Sunday, July 30, 2017

UFO was totally silent Greenish Blue light 7-29-17 Oakville WA U.S

Earlier this evening while talking with friends on the Chehalis Indian Reservation, when two of us happened to notice what appeared to be a bright star, yet in the same slice of sky a few other stars were becoming visible and there was a commercial airline following a north bound flight plan, and it was then (less than 20 seconds we could see the "UFO" unidentified object had already descended to a bit over the I-5 flight corridor, and was still descending so fast we thought maybe it was a jet crashing.

At its height (far above commercial lights and lanes) this "UFO" appeared twinkly white just like stars, it took approx. 35 seconds to descended to under the airline lights, then another 10 to pass by the tops of 100-140 foot Cedar and Douglas Fir trees. As the "UFO" passed, at a steep descent, the color changed to a greenish blue and got lighter in color from front to back, appearing to be 2 or 3 times the height of the trees.

The "UFO" was totally silent, crossed from approximately 50 degrees above the Southern horizon, to approximately 15-20 degrees about the Northern horizon and covered the heights and distances mentioned in about 80 seconds or less. There was no flash, explosion, nor other indication of ground impact.

The only thing that was more worrying than seeing an "UFO" object like that after over half a century with never seeing anything come from so high, to so low, so fast with no heat, smoke, flame, or exhaust, was on my way home, as I got closer to Interstate 5, I began to develop an odd headache accompanied by a sound I know from being a studio musician had two in the 22-42 hertz range and the other up in the 60 khz range (near a harmonic) and I got slightly nauseous with a dull headache. All physical symptoms faded away the further south and west I got from the Reservation.

There was one other person who saw it from start to finish, but since I heard of no other report yet, I thought I'd like to file one. mufon cms# 85490 UFO Sighting occurred on July.29,2017 over Oakville WA U.S.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dundee GB 7-28-17 Cocoon Shaped UFO Sighting photo

I was at the beach with family and we saw dolphins in the river Tay. My girlfriend from Bulgaria doesn't believe that we have dolphins in the river in Scotland so I tried to snap some shots of them with my Sony Xperia x 23mp camera. I took several pictures while focusing on the water and when I looked back to see if I had caught any dolphins emerging, one of the photographers in the middle of the set taken had a strange brown egg/cocoon shaped UFO in the sky. Clearly the UFO is in the distance and is not dirt on or in my lense as my device is waterproof therefor airtight and nothing shows in the pictures before or after. I just can't explain it. mufon cms# 85443 UFO Sighting occurred on July.28,2017 over Dundee GB.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Ten or More UFOs appeared 7-26-17 over Kokomo Indiana

10 or more red-orangish UFO lights squirmishing, then would vanish and reappear brighter and form a triangle. Some UFOs moved in a zig-zag motion, then would dart from left to right and then stay motionless. Half hour into witnessing this UFO Sighting all disappeared into thin air, after shooting upwards as a bright white light, 10 minutes later UFOs re-appeared in same spot as they have been. They waited for a regular human aircraft to pass, then all but one disappeared while the one followed the airplane. UFO would follow right up to the tail and then stop, then follow again and then stop. Carried on for approx. 2 more miles. My brother, fiancee, and I all witnessed this UFO Sighting and are absolutely dumbfounded but amazed to have experienced another UFO experience!

Triangle shaped UFO hovering over neighbor's house in Ladson, SC

The UFO appeared to have three lights at the end of each leg extension, (red and white lights). UFO was totally suspended over some trees in back of a house across the street that I live on. I couldn't believe an airplane could suspend itself in mid air. Then, UFO took of in a flash! UFO Sighting occurred on July 25 2017 over Ladson SC U.S.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Round Orb Shaped UFO Sighting with small trail reported 7-24-17 North Bend WA U.S.

My wife and I were driving home pulling off the I-90 east exit 32 when we noticed a Bluish White streak in the sky, the trail wasn't very long we thought it was a very bright shooting star at first then it suddenly stopped I was able to make out it was a UFO Orb shaped for the instant it stopped it then this UFO took off in the opposite direction and looked like it was stretching becoming oval shaped and it just vanished. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach and goosebumps the first words out of my mouth we're what the f#$% was that my wife looked at me and said was that a UFO. We can't explain what we saw, it was like nothing I've ever seen before. mufon cms#85393 UFO Sighting occurred over North Bend WA U.S. on July 24th 2017 Orb UFO Photo above charles-town-west-virginia-silvery-orb-ufo-3-february-2014

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Noticed this UFO two days later in photo 7-23-2017 Idaho

UFO Sighting occurred over Idaho U.S. on July.23,2017. Taking pictures of the crop duster flying just above everyone's homes. Noticed this UFO 2 days later in photo. mufon cms# 85353

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vivid Glowing Red/Orange Shape Altering UFO reported 7/6/17 Vandalia Ohio

This UFO Sighting was on a Sunday night July 6th 2017. My father was sitting outside on our back patio and my mom and I were in the dining room attached to our kitchen. Our dining room has a window which faces northward, with the dining room on one side (south) and the outdoor patio on the other (north). The window was open and at about 9:48 pm EDT my father shouted something through that open window that I couldn't understand. My mom said, "He's demanding I come outside!" And he kept yelling at my mom to come outside "right now" to see something. I got up, completely expecting to go outside and have him tell me that one of the neighborhood skunks is in our yard (there is precedent for this). Instead, my father told me where to look in the sky and, as I later found out in a photo I took, he also pointed to the sky to the northwest of our home. There, I saw a large, very vibrant bright UFO that appeared to me to be round in shape, so bright it seemed to glow, and it was quite large compared to the size of an airplane that might pass overhead to the north or northwest, even a plane in a fairly low flight pattern. It was moving quite rapidly eastward, and initially, its path was parallel to the earth (or so it seemed to me). For a moment it disappeared as it passed behind a tall Maple tree that blocks a small portion of the view to the northwest of our home. When the UFO again became visible, it remained parallel to the earth/horizon for (I'm guessing) about ten seconds; then, it seemed either to get smaller or to increase its distance from my location; it absolutely seemed to gain altitude at this point, from about 35 degrees above the horizon to 45 degrees above the horizon. 

Then, the UFO stopped moving, and after remaining in place for seconds, it totally ceased its prior, straight path and started to move in many different ways: up, down, sometimes going backward, at other times moving forward, accelerating, decelerating, hovering, and moving in quick, turning paths as it would move up or down. To my eyes, it remained a glowing, vivid reddish orange the entire time. The light varied in intensity with no seeming relation to its movements, except that it appeared brighter when it was lower to the horizon. At one point, the UFO, while stopped and seeming to hover at a total standstill, appeared to split into two of itself; it looked as if the original UFO either ejected another UFO identical to itself or simply went from being one UFO to being two objects. The second UFO appeared below the first/original UFO, meaning slightly closer to the horizon; when it appeared, it seemed to come out of a glowing, flame-like emission the same color as the original UFO itself. The second UFO was identical in appearance to the first, but was slightly smaller. It only remained visible for a small fraction of a second before vanishing without any hint of movement.

The original UFO continued to be visible for a bit longer, continuing its quite varied path of movement and non-movement. Shortly before it was no longer visible, the UFO was hovering, stationary, then suddenly seemed to grow a bit larger in appearance (perhaps it was closer, I do not know) and at incredible speed shot to the right (moving eastward) and then shot upward (seemingly in terms of altitude) in a steep diagonal path (east-to-west at a very steep angle, not moving in a perfectly straight line), before again shooting to the right (eastward). Every movement was made in a beautiful, agile manner and even at the time the moves it was making reminded me of watching fighter jets and jet teams during air shows as their pilots push the boundaries of what their own crafts are capable of doing, moments that may sometimes be equally as thrilling for the pilots as they are for any observers.

The UFO was stationary to the north when it became invisible to me. Low clouds (which I only now realized were moving from the southeast toward the northwest) first intermittently obscured the UFO, then at last totally obscured it. It did not become visible again and shortly after (within two minutes), lighting was flashing heavily around us and we went indoors. The UFO was, to me, completely silent.

What I felt initially, immediately after I first saw the UFO was a very calm, content, warm feeling of safety and security throughout my body and mind. This was briefly mixed with an unpleasant feeling that -- well, you know when two magnets repel each other -- that's the only way I can describe the prickly feeling that felt as if it physically needled at the side of me where my father stood or sat; his reaction was one of nervousness and fear. That negative feeling was brief, and as soon as I stepped a few feet further away from him it ceased, and with the calming effect of whatever was going on, I calmly called to my mom through the open window (not knowing she was already on her way outside) something to the effect of, "Mom, it's a UFO thing! It's really neat!"

My mom came outside and with her, in addition to the constant content, safe feeling, I also felt what was the complete opposite of the prior sensation of magnetic repulsion; I instead felt a sort of magnetic attraction toward her and a magnetic awareness of her location in the dark yard. She and I walked farther away from the house into our backyard where we stood side by side, both of us with our iPhones held up to the sky at about a 45-degree angle to focus on this UFO, while my father remained behind on the patio. I could not visually see my mom in the yard. I am nearly totally blind at night, with only minimal light-perception (this UFO was so bright that it obviously fell into the category of "light I can perceive") yet with this magnetic instinctive feeling I knew exactly where my mom was moving at every moment. She took photos, and while I took a few photos initially, I primarily I kept my phone focused on the object recording it on video. For me, I heard nothing from the object, nothing either physical nor internally, no buzzing, no engine noise, nothing at all. But even without hearing any sound, I "knew" it was moving under its own power and never doubted (and still don't) that someone (I felt that most likely there were actually 1, 2 or 3 "some ones") was present inside of the UFO and in charge of the movements of the UFO. I felt an impression of relative inexperience yet full competence, youth in terms of mentality and not physicality, and also an impression of excitement entwined with wisdom, as if whoever was up there was both learning how to "pilot" the UFO and having a wonderful time while doing so. It felt as if whoever was there was aware of my presence, and whether it was for my/our benefit, the benefit of others, or for their own enjoyment, it felt to me as if they were showing off a little, and were rather pleased with and proud of themselves.

The experience resulted in a fairly inexplicable feeling that is most similar to emotions I once experienced, but which have since been fairly rare since childhood. It is a feeling of how the simplest of things can make you smile or make you happy, of knowing that everything is right with the world and that you are safe. Watching this object, I felt very content and, for lack of a better word, whole. The strongest of that feeling lasted about 24 hours.

I had the distinct and certain "feeling" the next evening, Monday evening, that someone who was somehow related to the UFO with which this report deals was going to be or was already present in the sky again that evening or night (if they'd ever actually "left"). I went outside to take photographs, hoping to perhaps capture something unusual and also wanting to get photos of the gorgeous cloud formations which accompanied some light rain and thunderstorms nearby around sunset. I took photos for I'd say around 30-45 minutes during which the clouds were moving quickly, the light and cloud-shapes doing amazing things (just clouds being clouds), but I knew that yet also felt that someone ("someones") related to that UFO was there and was watching and aware of my presence. That feeling, along with the persistent, almost overwhelming feeling of contentment and security lasted until about 8:55 p.m. As I was photographing clouds to the west, there was an abrupt obscuring of one cloud layer by another and at that instant, too, the feeling of contentment was greatly diminished and the feeling of someone else being "there" was gone entirely.

I still did feel this on Tuesday, but perhaps at 30% of the strength as I'd experienced the night I saw this UFO. There is still a lingering sense of it, as well, which seems to slightly blunt the depth of my negative emotions and reactions. It is, more than anything, an unexplainable feeling of security and peace. mufon cms# 85281 UFO Sighting occurred on July 6 2017 over the area of Vandalia Ohio U.S

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Small Silver UFO hovered then sped away quickly 7/21/17 Texas

My daughter and I were walking in our neighborhood. She pointed up in the air and asked "what's that?". I looked and it was a tiny white, star-like UFO. It was 8:00 pm so the sky was still very blue (no clouds). As I watched this UFO move slowly from North to South. I am former Air Force and have seen enough commercial traffic to gauge 30,000 ft. This was a lot higher. I could judge that by the approximate speed of a commercial jet flying at that height normally. So my first thought was "if it's a jet, it is flying way too high" and while that could account for the slow speed it was moving at but it stopped moving at one point. So the rational part of my brain said "okay, maybe it is a jet flying VERY high and changed direction to be moving away from me so THAT would give the appearance of it pausing or hovering". But moving away would make it smaller. It did not get smaller. Then it suddenly and rapidly moved south again. After it started moving, it was gone from site within 15 seconds. mufon cms# 85258 UFO Sighting occurred over Texas on July 21 2017.

Rectangular UFO Viewed Up Close Halifax NS. CA

UFO Sighting was approx. July 1998 100 km to the North East of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada at 12-1 am. I and three other individuals noticed a Large UFO emitting light traveling directly over our vehicle. The UFO was rectangular and approx. 200 feet by 100 feet in size. It was so close overhead and so bright that if caused a glare on the windshield. It was maybe 200 feet above us, maybe closer. 
The entire underneath was illuminated by what looked like an electrical glow. Colors were blue, green and some orange in a swirling pattern. We stopped the car as the UFO traveled from the North to the South. It drifted slowly (maybe 50 km/h) on a clear moonless/windless summer night making no noise, and was still drifting when we got out of the car. We were standing outside looking at it as it came to a stop maybe .25 km from us. I had a pretty good look at it and can say for certain it was about 20 feet think and black or very dark in color. It was a dark night but the lights underneath the UFO were fairly bright. After about 3 or 4 minutes the UFO then "charged" up glowing bright and then shot off to the South West at an incredible speed. It reached the horizon in approx. 1 second and disappeared into a dot of light. I know of at least 2 other sightings of this UFO by people I know including a daylight sighting where the object was a few hundred feet overhead. In that incident the observer saw a smaller rectangle UFO that was red and silver checkerboard in color. mufon cms# 85272 UFO Sighting occurred over Halifax NS.CA on July 1998

Acute Triangle UFO Black coloration 3 small lights in all 3 corners 7/18/17 NY

I was stargazing when I noticed a Triangular UFO pass by the sky. It was black in coloration and was darker than the rest of the sky. It got slightly smaller as it traveled by. Before I saw it I noticed a point of light that shifted from red to pink to yellow to white although I couldn't find it after seeing the UFO. After I saw the Triangle UFO I also saw a Small Star like UFO pass over the sky east to west. mufon cms# 85253 UFO Sighting occurred over New York 7/18/17  Description (Acute triangle ufo Black coloration (Darker then sky). 3 small light in all 3 corners)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Large Silver UFO Hoovering 2000 ft in front of Burch Mtn 7/20/17 Wenatchee WA

On my way to get my wife headed N. on Sunset HW, me and about 12 other cars saw a Large Silver UFO hoovering at about 2000 ft in front of Burch Mtn. As we all sat at the green light pointing at the stationary UFO it shot straight upwards and was gone in the blink of an eye. This happened at around 7ish pm tonight 7/20/17. UFO had the Shape of one of the old camera film cartridge that resembles ●_● This shape. No signs of thrust at all, just all sliver like a mirror. Anyone else see anything like this? Yesterday a Blackhawk with no tail numbers or markings at all flew so close over the Columbia river where we were that we made contact by waving at the pilot. Do all Black Hawk Helicopters have no tail numbers and are all blacked out? mufon cms# 85235 UFO Sighting occurred on 7/20/2017 over the area of Wenatchee WA.U.S.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Live Radio Tonight 7//20/17 8:PM Linda Howe John Burroughs

Tune in to Phenomenon Radio tonight 7/20/17 8pm EST with guest Grant Cameron, Producer of the Presidential UFO Website featuring Linda Howe & John Burroughs. PHENOMENON RADIO LIVE

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rectangle Shaped UFO Watching July 3rd Fireworks from Above 2017

My husband and I had just finished watching the grand finale of the 2017 fireworks display in East Longmeadow, MA, on July 3, 2017. The last sparkles were fading and it became apparent that there was a rectangular (like a domino piece), stationary, green-lighted UFO parked above where the fireworks had been exploding so it was concealed by the display. The color was like grass or leaf green--very saturated, bright and pure. From our distance, UFO was about the size of an M & M candy. My husband said he saw a dark dividing “line” separating the green light on either side of the UFO. We looked at this UFO, expecting it to move like an aircraft or helicopter but the light blinked while staying stationary for about 3 seconds. I expected to see red running lights and/or white landing lights indicating the craft was on approach to Bradley International Airport to the West, but there were no other lights. The UFO then moved a little Southward while blinking erratically, then abru! ptly turned at a 90 degree angle and went a bit toward the East, stopped, then took off, accelerating, in a Northeasterly direction for what looked like 2 or 3 inches and then disappeared. No noise other than the fireworks was heard. source
Not sure if anyone else noticed.

The UFO Truth is Out there Edinburgh Scotland 2017

"Modern tales of UFO close encounters in Scotland really begin with the so-called Robert Taylor Incident, which took place in 1979 at Dechmont Woods, near Livingston. Later recorded by the police as a criminal assault by an unknown or alien entity, Robert Taylor, a local forester, was accosted at night by a UFO as it was scouting over his area of the wood." The truth is out there: A history of Edinburgh’s UFO hotspot  The area around Edinburgh has more reported UFO sightings than anywhere else on earth. EDINBURGHNEWS.SCOTSMAN.COM/credit Frank Stalter

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Military Soldier reports Saucer Shaped UFO desert gold color pattern also heat plume

I was a soldier being transported on commercial airline by military in military airspace over the gulf of mexico between cuba and fla. I looked down out the window and seen the UFO craft flying below our jet a undeniable Unidentified Flying Saucer "UFO" flying a steady flight path below me. I saw a Saucer Shape UFO craft being followed by 4 military fighter jets. This UFO appeared to be as wide or wider than all 4 military jets together wing tip to wing tip it was golden desert sand in textured color with a raised center with the center area having a turtle shell camo like pattern object was saucer shape but small area in rear was concave and a fume looking heat plume looked to be exhausting from this area. It flew steady west low above the sea with jets following 500 feet or more behind. I was shocked at what I was seeing I could not get my eyes off of this UFO craft. I yelled do you all see this and got no response because I looked around and realized everyone was sound asleep.So I watched this craft fly west till I could not see it no more. I was in aaahh at what I saw and there was no mistake of what I seen. I do not know its origin man made or not possibly man made. mufon cms# 85170

Sunday, July 16, 2017


LARGE UFO SHIP APPEARED ABOVE A DARK MIST ABOUT A MILE IN THE SKY AROUND 10:30 PM. The UFO appeared to have about 10-15 lights around it or on it.The event took place for about 15 seconds. THE LARGE UFO craft/ship was sitting in one place in the sky and seemed to get brighter then a portal began to open up one square of light at a time like a light disco floor. til a diamond shape of light was rejected from the UFO then the portal was open and it vanished through it. a photo has been taken and i would like to share with someone that can be trusted. you can clearly depict the large UFO mothership in the photo and see the portal it created right before leaving.

mufon cms# 85136 UFO Sightings occurred on July 15th 2017 over Clinton Township MI.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lighted Shapeshifting Black UFO observed by myself and my son 7/13/17 over Gladstone, MO

My son and I were driving south on N. Flora at the 5600 block when I saw bright lights just under the low-lying clouds as a storm was blowing in. They caught my attention as they looked quite low to the ground. I observed two amber lights on each side with a brighter, larger white light in the middle.
As we moved forward, my view was obstructed by trees, so I sped up slightly to better my view.
The lights had disappeared, but as I scanned the sky looking for them, I noticed a Large Black UFO moving slowly directly in front and above my vehicle. At this time I shouted at my son and pointed in the direction of the UFO. We witnessed the UFO as it crossed above the road, heading northwest, at the closest point to us being about 20 feet above. We pulled into the parking lot of the elementary school, and watched the UFO craft fold in on itself, changing from a Black Sphere-like UFO, to a squared shape, then into a large disc shaped UFO craft. The UFO ascended above the tree tops and took up into the clouds. We continued to watch as many (20+) sparkling, amber colored lights appeared through the clouds exactly where the UFO craft had disappeared. We watched in awe until all the smaller, twinkling lights disappeared. mufon cms# 85100 UFO Sighting occurred on July 13th 2017 9:02 PM Gladstone MO.

UFO News Observed a USO rise from NY Bay Area and take off 8/01/05

I was renting a home on the beach in Asharoken, New York and it was a perhaps stormy summer. We heard a bang across the bay, lightening and sounded like a transformer or something may have exploded. But miles away across the bay. It was unusual. My son, who was in High school and highly intelligent, and myself an RN, raced to the front windows facing the bay which leads into Long Island Sound and is directly across from the Vanderbilt Museum, to see what was going on. We expected lightening and a storm. We observed directly across the bay, maybe a mile or so, a silent UFO rising out of the water, helicopter like, which was unusual because everything echoes across the bay, but nothing. This UFO rose up vertically like a helicopter with no noise. Bright lights. And then in split seconds took off in a NW direction at at least a 30 degree angle at split second speed. UFO was gone faster than we could comprehend. We literally looked at each other in disbelief and I said we will never speak of this again. It was so bizarre to see something your mind can't comprehend as fast as you are trying to comprehend just what the heck happened. We both agreed not to speak of it again. It was something that entered our minds at the same time. Of course I have since discussed it.
 mufon cms# 85103 UFO Sighting occurred on August 8th 2005 in the Northport New York Area 

Two UFO Sightings last night 7/14/17 one UFO moving extremely fast over Pine Bluff AR.

Two UFOs were spotted last night on the 7/14/2017 one after the other. The first UFO was seen travelling from the Eastern Sky to the Northern Sky in a straight-line or from my right to left. The Second UFO was seen immediately after the first and was travelling from the Northern Sky to the East or from my left to right. The Second UFO was a blue-white object travelling at what appeared to be an extreme rate of speed. Both UFOs eventually faded out and disappeared. mufon cms# 85114

Two Disc like UFOs appear on photo 1-13-17 G.B.

UFO Sighting occurred on Jan.13,2017 over Great Britain  I got a new camera in January and after going to the pub I took aprox 50 photos of the moon with different settings. I have just viewed these photos which I completely forgot about. And the last one, dated twenty minutes later than the previous one spooky to me. I experience strange things anyway. mufon cms# 85101

Friday, July 14, 2017

UFO Burns Witness Amarillo Texas April 8th 1950

"The Saucers That Time Forgot," a new blog focusing on the cases that UFO historians either missed, or would like to keep buried.The first report of a UFO burning a witness seems to be this April 8. 1950 CE2 case from Amarillo, Texas. According to the story, David Lightfoot, age 12, and his brother Charles age 9, saw an object land behind a hill, and they were able to walk up to it. David reached out: "My fingers just barely touched it and it felt slick, sorta like a snake would. It was hot, too." It sped off toward northeast, and after the encounter, David's face and arms became red with welts. source Curt Collins    The Saucers that Time Forgot

Massive Quantity Of Unreleased UFO Files Held By New Zealand Government

Another country government holds a significant quantity of unseen, unreleased UFO Sighting files. I’ve spent a month on this. There are files with titles like “Political Affairs – Outer Space – Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)” and “Intelligence – Defence – Unidentified Sightings”. So whatever is in them will be interesting. I don’t think there will be anything really special, but I may be wrong. Some of the files are not releasable till the 2080’s. Here it is: Paul Dean

UFOs - Documenting The Evidence
Massive Quantity Of Unreleased UFO Files Held By New Zealand Government On the 3 rd of August, 1985, researcher ...

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chevron shaped UFO Sighting hovering slow moving very high 7-5-17 over San Francisco

This UFO Sighting was on Wed July 5th, 2017, at about 5:30 pm.We (2 adults and a toddler) saw a sparkle shimmering "UFO" in the sky from our balcony at home. At first glance it appeared like a very high airplane shimmering in the sun but it stayed still. Though still, the UFO did move very very slowly from the west to the east. UFO Sighting stayed there hovering or slow moving at least 15 minutes. It would shimmer, flash light and then disappear, then re-appear within seconds.

I went to get a camera with a 500 ml zoom lens and took some photos. After downloading to my computer, I zoomed in further. The UFO is boomerang shaped and it rotates around. Sometimes in had red, orange and yellow colors, other times it had green and yellow. Possibly this is from the rainbow spectrum of light bouncing off of it. Otherwise it looks metallic, silver. The sky was clear blue, no clouds. There was no sound. We saw an airplane pass by during this sighting and it made a typical noise, but otherwise the UFO did not have any sound. source

Two UFO Sightings over Patchogue NY. 7-4-17 firework display

UFO Sighting occurred over Patchogue New York July 4th 2017 report read as follows: Observed two UFO's hover above a fireworks show that lasted for over an hour and a half. One red-lighted UFO craft slowly rose in the air like a firework, but continued to rise to about 1,000 feet above the highest firework. The UFO hovered and moved in all directions and was able to stop on a dime.

This UFO Sighting was soon joined by a second identical UFO craft. The lights on both UFOs turned green. Each UFO craft had multiple lights. Eventually, after the fireworks performance ended (around 10:20 pm), the two UFOs slowly headed North until they couldn't be seen again.

We could only see the lights of the UFOs. They could have been drones. If so, they were expensive (high tech) ones. source

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Six UFO Sightings in one night 7-4-17 five on video Franklin Square New York

On July 4th 2017 around 10:pm my wife and I were cleaning up from guests and watching the neighborhood fireworks experts do their thing, when I saw a reddish UFO ball in the sky looking north. UFO put on a showy display of flashing, pulsing lights. My wife was in the adjacent kitchen and came out to see for herself. The UFO then displayed a white light that went left to right, then repeated, as though the light were encircling the UFO. As it was after sundown I could not discern the shape of the UFO. I ran upstairs to get my video camera, my wife kept watching the skies, when I returned and trained my camera the UFO had decreased in magnitude and was gone before I could capture it. Approximately 15 minutes later, I saw an object, when looking southward. I was able to get my camera and record the event for two minutes. The UFO was glowing red, apparently spherical, it then disappeared briefly, but a flashing white light came from the location it had been. Another blinking UFO appeared lower left. The second UFO disappeared below the tree line, the first drifted off to the east as it grew fainter. Upon reviewing my footage I became aware of 3 additional UFOs. There is a white object that moves quickly across the screen, another that zigzags twice before seeming to split off into two different directions, as two UFOs. source
Here is the youtube link: 


UFO sighting in Yreka California during 4th of July fireworks display 07-04-2017

At first, it was thought to be a high-flying jet liner, but then it stopped and didn’t move. It was a neon green UFO that appeared to be round, but was to far away to discern its exact shape. After watching it for a minute or two, the UFO began to make unnatural maneuvers unlike anything any of us had ever seen before (Quick turns, and reversals of direction), then the UFO came back to its former spot and was stationary. UFO made these sorts of maneuvers three times during the fireworks display.

After the last maneuver, the UFO changed color, from green, to white and red. The UFO was about the size of the largest visible star, and seemed to be flying in the upper atmosphere at about a 45-degree angle from where we stood. We commented to each other that it was probably watching the fireworks displays in Yreka and Lake Siskiyou (a lake immediately west of Mt. Shasta).

About 30 seconds after the Grand Finale (10:10 p.m.) the UFO turned a bright red. It began moving slowly in a northwestward direction and we lost view of it as it passed behind a tree. Emerging from the other side of the tree, the glowing red UFO began to pick up speed, and made an abrupt turn westward. It then darted from that position (still about a 45-degree angle), and in about two or three seconds disappeared over the mountains on the horizon. This occurred about 10:12 p.m.

It was too fast and too high in the atmosphere to have been a drone. When it sped west over the horizon, it was at super-sonic speed, yet did not have a tail, or light trail behind it like meteors have.

I contribute this in hopes that others may also have saw it, and captured it on their cell-phone cam. It was so distracting, we paid more attention to it than we did the fireworks show. If it caught our attention that much, others must have surely witnessed it also. I’m anxious to see if it makes the newspapers or local news channels. It was a life changing experience. source

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Disc-like UFO Sighting caught on camera 5/8/17 over Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO

While compiling a brief report on the devastating hail storm of May 8, 2017 over Denver, CO, I came across this photo (attached) looking NNW across Buckley AFB at the approaching storm. Buckley is the primary US missile tracking station.

If you look above the left side of the geodomes on the site, close to the top of the photo, there is an apparent UFO that looks like a disc, edge on, angled at approximately 45*. On magnification it appears to have a central dome and retains its clean lines. This is looking in the general direction of Denver International Airport. However, I have been a professional observer of aircraft for many years from control towers as an air traffic controller and I don't recognize that UFO as an aircraft. If it is a set of wings, there is no tail assembly and the angle of bank is severe for a commercial aircraft.

I am not the owner of this photograph - it was sent to TV station KDVR who published it without acknowledgement. mufon cms# 84753 UFO report Aurora CO. May 8th 2017

Photo was being taken of the Moon then this UFO zoomed into the view 7/1/17 Cooper City Florida

My mom was the witness and I'm reporting this event for her. She was in her backyard taking photos of the moon as it sat nicely just beyond the palm trees in her backyard. As she focused and snapped the first photo of the moon, she noticed a light zoom into view for a second or less as if the object got into place to be viewed in the photo. This happened so quick that the UFO appeared for that photo and then disappeared. She did not see any other movements except for the time it zoomed into place. It happened so fast that it was an accident on her part. After zooming on the photo I noticed a very bright white light lining the entire outside edge of what seems to be a disc shaped UFO. Also, above the lights you can see a dark sloping outline and below the lights there seems to be some kind of UFO protruding out with more lights on it. The UFO could be upside down. The UFO Sighting seemed to be above the clouds when viewing the photo so it is difficult to guess on the size. mufon cms# 84752

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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