Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saucer Shaped UFO came in slowly than hovered with lights 12/08/17 Ridgecrest CA

I was out side with a friend when it came in slowly with bright lights almost like landing lights on a helicopter but with no strobes it was a saucer shape UFO about 200 feet above the ground. After it came in it started to hover. after it hovered for about a minute or so it appeared to drop several smaller UFOs and than from the ground a bright orb shot up towards the saucer than disappeared. right after that the lights on the saucer went out and the saucer shot out really fast. mufon cms# 88634

Friday, December 8, 2017

Triangle UFO Sighting that gleamed red above tree line 12/07/17 Houston Texas

Triangle UFO Sighting with slightly curved edges. The entire UFO glowed red. There was a yellow circle of lights underneath. The UFO hovered in the air above the tree line but below the clouds. Unknown how large or distance from me. Weather was cloudy, cold and with occasional rain. Observed from inside the house at night with tree branches partially blocking the view. Observed for about three seconds, then went outside to film but UFO was gone. mufon cms# 88604

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cigar Shaped UFO observed over Pacific Ocean in San Diego CA.

On October 26, 2017 I witnessed a Cigar Shaped UFO from my balcony in San Diego. I was on my balcony watching the sunset around 6:00 pm. I noticed a very bright UFO off in the Pacific rotating clockwise. When I fixed my sight on the UFO it stopped in a vertical position. After a few seconds this UFO slowly rotated to a 2 o'clock position and started to descend towards the horizon. While descending it flattened out to a horizontal position parallel to the horizon. Then it started to move south staying in that horizontal position. Before this UFO disappeared behind some trees a plane flew directly in front of it (taking off from Lindbergh Field). This gave a good perspective of how large it was and how far it was off the coast. Although it was at least 10-20 miles off the coast it was the same size as the airliner that was 10-20 miles in front of it. I have two videos of the UFO Sighting and multiple still shots taking from my I phone. mufon cms# 88599

Monday, December 4, 2017

UFO was moving NW above phone power lines 12/1/17 Ontario

UFO Sighting occurred over Carleton Place Ontario on December 1st, 2017 at 19:00 I had just finished work and was heading home and that's when I noticed a white UFO moving above the power lines. I had stopped my car to make sure that it was not light deflecting since the sky was overcast. That's when I saw the UFO move North West and moving around between the lines. The UFO was about maybe 10 to 15 feet in diameter. It's hard to explain because the best way I can describe the UFO it was shaped like a fried egg with the UFO misty white and the middle a brighter white. It also moved like a flying "magic" carpet. I followed it for about half a kilometer and then it headed upwards and I lost track of it. I was intrigued by what I was seeing and I guess in awe since I've never seen something like this and as low. I had seen UFOs before but only moving lights in the distance. mufon cms# 88551

Saturday, December 2, 2017

UFO Sighting reported 11/11/17 whitish upright cylindrical pulsing light Fort Collins CO

Was sitting in personal automobile in parking lot outside of workplace awaiting time for start of shift, in 2nd row of spaces away from the building facing westward. At moment very light breeze from north-to-south sun was approximately 65 degrees above horizon in south south-west with no clouds in general region at the time but with noticeable atmospheric haze present. While waiting in the parking lot casually glanced around to observe general surroundings and noticed a quite large formation of Canadian Geese approaching area from the northwest heading to southeast at approximately 1,500 ft. altitude. Noticed that the presence of the geese themselves made the atmospheric haze more noticeable and they appeared to be skimming just beneath the haze level. While watching the passage of the geese attention was drawn to one of the birds among the grouping's longest trailing lines in the formation attempt to break formation and pass the bird positioned just ahead of it in attempt to start its own "formation" feature to the grouping. Maneuver caused minor disruption in the formation for short period, and while watching them jostle for resumption of former positioning, I noticed something light-colored pass directly "above" the involved geese, as seen from my angle of observation. UFO appeared to be traveling at approximately 5,000 ft. altitude, on an east-to west trajectory, traveling at approximately 200 mph, displaying a continuous rate of travel with no apparent adjustments to altitude, speed, or trajectory. UFO Sighting did not make any detectable noise noticeable over the ambient background noise associated with the general area. UFO Sighting was observed to be traversing over the area well within the layer of atmospheric haze as its passage created a noticeable "wake-wash" turbulence effect behind it in the haze it passed through. The flock of geese did not appear to show any reaction to the UFO proximity/passage. When initially spotted the UFO range was approximately 1-1.5 miles distant,positioned slightly to the west, northwest of my position, heading westward, and lost sight of the object when at approximately 2-2.5 miles distance, at approximate 40-45 degrees above horizon. UFO was whitish in coloration, and upon initial notice was mentally dismissed as potential gull/pelican/stork-type avian at little higher altitude than the geese formation being watched. When the UFO Sighting was brought under more focused attention & observation it had the appearance of an upright-standing (longer length axis perpendicular to horizon) cylindrical shape with rounded ends with the bottom rounding less defined and "shallower", than the top. At the range and altitude perceived UFO appeared to be approximately 20-30 ft. in vertical height, with approximately 10-15 ft. horizontal width. UFO Sighting appeared to be either naturally colored a somewhat dull white or was dimly illuminated that shade. With the sun-glare in the sky, and the atmospheric haze present UFO coloration made it somewhat difficult to detect and if I had not been observing the geese formation at the time that it passed over would likely not have noticed it in the area at all. Every approximately 1.25 seconds, the UFO would "flash" to display more intense level of coloration/illumination by approximately 3x, which would last for approximately .5 second, before flashing back to the original dimmer level. Flashing sequence was displayed throughout entire UFO sighting and was maintained at a steady, rhythmic rate. Sighting of UFO was lost at the end of the observation period when it was "suddenly" no longer detectable to eyesight with the trailing haze layer disturbance/turbulence ceasing without any detectable sudden increase/agitation to the haze disturbance. mufon cms# 88504

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Was very strange UFO Sighting Video Must See 11/29/17 Del Mar CA

UFO Sighting Video Occurred over Del Mar CA 11/29/17: At first I thought it looked like Black Balloons and they did kind of move like that in the way that they ascended through the sky together. But there was also something weird about it. All three of these UFOs moved separately backward forward and around each other. It felt strange. All balloons I've seen in the sky seem to have a direct path and don't wobble around like these did not who knows. Just thought it was strange and wanted to send to you for your expertise. mufon cms# 88422    See UFO Video Here:

Sunday, November 26, 2017

UFO Captured by Security Video Camera on the 8 August 2017

The building manager at a high rise residential block in Auburn North South West Australia contacted the Association and subsequently supplied the security video. The manager would not normally have been at work at 7 am when the UFO sighting occurred however he was in at work early due to construction work at the site. He noticed the unidentified object on the security monitor in his office at the time this occurred. He was not able to get into the quadrangle to see the UFO before the UFO departed. If he had not noticed the UFO in the video and copied this video, it would have been lost, since the videos are recorded over, every three weeks. The manager has the security videos password protected so no others can gain access. The manager has no capability to alter videos and we are confident that there is no Computer Generated Image manipulation in the video. The time and date stamped security video was taken on the 8 August 2017 with camera 13. Camera 13 is mounted on the north-west corner of the courtyard at first floor level in the quadrangle of the block. This camera faces east and therefore the rising sun is in the upper left corner of the scene. The security camera 13 has infrared (IR) capability, but only at very close range, therefore the UFO is beyond the range that IR would be detected by the camera. This camera is the only camera that is mounted in the quadrangle. The video shows a Bright Disc Shaped UFO without a clear margin (blurred/fussy/not focused) moving from the right hand side of the scene to the upper left hand side of the scene. The UFO first appears on the right hand side at 7.06:07 and moves into the glare of the sun on the upper left-hand side at 7.07:40. The UFO appears to be leaving an exhaust or area of heated air in its wake, this is particularly noticeable when it is in front of the roof on the toilet block. The UFO initially appears to be in the shade and when it moves into the sunlight past the toilet block its appearance does not change. The sun’s position would suggest that much of the yard is in the shade. The swimming pool is located on the left hand side and a toilet block is in the middle of the scene. When the UFO first appears it is likely to be moving from behind the leaves of a tree on the right-hand side. If it is proved that the UFO is moving from behind the tree leaves on the right hand of the scene then we are confident that insects can be excluded. If insects are excluded then we are left with a drone or an anomalous object such as an UFO. The UFO appears to be moving in front of all features in the scene except when it first appears on the right-hand side from behind the leaves of a tree. The movement of the object may be described as robotic and purposeful with some momentary pausing and direction reversal. There is the possibility of the UFO being caused by the reflection of sun light however this appears to be unlikely since the altitude and azimuth of the sun has changed by significantly less than one degree (Source: Geo Science Australia). Camera 13 is wall mounted and the camera has a plastic semi-spherical lens cover. This is the only camera located in the quadrangle. A spiders web is visible around the base of the mounting bracket, however when viewed from the ground on the 31 August 2017, no spiders’ webs were visible over the plastic lens cover. None in the building have reported any unusual UFO sightings that we are aware of. There are probably hundreds of residents with windows facing the quadrangle and therefore it is unusual that there were no known reports from residents.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Very Large classic UFO Sighting Daylight Stationary 6/2017 Oxford GB

I was driving home from work on a summer evening in June 2017, in daylight, half 6, on a cloudy, blustery evening. On a country lane, 15 miles south of Oxford I saw a car stopped by the side of the road and the driver out of the car holding an i Pad up photographing the sky low down to the north east. I looked over and saw a Huge Metallic Disc a classic UFO shape, was visible in a gap in the total cloud cover. I slowed the car but didn't brake hard as I had a speed merchant on my bumper. I observed the UFO disc for approx 15 to 20 seconds until a line of trees obscured my view. The UFO disc was approx 20% obscured by cloud which made it easier to estimate its distance and size This UFO disc was approx 500 meters in diameter half a kilometer! It was at least this large! It was shiny metallic and with a raised edge. The edge was alternate silver and black panels. Apart from its size, the most surprising fact was it being so stationary; as the clouds rolled on it was completely static. It was also tilted over at around 15 degrees. It was NOT a balloon or airship, and anyway the weather wasn't suitable for such things. I drove on till I'd passed the trees and stopped around a corner about 400 m further on to get a better view and get the car behind past me. The cloud cover had closed up. I waited and saw no more then it started to rain. Oddly I didn't return to see the person with the i Pad. I assumed it would be all over the local news the next day. I am a 58 year old engineer that estimates sizes and distances for a living I know what I saw was not anything normal and it was massive. I went home my wife and family found it all very amusing. Everyone I know has heard my tale they laugh too and no one believes me. Why are so many people so short sighted and unable to believe?
The person with the i Pad remains a mystery I scanned the local papers and Internet for anything but nothing! I haven't stopped kicking myself since for not going back to see i Pad man and get his pictures. Days later I happened to drive under the location about 2 miles to the north where I estimated the UFO to be and wondered what there was to see. There I saw a large solar farm (I'd forgotten about it as it's not so visible form the road). I believe the UFO was hovering over this and looking down on it. Why else would it be tilted over? The size the solid metallic shape and it's edge features were all real. It's odd tilt, partly obscured by cloud and its completely stationary position on such a stormy evening all contributed to it being the firm UFO sighting of my lifetime. I have not stopped berating myself since for not returning to the other witness for his photographic proof. Why didn't he go public with his photos? mufon cms# 88310

Thursday, November 23, 2017

UFO seemed to appear out of nowhere reported 11/20/17 Edmonton Canada

I was on a break at work and was standing in a parking lot in the University campus area. It was a clear sky with excellent visibility. The UFO Sighting seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was about 400 meters high and I estimate about 1 kilometer south of me. I got a very good look at it with a monocular that I carry with me. UFO was Disc Shaped, about 6-8 feet in diameter and about 1-2 feet in width. UFO was all black, no lights or exhaust, no markings. The unusual thing was that it wobbled as it traveled south at about 50 km\hr. Its wobble was similar to that of a coin that has been spun and is about to come to a rest. There was a helicopter that was heading east across the trajectory of the unknown UFO and it seems to me the pilot should have seen the UFO because it was so close to the helicopter. But it seemed as though he could not see it. I phoned traffic control at the International Airport to see if they got it on radar. Navigate Canada got back to me and said they spoke to the pilot and he said he saw nothing. Navigate Canada played back the radar recording and there was nothing on their radar except for the helicopter. I am 50, married with children, work full time. I have a University degree and two College diplomas. source

Monday, November 20, 2017

UFO Sighting reported 11/19/17 25 UFO orbs clear to blue in color Kansas City MO

UFO Sighting occurred on Nov.19,2017 over Kansas MO, in broad day light. Clear sky. No visual obstructions in any way. A friend of mine and my self were standing in my yard observing a small hawk on the hunt for squirrels and small prey for lunch in out neighborhood. As we watched him dodge and dart about I looked up for Mr. hawk and plain as day and clear as a bell we saw 25 UFO orbs in a frenzy and all working the same area. These UFOs were kind of clear to blue in color. They initially looked to be big bubbles and then my friend and I both noticed that these orbs had small wedge like wings on them. Kind of like a bubble with sharp "V" shaped wings attached to the center of the UFO orbs. Each UFO had two wings. One on each side of the round UFO or orb. The wings were pointed and sharply joined in the front and then flaring out and progressively become wider at the back of the UFO. They were 100% not just floating in the wind and being tossed about by the wind currents... While my friend tried to take a picture with his cell phone, I counted each and every one of them within my sight. There were 25 of these UFOs. All orbs were totally busily working in a fixed area straight out in front of us and absolutely nothing to block our view. They looked to be focused on working in a small contained area in the sky. Some UFO orbs moved up, some down, some side ways and all at the same time saying close to one another. Constant movement in all directions. But never straying from their original area that we sighted them in . Kind of looked like fish feeding on fish food. That type of a pattern. We watched for about two minutes and then this group started to move off to the north of us. We walked about 90 feet as to look again and they seemed to just fade out as they sped on quickly out of our sight. My friend was constantly trying to take pictures with his cell phone and it is a good one. It would not take pictures of the UFOs. My friends cell phone totally went down and out with no power for about five minutes and within about five minutes after the orbs were gone his phone powered right up and working fine. I have never seen a UFO of any type in my life and I have looked many times as to see one and not with one result until today at 3:30 pm on 11-19-17. And in my own back yard. I am an older man now and too old to waste my time telling big lies on the Internet for attention. My friend saw it all as well. Clear as a bell. No chance for in the world for it to be any thing other than 25 UFO orbs with easy to see wings on them. mufon cms# 88140

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Boomerang Shaped UFO Sighting reported 11/16/17 Asheville NC

Strange boomerang shaped UFO craft sighted outside of downtown Asheville. Just outside of downtown Asheville I saw an unidentified UFO craft in the night sky. I was outside of my apartment smoking a cigarette and looking at the stars, when I saw a rounded wing like shape (like a boomerang) enter the periphery of my view and fly across my field of sight. The UFO was moving extraordinarily fast and the entire UFO sighting lasted a couple seconds. The UFO had no visible lights and I only glimpsed it because it must have been flying at a low altitude (speculation). This UFO Sighting made no noise whatsoever. Source

Saturday, November 18, 2017

UFO Sighting in airfield followed circuit pattern 6/7/17 Isle of Wright GB

UFO Sighting occurred on June 7th 2017 over Isle of Wright GB: I used to work at a small airfield back in 2007. My duties involved airport Fire Crew and air ground radio operator. On the day of the UFO sighting I was in the radio tower with a colleague of mine. There were only a few aircraft in the circuit at the time when my colleague said to me what's that in the downwind leg. Once he pointed it out to me I said oh yeah and grabbed the binoculars. I couldn't see anything distinctive apart from this UFO looked cigar shaped and all black no aircraft markings or anything so my colleague spoke to a microlight on the radio which was training in the circuit and brought it to his attention. The microlight also spotted the UFO after my colleague gave him a rough idea where to look and said hang on I'll break off out of the circuit and see if I can see what it is. The Microlight climbed and climbed as quick as it could to try and catch the object but the object seemed to climb a lot quicker than the microlight and eventually went out of sight and we never saw it again. I remember the microlight pilot saying how amazed he was that the UFO climbed a lot quicker than he did. Microlights aren't the quickest of aircraft but they can climb reasonably quickly from what I've heard and the pilot said he just couldn't keep up with it. I felt excited at the time because I am a believer and I believe it was my first UFO sighting which I will never forget. mufon cms# 88096