Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Special Delbert Newhouse UFO Film Report 1952

UFO SIGNS: Delbert Newhouse UFO encounter marks the long-term commemoration of the underlying report at Roswell New Mexico.

The specific date of my encounter was July second, 1952 at 11:00 A.M., Mountain Standard Time. I was driving on US Highway 30S, with my significant other and child, Delbert, and our little girl, Anne. We were on our way from Washington, D.C., to Portland, Oregon.  On holiday before moving to my new obligation station at the Aviation Supply Depot, Naval Supply Center, Oakland, California.

Around seven miles in the wake of going through Tremonton, Utah, Norma, my significant other, saw a gathering of UFOs overhead. And she was unable to distinguish. I maneuvered off onto the shoulder of the street and halted the vehicle. I got out, turned upward, and saw the objects. There were around twelve of them, standing around in a round development and continuing in an overall westerly course. They resembled nothing I had at any point seen, even though I've logged nearly 2,000 hours in the air. They were indistinguishable apparently. "

A large part of the Project Blue Book document on this renowned case is absent. One examination recommends that upwards of 13 pages are unaccounted for.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

I Have Seen the Alien Bodies Video

UFO Signs in the skies:  Richard Dolan and his better half Tracey return to the shocking and all-too-neglected instances of the late Leonard Stringfield, the trailblazer of UFO/UAP crash recovery research. For this program, they examine three additional cases uncovered by Stringfield during the last part of the 1970s, when this peculiarity was just barely starting to be talked about among UFO specialists.

UFOs and Massive Storms Surge Across The Globe Now

The continuation of massive storms in Europe, particularly Italy, which experienced heavy rainstorms and thunder. Over Las Vegas, Nevada, the onlooker was shocked to see the presence of a UFO in the plasma state, in the photos he had taken. Bradenton, Florida, an Object was likewise seen flying overhead at a high elevation, and utilizing one more strategy for shrouding, which is to conceal in the mists.

Above Salisbury, Maryland, a UFO was spotted as an orange ball of light. The craft was flying at a low elevation close to the highest points of trees. A unidentified flying craft, illuminated in orange and yellow, was seen floating at a low elevation, and uttering no sound.

Must Watch This Video Now: Mysterious UFO in the plasma state in Las Vegas and Strong storm continued in Italy

Monday, August 8, 2022

UFO Attraction to Missouri Marley Woods

PIEDMONT, Mo. August 7th 2022. UFO Signs:  The Ozarks are known for family fun, outside undertakings, sweeping lakes, and superb mountain views. UFO Witness on the Travel Channel is a TV network show that will feature one strange place in the Missouri. The hosts Ben and Melissa will investigate the Marley Woods in an episode called, "Nordics and The Cube."

Ben Hansen is a previous government specialist and Melissa Tittle is a writer. Their Travel Channel show examines UFO sightings across America. UFO Witness

Furthermore Ben and Melissa examine bizarre occurrences in Missouri, from sightings of 3D square shaped vehicle. And in addition to experiences with interdimensional creatures. They both accept this mysterious area called Marley Woods which could be vital to all the curious peculiar encounters. Source Fox2Now

Friday, July 8, 2022

Skies Are Active with UFO Activity A Must See Video

We are in the summer season where UFOs are very much active in the skies overhead. Here we have several must-see recent UFO Sighting Videos captured over the United States.

Over Fargo, North Dakota, an exceptionally bizarre-looking craft is flying at a low height over a children's playground.

In the skies over Brooklyn, New York, a gathering of UFOs streaks continually in various colors, in a cloud-free night sky.

A very strange anomaly was captured on video over Elkmont, Alabama. This aerial anomaly was seen in a vaporous state.

In the skies over Bucksport, Maine, an observer caught a shocking picture of an unidentified red three-sided UFO, flying close to the outer layer of the moon utilizing his new camera.

In Bayville, Nassau County, New York, an unusual blue pillar appears overhead in the sky. 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Five Different Mysterious UFO UAP Sightings Caught on Video

A Recent UFO Sighting of a illuminated object as though it were ablaze overhead of Richwood New Jersey U.S caught on video.

Overhead in Reno Nevada, a UAP was caught on video it was a sparkling orange object in the night sky.

Over Houston, Texas, a pair of UFOs seem to mimic stars very still in the night sky.

Overhead Whittingham England UK, a UFO UAP was sighted landing close to the outer edge of a open field.

A multitude of 32 strange looking objects were seen in the skies over Dothan, Alabama.

As always when viewing any UFO Video you must determine for yourself as to what you are seeing is real or not.

Friday, June 3, 2022

Antenna Array Radio Frequency Triggers Massive Triangular UFO UAP

During the day of May.31,2022 a strong transmission was made towards the Star Arcturus with my strong Radio Station and Home Made Antenna Array on 432 MHz utilizing a Quarter of a Million Watts. While broadcasting the newfound "Brilliant Ratio Frequency", a gigantic Triangular UFO UAP entered our Dimension prior to evaporating into Eternity. These UFO UAP sightings frequently carry with them strong bits of knowledge giving us a more understanding into our knowledge of our Universe.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

New Video Reports of UFO USO Targeting Ships & Pleasure Boaters

UFOs are not just sighted above in the atmosphere they are additionally found in and around water. These type of UFOs are refer to as USOs. Furthermore, there are a ton of sighting reports!

USOs are seen everywhere, except one of the most dynamic regions on our planet is off the shore of Southern California, explicitly, the Santa Catalina and San Pedro Channel. This waterway has delivered in excess of 150 reported instances of UFOs and USOs. With a typical profundity of around 3000 feet, and a few regions one mile down, there are a lot of spots for USOs to stow away.

Objects have been seen plunging into the water, and exiting once in a while both! One of the most fascinating kinds of USO experiences are reports in which these objects have intentionally harassed boaters. There are almost twelve cases on record in which UFOs drift straight over boaters, or considerably more extraordinarily, unequivocally underneath them. Cases have been happening for a really long time and are as yet happening today. Follow Link To View USO Targeting Ships & Pleasure Boaters: https://youtu.be/RR_6LCFdxlw

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Where Do You Believe These Strange UFOs Originate From?

Do you accept we're being visited here on Earth? A Gallup survey expresses 4 out of 10 Americans presently think a few UFOs that individuals have spotted were outsider space craft visiting Earth from different planets or universes and or dimensions. This poll is up from a third.

This number has climbed in light of the fact that interestingly, the government authorities are publicly communicating worry over sightings of  craft  that can't be made sense of by our ongoing comprehension of physical science. It presents two issues: our foes have created unrivaled innovation or this stuff is extraordinary. In any case, the decisions are disturbing. http://www.ExtraordinaryBeliefs.com

FOX 10's John Hook converses with Jeremy Corbell, a narrative producer who has been doing a profound jump into the UFO subject for more than 20 years. Full Fox 10's UFO Interview With Jeremy Corbel Here:   https://youtu.be/Yp13yGUxXJs

Monday, May 2, 2022

A Real UFO Alien Encounter Experience Never Before Told

Increasingly more contacts are opening up to the world about their UFO Alien accounts. One of them is Tony Ditata. Brought into the world in New York, Tony Ditata had his most memorable UFO Sighting Encounter at the age of seventeen, while strolling outside his home in Brentwood. A couple of years after the fact, he encountered an emotional eye-to-eye experience with an Alien gray outsider on the nearby green. After a short time, he began having recollections of being taken inside an alien craft. Before long more experiences followed: sightings, missing time, and more eye-to-eye experiences. At this point in his life, Tony acknowledged at last that he was a UFO abductee. He received hypnosis where he reviewed a mind-boggling experience where he and his girlfriend were taken into a huge disc-shaped UFO which had arrived close by the street in upstate New York. Tony's experiences range from an array of UFO encounters, with practically every sort of experience, some of which are incredibly unusual. At a certain point, he had an amazing encounter with who he accepts to be his crossover ET little girl, or as he refers to her, his "Star Daughter." Besides his UFO experiences came different paranormal encounters, for example, ghost experiences, previous existence recollections and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Tony's experiences have left him significantly different, and have left him with an entirely different perspective on life on Earth and then some. His story gives a captivating look into the existence of a contact. This Report Comes To Us from Our Friend Preston Dennett.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Sick Strange Looking UFOs Appear Out Of Nowhere in Several States

Five separate Reported Sightings across America where captured on video appearing to show Strange looking objects maneuvering around freely in the skies. Take a look see for yourself. 

Sparkling orange UFO at a low height over Sonoma, California

The most unusual gleaming UFO transforms into multi UFOs over North Carolina

Multi white UFOs showing up and vanishing over Phoenix, Arizona.

UFO Swarm flying at a low height over Port Orchard, Washington.

Triangle quiet UFO maneuvering at a medium height over Laurinburg, North Carolina.

Special Delbert Newhouse UFO Film Report 1952

UFO SIGNS : Delbert Newhouse UFO encounter marks the long-term commemoration of the underlying report at Roswell New Mexico. The specific da...