Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reported 5 perfect round circles of light 4 white and one blue-green UFOs Kingsburg CA 6/10/16

Went out to my car and looked up to the NW and sighted five large circles of light. 4 whitish/tinge of gold. One blue-green UFOs (seemed to be the one in charge and was one the end.) They were not in a line, but semi-line, could tell they were traveling together and at the same speed. Like when one sees a flock of birds traveling. They were large, each one about the size of two cars put together. The UFOs were completely silent. Very beautiful to look at. Past close over head, about distance a helicopter usually flies. They seemed transparent, with light inside the circles. It wasn't like they had lights on them, but rather they WERE lights. The light was contained in the circles. I ran quickly back into the house to tell my family there were UFOs. They came out to front yard...within those few seconds the objects had picked up speed and were in the distance heading SE. My son saw them as well as my grandsons. We watched them ascend until they looked like stars...then they were gone. This happened at dusk with light still in the sky. MUFON CMS# 77057

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