Sunday, June 12, 2016

UFO encounter bright light can't move humanoid figure Coney Island New York

Sometime in Sept 2001 was on the Coney Island boardwalk around west 31st sitting on a bench with my girlfriend who was pregnant at the time. We saw a flash of light in the sky and all of sudden the sand on the beach rolled up like a wave and then some craft all black was above us. We made an attempt to run but then there was a bright light, we couldn't move in my peripheral vision I can see People walking past us and my girl friend was looking up with tears in her eyes and then a humanoid figure surrounded by or was in the form of a bright light appeared and stepped up behind her and vanished then all was normal again, we took off running until we go to the west 31st and there was something above the clouds I estimated to be larger than Central park with 3/4 rows of light rotating clock/counter clockwise and we saw 13 smaller crafts cone from the larger one heading in separate directions then there was something that looked like a cloud shaped like a ruler with definition, 7 black craft UFOs in the same shape came out of it and then the sky turned all sorts of colors and the clouds rolled in an indescribable way. On the 15th of Sept 2001 my son was born and on the heel of his left foot there's a dark mark very defined that looks like a UFO or pyramid. I honestly don't care if this is taken as a joke. Just thought I'd share.. MUFON CMS#76998 

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