Sunday, June 24, 2018

UFO Sighting reported 6/17/18- 20 witnesses Triangle Shaped UFO over Farmington MO

UFO Sighting reported Farmington MO. Triangular shaped UFO with many colored lights appearing in the western sky quickly approaching earth, within 45 minutes was very close, hovering about 30 minutes before beginning to leave the area in a northeast direction. We have also witnessed a large ball of fire and a triangular shaped UFO traveling from northeast to southeast. These UFOs have been observed by 15 to 20 neighbors and a newspaper reporter.

UFO Sphere approached on the south side of highway 6-21-18 O'Fallen MO

Driving on 64 (Highway 40) heading east to St Louis. A White (very bright UFO Sphere approached on the south side of highway (right side of my van) at high speed, horizontal and parallel to highway. UFO Sighting was not coming from above, but horizontal. No contrail or light tail behind - just an extremely bright sphere. Once UFO passed me, it increased its speed exponentially and reduced its size and then trailed south growing smaller and extremely faster as it disappeared, UFO did not curve towards the earth but veered southward and disappeared. Increasing in speed. No sound.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Cluster of orange UFO lights in formation in night sky 6-16-18 White Plains NY

Stepped outside to walk dog and looked up to see orange UFO lights on night sky approaching and following a northern flight pattern. UFOs were small, round, soundless and clustered in two to three at a time and space between seemed to be 15 to 30 second delays.There were other aircraft in area of normal altitude and sound but these seemed higher and without any sound as UFOs flew over in northern flight pattern directly over Ridgeway in White Plains. Night was clear with new moon and minimal clouds. Witnessed by two persons. UFO Sighting occurred on June 16th 2018

Metallic Round UFO w/ Lights traveling Southeast over Riverside County CA

I observed a round metallic UFO traveling southeast at a speed of about 80 miles per hour. It is hard for me to distinguish the altitude and size of the UFO, but my best guess is that it was about the size of a small car and was at a height of about 800 meters. I figured it was metallic because the sun appeared to reflect on it. I also distinguished two lights on the underside that glowed intermittently; they turned on every ten seconds and were red and green. The UFO came from a Northwest direction and traveled in a perfectly straight line, and made no sound.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Two Orange Pyramid Shaped UFO's moving at approx.100 to 150 mph over the West Palm Beach International Airport

Tonight I witnessed 2 orange "pyramid" shaped UFO's moving at approx. 100 to 150 mph over the West Palm Beach International airport area. They were separated by about 1 mile and a half and seemed to be about 30 feet wide front to back and side to side. UFO Sighting were making no sound and were not fighter jets using afterburners. I was in the U.S. military and was in areas to watch fighters in training at bases overseas and they were not fighters.UFOs appeared to resemble a pyramid shape pointing into the sky as they were flying. they were moving in a north north east direction. I saw no beams being used. As I went down the road to see where these UFOs were going they disappeared over the airport without landing at the airport. The UFOs actually were flying directly over president Trumps Golf Course here in Palm Beach and I have seen these same types of UFOs with different shapes flying over the same area before. About 4 years ago I saw seven UFOs flying in a circular pattern over the same golf course moving slower at about 70 or 80 mph. Those UFOs disappeared into a large cloud bank after circling the area for about 40 minutes. In total I have seen about 15 small lighted or orange type unidentified craft flying over or around this area before. This is no joke and is real. I'm sitting right under where I saw them tonight writing this and only feet from the Palm Beach airport. UFO Sighting occurred on 6/03/18

UFO Sighting report 6/1/18 Lightening Storm over Henrico VA

The UFO Sighting was narrow mostly rectangle shape with single file lights seen in southeastern sky and then just gone like switch flipped.

Sometime around 12:30-1:30 a.m. 6/01/18, I observed a strange UFO light shape in the sky. I’m not really sure of the time because I was out on the deck after being awaken by a storm brewing and was intent on getting things secured on my back deck. It could have been as late as 2:00 a.m. but I know I had gone back to bed/asleep and then up again at 3:00 a.m. for a bathroom trip. It wouldn’t be before 12:30 as Perry Mason that I watch at 11:30 p.m. EST was off. The day (Thursday) prior had cleared off to sunny clear skies in the late afternoon so I was surprised to be awakened by all the thunder and lightning though it wasn’t raining yet. I could tell there was a fair amount of wind and I wanted to check if I had lowered my umbrella in case it got worse.

After making sure all was secure, I was standing at the rail marveling at the cool breeze that felt heavenly after days of sticky humidity. It was then that I looked up and noticed there were still very large bright patches of open dark sky with the imposing clouds all around those clear sections. My deck faces straight out towards southwest with no trees, or structures anywhere to block my view in all directions. I was standing at my deck rail looking out sorta southeast towards the end of the deck - observing the clouds and large open areas and looking for any stars. I was also wondering if the lightening was getting bad enough that maybe I should go in. That was when I saw way up where planes would normally be spotted, a narrow UFO rectangle shape with 3 bright lights single file down the length though there might have been a 4th and the lights appeared to be circular but being so far away couldn’t be sure. I thought it looked a little strange; however, our area’s major airport is located over in the eastern part of Henrico county. At first glance, I figured it was a plane though it didn’t look like other planes or helicopters I had seen at night. They usually have a flashing light(s)  and you can see the wing lights but nothing like this was seen! just the single file lights. I did see in lightening flashes a faint maybe triangle outline but really not sure. One flash I would see it, the next not, and again nothing like a plane or helicopter. The sky was pretty bright - maybe the moon had been out but was now under the clouds. Honestly, I didn’t think about looking for the moon and it’s location until I was back inside and the shape was gone. Anyway I kept looking and this UFO and it didn’t seem to be moving at all but then a few sorta short slow jerky movements upwards/forward but nothing like a plane makes so I started thing of a helicopter again maybe in a holding observation pattern. And the movement was so quick without any discernible distance not sure if it really moved or shook there was just some sort of change. I thought about a weather balloon but that didn’t seem to be the case either. I even thought of maybe a plane in a holding pattern but they circle in a wide pattern and you can tell they are moving. This UFO shape wasn’t moving forwards, backwards or circling. I was keeping watch on the cloud movement along with the UFOs position relative to me and the garage next door. I kept watching for a few minutes - it was in a very open part of the sky, and I took my eye off the sky for just a second to smack at a mosquito, when I looked back up it had disappeared no lights or shape anywhere. There hadn’t been any sounds other than the storm. However, earlier I had heard plane sounds as is normal here day and night. The airport is about 30-40 minutes up the highway. And quite often I watch them at night (while sitting on the deck) flying to and from the airport or circling - I had never seen anything quite like this before in terms of being there and then just as quick gone. It was like this UFO flipped a switch and the lights were turned off. The sky was too clear and open for it to pass behind a cloud. If it had done that, it would have come back into view and it didn’t but there weren’t any clouds where it was located. I have seen weird UFO lights in the sky before but have always been able to figure that they were probably a plane or helicopter. But this was different and I have never made a report, and in fact, I don’t follow UFO stuff at all. However, like many folks, you wonder if we are here what keeps other “beings” from being out and about. There is probably a likely explanation. Just wanted to report it in case someone else saw something similar at the same time and area.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

UFO Sighting Report Egg Shaped burnished silver no engine noise slow moving Hayden ID.

Didn't note the exact time, but it was no later than 10:00. I was having a morning coffee on the back porch, when I saw this egg shaped object over Hayden Lake. It was not moving very fast. My first thought was some sort of drone craft but it seemed a little too large for a civilian drone. There was no weird feelings from seeing this UFO just normal curiosity. UFO Sighting was not spooky at all. I observe aircraft from my backyard on a daily basis. This UFO Sighting was not flying any faster than some of the two propeller planes that fly over. I was able to observe it for about a minute before it climbed into the clouds. UFO Sighting was Egg Shaped, Burnished Silver and about the size of a pickup truck. I could not hear any engine noise, and tried to spot wings or port and starboard lights without success. I can hear the engines of the planes for quite a distance and this UFO was quiet although it was not very far away nor was it very high, at first. Less than a thousand feet up and perhaps! 4 to 6 blocks away. I am a retired oil refinery operator with ten years Military experience.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Formation of UFOs 10 to 12 orange to red colors 6/4/18 Trenton NJ

Spotted formation of 10-12 UFOs orange to red color size of aircraft maybe 200 feet high No sound formation in north sky arm's length and notice a white UFO outside atmosphere Going same direction but faster I ran in direction up the street to keep in view and they just disappeared.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Triangle UFO with blinking red green and white lights seen in telescope 6/3/18 Lubbock TX

At 12:25 AM June.3,2018 I was using my small spotting scope to look at objects such as Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky. I first saw the UFO east of Saturn at the time. UFO could just be seen as three blinking/ pulsing lights that were red, green, and white. At first glance I thought it was a airplane with strobing lights. I soon became aware this was not the case. As an amateur astronomer I had clear reference points to track the UFO Sighting and knowledge of satellite activity and meteors. The speed in which the craft was traveling was comparable to the speed of the International Space Station. Faster than any plane I have ever seen. It also did not travel in a straight line as most aircraft would, instead it traveled closely to the ecliptic line in the sky that night first passing Saturn and then passing Jupiter at relatively proportional distance as it did Saturn. UFO was first spotted in the SE and “set” in the west. Its lights were rapid blinking at ten times the rate as most aircraft strobe lights do. One would think it would be a satellite however this was not the case.

When I first spotted the UFO and made the deduction that it was not an aircraft I trained my spotting scope (one powerful enough to see the lines of Jupiter) on the UFO. At minimal magnification it was clear the craft was triangular (sketch of object will be included in the report). I followed the UFO for about thirty seconds zooming in magnification to get a clear representation of what the craft’s outline looked like. As I stated it was clearly triangular with lights on the edges of the triangle. If this were to be a satellite with my scopes magnification (one I have tested on the International Space Station before) if the UFO was at the altitude of the space station would be easily twenty times the size of it. I lost the UFO from my scope around the time it was passing Jupiter and used the naked eye for the rest of the viewing. I cannot explain what this object was, but am 90% sure it was not a satellite or aircraft.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Donald Trump and UFO's Costa Rica Star News

So what’s the big deal with all this secrecy and continual lies and deceptions from the U.S. government involving what they know about the existence of UFOs? What’s scary is the level of ‘top secret’ that goes higher than the President of the United States." 

Donald Trump and UFO's - Costa Rica Star News  credit F.S
Is there a level of ultra ‘top secret’ security above the President of the United States when it comes to UFOs? Certainly President Donald Trump, after 500 days in office, has been briefed about UFOs from NASA, the CIA and perhaps others, but then again maybe not. This question is intriguing and...

Monday, June 4, 2018

It's better for pilots not to meet with UFOs

Many people believe in the reality of UFOs, but far from all. One of the reasons is that for many years the special services both foreign and ours have classified the most reliable reports on contacts with flying saucers namely official reports of military and civilian pilots as well as aviation ground service employees. And first of all it concerned those cases when contact with UFOs led to serious consequences. credit Steven Lee

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Circle Shaped UFO seen less 2 miles from the ground 5/28/18 Louisville KY

Whilst smoking a cigarette a UFO was seen ascending from the ground. First it was assumed to be medical personal or military in origin. UFO materialized from a bright light, and was not at first identified as the object in question. Then the UFO, over the course of several minutes, worked its way over head of the observer/narrator. The UFO was easily 50 feet in length with different color lights on the ends of red blue and green. It was circular except for the north and south ends of the object having a jagged and horizontal edges. UFO stayed straight moving right passed the observer, until it faded into the distance. No upwards movement was observed, and the object quickly faded from view. It did have a noise, and was not silent. However the UFO Sighting did move awkwardly for a B-52/757 style craft.

Black UFO Sighting reported 5/29/18 Bend Oregon

I was in the my back yard and noticed something moving slowly behind a tree west of my yard. A few seconds later, the UFO emerged on the other side of the tree and looked like black balloons floating in the air. As the UFO moved from the northwest to the southeast, I noticed it traveled at a consistent altitude and made no noise. It did not float up or move with the wind like balloons. It did not make a buzzing sound like a drone. I pointed the UFO out to my spouse and snapped 4 photos.
The UFO consisted of four black spheres that seemed connected. Photo's not available

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Triangle UFO Sighting reported 5/30/18 Clarksburg MD

On Wednesday night, I was driving home from the gym with my wife and we saw a bright light in the sky that initially we thought was the moon. it was really far away and very high in the sky. we then saw the UFO coming closer at a fast rate of speed and was rapidly descending. UFO was big and definitely was not a plane. The size, speed, and flight path of the UFO also made it highly unlikely to be a drone. It was big and was really fast. We then realized it was not the moon. UFO had three very bright flashing lights. My wife got out her phone and tried to record it. As she started to record, it disappeared and went dark. A few seconds later, UFO reappeared and that is where our video picks up. It changed flight patterns a few times and then sped off behind us and out of sight. There was a car behind us, so I was unable to turn around and follow it. The UFO lights were very bright and it seemed to hover a few times before it sped off.

UFO Triangle Formation 5/30/18 over London (Canada) Ontario reported

There were clearly unexplained phenomenon at this time and they were not airplanes. There were 6 UFO's that looked like they were playing follow the leader. There was no direct flying course. They were all white looking no flashing lights just stayed white. They were clearly following the lead UFO we first spotted them to the east and they quickly went south then turned north west and headed west before we lost sight. If I could draw these UFO's they’d look kinda like white para-gliders that were moving at a phenomenal rate and flying formations that are only possible with birds. They were turning and swapping places quickly. There were clearly three other airplanes in the sky around the same time.

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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