Saturday, July 22, 2017

Small Silver UFO hovered then sped away quickly 7/21/17 Texas

My daughter and I were walking in our neighborhood. She pointed up in the air and asked "what's that?". I looked and it was a tiny white, star-like UFO. It was 8:00 pm so the sky was still very blue (no clouds). As I watched this UFO move slowly from North to South. I am former Air Force and have seen enough commercial traffic to gauge 30,000 ft. This was a lot higher. I could judge that by the approximate speed of a commercial jet flying at that height normally. So my first thought was "if it's a jet, it is flying way too high" and while that could account for the slow speed it was moving at but it stopped moving at one point. So the rational part of my brain said "okay, maybe it is a jet flying VERY high and changed direction to be moving away from me so THAT would give the appearance of it pausing or hovering". But moving away would make it smaller. It did not get smaller. Then it suddenly and rapidly moved south again. After it started moving, it was gone from site within 15 seconds. mufon cms# 85258 UFO Sighting occurred over Texas on July 21 2017.

Rectangular UFO Viewed Up Close Halifax NS. CA

UFO Sighting was approx. July 1998 100 km to the North East of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada at 12-1 am. I and three other individuals noticed a Large UFO emitting light traveling directly over our vehicle. The UFO was rectangular and approx. 200 feet by 100 feet in size. It was so close overhead and so bright that if caused a glare on the windshield. It was maybe 200 feet above us, maybe closer. 
The entire underneath was illuminated by what looked like an electrical glow. Colors were blue, green and some orange in a swirling pattern. We stopped the car as the UFO traveled from the North to the South. It drifted slowly (maybe 50 km/h) on a clear moonless/windless summer night making no noise, and was still drifting when we got out of the car. We were standing outside looking at it as it came to a stop maybe .25 km from us. I had a pretty good look at it and can say for certain it was about 20 feet think and black or very dark in color. It was a dark night but the lights underneath the UFO were fairly bright. After about 3 or 4 minutes the UFO then "charged" up glowing bright and then shot off to the South West at an incredible speed. It reached the horizon in approx. 1 second and disappeared into a dot of light. I know of at least 2 other sightings of this UFO by people I know including a daylight sighting where the object was a few hundred feet overhead. In that incident the observer saw a smaller rectangle UFO that was red and silver checkerboard in color. mufon cms# 85272 UFO Sighting occurred over Halifax NS.CA on July 1998

Acute Triangle UFO Black coloration 3 small lights in all 3 corners 7/18/17 NY

I was stargazing when I noticed a Triangular UFO pass by the sky. It was black in coloration and was darker than the rest of the sky. It got slightly smaller as it traveled by. Before I saw it I noticed a point of light that shifted from red to pink to yellow to white although I couldn't find it after seeing the UFO. After I saw the Triangle UFO I also saw a Small Star like UFO pass over the sky east to west. mufon cms# 85253 UFO Sighting occurred over New York 7/18/17  Description (Acute triangle ufo Black coloration (Darker then sky). 3 small light in all 3 corners)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Large Silver UFO Hoovering 2000 ft in front of Burch Mtn 7/20/17 Wenatchee WA

On my way to get my wife headed N. on Sunset HW, me and about 12 other cars saw a Large Silver UFO hoovering at about 2000 ft in front of Burch Mtn. As we all sat at the green light pointing at the stationary UFO it shot straight upwards and was gone in the blink of an eye. This happened at around 7ish pm tonight 7/20/17. UFO had the Shape of one of the old camera film cartridge that resembles ●_● This shape. No signs of thrust at all, just all sliver like a mirror. Anyone else see anything like this? Yesterday a Blackhawk with no tail numbers or markings at all flew so close over the Columbia river where we were that we made contact by waving at the pilot. Do all Black Hawk Helicopters have no tail numbers and are all blacked out? mufon cms# 85235 UFO Sighting occurred on 7/20/2017 over the area of Wenatchee WA.U.S.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Live Radio Tonight 7//20/17 8:PM Linda Howe John Burroughs

Tune in to Phenomenon Radio tonight 7/20/17 8pm EST with guest Grant Cameron, Producer of the Presidential UFO Website featuring Linda Howe & John Burroughs. PHENOMENON RADIO LIVE

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rectangle Shaped UFO Watching July 3rd Fireworks from Above 2017

My husband and I had just finished watching the grand finale of the 2017 fireworks display in East Longmeadow, MA, on July 3, 2017. The last sparkles were fading and it became apparent that there was a rectangular (like a domino piece), stationary, green-lighted UFO parked above where the fireworks had been exploding so it was concealed by the display. The color was like grass or leaf green--very saturated, bright and pure. From our distance, UFO was about the size of an M & M candy. My husband said he saw a dark dividing “line” separating the green light on either side of the UFO. We looked at this UFO, expecting it to move like an aircraft or helicopter but the light blinked while staying stationary for about 3 seconds. I expected to see red running lights and/or white landing lights indicating the craft was on approach to Bradley International Airport to the West, but there were no other lights. The UFO then moved a little Southward while blinking erratically, then abru! ptly turned at a 90 degree angle and went a bit toward the East, stopped, then took off, accelerating, in a Northeasterly direction for what looked like 2 or 3 inches and then disappeared. No noise other than the fireworks was heard. source
Not sure if anyone else noticed.

The UFO Truth is Out there Edinburgh Scotland 2017

"Modern tales of UFO close encounters in Scotland really begin with the so-called Robert Taylor Incident, which took place in 1979 at Dechmont Woods, near Livingston. Later recorded by the police as a criminal assault by an unknown or alien entity, Robert Taylor, a local forester, was accosted at night by a UFO as it was scouting over his area of the wood." The truth is out there: A history of Edinburgh’s UFO hotspot  The area around Edinburgh has more reported UFO sightings than anywhere else on earth. EDINBURGHNEWS.SCOTSMAN.COM/credit Frank Stalter

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Military Soldier reports Saucer Shaped UFO desert gold color pattern also heat plume

I was a soldier being transported on commercial airline by military in military airspace over the gulf of mexico between cuba and fla. I looked down out the window and seen the UFO craft flying below our jet a undeniable Unidentified Flying Saucer "UFO" flying a steady flight path below me. I saw a Saucer Shape UFO craft being followed by 4 military fighter jets. This UFO appeared to be as wide or wider than all 4 military jets together wing tip to wing tip it was golden desert sand in textured color with a raised center with the center area having a turtle shell camo like pattern object was saucer shape but small area in rear was concave and a fume looking heat plume looked to be exhausting from this area. It flew steady west low above the sea with jets following 500 feet or more behind. I was shocked at what I was seeing I could not get my eyes off of this UFO craft. I yelled do you all see this and got no response because I looked around and realized everyone was sound asleep.So I watched this craft fly west till I could not see it no more. I was in aaahh at what I saw and there was no mistake of what I seen. I do not know its origin man made or not possibly man made. mufon cms# 85170

Sunday, July 16, 2017


LARGE UFO SHIP APPEARED ABOVE A DARK MIST ABOUT A MILE IN THE SKY AROUND 10:30 PM. The UFO appeared to have about 10-15 lights around it or on it.The event took place for about 15 seconds. THE LARGE UFO craft/ship was sitting in one place in the sky and seemed to get brighter then a portal began to open up one square of light at a time like a light disco floor. til a diamond shape of light was rejected from the UFO then the portal was open and it vanished through it. a photo has been taken and i would like to share with someone that can be trusted. you can clearly depict the large UFO mothership in the photo and see the portal it created right before leaving.

mufon cms# 85136 UFO Sightings occurred on July 15th 2017 over Clinton Township MI.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lighted Shapeshifting Black UFO observed by myself and my son 7/13/17 over Gladstone, MO

My son and I were driving south on N. Flora at the 5600 block when I saw bright lights just under the low-lying clouds as a storm was blowing in. They caught my attention as they looked quite low to the ground. I observed two amber lights on each side with a brighter, larger white light in the middle.
As we moved forward, my view was obstructed by trees, so I sped up slightly to better my view.
The lights had disappeared, but as I scanned the sky looking for them, I noticed a Large Black UFO moving slowly directly in front and above my vehicle. At this time I shouted at my son and pointed in the direction of the UFO. We witnessed the UFO as it crossed above the road, heading northwest, at the closest point to us being about 20 feet above. We pulled into the parking lot of the elementary school, and watched the UFO craft fold in on itself, changing from a Black Sphere-like UFO, to a squared shape, then into a large disc shaped UFO craft. The UFO ascended above the tree tops and took up into the clouds. We continued to watch as many (20+) sparkling, amber colored lights appeared through the clouds exactly where the UFO craft had disappeared. We watched in awe until all the smaller, twinkling lights disappeared. mufon cms# 85100 UFO Sighting occurred on July 13th 2017 9:02 PM Gladstone MO.

UFO News Observed a USO rise from NY Bay Area and take off 8/01/05

I was renting a home on the beach in Asharoken, New York and it was a perhaps stormy summer. We heard a bang across the bay, lightening and sounded like a transformer or something may have exploded. But miles away across the bay. It was unusual. My son, who was in High school and highly intelligent, and myself an RN, raced to the front windows facing the bay which leads into Long Island Sound and is directly across from the Vanderbilt Museum, to see what was going on. We expected lightening and a storm. We observed directly across the bay, maybe a mile or so, a silent UFO rising out of the water, helicopter like, which was unusual because everything echoes across the bay, but nothing. This UFO rose up vertically like a helicopter with no noise. Bright lights. And then in split seconds took off in a NW direction at at least a 30 degree angle at split second speed. UFO was gone faster than we could comprehend. We literally looked at each other in disbelief and I said we will never speak of this again. It was so bizarre to see something your mind can't comprehend as fast as you are trying to comprehend just what the heck happened. We both agreed not to speak of it again. It was something that entered our minds at the same time. Of course I have since discussed it.
 mufon cms# 85103 UFO Sighting occurred on August 8th 2005 in the Northport New York Area 

Two UFO Sightings last night 7/14/17 one UFO moving extremely fast over Pine Bluff AR.

Two UFOs were spotted last night on the 7/14/2017 one after the other. The first UFO was seen travelling from the Eastern Sky to the Northern Sky in a straight-line or from my right to left. The Second UFO was seen immediately after the first and was travelling from the Northern Sky to the East or from my left to right. The Second UFO was a blue-white object travelling at what appeared to be an extreme rate of speed. Both UFOs eventually faded out and disappeared. mufon cms# 85114