Thursday, June 9, 2016

UFO began ascending into the sky and disappeared 5/30/16 San Antonio Texas

Memorial Day 2016 5 pm in the afternoon. Had gone to the cemetery to put flowers on a grave. As we were about to get in the car to leave I observed a very white shiny UFO quietly floating across the sky towards me. The UFO stood out because the sky was very blue. I asked my daughter what it was and she didn't know. I grabbed my phone to start taking pictures/record this hard to make sense of situation. The UFO began hovering over a tree as I took pictures and there appeared to be a lens on the front of the UFO. At one point a plane flew by not too far from the UFO and I wondered why the two "aircrafts" would be in the sky together so close. Then the UFO started ascending up in the sky and just disappeared. This entire situation has left me a lot of questions. At first I wanted to believe it was a drone but then I looked up what a drone looks like and this looked nothing like a drone. I had always thought of UFO sightings to take place at night in a desolate area with no one else around to witness its existence! But this sighting took place in a completely opposite environment. I asked an employee at the cemetery what was flying over the grounds and initially he tried to convince me it was balloons that a family had released around the same time. That is until I showed him a picture and he reluctantly admitted this was no balloon. I forgot to mention my phone was almost fully charged when I started taking pictures and recording and before I could finish my battery was completely drained. When I tried to turn the phone on to show the employee the pictures it took a lot of persistence before it would stay on. At the time of this incident it really never crossed my mind this UFO could be a UFO. I was very offended that someone would actually fly over a cemetery taking pictures of people during such a sad and personal time of their life. After I started researching other pictures similar to mine that had been classified as UFO I began to realize this is probably something way bigger then I'll ever completely understand or be able to get answers to. One picture I took came out fairly clear. The rest of the pictures look like a bright white spec. In the video nothing showed so I randomly screen shot footage and enlarged the image to try and get a better picture. MUFON CMS # 76907

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