Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Minutes into walking I saw the Metallic UFO Federick MD reported 6/14/16

I dropped my daughter off for swimming practice at the Green leaf pool at 7:35 and then proceeded up the street to the neighborhood gas station to get a pack of smokes and then returned to the pool parking lot at about 7:42 or so. I parked my car and started to take my walk, that I preplanned on doing, for the duration of my daughters practice. When I reached the end of the parking lot, I crossed the street and walked to the left up E.Green leaf drive towards Tuscany Drive. As I was approaching the stop sign at the end of the street, which sits at the top of a slight hill, light reflecting off of an UFO in the sky caught my eyes. I stopped in my tracks by the stop sign so I could observe the UFO. It was, what i believe to be, a metallic UFO that was orb shaped and highly reflective hovering off in the distance just above a development of town houses and trees off of Tuscany Drive. When I was convinced that it was a UFO I proceeded to get my phone off my hip to take a video of the object. I put my phone in video mode, pressed the record button and lifted it to the sky and pointed it at the orb...but upon aiming the phone at the orb, my screen was completely black. So I lowered my camera to check the settings. Everything was the way it was suppose to be but my screen was still black. I then checked the lens and everything was fine with that so I turned the phone off and then back on to start the process all over again all while occasionally glancing up to make sure that I didn't loose sight of the orb. Once my phone was back on I put it in video mode again and pressed record, but this time I made sure that the screen wasn't black and it was recording before I raised my phone to the sky. Once I was sure it was working correctly I looked up while raising the camera but the orb was gone...or invisible. I stood there for about 5 minutes searching the skies to see if I could locate it again. Disappointed upon not finding it, I continued my walk by making a left on Tuscany Drive. So excited by what I saw, I called my friend, after making a left onto Christopher's Crossing off of Tuscany, to tell him what I saw and how unfortunate I was at my unsuccessful attempt to record the orb. By the time I made a complete circle and reached Tuscany again, which was at about 8:16 pm or so and still on the phone with my friend, I looked up and was searching for the orb again. After I walked about 50 yards on Tuscany from E. Green leaf Dr., I saw it again or maybe even a different one. This time it was much further away and was traveling to my right and was pulsating from bright to not being visible back to bright again. I didn't attempt to film it this time because it was just to far away and I didn't believe my phone could have captured anything because of it being so far away. I observed its flight path and it pulsating in and out of a visible spectrum for about 10-15 seconds before it completely vanished from my sight. I stood there looking for about five minutes but it never appeared again. I couldn't stand there and wait to see if it would appear again like I wanted to because I had to finish my walk and get back to the pool to pick my daughter up. MUFON CMS#77058

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