad" encounters? People like myself that consider themselves “contactees” (I prefer the term contact workers) are on one track, the “good” tract. The abductees are on the “negative” track. Perhaps with some psychological help and or spiritual development an individual can move from a “bad” track to a “good” one. This reportedly has happened to a number of experiencers. I have not heard of people going in the reverse direction. Maybe this is so because I just have not adequately reviewed the alien abductionist literature during the last few years.

Clearly these are not easy questions to answer. This is especially when so many of us are pushing our pet theories rather than attempting a fair and balanced investigation into this mysterious phenomenon.

UFO Alien Agenda Linda Moulton Howe video

UFO Signs:

Linda Moulton Howe says over decades, there have been reports of highly strange phenomena around the world that involve symbols on UFO unidentified aerial craft. Some of those high strangeness cases have also included binary code that has been translated.

Linda has written four books: Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles, 2nd Edition, 2002, about eyewitness accounts and the scientific research of biophysical and biochemical changes in affected cereal crops by complex energy systems; An Alien Harvest 1989, about the worldwide phenomenon; Glimpses of Other Realities, Volumes I and II 1993 and 1998, about intelligence and civilian testimonies concerning non-human Alien interactions with Earth.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

UFO Sightings Reported Charlotte North Carolina 1/1/16

UFO Signs:

I was at home on New Year's Eve and just after midnight I walked outside to take the dog out and listen to all the fireworks and gunfire going off in the area. I had been standing in our back yard by the North facing side of our house when I noticed what I thought at first to be something burning up in top of the neighbors large Oak tree. I then saw that it was moving, traveling in a Southwest direction and I couldn't hear sound coming from it. I didn't think much about it and started to walk back to the house. That's when I noticed another one off to the North horizon coming towards my location.The light from these UFOs was an Orange/Red light which seemed to be solid and very bright. No flickering or shape changing. When I realized that I was looking at something I had never seen before I called for my wife to come outside to see it as well so I would at least have someone to back up on what I was seeing. (She did) The Orb UFOs all came from the same area off to the North and traveled in the same direction as the first. About the time one would go below the horizon in the Southwest another UFO would appear off to the North. Each were spaced about 90 to 120 seconds apart. It was hard to determine how big or high the UFOs were because I have nothing that I've seen before to compare it to. If I were to guess based on us living in a flight path for the Charlotte Douglas Int. Airport the jetliners that come by our neighborhood are estimated to be 10,000-15,000 feet up usually coming in for a landing and are clearly visible to the naked eye. These UFO Sightings appeared to be at that altitude, but larger than a jet liner moving a lot slower than one as well. However since I have never seen one at ground level I can only guess to it's actual size. The orb like UFOs continued to come from the North and travel SW. On the 10th one to appear in the North we saw that it began in the same flight path as the others, however this last one changed course and flew directly over us still at the same altitude as the others. Just prior to it passing over us the orange/reddish light seemed to just fade away. I could not see where the lights were originating from like you can on an aircraft. They were just there, and then they weren't. When the lights went off I was looking almost straight up at it and sighted that there was now a saucer shaped UFO there moving by over head. I tracked the craft for about four seconds until I tripped and nearly fell. When I looked back up I saw the lights come back on never seeing where they originated from, and then the craft rejoin the flight path of the others flying out of sight. I felt that this UFO craft exposed itself on purpose for us to see it. The bottom of the UFO craft appeared to be Grey on the outside ring and darker on the inner ring. Could have had this appearance due to shape of UFO on bottom.
We were not drinking or doing drugs or suffering from any mental disability. I am a Police Detective and a 20 year veteran with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. My wife is a social worker and has been for the last 25 years. During the time that these things were flying by I called my office to see if anyone else was reporting seeing the lights. They advised that they had reports about two hours prior to this incident advising seeing multiple orange lights heading SW. By the way the direction that they were traveling was directly towards Lake Wylie, S.C. just over the State line from us. I was able to snap a few pictures of the things, but they are not the best. You can see that there is an orange light in the sky. The job that I do for the Police Department has me monitoring some 1300 cameras around the city. When I returned to work I was able to locate these UFOs on our cameras, and in different parts of the city. Some earlier and some later than my UFO sighting.

Approximately six weeks later I got off of work at 3:00am in the morning and drove home. I'm not sure of the exact date on this one, but remember the time at 3:18 am. I just walked up on my front porch and was looking East and saw another Orange Orb in the sky at least a mile away from me. I ran out into the street to get a better look at it, and watched it ascend into the clouds, which I checked with the weather station which advised that there was a cloud ceiling of 10,000 feet that night. That was the only one that night and it was only visible to me for a few seconds.

UFO Sighting Reported Williamstown NJ 3/2/16

UFO Signs:

Me and My brother were walking towards our house. we stood on our back deck for a second, gazing up at the clear, starry sky, as we live where theres barely any light pollution. Towards the western horizon, we saw what we first believed to be a star, but brighter; and moving ever so slightly back and forth in a circular motion; coming closer and farther with each small circular revolution. I headed into my house and grabbed a pair of High quality binoculars, and focused on the UFO. You could clearly observe Red-Orange lights, around 5~ I'd say, in a circle on the UFO, with a light blue aura barely, but clearly visible emitting from it. As we stood there astonished, we noticed multiple planes come close to the object, and each time one did, you'd notice the UFO pan towards and then, away from the clearly visible plane coming close to it. The planes were always small in scale to the bright, star-like object.

It was then, when another plane passed under it, did I realize the extraterrestrial (Out of this world) likeness of the object. The lights from the UFO reflected off the plane, making the wings visible, clearly meaning it was no starlight reflecting, and was instead artificial light. (Out of this world)

Another 30 minutes went by, and need I tell you, it was around 15 Degrees F outside, but I could not for the life of me take my eyes off this elusive UFO. It only ever went left and right, back and forward, appearing to be an eyetrick at first. But as I put my finger in front of it, it moved away from it, appearing again, and then suddenly to the left of it; indictating it's movements as something more than an illusion.

I was and still am absolutely speechless, as I witnessed only one other paranormal incident in my life, when I was about 12-13. (I saw 10 simultaneous bright flashes, in the dead of night, so bright that the sky appeared to be blue, as if it was a mid-summer day, again with my brother) During the observing time, I felt sick and nauseous, as I know I saw the real thing when I was younger (I could not sleep that night, years and years ago, because I was so traumatized from the event) and I couldn't believe I could be so lucky as to witness yet another in my lifetime. The sickness though, HAD to be related to said unidentified object, each time I looked away, it would settle. But when I would gaze upon it, I felt as if my appendix burst all over again. My brother recorded the event, but due to the distance of the UFO Sighting, and the quality of his phone and camera, you can just barely see the light and watch it move, but one might claim the video to be a hoax, so it's not worth sharing. The encounter however, was more than real than the sky is blue.

The UFO Sighting encounter ended as I got tired of watching it just move left and right, back and forth, with no further actions or indications it would 'fly' away. After two hours of gazing upon it, I walked back in my house, keeping in mind I'd go back outside and see if it either switched places (evidence of being a star, to me) or if it disappeared completely. A half hour went by and I stood outside to check, and in the sky, there was nothing. No bright lights/stars. No UFO, no more planes flying over that area. I can only imagine what I might have missed.MUFON CMS #74944

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Clinton Aid Seeks UFO File Disclosure

UFO Signs:Podesta Speaks --- NEW

I-Team: Clinton aide seeks UFO files
Several U.S. presidents are on the record, talking about the UFO mystery. Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan say they had UFO sightings of their own, but the current presidential campaign might be the first in which UFO.  LASVEGASNOW.COM|BY GEORGE KNAPP ,MATT ADAMS

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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