Thursday, September 29, 2016

I saw a Triangular Large Black UFO flying across the river I proceeded to follow it 9/27/16

On September 27th, 2016 Orange Park Florida I was driving home from work down a road along the river at approximately 8:20 pm when I sighted two blue lights that flashed yellow and then blue again, consistently and I also saw a solid red light that did not flash or go off, and noticed that I was seeing a UFO black triangular aircraft across the river. The next thing I knew, the UFO was directly above me so logic tells me it flew across the river, however I do not remember witnessing an actual flight path because it happened so quickly. The UFO was about 2.5 cars large solid black with lighter gray geometrical lines on the underneath, along with a circle in the center of the under-part. It was shortly after concealed by the tree line so I continued my drive to the ATM at the bank about a mile and a half straight ahead. Once I left the bank, I saw the UFO again directly in front of me, but down the road a little way. I was already going in that direction to go home and the UFO went in the same direction so I essentially followed it. I passed my subdivision to continue to see where this UFO was going. I proceeded to follow it for about 3 minutes when all of a sudden there was a flash of white light inside my car to my right eye, as if someone in my passenger seat was taking a picture of me with a flash (however, I was alone in my car), and then the UFO was completely gone. It was absolutely nowhere to be seen and it was a clear night, stars everywhere. No other planes or objects in the sky. There were people out and about walking, running, enjoying the evening and NO ONE seemed to even look up at it or notice it. However, a friend of mine who is a First Responder also saw the UFO separately from me seeing it. There have been no reports in the media of a drone or military maneuvers in my area, however I do live just miles from a Navy Base and there are a total of 4 military bases in our greater area. mufon cms# 79478

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fireball UFO rose above trees then traveled horizontally Azle Texas 9/24/16


I stepped onto my front porch and saw what I thought was someone shooting off fireworks to the Southeast. A fireball "UFO" rose rapidly and gently slowed its upward movement. As it slowed it's ascent I waited for it to explode, but this UFO began traveling toward me. I called to my wife to come see, and she came. I watched and thought perhaps it is a hot air balloon as it reminded me of a Japanese lantern. This UFO had a white rectangular box shape with the fireball suspended beneath it. I'm thinking it was the propane flames they use to heat the air in the balloon, but it was a very red color flame that I thought was unusual for that. The fireball was bright red and seemed to pulse slightly, but it looked to me like the flame was reaching upward. When my wife arrived, it was much closer. She says all she saw was the fireball, none of the other features I saw. In a matter of seconds it passed over my house headed Northwest. We ran around the house and continued watching it until it was hidden by some clouds. Judging by other aircraft we normally see in our area, it traveled faster than a commercial airliner, but slower than the military jets that pass here now and then. The object made no sound, had no wings, no rotor, left no contrail or smoke trail and the fire could be seen from all angles. The whole event lasted maybe just over a minute, if that long. mufon cms#79374

Are you seeing it too? UFO Sighting reported Florida 9/25/16

UFO Sighting Report 9/25/16 Florida: I was driving home from work, my car stopped at the light at US 19 and Curlew Rd, when I saw this strange light in the sky. The light color was like violet color, and also noted two small red lights on both sides, and was moving in a very weird way. I first thought an airplane, but the light colors and the fact that it was not blinking, all of the sudden the light became very bright, moved toward my right and dropped to the land vertically very fast, that really caught my attention, right after moved up in a diagonal towards my Left, and then stayed stationary for a few seconds. I was perplex, I started yelling out inside my car, I wanted to open the windows and yell out to the cars next to me and tell "Are you seeing it too", I could not open my cell phone, I barely use it, I was too shocked, then the light started becoming brighter and getting closer, it was when I noted like a round shaped object "UFO", and in between the violet lights I saw small white lights, then the UFO disappeared from my sight moved over the roof of my car. I've never seen anything like this before, I'm extremely nervous since then, I don't know what it was, but I do know what I saw and I will never forget it for as long as I live. mufon cms#79382

Friday, September 23, 2016

Looked like clouds at first then all different Pyramid shaped UFOs appeared Somerville TN U.S. 8/12/16

UFO Sighting reported Somerville TN U.S.:First I saw an entity it watched me for many hours it never ever spoke it just looked at me i was to scared to get to close so I just talked to it on and off for many hours the next day is when we started seeing things in the clouds the actual clouds were the ships "UFOs" some as large as small cities and they were either black gray or white some were shaped like pyramids some UFOs were round and there were so many and we kept seeing such things for two weeks then the entity showed up again in the same spot it had been two weeks earlier I contacted many sites about this encounter and nobody ever helps. Its kinda messed up because I did get a hold of someone but he said he could not talk to me until I made a report he sounded excited and nervous at the same time but then hung up on me a couple days later everything in our lives changed we started being followed and watched 24/7 and your probably not getting this cause the government has a way of blocking what goes out on my phone wish you could help but no one can? mufon cms# 79323

Thursday, September 22, 2016

UFO buzzed overhead potential contact / flyby Oshawa Ontario Canada

I can't really place the exact time and year of the event but it was maybe 5 to 7 years ago in Oshawa, Ontario. I had been meditating and deeply absorbed in the UFO topic at that point in my life and one the popular theories I had read was that many of these beings were telepathic and kind. So naturally I thought I could try and make contact if I broadcast my intent loud enough. For some reason at the time it was something I really felt that I needed, was that confirmation of these accounts of UFOs and telepathic exchange.

I went outside and began to meditate under a roof with a sunlight in my family's backyard. It was a clear spring / summer day with not a cloud in the sky. I was meditating to ask for contact or proof. I slipped into a deep state and awoke from it staring up through the skylight. I thought I saw seagulls flying over but then something came over me and I thought one of those shapes didn't have any wings. I got up and rushed out from under the roof and looked straight up and this silvery-white UFO quickly in a straight path and as if to prove it wasn't a bird it did a quick maneuver where it darted left really fast, and then again to the right and kept moving far away until within a couple seconds it was so far and out of site. It looked like it was way up there in the sky but low enough to see.

I couldn't believe it, not about what happened but that they would take the time to humor me. I believe since then I have had a few more sightings. Because I can't validate the details of the other interesting experience I will quickly state the facts. I was with my girlfriend at the time in the park at night. We were looking at the stars and realized one that looked big and bright like a planet disappeared then again re-appeared somewhere else in the sky or there multiple lights. They were stationary.

As well, given the circumstances of my first experience I had more meditations with the intent of contact. I would awake to immediately see a "shooting star" above me. Once I was I was feeling quite emotional laying on the ground in Toronto and remarked how the skies had so much light pollution we could never see any UFOs if there were any. Within a few seconds of that statement a shooting star passed right over. "ha ha very funny, that's not the point space-guys" Anyways I have come to believe there are interesting correlations between shooting stars and the intent to make contact.

UFOs and telepathy all in one. I have had a couple other experiences mostly internal that I will keep to myself. mufon cms #79324

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Observed a round white bright UFO hovering above Santa Fe, NM 9/17/16


It was just before sunset and I was in my room when a roommate told me to look out my western windows to see a stationary UFO small, round, ball of light which seemed to be right above Santa Fe (NM). The UFO light was not moving at all. I went outside to get a better view. UFO was much too large to be a star or planet(Venus). It appeared to be perfectly round and about the size of a Christmas mini light from my vantage point (+/- 1/8th inch). The UFO Light changed color from bright white to orange red as the sun set. I assumed it reflected the setting sun. UFO then got smaller until it disappeared while not changing its position in the sky. The sky was completely clear with perfect visibility. This happened before the sky got dark on Sept. 17, 2016 from 7:30 - 7:45 PM. mufon cms# 79229

Huge Orb like UFO brightens with color before completely vanishing Ojai CA 9/17/16

I stepped out front of my house after turning my front lights on in order to help our Halloween blow-up cat inflate without getting stuck on a bush, (huge Halloween fans, always decorate early). As I was holding the thing, something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I looked up in the sky when I saw a large, bright UFO orb with a golden glow to it. The UFO appeared to be as far as the stars, yet as bright as a planet such as Jupiter or Venus, which I initially thought it was. After watching this UFO hover there completely still for a second, the bottom and top of the UFO started to sorta flicker and then brighten. While doing so, there was what I can only describe as a spectrum burst through the middle of it. (All colors of the spectrum circled the UFO orb for a split second.) It then moved to the left a few feet, (from my point of view probably hundreds of feet in actuality) and this UFO completely vanished; It didn't dim into a faint light that slowly or quickly drifted off that I was still able to trace. It didn't take off at a fast speed. The UFO just completely vanished and look almost misty while doing so. No sounds whatsoever. Nothing else. mufon cms# 79236

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Off duty cops claim to have filmed a UFO Sighting above England

THIS is moment two police officers claim to have captured their close encounter with a UFO on camera. The duo watched as the cigar shaped UFO object moved slowly across the day light sky. Former police detective Gary Heseltine has studied the footage and believes it is genuine. He said: “It was filmed by two off-duty police officers near Consett, in County Durham. On what was a bright clear day, the UFO was seen to rotate on its own axis in a vertical position. Gary added: “The UFO was estimated to be at an altitude of approximately 1,000 ft to 5,000 ft with dimensions of 200 to 400 feet in length. Note the sun glinting off what appears to be a metallic surface as it rotates.
 Off duty cops claim to have filmed a UFO in the skies above England  THESUN.CO.UK

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Latest UFO Sighting Hovering over Huston Texas 9/10/16

This evening my fiance and I are out in the backyard doing a little bit of yard work. We live in a relatively metropolitan area in Houston Texas. My fiancee noticed something hovering in the sky and alerted me. At first I was unable to understand what she was exactly talking about. Henceforth she pointed up at the sky and I had noticed exactly what she was talking about. What we both witnessed was a hovering UFO that did not look logical. We could not exactly see the shape of the UFO but we did see what appeared to be lights that may have been on the corners of the UFO vessel. Like a plane, jet or helicopter type aircraft, we both saw lights that were logically positioned on the UFO vessel. nevertheless the shape or style of the UFO vessel it appeared as if they may have been at the tips just like on the aircrafts I had mentioned previously. Collectively we do not know how long it had been hovering there before we noticed it. Once we noticed it we saw something that seems very out of place. Neither my fiance or I are experts when it comes to aerodynamics, aircrafts, or UFO's. What we did see was something very unconventional out of the ordinary. I have never seen any sort of aircraft hover in the same position like that with no sound and with the type of Lights that were emanating from the UFO Vessel itself. As I instructed my fiance to retrieve her mobile device to take video I was in the position to take a still shot captions with my mobile device. As she retrieved her device the unidentifiable flying object "UFO" decided to descend in a fashion that I have never seen something move through the air before. During this altercation I had taken three or four still shots with my phone zooming in trying to get the best photo possible. After she retrieved her device in our home the UFO decided to descend in a manner that I have never seen something move through the air like before. She was very upset that she was not able to capture the moment on video and at that point in time relied on the fact that I had taken still shots with my own mobile device. As I attempted to retrieve the images that I know that I've taken with my mobile device, I noticed that they were not able to be retrievable. I found that very odd considering that I can use my mobile device like the back of my hand. We would never go this far to report something like this if we didn't feel in our heart of hearts that we had witnessed something extraordinary. I hope that our testimonial is useful so this referendum. MUFON CMS# 79071

Sighted series of orb UFOs making incredible directional changes and changes in light intensities Oklahoma City 9/10/16

I decided to go out with some friends to Bricktown, a hot spot for people to hang out on Fridays/Saturdays in OKC. Upon walking into one of the bars I noticed something strange in the sky in the distance. Several UFO orbs flying in all directions at incredible speeds (speeding up/slowing down). I have an extensive background in aviation as do all of my friends. None of us could explain what these UFOs were. Keep in mind, there was a massive low pressure system which had just moved in with several huge thunderstorms. Air was very turbulent and nobody was flying into Will Rogers World Airport due to the conditions. These were not planes. MUFON CMS# 79061

Orb UFO Sighting white in color westbound large white light surrounded the UFO Sturgis MI U.S.

On August 24th, 2016 at approximately 0600 hours, I was on my back porch smoking a cigarette. My porch is on the West side of the residence and it faces toward Sturgis MI U.S. I was looking at the sky to see if I could see anything strange which I do every morning. Weather conditions where clear and dry, and there were only a hand full of stars out. I was scanning the sky when off to the northwest I observed a large orb type UFO, white in color suddenly appear traveling westbound in a straight line direction. The UFO was glowing and traveled for approximately 5 seconds when the UFO expanded and vanished. The UFO was approximately the size of a penny and when expanded it was 4 to 5 times it's size staying circular. This incident has boggled me because the reaction of the light. I have played the incident over and over in my mind. I then realized when the light expanded into a larger circle and vanished, the light had closed shut like the UO had entered something. MUFON

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Large UFO Sighting hovering above trees through mountains near Banff BC Canada 9/7/16

Driving on the trans Canada highway just before banff on the way to Calgary around 11:12 pm where there was not any street lights, I noticed an unusual light faint light in the distance. at first I thought it was an upcoming street light, as the UFO came closer it was apparent it was not a street light, I then thought it would be a large modern home up the mountain overlooking us. the lights got closer and lower, remaining low enough to just be barely visible through the tops of the trees. I kept my eyes on it hoping for there to be a clearing where i can get a good look. after a few moments there was a brief clearing of street and I could see a UFO clear as day in the night the bottom of the UFO was about 8-10 circular lights on the bottom and there was nothing visible on the top. the UFO ship was almost like a bi-level oval craft. My thoughts of what it was cement after this point and the second I was convinced about what I was looking at the ship vanished in 2 seconds into distant space. I was in shock and overwhelmed with what I saw. a little panic and worry, unbelief and unsettling. I will probably be mentally damaged for life after this event. I was closer then I ever imaged I would be to a UFO and it was large and disturbing the whole experience. MUFON CMS# 79013

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My entire body was completely frozen by UFO Light Eatonton GA US 7/12/16

One day at around 2 am I was outside on my porch. I had headphones in and I was watching a video on my phone. The front yard got a little brighter but I live in a wooded area and whenever a car drives by the headlights illuminates my yard a little bit. So naturally I thought nothing of it. The light did not go away but I was preoccupied so I didn't give it a second thought. I started to hear a weird sound, it sounded like nothing I had heard before. The light in my yard got brighter, I knew it couldn't be a car, it was way too bright to be a car. The weird sound got louder and the lights got a little bit brighter, at that point I tried to get up to go look over the rail to see where the light was coming from but I could not move. My entire body was completely frozen, I couldn't even move my neck. It felt like hours that I stayed there completely still. One second I cant move and the next second the lights and sounds are gone and I can move. As soon as I could move I stood up grabbed my stuff and leaned over the edge of the porch but I didn't see anything. My initial reaction was fear, I was confused as to what I had just experienced. I went inside and went to my room. I sat and thought about what had happened and then I got upset because I didn't get to actually see anything. I experienced something unexplained and I believe that if I could have seen outside of the porch I would have seen a UFO.MUFON CMS# 78989

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

UFO sighting looked like a balloon being let go & hovering into the sky SC U.S. 9/5/16

I was playing music with my band on Sunday evening at the date noted above at smoky oak taproom off of camp road on James island, SC. I have played the same venue for over two years now with the same vantage point of the skyline over James Island South Carolina. There is a clear view of the sky looking directly northeast of the stage set that we play on. On this particular day it was mostly clear with a few white fluffy clouds here and there. Usually when I am playing my instrument I look up at the sky and see the sunset or the clouds or whatever is going on in the sky. I live close to an Air Force Base and close to a regional airport so there are a lot of planes and helicopters that normally fly over, which I'm used to sighting on a regular basis. The sky was exceptionally blue, and the clouds that there were, which were very few, we're very bright white from the reflection of the sun. During the middle of one of our songs I looked up and saw a small dark colored orb UFO hovering and slowly ascending vertically into the sky. At first it looked as if it were a child's balloon that was accidentally let loose and was just slowly climbing from the helium, so I looked away. Once I returned my site back to the skies I noticed that the UFO was still there but had stopped abruptly. Honestly I couldn't tell how far it was away from me considering the distance of the clouds that were in my sight, however my intuition tells me that it was many many miles away, maybe 10,000 to 15,000 feet above sea level. Once I focused on it again, the UFO appeared to flicker from a dark color to a light color as if the reflection from the sun was creating some kind of optical illusion. I attempted to signal my other two band members at the time but they were very enthralled with the music and I did not want to interrupt the song. I did however notice a few other children in the audience and maybe an adult or two also gazing at the sky and pointing. After about two to maybe three minutes I noticed the UFO change directions sharply towards the east to maybe about a couple hundred feet in relative distance. After that I totally lost sight of it as it seem to have vanished in mid air. I have seen many airborne vehicles and have done a lot of piloting myself as a freelance pilot and I have never witnessed an UFO of this nature. Unfortunately my band mates did not witness the same thing but were interested after I told them what I saw. I am very skeptical of unidentified UFOs in the sky but for some reason this one caught my attention and persuaded me to report it to the only source that I know that would take it seriously. I wish I had a better description or video evidence but unfortunately my story is all that I have and I hope it has some kind of help to your cause. My feelings were, "am I actually seeing a UFO or is this just something floating around that I can't describe?" To me it was not something that you would normally see in the skies but something that is abnormal. It was definitely not a balloon or anything that I have ever witnessed before. MUFON CMS# 788959

Monday, September 5, 2016

Travis Walton Interview about his Five Day UFO & Alien Abduction Memories in 1975

The Travis Walton UFO incident refers to an American logger who claims he was abducted by a UFO on November 5, 1975, while working with a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Walton reappeared after a five-day search. The Walton case received mainstream publicity and remains one of the best-known alleged alien abduction stories, although skeptics consider it a hoax. Travis Walton recalls his experience on a UFO during his famous alien abduction in 1975. This interview was produced by Jennifer Stein in 2014.

Orange solid UFO stationary slowly moved east and disappeared Sequim WA 8/20/16

Wife and I were driving home and could see the UFO high in the sky. We have never seen anything like this before. We watched it as we drove the last mile to our mailbox and stopped. I got out to observe it while I got the mail. I took my flashlight out and pointed it toward the UFO with the light set to strobe. It was stationary for a minute or so and then slowly moved east. My wife got out and snapped 2 pictures with her cell phone but it is very difficult to see anything in the pictures but by enlarging it, one can see something that looks like tear drop orange lights on the bottom. I turned to get the mail out of the box and when I looked up, it was gone. My wife said it simply disappeared. We watched for another minute or so and didn't see it again. We couldn't tell how high the UFO was because it was dark and therefore, couldn't tell how large the UFO was. However, we are both convinced that it wasn't anything we have ever seen before - not a plane, helicopter, balloon, etc.

We are unable to copy, save, and download the picture here. If you provide an email address, I can forward the email in which it is attached. We could barely see the orange UFO in the picture until we enlarged it. Then you can make out the orange. The UFO is very difficult to see though. MUFON CMS# 78922

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Metallic Ball Shaped UFO hovering in sky over Upminster GB 8/30/16


I thought you might like to hear of what I had seen on Tuesday At about 2.30 pm on Tuesday 30th August 2016 we had parked up in high hill farm Corbetts tey Upminster Great Britain. We was waiting to get another job for our office. I had gotten out of the passenger side of our work van and was leaning against the door of the van having a cigarette. I was looking up into the sky at two contrails left by airplanes .They was in a v sort of shape that had the bottom end cut off if you get my drift. that's when I noticed ,it a metallic ball shaped UFO just sitting there in the sky dead center in the middle of these 2 contrails. The day was sunny and the sky was clear blue only a few clouds in the we are surrounded by airports here so there was planes in the sky and you could make out the shapes of these planes quite clearly even those that I would say we're long hull flights and was quite high in the sky but this was definitely a ball shaped UFO. It was motionless at the same height as the highest planes and it did not move at all in the ten or so minutes that I was observing it. My colleague seemed to think that is was a drone or a balloon but it was motionless it didn't move at all in the ten minutes or so we observed it so it wasn't a balloon and I would not think a drone would be able to reach those heights ( I read planes travel at 45000 ft and this UFO seemed to be on par with that at least ) The UFO then moved slowly to my right, it's left . If I can explain using a clock face I would say when I first observed the UFO it was at 12 o'clock in the sky it then moved to 2 o'clock where it again remained stationery but it seemed a little higher in the sky then before as it was harder to see it. This movement took a couple of minutes and we again kept watching it although now it was becoming hidden by a few clouds so it was harder to see. It was only that we knew it had moved that we could see it was still there. We then stopped observing it and loaded up jobs for the rest of the day. When we had finished and was about to leave the farm I looked into the sky again and the UFO had moved back to where it was when I had first observed it although it seemed much higher in the sky then before I know it wasn't a plane as planes could be clearly seen in the sky at the time . On first observation this was clearly a metallic ball shaped object . In the first 10 mins or so it did not move at all it just sat motionless in the sky so it could not have been a balloon or helicopter as it was to high up also I believe a drone could not fly that high. After I had seen the UFO back in its original position for at least a couple of minutes we left the farm and I did not observe it any more as we went to do jobs. MUFON CMS# 78898

UFO Sighting between 1:45-4:00 am four UFOs hovered stationary WI US 9/3/16

While sitting in my hot tub I always watch for satellites, I noticed 1 bright white UFO that was darting around in multiple directions then would stop and hover, I then saw 3 more in different parts of the sky. The first UFO was over the Norther Bay of Green Bay, one to the South of me, and two UFOs to the North. I grabbed my binoculars and could see bright white UFO orbs with multicolored pulsing lights. They would move abruptly in any direction they wanted to, then stop and hover again. These objects remained in the sky for several hours. They had absolutely no sound. I estimate their elevation at 15 to 20 thousand feet. MUFON CMS# 78896

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Small UFO flying next to commercial airliner East Aurora New York 8/31/16

I was walking eastward on Oakwood Ave between Park Pl and South Grove St with my two children in a stroller. This was on the evening of Wednesday August 31st, 2016 at about 7:50 pm. My son likes to spot airplanes in the sky and so I saw a commercial airliner flying from west to east across the sky and told him to look. I then noticed that flying next to it was a much smaller UFO. This smaller craft was between 1 and 2 commercial airplane widths (wing tip to wing tip) away from the UFO and was matching the commercial airliner's speed exactly. Both craft were leaving a vapor trail, although the commercial airliner produced two tails while this smaller UFO only produced one. The commercial airliner seemed to have a dark blue color while the smaller UFO was a color between gray and black. The smaller UFO appeared to be about one third of the length of the commercial aircraft (length being from nose to tail). Because of the small size it was difficult to identify a shape to this craft, my best guess is that it was triangular shaped. 

I watched the two UFOs fly eastward side by side in a straight line until the trees blocked my view. I don't think my son saw either airplane.

My initial thought was, "What the heck is that?". I work in the aerospace industry as an engineer so I began trying to problem solve what I witnessed. My first thought that this was another commercial airliner that was flying at a much higher altitude and it just looked like it was flying next to the commercial craft (which would explain the smaller size). I then thought that this was unlikely because their speeds were matched exactly. The next thing I thought it could be was a fighter jet escorting the commercial airliner. I know this happens occasionally if there is a concern on the commercial airliner. This would explain the grayish-dark color and how to could match the speed of the airliner but also stay so close to it. This could also explain the vapor trail left behind. I was thinking possibly an F-16 fighter jet could explain the small size and single vapor trail.

I did not have a smart phone or any camera with me to photograph or film the two aircraft. After I got home and got the kids in bed (about 8:25pm) I Google News search for fighter jets escorting commercial airliners for that evening but didn't see anything reported. I told my wife what I had witnessed and she thought that it was strange as well.

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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