Friday, March 31, 2017

360 Degree UFO Sighting Event LA March 19th 2017 Video

For some reason, they like to keep their distance. They show up like stars in the sky and begin to move away from us or get lost in the clouds. On this day, some got lost in the cirrus clouds. Join us at our UFO Sight Event in Los Angeles. LA UFO Channel's UFO Sighting Event with your host, Fausto Perez. We request their presence and they come to our location. This event was held at Hollydale Park in South Gate, CA 3/19/17. A telescope was used to capture these amazing object up close and personal. Come join us at our next event. Please Join LA UFO Channel on Meet We are using the 360 Fly camera to capture the UFO Sighting Event footage. This is for those who could not make our event. This is a time when we all get together and do field research together and talk about our latest UFO experiences. We saw about 25 UFOs this day. It's always action and adventure.

UFO Sighting Contact April 1 1967 Loco Texas

50 years ago, something funny was happening in the Texas Panhandle, and Carroll Wayne Watts' UFO Sighting close encounter was making news. UFO Sighting Contact: April 1, 1967 from Loco, TX  Examining the mystery of the December 29, 1980 Cash-Landrum UFO encounter and its investigation. Betty Cash, Colby & Vickie Landrum changed forever.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

UFO Rose Up Out Of Water Gulf Of Mexico 80 miles southeast of New Orleans

I am a Chief Engineer on an Offshore Supply Vessel, and the events I am going to put forward are accurate, to the best of my knowledge. Close to 7:00 pm on March 21st, just before dusk, myself and 4 of the crew members aboard our vessel saw a craft that appeared to be five times our 240 ft vessel in length. My line of sight was about 1/4 mile from our vessel. There was a rig behind the UFO about a 1/2 mile. I used this to help gauge size of UFO. Sighting was approximately 80 miles SE of New Orleans, Louisiana. The scene lasted about 40 seconds. The UFO rose up out of the water (Gulf of Mexico) about 40 feet, no water was dripping from the craft. Within a split second the UFO disappeared at a 30 degree angle into the sky. Speed appeared to faster than speed of a light turning on in a room. Within seconds it had disappeared completely. I can say for sure that the UFO Sighting was dark colored, oval in shape and made no sound whatsoever. With as many rigs (2), there has to be more witnesses than just the four on our vessel. ((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this witness, and he seemed to us to be unusually sober-minded. We suspect that he is a very capable, and very reliable, witness. He estimates that upwards of perhaps 50 people, who were aboard nearby vessels, may have witnessed the event, as well. We would urge those other witnesses to submit reports of what they had witnessed. PD))

Saturday, March 25, 2017

UFO gave off a bright flash of light and disappeared Asheville NC

Unidentified object "UFO" spotted driving East on I-26 just south of Asheville, NC. UFO appeared to be moving at the speed of a large low flying plane and was cigar shaped. I was traveling near the Asheville airport, so I thought it was only a low flying plane at a distance of approximately 3 miles; however it seemed rather odd shaped for a plane so I continued to glance up at the UFO while driving. The last time I looked up at the UFO it appeared to take a sharp turn south and gave off a bright silver flash of light and disappeared. It was bright enough that it made me close my eyes for just a split second, then look back only to find the UFO no where in sight. I watched the area that the flash came from for about 30 second, thinking I would see the UFO flying off. The UFO had disappeared. UFO Sighting report Asheville NC 3/23/17

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

UFO Encounter Research Psycho Physical Changes Survey

PSYCHO-PHYSICAL CHANGES: From the 4,000 individuals who took our FREE Experiencer Research Study.

• 68% became more sensitive to other realities;
• 56% became more psychic;
• 50% began to feel energy in their hands;
• 48% said their ability to learn increased;
• 46% experienced a flooding of information that they could not process;
• 57% became aware of energy discharges or currents flowing through their body;
• 61% became more telepathic with others;
• 60% stated their susceptibility to illness decreased;
• 57% became more able to absorb complex information;
• 47% believe they can heal individuals by touching them;
• 62% have experienced flashes of “Cosmic Consciousness”-- knowing everything;
• 61% became more aware of the presence of NHIBs;
• 55% believe that their mind became tremendously expanded;
• 64% began having Pre-Cognition abilities (knowing events before they happened);
• 50% stated that electrical devices malfunctioned in their presence.

Monday, March 20, 2017

UFO Sighting Hovering Stationary glowing orange-red ball Valrico Florida

UFO Sighting incident took place in Valrico, Florida at approximately 12.40 AM on Sunday, March 19th 2017.

To give you an idea of place, I live in a one-story brick home that has a spring-fed lake behind it. The lake is not large in breadth, maybe measuring 150 ft across. On the bank directly opposite my house stands a large tree with some smaller cypress trees around it. Beyond the trees is a golf course. On the night of March 18th/19th I was in my bedroom (at the back of the house overlooking the lake and the golf course). The night had been beautiful and pleasant weather-wise, so before I went to sleep I decided to open up the blinds and windows to let some cool air in. I did just that, and took a deep breath in before looking outside. It was remarkably dark. I sat there in front of the window for a few minutes before I suddenly noticed a reddish-orange glowing orb "hovering" above the tall tree that stands on the bank across the lake. It was as if it appeared out of thin air. My first thought was that it was a star or a planet, but I quickly dismissed this as I noticed the intensity of the color. Not only were the golden red colors incredible, but the object was casting a strong, linear reflection across the lake. Now, I've seen (and heard) helicopters and planes fly over the house and lake. There is a hospital not far from where I live and many rescue copters have passed, shaking the house from time to time - and they move low and with some speed. There is no doubt as to what they look like and what they are. The UFO appeared to be larger than anything else in the sky, about the size of an aspirin from my perspective. I honestly cannot say how close or far away it was...but for whatever reason it "felt" as though it was far away. I stared at it and felt paralyzed...I wanted to grab my phone and take a photo, but I couldn't move or take my eyes off of this large, glowing orb - it was so strange, as if time stopped. It pulsed, twinkled a bit like a star or a planet, but it was far too large and close to be either. My mind felt like it was going a mile a minute trying to work it out, but I was completely calm and in a sort of "trance" - a very weird dichotomy. I should also mention that I have two cats who were in the bedroom at the time, and both of them love the open window, but during the event their hair was up and they were standing away towards the back of the room. Then it was as if a switch was turned and I suddenly felt that what I was seeing wasn't normal...I started becoming scared. The UFO pulsated but faded out - disappeared - its reflection gone in an instant. The silent spell was gone, and there was a lot of activity in the darkness - things moving around in the bushes behind my house. I slammed the window and the blinds shut, and sat on my bed trying to work out what I had just witnessed. I surmised the entire event probably lasted just over 2 minutes. I ruled out Chinese lanterns, flares, fireworks, drones... Tried to find out if there were any rocket launches from the Space Coast there was but it was at 8.18 PM, over four hours prior. Also, this unidentified craft "UFO"was definitely round, appeared one minute and then gone the next. I am not far from an air force base, so I don't know if this UFO could have been related to that, but I've never seen anything like this in size or gorgeous color. I couldn't sleep much after this... so hard to make heads or tails of it.

I am hoping to find some answers and hope someone nearby may have seen the same thing. I wish I could have forced myself out of my "trance" and had the wherewithal to try and photograph it. The paralyzing feeling was so, so strange. mufon cms# 82716

Saturday, March 18, 2017

ISSUU Search for UFO Answers

ISSUU a free UFO Paranormal Magazine publication exploring the search for UFO answers and more featuring It's a Warminster Thing/The case against UFO Disclosure/ect. credit ILona Podhrazska. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Copper UFO Sphere Bar Bell Sighting over Tulsa Oklahoma 2015

It was approximately noon June 20th 2015 in southern Tulsa, and my sister, mother and I were headed back from lunch. We saw a strange coppery, round UFO far away and close to the horizon. It had a round UFO that either reflected or glowed red attached on each side by a short pole. After a few minutes of going further away, the two side objects were released and slowly floated up into the sky until we could no longer see them. The main UFO soon sped up and passed beyond the horizon, out of sight.
((NUFORC Note: Source of UFO report indicates that the date is approximate. PD))

Monday, March 13, 2017

Cattle Rancher amazed at Triangle UFO Machine Sighting over Lockwood Montana

I was outside checking our cattle, and, as always, I look into the sky. It seemed so bright out.
I look to the west, and in the sky was a very low flying Triangle UFO machine with white lights throughout the middle and red lights on the sides and top of tingle.. At first, I thought maybe it was a small Cessna or something but continued watching come right above me and there was hardly any sound from it. I know the only airport or strip in this immediate are was north of me about a mile and it's a grass airstrip. Can't land there at night. But it was so quiet and stayed the same height and speed heading east. I watched it dumbfounded until I lost sight and just stood there kind of dazed it seemed.
I cannot believe I didn't get my phone out of my pocket and video this UFO thing but I never even thought of it. I just watched and then snapped out of it and stood there trying to figure out what just happened.. wow…

UFO Triangular Sightings still continue over Phoenix Arizona 3/9/17

Over north Phoenix near Deer Valley airport. Three red UFO lights with then three blue lights hovered in the same spot for 30 seconds, or so. Some flashing of the lights, then the UFO moved on the the north. This strange UFO was still bright & far away, brighter than planes would be. Over the Cave Creek area, it looked to stop and hover again. I called the airport to ask if there was military exercise going on to which they said no. I asked if they saw the UFO lights and the guy said he had no clue. 3/9/17

Perfect Triangular UFO formation above tree line slowly gliding Newton KS.

I saw a Triangular form of UFO lights slowly float forward above the tree line out front of our property. There was no sound. I knew it wasn't an airplane because there was one flying high up leaving a jet trail. This UFO was too low to be an airplane.

The top light was a strobe of red, yellow and 2 white lights, while the bottom 2 lights (made up of 2 lights on each side) made the corners, were just bright white.

The outlined shape of the UFO was hazy because the lights were so bright, so I couldn't tell if they were attached to a shape or if they were just 3 lights in formation.

I ran inside to wake my husband up. By the time he came outside it moved south and the bottom lights would fade in and out. They were still bright all around even when it had turned another direction. I watched it until the lights just faded out and it disappeared completely.

We live in the country just 2 miles outside a small town. credit 3/10/17

Saturday, March 11, 2017

UFO Whistle Blower about to 'lift lid on 1000s of UFO files' is GENUINE says ex-MoD man

"Nick Pope, who was charged by the MoD with investigating baffling UK UFO Sightings cases, including the Rendlesham incident, said: "I've actually had some personal communication with this individual, and have no doubts about his background. It's clear from the language he uses and the information he has that he's a genuine insider." credit Frank Stalter. A FORMER US Naval officer who claims his secrecy agreement with the American Government has expired is vowing to lift the lid on thousands of top-secret UFO..EXPRESS.CO.UK  Whistleblower about to 'lift lid on 1000s of UFO files' is GENUINE, says ex-MoD man

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bright Sphere shaped UFO was floating above a nearby house Dhaka BD.

I was rolling around in my bed trying to sleep. I opened my window to let in some fresh air when I noticed a bright sphere in the sky. First I thought it was a airplane but the sole airport was in the opposite direction and there we no sounds associated with planes or helicopters. I grabbed my glasses off my study table to make sure of what the UFO was, when I glanced at it for a second time it started accelerating upwards at breakneck speed. UFO accelerated for 5 or so seconds before disappearing out of sight completely. I was in complete awe of what I had witnessed and checked the sky again for aircraft, then concluding that no aircraft were present except the mysterious UFO, I had guessed it to be an UFO. I lost sight of the UFO when it was speeding upwards and the sight was blocked by my rain blocker at the top of my window. I re-positioned myself to get a better angle but the UFO was gone by then. mufon cms# 82538

Monday, March 6, 2017

Two black triangle UFO Sightings Silent had the effect of Silencing surrounding environment Elk WA

One female(me)and one male were walking outside and I don't remember what we were going to do but I was preparing to smoke a cigarette. I think it was late spring. It was warm. What made me first realize that something wasn't right was the sound of dogs barking in every direction, lots of dogs. That in itself was spooky. We both stopped and listened. Then all sound was literally shut off like a light switch. It was the weirdest thing and completely surreal. Everything was just wrong.
As we were standing there still, we both became aware of what appeared to be UFO craft. I saw one UFO immediately to my right and just above the trees. If it was any lower it would be hitting the trees. This one UFO was pretty close. There was another UFO to the north and it was further away. I didn't see this UFO right away so I don't know how close it was to begin with. It was probably 150 feet or so when I saw it. I am not great at estimating distance but that should be reasonably accurate. They were matte black and triangular. These UFOs had a bunch of lights. One thing that bothers me to this day is that I can't quite remember what color all of the lights were. It seems there were many colors but I can only be sure about a couple colors. I think it may have had tons of different colors but I can't verify that. Something is really wrong with that in itself. I am sitting their in absolute wrapped attention, analyzing with all my powers of observation on this thing, for a good period of time, and I can't remember what color all of the lights were? So there was some confusion or distortion there.
I think the rest of the story was pretty clear. My feelings were that I was very excited afterwards. It was almost similar to a mild mania (not crazy but overly excited). I was just absolutely floored and amazed. There was a really high excitement level and it lasted for days, maybe longer. I still think about it frequently. My viewpoint had changed forever (never believed in these things). I can't necessarily justify it but I don't believe they were military (as I described in my prior report I do have some experience with military craft) and I for some reason I don't believe they were craft either. I think they might have been things that projected an image of a UFO craft. I feel like whatever it was or truly looked like, was concealed in some fashion. There were some strange incidents later and I was told that the other individual had seen them around since and also others had. There was a TV show talking about an incident in the area. I believe it was unsolved mysteries. One strange incident that I believe was related, was the two of us perceiving a light while asleep. Basically I became aware while sleeping that a light was shining on my face. I sat up and smacked the other individual to wake them up. I said nothing to them as I was silently observing. The light appeared to go off just as I opened my eyes. It was timed perfectly to where as my eyes opened it was gone. I never saw the room lit up. When the individual woke up due to my minor assault :) they stated "Was there just a light shining in our effing face?" Right there I sprang out of the bed threw shoes on and ran around the property. There was fresh snow and no trace of anything. I looked up and couldn't see anything. I examined the tiny and highly placed window in the bedroom, which I was sleeping parallel to and under, and there is no way with the combination of the trees, window position etc. that somebody could have shined a spotlight into that window and onto my face and it was too bright to have been directed elsewhere. I had a lot of strange dreams some of which were revealing about my situation. Some were nightmares about the other individual who I was dating at the time. Some of the dreams turned out to be accurate and about things I was unaware of. If this stuff was trying to involve itself in affairs via dreams it would have been isolating him from me because I was done with that situation shortly there after. I really don't feel that I was ever abducted personally and I have no reason to believe he was either. If somebody was It would likely have been him because the activity continued around there. I have experienced some paranormal things afterwards but it was years later and in a different state. It involved "poltergeist" activity and there were bunches of UFO sightings of lights in the sky and things in very close proximity to my domicile during this time. These reports can be found on your page near the capital of Bismarck North Dakota. Near the Bismarck Demons (WTH, Yes that's their mascot) high school. None of those reports were made by myself but I had poltergeist activity and other things at the time, and even the night of reported events. I should also add that I think it's possible that I have received some government or other agency's attention. I feel a tad harassed. I have repeatedly had government Census, Dept of Commerce census and even a "Government mental health survey" bothering me more than anybody else I know. On one occasion the individual behaved in a very intimidating a cop in a spooky manner. He seemed perfectly normal but with a authoritarian attitude. That isn't the type of person you would send door to door to convince people to do voluntary surveys now is it? I politely refused to participate and he was attempting to intimidate me. He inquired about where I was moving to (My house was for sale). That was in ND and that pissed me off bad enough to motivate me to report this happening. I think it's all related. I don't believe these UFO things are friendly and I would resist any agenda they may appear to have. Maybe that's why the government, or whoever, is nervous about who they come into proximity to. I did get a no-flash picture of a orange misty thing during poltergeist activity. It is quite interesting but I am not willing to show it to the public because it might reveal where I lived in combination with the other information I have provided. mufon cms# 82523

UFOs are Intelligently Controlled Vehicles Stanton Friedman

Ufology 30 years on, 40 years ago. UFO-logy Notebook vol. 3 no. 6 Summer 1977:
Stanton Friedman was convinced "we are being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles," while others such as Allen Greenfield were talking about consciousness and focusing "on the nexus between UFO's and paranormal phenomena." Middle ufology was a thing: "those committed neither to cultism nor the big establishment-oriented 'official' groups..." credit Curt Collins…/Ufology%20Not…/Vol%203%20No%206.pdf

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Vimana UFO & The 10 million year old Secret Video

Vimanas were said to be deployed
in the destruction of the city of
Dwarka, an investigation of which
was recently featured here. Dwarka
was described as an ancient
paradise that resembled Plato's

The similarity between modern-day
UFO sightings and the detailed
ancient descriptions of vimanas is
certainly a compelling argument for
the UFO phenomenon's involvement
with humanity for a long time.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pulsing green orb shaped UFO arcing across the sky Simpsonville SC.

A large pulsing green oval UFO Sighting traveled across the sky in an arcing trajectory in a horizontal direction. The UFO was lower than the typical altitude of a plane, but higher than the tree line. The UFO moved at relatively fast pace towards the north. I slowed my vehicle to try and track the UFO, but it had already accelerated out of sight. nuforc Simpsonville SC 2/21/17 UFO Sighting report

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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