Thursday, June 16, 2016

Diamond shaped UFO with white lights reported 6/13/16 Durand MI

This UFO had been seen by a friend of mine in the area around the same time 2 separate nights so a few of us got together to investigate. At first we saw a few planes but they were always to high and the light pattern was wrong and the wrong color. 11:30 rolled by and we saw dim white lights moving rather slow toward us. It was above tree level, about the height of the towns water tower and flew right over us. There were 4 dim white lights all on the tips of a diamond shaped UFO that appeared to be about the size width wise of a house. The UFO was solid black outline and was silent until it was right over us. Then we could hear a deep but soft whine. Like a distant plane but it came from right above us. There was no downdraft of apparent propulsion anywhere we could see and then it picked up speed away from us. We believe the pilots noticed they were being watched and have since changed their flight path because we haven't seen it in the same place again. We tried to follow in our cars but it was moving faster than we could follow. My radio presets were all erased when I started my truck, my watch was acting strange and my walkie talkies died with over half battery left. We wrote everything down and drew what we saw and later had trouble recalling exactly what happened. MUFON CMS# 77078

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