Monday, June 20, 2016

Observed about 12 orb UFOs flying overhead while camping Alberta CA 6/4/16

On June 4th at almost midnight our family was camping at Miquelon lake in Alberta with neighbors when our children asked what the lights were. We were all sitting around a campfire and got up and noticed 1 orb light UFO followed by 3 more lite UFOs in formation. And then they just kept coming, around 8 more UFOs. There was no sound and these UFOs looked nothing like what my picture looks like, they were high up but bigger, they were like glowing orb like UFOs. I tried to take a video but on the last 7 secs recorded, my neighbor took a video but there was no sound and it was distorted. We were excited by what we were seeing but I know I was scared, and my daughter was scared. They kept flying and then one by one would get smaller and disappear. Strangest thing we have ever seen. MUFON CMS# 77151

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