Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dozens of UFO orbs sighted Whitby Ontario CA 6/24/16

During the hours of 11:00 pm, in the Durham Region of Ontario, Canada, over Ajax, Whitby and possibly Pickering, five friends of mine and I had decided to take a late night stroll. Within two minutes of our walk and leaving my house, in the north direction, I noticed the sky was very clear. I could see many stars, and especially the typical airplane lights. Over the horizon to the east-southeast, three orange UFO orbs started to appear in view, slowly making their way into view, heading west-southwest. The further into view, the more UFO orbs began to appear. There were more than a dozen UFO orbs, extremely bright in the sky. Their brightness' dimmed and increased seemingly at random, pulsing like so with gentle transitions. They all moved together in harmonized formation, looking kind of like the outline of the horseshoe nebula formation. They were hovering for the most part and at the least, three times brighter than the brightest start in the sky. Their brightness was more prominent than the moon. At first, I had no idea, then my initial response was UFO's, possibly of intelligent origin. I called my friends over to see if they saw it as well, as all five witnessed this. At the time, the UFO orbs had ceased their movement in the sky and simply hovered. Some orbs began to glow much brighter than others. A couple started to move in two separate directions, glowing further red until vanishing. 

During those three minutes, we all attempted to capture video or imagery, but our cameras on our phones were not working at their normal quality. Video produced nothing but black film, but the photo came out decently OK. By the end of roughly three minutes, the orbs all began moving in their own directions, sometimes circling back to their original position, and each faded away one-by-one, until four remained in the sky in the Orion's belt formation, for another minute. I ran to get my mother to witness the sighting. She witnessed the last four orbs, before they, too, vanished with a blink.

Another couple of minutes passed when we decided to continue our walk, after the event had occurred. Again, over the east-southeast horizon, I, and two of my friends, witnessed a much larger UFO orb, glowing a translucent greenish-blue, while it possessed an even fainter aura of bright blue around it. It's flight path was clearly a descent, making its way roughly 150km/h. It made no sound, and took a full minute and a half to descend before it became out of view beyond the horizon.

After the UFO sightings had stopped, several jets were seen in the area, all traveling in random directions. As well, Each of us (the witnesses) responded and reported different feelings: shock, confusion, excitement; except one that was common for every individual: extremely energized. Like being given a large dose of caffeine or sugar, that lasted several hours.

P.S. The following night, in the same general horizon location, a solitary orb of the same bright, orange/red was seen traveling slowly west-northwest, in a gradual curved path, until blinking very bright and vanishing in the blink of an eye. MUFON CMS# 77289

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