Saturday, January 30, 2016

UFO Report North Conway NH US 5/2/15

UFO Signs:

Outside smoking at work on a break. I noticed a very bright light hovering just over the peak of Bear Mountain a 3000  ft mountain. approximately 2 miles from my location.No movement just an unnatural looking extremely bright light. I went inside the store and brought my co. worker outside to see the UFO light.We watched it for approximately 25minutes as it remained motionless. Suddenly it began to resend. It moved slowly and in 30 seconds it disappeared behind the mtn top. When it decended I knew what it wasn't but not what it was.We went back over to the front of the store where we normally hang out and were talking about what we just saw when out of the east came a giant craft.Being a USAF veteran I can attest that there is nothing like this in our inventory. I estimated it to be a half mile wide and I made its speed to be about 100 mph. Its altitude was about 1 mile. It came right over us.The total time it took for it to pass overhead was 8 to 10 mins. The UFO was the same color as an SR71 I had seen.A stealthy looking black.we noticed surface features like the  was compartmentalized. It reminded me of being under my car at the shop when it was on the lift.We were a full service gas station and convenience store.A car came in for gas while the craft was passing over. We ignored the customer cause we were watching the UFO She beeped her horn and asked for 15$ in gas.We said we were busy watching a UFO. Anyway I pumped her gas and we all watched it pass over.The customer left and we continued watching. Until the end of the ship passed over then we lost sight of it. It occurred to me later that the giant craft flight path was on a course straight for the strange glowing UFO we had seen earlier. Now 10 years after the event I have a almost compulsive desire to talk about it. MUFON CMS #74175

Monday, January 25, 2016

UFO Sighting Reported on 1/22/16 Parkville MO US

On 1/22/16 @ approx. 7:10p I stepped out of my front door. As I was turning to close the door I quickly caught a glimpse of a beautiful red/blue light just above a tree line to my right. My first thought was that it was someones Christmas lights. As I was walking down the walk from my front door to my car on my way to take trash the dumpster, my thoughts were to hurry down the walk to get a better look, when I immediately saw that it was not Christmas lights,but was instead a large red ball with a purple/blue outer circle around it. I then thought it must be an airplane, and thought that soon I would see various colored lights..i.e blinking white lights, but I never did. I stood there admiring how beautiful the colors were when the UFO started moving, first to my right, then stopped, then moved to my left, then abruptly to my right again, just as I said on my God, that's a UFO, it appeared to get larger/and or looked as if it was coming in my direction. I kept thinking and saying I don't believe's an actual UFO. My thoughts were I got have my daughter come out and see this, as I have witness other objects in the sky before, and she was disappointed that I hadn't came and got her. I felt it important to keep my eye on the UFO so that I could see where it went. My daughter did not make outside in time, however, I saw the UFO ascend fairly quickly, approx 800 ft, and then descend very slowly/softly down below the tree tops/ trees towards the ground. My thoughts were, the UFO appeared to be dancing in the sky. MUFON CMS # 74062

Latest UFO Sightings reported 1/19/16 Granada Hills CA

UFO Sightings Witness states that I stepped out of my house into the backyard to have a cigarette I looked to the right (which is east) and I saw an UFO object white in color yet reflective appearing to float along, the reason why I say float is because it did not waver, shutter and had no noise the strangest thing I ever saw, the day was so clear, sunny , no wind as soon as I sighted the UFO I knew it was not man made, no windows, no markings no wings and was floating lower than the personal planes that come in on the flight path over head, I live near the flight path to Van Nuys Airport. I tried to take a picture with my cell phone but nothing came of it, it would have been great too because there was a personal jet that was coming in a few feet of the UFO. The UFO looked like an over sized transformer, the kind that you see on telephone poles, although it seemed to have a "cinch" in the middle. If I didn't look to the east as I was entering the back yard I probably would never have know it was there. The UFO was floating from the east to the north west, as soon as I saw the object I was dumb founded, I couldn't understand what it might be, I also was mesmerized (because I didn't know what it was) I guess also I was waiting for something fun or entertaining to happen like the object shooting straight up into the sky, but nothing like that, just boldly floating along as if it is something that happens everyday. As if to say Yes I'm here, you caught me , I'm just going to go about my business anyway. The UFO just kept on a path I guess to where ever it needed to go....stopped watching after it became a tiny spot in the distance. The reason for my post is that I wish someone from the airport would come forth with hopefully pictures, video, radar... if someone was looking out the window of the private jet they would have seen the same thing , the day was crystal clear, I personally didn't and don't want to approach anyone with what I saw because I don't want to be labeled a loonie. Funny, to this day I wish Google earth would have an option of inputting date and time for map look up. (really want to see it again). Oh ya, the UFO was cylindrical yet floating vertically, not horizontal. MUFON CS #74078

UFO Bigfoot Encounter Andes Mountains Chile 1980

In 1980 in a remote section of the Andes mountains, two men Encountered a Bigfoot-like Alien creature as it boarded a UFO and flew away. This is their story.…/bigfoot-like-creature-… 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reported UFO Alien Encounters 7/26/15 PA

UFO Signs:

I have had experiences with Aliens, usually the "grey" aliens mostly they are 2 foot or smaller, some times taller. the first real one i remember clearly as having the beings. I was 11 years old and lived in Lorain, Ohio. I was laying in bed to go to sleep, when I see a holographic image of a lion walking in place in my bedroom. then I see my windows covered in probably 30 small aliens, all standing side by side and marching in sync. the next memory that i have, I am waking up in the morning and I remember a naked blond haired and blue eyes boy being above me. I had physical manifestation of discharge for some days after this. I have had many other experiences through out my life. including implants and helicopters going over my home during the experiences. I am interested in finding some one to do hypnotic regression, if thats what its called. I would also love to find some one who does research on implants. though I am not interested in having them removed. thank you. MUFON CMS #74034

UFO Drone like Machine Insect Shape 1/21/16

UFO Signs:

Not gonna give exact location of this UFO Sighting but it was in Missouri. Driving home in rural area and caught movement behind trees. Thought was deer running but closely focused and realized it was purposely staying low and in shadows moving extremely precise and about 3 ft off ground. Slowed and looked and seen very dark machine approx 6 to 8 ft long resembling flying insect. Round front body and long tail which protruded up like for balance. Scared the s**t out of me as no noise and seemed to be following me. First thought was government drone but never seen one this big and moved any way it wanted. Seemed to glide a couple feet above round but was moving at least 55 mph. No lights on it but I saw it clearly for a couple minutes and it seemed to be trying to not be seen as it stayed behind trees and in shadows. Followed for a couple miles that I know of. MUFON CMS #74035

Latest UFO Reported 1/22/16 Naples Florida

UFO Signs:

I ride a bicycle and was literally 500 feet from my house when I sighted a bright orange UFO light in the sky. There were almost no clouds in the sky and the near-full moon was shining brightly not far from where I first noticed the UFO object. It was almost circular or spherical but I had originally thought it was just appearing that way and was actually a plane on fire. There is a small airport near my home but this UFO object was coming from and heading toward completely different direction(s). I was on my cell phone at the time and began freaking out, explaining what I was witnessing in great detail to the person I was speaking to. They live in the northern US so there was unfortunately no way the person could also witness the event. I thought about recording it immediately but because I was on the phone talking, while being in awe and amazed at what I was seeing, and also remembered what a few pictures I took of an orange moon looked like from my phone camera... horrible. Therefore, I unfortunately did not take any pics or video. They would have just looked like a little orange speck in the sky, especially with the bright moon just a short distance away from what I was seeing. The UFO object moved from left to right and, again, I thought it was a plane on fire and in danger. I saw what looked like flaming debris falling from the UFO object. The first time I saw that, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. When it happened two more times, I realized I really was seeing something fall from the object. It would happen very quickly and was only visible for a split second as it fell and the flames would go out. Once the flames went out from whatever was falling, I could not see where it fell after that since it had just finished getting dark out when this whole incident took place. The entire time I was freaking out on the phone and had a feeling inside that I was witnessing something strange and unexplained. After deciding that it might not be a plane, I thought it might be a meteor. It had no trail at all and was not really moving quickly either. I wasnt sure what to think, and still dont know. After only a few minutes, the UFO object changed directions from its original path, to suddenly heading away from me. I could tell at that point the UFO object was getting smaller, and what I thought to be fire was slowly fading away. Eventually, before it was too far away to see, the orange glow was totally gone and I could only see a tiny speck just above the treeline. That shortly vanished as well and my experience was over. I absolutely regret not taking video or trying to take pictures and you can take my story for what it is worth. I will say that I am not a dishonest person and would never take the time out to join this site and make this report unless there was good reason. Do I think it was aliens?? I have no idea. What I do think is that it was a UFO as far as I'm concerned. An Unidentified Flying Object UFO, and I will NEVER forget what I sighted. After the event, I ran into my house and immediately searched the Internet for other people who may have seen it. I found the MUFON site in the process and decided to make a report. I hope there are others out there who saw this UFO object and have some good photos or video of it. I will be searching for quite some time for answers and other people who shared my experience. I'm not sure how high up it was because I'm not sure how big it actually was, but it was definitely in the sky so I know other people must have witnessed it and it should have been visible for a good distance all around. So, that's everything. I will never forget it and I await the day I see it again. This time, I will have my camera/phone ready and regardless of what I think it will look like once I get a shot of it, I'm going to try. Hopefully, I will be able to add to the mystery at that point and maybe even find some answers. MUFON CMS #74040

Sunday, January 17, 2016

UFO Sighting 1-16-16 South Huntington New York Report

UFO Signs:

I was driving home west bound on West Hills Road,in South Huntington, New York, and I stopped at a stop sign, and ahead of me to my left in the 10:00 o'clock position was a triangular shaped UFO craft with three bright white lights, heading west. The UFO continued to move forward at a steady pace, but not fast, about 500 feet ahead of me, and as I continued forward, it continued forward, until the road turned north, and I couldn't see the UFO object any longer. I kept looking to my left to see if the craft turned north, but I didn't see anything. The UFO craft was black and had smooth corners, with two lights on the bottom and one on the top. The white lights were extremely bright, but did not pulse. It was about 20-30 feet across, and 15-20 feet tall. I wondered if it was an aircraft, but there were no flashing red or blue lights, or wings. It was flying too low to be a plane, and I've never seen any planes fly in that east-to-west pattern over West Hills Road. The flight patterns to Republic Airport(which is fairly close by) are north-to-south, and I see the small planes or small jets fly by my house in a north-to-south pattern on a regular basis. The UFO craft was flying just west of Route 110, which is one of the most very heavily trafficked north-to-south routes on Long Island. Even though it was a Saturday night 1-16-16, I noticed that there was a lot of traffic on Route 110. I don't know if the craft flew over Route 110, or if anyone else noticed it. There was no one else on West Hills Road in either direction except myself. The craft was also was flying to the vicinity of Jayne's Hill, which is the highest peak on Long Island, and it is also in West Hills Park, which is a large, heavily wooded area. I wondered if I had really seen the craft, since I don't have any point of reference in my life to compare the sighting to. I am totally amazed at what I saw, and won't forget it.                         MUFON CMS# 73940

Friday, January 15, 2016

Amazing Recent UFO Video Footage 2016

UFO Signs:

Here we have amazing UFO Video footage taken by citizens from around the world Canada, Austria, New York City,Cape Canaveral Fla,Hartshorne Ok, and more sightings

UFO Encounter over Poland Cornfield 2015 Video

UFO Signs:

When a man cycling passing through corn field at night (Sept 4th, 2015), he encountered six UFO balls of light above the corn field over Krakow, Poland. Then he try to investigate them, but one of the UFOs came forward and tryed to deter a cyclists to protect the other UFOs. But eventually all of the UFOs finally fly away and disappear. Are they going to make crop circles, but unnoticed by cyclists? During this UFO Video you can hear like the humming sound from the propellers as drones. But this is not like any drones. They are not military drones, but they kinda Robotic Drones belonging to intelligent being like E.T. Questions are they Intelligent Robotic Drones owned by advanced technology like Alien E.T ?

UFO Reported 1-6-16 Hastings Ontario Canada

UFO Signs:
Was standing at my back door on the deck having a quick smoke before movie stated at midnight. I live in the country with only farms around me. I heard the clock strike midnight and when I went to put my cigarette out I noticed a weird light and looked up.

Almost directly above the house a huge circular "UFO" object was moving from front of house to back of house in straight line. It was so close it felt like I could almost touch it. It had lights around the bottom edge and they were blinking or pulsating in sequence. That is when I noticed there was absolutely no sound coming from this "UFO" object whatsoever. It moved slowly but almost seemed more like it was floating. I knew from living near an airport that for an "UFO"object this size (200 ft around minimum) it was impossible not to make any sound at all and that is when a fair bit of fear started to come over me.

I have a big willow tree behind the deck, but because it was winter I could see it as it moved directly over the house heading north, then over the back field and beyond the trees.

The guy living with me at the time was sitting on the couch waiting for movie to start and I motioned for him to come over and hurry as there was something outside. but I was also trying to be quiet as I was scared, so he didn't seem overly interested. However, when I became more insistent and said there was a UFO he finally came to back door and looked. I believe he saw it just as it went over the tree line (only for maybe 20 or 30 seconds)

I never reported this as didn't have a desire to be labeled a weirdo. I live not to far from an Air force base, so thought perhaps it was perhaps a secret aircraft or something. I did search the web for pictures of spy drones, experimental planes etc. but found nothing that resembled it.
UFO Sightings occurred on Jan 6th 2016 Hastings Ontario Canada MUFON CMS# 73885

Sunday, January 10, 2016

UFO Sightings Nov 2013 Picture Rocks Arizona Video

UFO Signs:

UFO Eyewitness states: It was a Friday night. Heading from Marana to picture rocks when the UFO object caught my eye. It was very very big triangle shape. Across the road there was 2 other vehicles that stopped and got out of there vehicle to watch what was in the sky. At first I thought maybe it was military until I sighted it change shapes and colors. It went straight up and down to sideways. It went very very dim and slowly started moving. To slow for a plane and or helicopter. Then it got very very very bright and huge in shape. Like a triangle shape..boomerang shape..I have a video of it.but I captured the red and white rapid lights and is jumping around quickly. After I stopped filming is when my brother in law and my fiance seen it change brother in law took a picture ..straight up in the sky and captured a orange orb.i have a video but in my video you can see the object lights and how fast and slow patters it makes.but can see the shape as good as I seen it with my eyes. The video shows rapid movement and light patterns I was standing still and you can see the UFO object moving crazy like. Sorry for the cuss words I was in shock..but what I describe happend after I filmed. But the rest of what I described is on the UFO video.

UFO Signs over Clinton Township Michigan 1-6-16

UFO Signs:

Eyewitness states: Pulsating UFO object with row of lights that would fade then re-appear. The first UFO Sign occurred on 1/6/16. I live on the top floor of an apartment. While watching TV in the living room, I saw a light outside of my balcony around 2000/2030. Thinking it was a helicopter or plane, I ignored it. The light appeared to be getting brighter and changing in characteristic. I got up and observed two bright white UFO objects with red lights. The second UFO object disappeared and there was only one UFO. The UFO was hovering but was making small adjustments in its position. It was not completely stationary. It would stay illuminated for several minutes then it would fade away. After several more moments, the UFO Sign would re-appear. This occurred for roughly 2 hours staying in the relatively same position. Around 2200, a helicopter flew from the East to South in the direction of the object which then disappeared for the rest of the night (at least until midnight). There is a military base East of my location. I am not familiar with the differences between a military or civilian helicopter so I am not sure if it was from the military base.

On 1/7/16, the UFO again appeared in the same position as the night before. The time it was sighted was from 2000 - 2130. You can see planes, stars, and helicopters in the area which all look different from the object. The object was brighter on 1/7 but may have been closer in proximity. The UFO object was spherical in nature and you could see a clear row of lights that had both red and white lights. The UFO again would be illuminated for several moments then fade away completely. No helicopters were observed flying toward the object this evening. Credits: MUFON

Saturday, January 9, 2016

UFO Time Travel Reality

Here we have Vintage VHS Footage of a Time Traveler who came forward on black & white TV & told his story to the world giving rise to the theory that UFOs "Unidentified Flying Objects" posse the Technical  ability to Time Travel

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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