Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A morphing disc shaped UFO appeared out of nowhere Dana point CA

I was walking my dog in the park in front of my house. There is a raised grass area along a bluff overlooking a cove in the ocean at Dana Point. The bluff is about 100 ft elevation. It was about 9:pm and the sky and the ocean were completely black, no stars or moon. Up and to my right high in the sky a disc shape UFO just appeared. It was white on the top and green on the bottom. It made a few very fast horizontal moves, then stopped. All of a sudden the UFO starts to fall in an arc, change to a ball shape that was green in the middle with a white glow around it and a comet like tail. Now the UFO was falling and looking like and appeared like a space capsule flaming to earth. No sound at all. When the UFO got close to the ocean I thought it was going to crash and explode. I was so close I thought it might hit me so I turned to run. As soon as I did it, stopped mid air. Now it changed into a ball again, about 30 ft in diameter, and just hovered above the water about 50 feet. the UFO had no distinguishing features, looked like a smooth ball. Bright orange, but not shinning any light. I felt like my movement to run made it stop and notice me. There wasn't another person out that night. The ball then made a roller coaster kind of move toward me which made the ball turn into a worm like shape. All of this movement is light speed, so the worm shape was more like a color trail. It was now coming at me and I turned to run again. When I moved the UFO stopped dead. UFO was close to me, but still out over the bluff. Then it shot out over the water toward Catalina Island like it was cast out on the end of a fishing line. The ball shape changed to more like a rope shape. UFO moved so fast that the ball shape and the line looping out over the horizon where all visible at once. Then it all disappeared. With only me as a witness. Have you ever heard of anything like this? mufon cms# 82280

Flat Oval Disk-like UFO twisting and turning sighted Bryan Texas 2/17/17

I arrived at work and was walking across the parking lot toward my office building when I noticed what I thought was a small airplane banking back and forth in the sky to the northwest. I thought maybe it was a stunt plane, but then I noticed it had a flat oval disk-like shape UFO, twisting and turning in place. I continued to walk across the parking and for a short period the UFO was eclipsed by the building, so I walked around to the side to get a better look. The UFO was still there. For half a second, I though maybe it was a bird soaring in the wind as there was a pretty good breeze blowing, but it appeared to be hovering in place, although it was twisting and turning - plus, it had a definite oval shape. A few seconds later, it stopped turning and exited away to the north/northwest until in was no longer visible. I can't say with certainty that there isn't a prosaic explanation for what the UFO was, but it was strange. Possibly a drone, but unlikely with how it was turning over in the sky and then just flew away. As best as I can tell, the UFO was maybe about 300 yards away, about 35 to 40 degrees in elevation from my position. nuforc Bryan TX UFO Sighting report 

Monday, February 20, 2017

UFO passes very close to a plane of the Chilean air force

UFO Report Translation:Massive sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the city of Puerto Varas, Chile, seen from three different angles. Strange unidentified flying object (UFO), it seems to pass very close to a plane "Falcones Fach" of the Chilean air force, in full flight demonstration held in the city of Puerto Varas, south of the country, last February 10 2017. Many speculate that the phenomenon was a meteor. WATCH: Chile Again! Mass UFO Sighting During Air Force Flight Demonstration, February 2017 –  DISCLOSE.TV|BY GREY 

Saucer Shape UFO Sighting Ellington Fl. 10/11

I was out on my front porch on the phone with my mother when I thought I saw a very low helicopter just above the tree across the street. But as I looked harder I realized there was no sound! Helicopters are extremely loud. It saw me when I saw it I walked down my drive way as the Small Dark Metal Saturn like saucer UFO met me half way down my driveway. The UFO hovered about 50.ft in front and about 100 feet above me. I waved hi ! I was not afraid at all. Me & this UFO just sat there for ten minutes looking at each other. Then I guess he got bored with me staring at him and he slowly hovers away in the opposite direction. I watched it slowly move above a man made lake it got to about a mile away maybe less and he just vanished and at that moment my friend that was living down the street was coming to visit and he was looking at the same orb as me buy didn't seethe ship as I saw minutes before. The UFO floated left to right left to right went higher and higher. Then finally gets up so high he blended in with the stars. mufon cms# 82203 Sauce Shape UFO Sighting Ellington Fl. 10/11

Sunday, February 19, 2017

UFO Sighting reported white orb intelligent actions 2/15/17

Been seeing bright white UFO light for about three hours in the sky for the past 2 to 3 weeks on and off in the same exact spot hovering and making intelligent movements then brightening and dimming as time goes its crazy I'm at a lost or words. Location of UFO Sighting Jersey City NJ  nuforc UFO Report

Very large slow moving triangular black UFO Social Circle GA 2/16/17

Extremely slow moving very large UFO with red lights on each corner, possibly triangular in shape. Low rumbling sound. Presumably black, as the only lights on this UFO were the three lights on each corner. Flying very low over residential neighborhood, possibly only 500 ft above my home. nuforc UFO Sighting report here

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shocking Arctic Navy UFO Sighting Photo images 1971

Official NAVY images of UFO encounter in the Arctic
The incredible images of Unidentified Flying Objects in the Arctic originated from the USS Trepang, SSN 674 in March, 1971.The following case was made available thanks to John Greenewald from “The Black Vault” who in turn received the…MYSTERIOUSEARTH.NET

Amazing Southern Valley UFO Sightings Steven Barone

Over a nearly three year period, I have captured UFOs in this particular location many times. This is an older video and not the exact video I was looking for but it will do for now so I can make my point. With the recent witness and the diagram he drew, it made me even more aware that even the most mundane videos of lights in the sky can be very special if someone can be close enough to them to see the fine details. The drawing he made of the UFO was a tiny light in the same location as this was filmed. The lights on these two objects are much larger and brighter. It's very possible that these are even more amazing than the triangle UFO he witnessed. After all this time I am even more motivated to get better at what I do. The ultimate goal is to eventually get a clear video of what the witness saw or even better.

Amazing Southern Valley UFOs
I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of October 21, 2015. Over a nearly three year period, I have Steven Barone


HOW WOULD YOU CHARACTERIZE YOUR LAST FEW CONTACT EXPERIENCES WITH UFO RELATED NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENT BEINGS? Findings from the more than 3,200 individuals that have participated in our FREE Experiencer Research Study. Website:

• 35.12%, You are not an Abductee but a “Contactee” where you are being treated with respect and understanding;
• 34.38%, It is a case of being a “Conscious Contactee”, an egalitarian and equal relationship;
• 13.56%, It was a case of abduction but of a milder kind, a slightly more caring kind;
• 8.62%, It was still a case of abduction but where seeking permission, more humane compassionate treatment;
• 8.31%, It was a case of abduction of the most negative kind. NYUFO  credit Reinerio Hernandez

UFO formation dispersed in a fan-like manner BC. 2/17/17

Multiple UFO objects red-orange orbs ground to air appeared in succession no distinct flight pattern or formation dispersed in fan-like manner. mufon cms# 82153 Richmond British Columbia 

UFO above a building moving slowly before hovering Great Brittan 1952

During the period of this UFO incident in the early 1950's I was an Air Cadet. One of our main weekly activities was aircraft recognition, often from blurred and grainy photos of mainly Russian and allied warplanes. On this cloudless Summer afternoon, in Cheriton on the outskirts of Folkestone, I was already changed into my ATC uniform and about to leave home, in the late afternoon. Before leaving I went to get a drink of water from the kitchen tap, in front of the window. At that moment a very slow moving UFO came into view from behind a building/trees to the right, from a Northerly direction and was just visible above the next two story building, however, the UFO was some distance behind the Children's Home over the fields behind them. It was immediately identified as quite a large disc shaped UFO, that continued to move slowly in the same direction, finally hovering for a few seconds while I wondered 'what now', before shooting off and up and away in a North Westerly direction. 
The most amazing aspects were the sudden and unbelievable rate of acceleration and the ever increasing airspeed, taking just a few seconds, no more than four or five, to vanish into the distance, without deviating. During the short time of the event, maybe thirty seconds and less than a minute, I stood and watched what was happening with intense interest and didn't even blink, not unnatural, but was very surprised to see a UFO in the 'flesh'. I called my Grandmother to come and look but she was too slow to appear. mufon CMS 82160

Thursday, February 16, 2017

UFO Sighting Continental U.S. Hot Spot Map

"There is a marked difference in levels of UFO visitation between the eastern and western halves of the continental US. Apparently, extraterrestrials like it out west. Marked exceptions to this rule is a hot spot in northern Minnesota, several others spread out mainly in Missouri and Illinois and a small area in the Florida panhandle. Aliens like the west, but generally don’t care for Dixie: the south is remarkably UFO-free. Preferred landing spots of UFOs are concentrated in the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, the three coastal states and Nevada – with a spike around, of course, Area 51. The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies from Chicago published this strange map of UFO reports per 100,000 people by county in the continental US. 196 - UFO Hotspots Map