Friday, January 15, 2021

Say What? Three Hovering Coal Black Delta-Shaped UFOs

At approximately 2145 hours on Thursday night, December 29, 1994, a mother (with her six children) was driving north on the Zaring Cut-Off Road in southeastern Washington State, just 5 miles north of the Snake River. Several of her children suddenly started shouting, and called the mother's attention to three extraordinarily bright lights above a recently harvested wheat field off to the right (east) side of the road. At first they thought the lights were the landing lights of an airliner at low altitude, perhaps making a forced landing in the field, and flying directly toward them. Then one of the older children suggested the lights were the headlights on a "semi" (an 18-wheel truck), but they almost immediately realized that description didn't fit, either.

Suddenly, the family began to see the UFOs that were attached to the three lights, and they were awed by the vision! They saw three coal black, delta-shaped craft, with articulating structures on their noses, from which the blinding lights were radiating. UFOs appeared to be scanning the ground ahead of them. The UFOs, apparently locked in tight, unwavering formation, slowly drifted across the road (and car) at very low speed, slowly turned left (south) and proceeded south parallel to the road the family was on.

The mother submitted an excellent 3-page report, together with a drawing of one of the crafts she reportedly witnessed that night. In addition, she submitted a detailed drawing of the area and the approximate flight path of the UFOs.

Drawing of La Crosse, Washington ship provided by witness

The mother reported that the UFOs were right above their car, they gave off a barely perceptible humming sound (" an electric refrigerator..."), and they were close enough that a "person with a good throwing arm could have hit them with a rock." When I talked with her on January 01, 1995, (Our first call of the year), she was still seemingly upset by the experience. She volunteered that she was frightened to either drive, or even go outside, after dark, which is not uncommon among people who have had recent UFO experiences.

(Note: Ships of quite similar shape have been reported to the Center from all over the country) source

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Two Strange Hovering Rectangle Shaped UFOs Reported 12/19/20

On December 19, 2020, a UFO was observed in the vicinity of River Road in New Boston, NH.
As we were traveling down the road, we saw two low flying objects flying in synch with one another. Both had bright white lights and a blinking red light.

At first, we thought they may be airplanes, but as we got closer and the UFOs got lower, we realized this was not the case.

As we progressed down the road, we came closer to one of the two UFOs. It increasingly lowered, and at one point I thought it was going to land right in front of us. The other UFO headed northeast and was soon out of sight.

The UFO we had eyes on was hovering over a nearby residence. We pulled into a parking lot right across the street and stepped out of the vehicle to have a better look.

The UFO was practically silent upon getting out of the vehicle. There was a faint hum and that was it for noise. It was rectangular in shape with two white lights on each side and a blinking red light in the middle.

Within a few seconds of us getting out, the UFO stopped hovering and quickly moved away from us, heading over the Hillsborough County fairgrounds. The pattern at which it moved away was strange and like nothing I had seen before. The UFO moved side to side and up and down. It did not fly in a straight pattern.

As it moved away, we headed up to a nearby hill and watched these two objects hover in the distance for nearly 20 minutes. The movements they made seemed unnatural, choppy and sporadic. Soon several airplanes were in the sky and were seemingly looking for something. It was definitely a strange occurrence that is unexplainable and like nothing I have ever seen. Location New Boston NH 12/19/20 source

Monday, December 14, 2020

Witness Draws Amazing Cylindrical UFO Sighting

Saw cylindrical shaped UFO with thicker fore and aft sections that were larger diameter than middle section, with blackish details (which may have been shadows) on silvery metallic surface areas. Noted immediately it had no wings. No control surfaces such as tail rudder or elevator. First viewed in northeast flying in straight line toward me at about the same height and speed as a small plane, then at closest point almost directly overhead. Sun was going down in west so UFO Sighting was in full light. Only saw it because I had been observing particularly interesting cloud formations of several different kinds. mufon cms# 112722 Chesapeake Virginia U.S. 8/19/20 Region has had 1,484 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

UFO Stunned and Amazed at what they saw

Myself and son observed a huge UFO oval like shaped hovering at an angle with random blinking lights on it. UFO seemed to have a haze around it. It hovered over the tree line for at least three minutes before just vanishing before our eyes. There was no path in which it took off,no sound its like it just became invisible. It stunned me and my son we have never seen anything like it. Definitely a believer there is definitely something out there that can't be explained, just wish I could have gotten a picture because it was huge maybe about at least 100 yards or more big. mufon cms# 112538 Newark Ohio 12/03/20 Region has had 3,070 Reported UFOs to date.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Intense Bright Disk Shaped UFO hovering over Cincinnati

Driving up Kyle's lane from KY-17, my mother and I spotted a saucer-like object with a dome on the top hovering above the tree line. The UFO remained in the same position while driving up the Kyle's lane hill towards i-71 becoming clearer as we approached the top of the hill. Once at the top of the hill, near the i-71 entrance/exit ramps, our view of the UFO was unobstructed and it remained hovering near the direction of east of downtown Cincinnati. After turning right onto Dixie highway the object quickly began moving east before disappearing entirely. It was dark and a clear night when we sighted the craft and the craft omitted a white brightness over the entire shape of the object. The date is estimated, but I am certain this was towards the beginning of October in either 2006 or 2007. mufon cms# 112515 Fort Wright Kentucky 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena "UAP" Military Con Job

Some UFO people are pretty smart, others, not so much.

But either way, we are all being gulled by the U.S. military’s attempt to persuade us that the initialism UAP is more appropriate for weird things seen in the sky than UFO, which indicates an object – or material thing -- rather than an ephemeral phenomenon.

By replacing UFO with the acronym UAP the public (and UFO Believers of course) will come to substitute the idea of a construct visiting this planet as reported by eyeballs and radar or videos/film et cetera with a wispy phenomenon devoid of any solid interpretation, which will obviously incense ET believers but also dilute the belief that some UFO enthusiasts hold of visiting time travelers, or other dimensional and universe intruders as responsible for “things” seen in the sky for almost all of time on this Earth.

The UAP "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" ruse, being picked up and promoted by those who should know better, is catching on.

UAP is a weakening of the (admittedly) shop-worn UFO sobriquet, yet is now seen, by those easily manipulated by the secret-keeping holders of power in government(s) as a new terminology that enhances, mistakenly, and perverts a true and unusual phenomenon.

Let’s not allow mind-usurpers to take away the epithet that keeps us attuned to a real mystery: solid things that fly overhead or into our seas, even landing once in a while UFOs, objects as solid as the rocks underneath our feet. credit Rich Reynolds

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Blinded by the Light Missing Time

Reflective object with time loss I woke up extremely thirsty this morning a little after 2:15am. I went downstairs got water and went onto the porch to smoke. As I was standing there I saw something rushing through the sky, I thought maybe it was a shooting star or something. But then it stopped, in an absolute dead halt. I just stared at it, it was flattish with dome and super glistening/reflective. I feel like I was staring at it maybe 5mins. Then it suddenly just was gone like a flash. I looked at my phone and it was 3:45 and my alarm was going off. I somehow lost about an hour. nuforc Everett, WA 10/1/20

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Triangle UFO Sighting 1978 Kaikoura Video

On the 31st of December 1978 a film team went on board of an Argossy airplane for an interview with the crew. On the 20th and 21st of December another aircraft had reported several UFO Sightings and this was the reason for the interview by Mr. Fogarty and his crew. The pilot - and co-pilot were not the ones that had reported the event. Only ten minutes into the flight their was a first UFO Sighting encounter. The cameraman quickly changed the Lens of his camera to a 100 mm / 240 mm zoom lens and after midnight on the 1st of January 1979 he filmed several UFO Sightings that during the entire flight followed and approached the plane. He recorded the UFO from the windows of the cockpit and the presence of these unidentified flying objects were also confirmed by Wellington Radar and Air traffic Control. This event is commonly known as the Kaikoura UFO Mystery and the journalist, Mr. Quentin Fogarty, wrote a beautiful book about it titled: Let's Hope They Are Friendly. Interesting fact: Mr. Fogarty saw something with his eyes that the old video does not not show you. He mentioned in the video that the UFO appeared to be "rolling and turning". So was he right? No one knew that the original 16 mm film still existed. Fogarty's crew had some very bad (personal) experiences after their film had been shown in the media. They have been ridiculed and called fantasists. As most of the reactions about their eye-witness report were negative, in some cases hostile, despite its importance this film was never supposed to be published! Flux, one of our team members, who lives in New-Zealand performed his own in-depth research into the Kaikoura UFO and his good nose led him in 2015 to the original 16 mm film. Long story short: The 16 mm had been digitized by a top notch film laboratory and our team received 4 High Definition videos of Blue-Ray quality. We almost fainted as they arrived as for the first time we had UFO material of the best possible quality. After you have watched the presentation you will agree that the bright object can no longer be dismissed with a simple explanation and you will understand why this UFO encounter frightened them and afterwards had such an enormous impact on their lives. For the passed 40 years these UFO only lived in their memory but they never knew what they really looked like in full close up... until today! Without Flux's curiosity the world never would have seen what you are about to see. We dedicate this presentation to all who were present that night and witnessed a UFO encounter. This presentation does not provide any answer to the question what these UFO are! We only provide undeniable visual evidence that they exist. 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Amazing UFO Report Large Rotating Saucer hovering Mills Pennsylvania

On July 10, 2020 about 1:00 am I saw a Large Rotating Saucer Shaped UFO with Dome. This UFO Sighting stayed in one spot well above the tree line on the hill across the road from me. It was White, Pulsating, & Rotating. It had some red and blue flashing lights that I could see when it was rotating. Then in 3 to 4 minutes I saw a orange round ball (orb?) come up from below the tree line. It went toward the saucer. It was almost to it then went back the way it came and back down below the tree line. After a few minutes the saucer was gone. It just disappeared. I am not certain about the degree, 15-20? It was not far between my neighbors houses above the tree line on the hill not very high in the sky. mufon cms# 111864 Mills Pennsylvania U.S. Region has had 4,040 Reported UFO Sightings to date. Photo Depiction.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Boomerang Shaped UFO Sightings are back

Many reports of this type of  UFO Craft were widely reported during the 1980's especially in and around the Hudson Valley of New York State. The return of this type of UFO was reported on Oct. 25, 2020 report reads as follows. Vehicle was traveling west at maybe a thousand feet. It was boomerang shaped with a dark black surface. UFO Sighting had white lights evenly spaced along the outer edge of the vehicle. It was not shaped like a wing. It did not look aerodynamic like a wing. the shape was the same thickness all the way around the vehicle. It was moving quickly but not supersonic. All the lights were white in color and were spaced at exact intervals along outside edge. I could not make out any features on the black surface. It was very low in altitude and made absolutely no noise at all. mufon cms# 111997 Springfield Oregon U.S. 10/25/20

Friday, October 23, 2020

Triangular formation of three grounded UFO discs ascending from the ground reported

On a clear spring day just before sunset, the three witnesses were driving west along Hwy 20 from Hwy 49, below Camptonville, California. as we rounded a sharp curve just past the old stone quarry near Bullard's bar, we came upon three silver discs landed in a field to the right of the road. I pulled onto the right shoulder just as the large discs suddenly shot upward in powerful ascent. my friend Ergio Vallejo and I felt compelled to jump out of the car and race to the center of the highway, where we stood staring excitedly up at the Flying saucers I did not feel any fear I felt elated and awe-struck. I estimate the size of each disc to have been between 50 and 75 feet in diameter. above us, the discs blocked out most of the sky. they appeared quite solid and metallic, with very definite mechanical features - including a central opening from which a powerful conical beam projected straight down from each disc. the beam color was brilliant bluish-white, and we were washed with the light, yet could still see the features beneath the discs. I don't recall any sound, but there might have been a wind - those details have grown very fuzzy over the 35 years since the encounter. I do recall that the three discs were locked into a tight triangular formation, with one disc forming an apex above the other two. when the discs reached above a hundred feet overhead, they briefly hovered. then all together, they tilted about 45 degrees and shot off toward the south, which took them straight across the highway and over above the feather river canyon, which we overlooked out to our left. as the craft traveled over the canyon, the conical beams appeared to light up a big portion of the valley - the beams would have to have been extremely powerful to do so, especially considering that it wasn't quite dark yet. when the objects reached an angle of what might have been 60 degrees in the sky over to our left, they abruptly vanished, leaving three glowing purple clouds where each disc had disappeared. those clouds remained visible and softly glowing for the entire half-hour that it took us to complete our drive home to Forbestown, where we were temporarily staying at the time. It should be noted that I am aware of a considerable amount of amnesia both during and after the encounter. I seem to recall a previous UFO encounter which might have occurred about a half-hour before to the remembered encounter I even have a general sense of approximately where that first UFO encounter might have occurred along Hwy 49 above Camptonville, California. I always felt that we were abducted - but I can't consciously remember it. also, the third witness (my mother) remained in the car during the main event. she was paralyzed with fear, and couldn't or wouldn't look above the ground level, so she only saw the preliminary scene when the objects were just beginning to take off. she can't recall seeing the discs themselves, but she did see what she thought might be something like nozzles or cylindrical objects - possibly some details on the bottoms of the discs. I lost contact with Sergio Vallejo after the UFO sighting, and I have no knowledge of his whereabouts after 35 years. mom is now 85 years old and slipping into dementia, so she is no longer available for a witness testimony. I now have no proof, apart from a rough sketch that I drew, and conversation remembered by family members, to whom I related the experience over the years. I was profoundly affected by the encounter, with a long-term improvement in my health and a complete change in my interests and beliefs. I became quite obsessed with UFOs and ETs after the encounter, and I've been researching ever since. I've made many trips back to the encounter site, as I tried to retrace the whole event once I even took my whole family there during a reunion. I've had other, possibly related experiences going back to age three or before - I've written many of them down. mufon cms 111944 Brownsville California 5/15/85 

Say What? Three Hovering Coal Black Delta-Shaped UFOs

At approximately 2145 hours on Thursday night, December 29, 1994, a mother (with her six children) was driving north on the Zaring Cut-Off R...