Saturday, December 4, 2021

What! Nine UFOs Were Captured on Video Flying Over South China Sea

South China Sea, nine UFO lights are visible in the video, then it becomes 12 lights information, the closest UFO disappears then 3 more UFOs reappear on outside of the formation. Filmed at 39,000ft over the south China sea, UFO lights all then slowly vanish.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Crazy Pyramid Pattern UFO Formation Reported 11/11/21 Over Florida

My wife and 3-year-old grandson were out in the yard. My wife came in the back door and asked me to come outside. She then pointed up and said look what is that? looking up I saw about 10 UFOs. At first, I thought it looked like giant pieces of ash or construction paper. The UFOs were inconsistent and would go from looking like a rectangle then tumbling and almost disappear. We watched the UFOs for about a minute with no distinct pattern. Then as I was telling my wife that the objects were just floating debris. They all at the same time became rectangles and came together in a pyramid flight pattern. They stayed in that pattern and hovered for about 15 seconds and were only a few feet apart. Before this, they all seemed random in their movements and at times were spread out over a couple of hundred feet of space. In a split second, they moved together in formation. Slow and to the southwest in direction. Then they just disappeared. I have never seen anything like this, in person or the media, TV, or the internet. This is the 3rd time my wife and I have seen an U.A.P.  I am starting to think that part is strange. We tried to video them with an iPhone but the UFOs could not be seen on the video. My grandson is only 3, but he could also see them. mufon cms# 119419 Starke Florida U.S 11/11/21. This region has had 6,157 Reported UFO UAP Sightings Reports to date.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Negative UFO Emptiness of Light and Form

Seven people witnessed an UFO Sighting event in Afghanistan near Bagram airbase. It was a non-military event involving an UFO from far away lasting about 15 minutes as it projected some type of energy onto a mountainside. It looked like the hand of god came out and touched the mountains but no sound. Then in less than 30 minutes, two UFOs was observed moving down the runway but not landing. The UFO appeared to be like a black hole. No noise or sound but was absorbing light. As the object went by it only had a minimal effect upon the air as it passed pallet wrap moved gently, but metal shipping containers jerked towards it as it passed by about less than ten feet from them. The base went to noise and light discipline just before the time of our original UFO sighting. After the interaction on the runway for 20 minutes or so, normal base lighting resumed. Almost as if the control tower and base security knew and were aware of the object. There were no flights in the period or sector south east of the runway. all aircraft were northwest to the north of Bagram. No Tic Sit Reps were filed for the sector all flight schedule operations after were normal with no sightings of the object. mufon cms# 119360 Bagram Parwan Afghanistan 8/17/21.


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Seeing is Believing It's a Bird It's a Plane? UFO What is it?

We have been seeing this star like UFO for the last few months and just want to know what it is. UFO moves slowly, usually from south west to south and then back again. before going out of view behind the trees. in the videos I will provide you will see that when I zoom in with a camera phone it turns rectangle. Assuming this is a camera issue I switch to video. It regains the shape but I can't zoom in enough. Finally I found a feature on my phone that helps. I zoom in with the camera and hold down the shutter button and it records without zooming back out. You can see a dark ring around it on some of the video. I am using my hands, so the shaking in the video is me, not the craft. I also caught a plane flying by the object so you can compare for size. for a while I just assumed it was a star but, as we all know, stars don't move like this.

MUFON CMS# 119213 Ward Arkansas 11/14/21 

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

UFO Alien Contact Revealed

The truth is, CE-5 devotees don’t even like to use the word aliens They prefer ET or star beings. Most contact UFO Alien experiencers don't invite or want contact. Rebecca certainly didn't. While she didn’t invite E.T. contact, it’s something she’s embraced and has shared her experiences with others. ET And UFO Reports Revealed

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Falcon Lake Close UFO Encounter Incident in 1967

The Falcon Lake UFO Sighting Encounter tells the story of a UFO close encounter which occurred on May 20, 1967, near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Stephen (Stefan) Michalak, a prospector was working alone searching for minerals in the wilderness when two strange crafts appeared in the sky. One craft landed nearby and the curious prospector ventured dangerously close to what he thought to be a spaceship. The resulting chain of events left him feeling lucky to survive. The Canadian police and military conducted an extensive investigation but never developed a conclusion. An extensive trail of paperwork related to the case was left behind. To this day there are many questions about what happened nearly 50 years ago at Falcon Lake, but no answers seem to be forthcoming. • READ MORE:

Friday, October 29, 2021

Aliens in my Attic

I have been hearing things for the past couple of weeks like sounds of something walking on my roof and whispering. Last night at approximately 7 pm my boyfriend and I were out in the camp trailer that I have been remodeling. We finished out there and we were heading back inside when I saw lights over at our friend's house in the back like flashlight looking. I got my phone out and staring recording while I held my flashlight so I could see. I have been seeing things and hearing things for weeks and no one has believed me so I have been trying to capture it on video. Well anyways I saw what looked like people with black clothes and ski masks on and they were on the neighbor's roof. We let the neighbor know and went inside. When we got into the house I see lights outside the house and they are like flickering. I get out my phone and I start looking out the windows in the laundry room there are three different windows. What I see shocks me and I am at the point where I don’t believe myself anymore because everyone else thinks I am seeing things. I see things on my neighbor's roof jumping up and down I see creatures of some sort in white suits and I see the upstairs of my house which is not a part of the house and is only full of insulation and not livable have a window that is not supposed to be there open with lights on. I continue to film them and then I got scared that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be seeing them and they saw me videotaping them so I shut the curtains and came back inside. But I have seen them before and thought my mind was playing a trick on me because I just feel like this is too unreal. Burney CA. 10/25/21Alien report No Video was rendered 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Watched a Fire Fight between two UFOs Colorado

Was outside smoking a cigarette and noticed what appeared to be two UFOs engaged in what I surmised to be a firefight of sorts. One UFO was much bigger and brighter than the other and both seemed to have white fuzzy halo's around them. I assumed the halo's had to do with cloaking because sometimes they would disappear completely and you could only see what I would call a smudge where they had been. Then they would reappear. The UFOs seemed to be firing red and green lasers at each other. I say that because when the light lasers would brighten and shoot at high rates of speed, you could see the entire UFO. When there was a pause or ceasing of these light lasers, you could barely make out a smudge on the horizon where they just were. It gave the impression of some sort of cloaking capability. I also saw a fast-falling object, resembling a shooting star, but falling straight down from above the larger object. The entire UFO Sighting fluttered momentarily and then you could only see the smudge for approximately 15 seconds or so. Then the larger UFO showed up again in a different location and moved back to the approximate area it had been previously. It came back with a vengeance then. the laser light show was unbelievable. I thought the war of the world was going on. Not sure exactly what time I noticed 2 fast jets flying in the direction of the objects, but they both split off from the other. One flew to the right at a higher altitude above the larger UFO. The other flew to the left towards the smaller object and was also at a higher altitude than the UFO. I watched until almost 4 am when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Mutual UFO Network Ignacio Colorado 10/11/21. This Region has had 2,795 Reported UAP/UFO Sightings to date.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Huge V Shaped UFO with six lights and observatory platform reported

The UFO Sighting was following the railroad tracks I was crossing. It went about 2-5 mph at treetop level. I drew it and then googled v-shaped ufo and the phoenix lights were an exact match. I had never seen this before and I drew it, it was the same as the phoenix lights it was so huge. It was 6:50 when I saw it but I only saw it for two minutes when I stopped on the tracks. My house is within sight but the clock says 7:03? I lost time somehow. The UFO Sighting was only 2-3 mins and the clock said 12 mins or so went by. I did not feel it pass either. The aircraft was silent. It was the size of a city skimming the treetops as it followed the railroad tracks. The lights were round and white and pulsate on a dark cold obsidian-type surface. The front of the UFO did not come to a tip it was a type of flat glass observation deck that was the floor of the top of the UFO. Like if you were inside it and stood there you could look down at earth or something as you go by. Mutual UFO Network CMS# 118702 Sandston Virginia U.S 10/19/21. This region has had 1,571 Reported UAP/UFO Sightings to date.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Is there a Government Coverup of UFOs? See Video

Is there a government coverup of UFOs? The answer appears to be a resounding yes. Judging from the countless blacked-out documents released through the Freedom of Information Act from multiple intelligence agencies, the public is not being told the whole truth about the UFO phenomenon. This fact is further corroborated by the many government whistleblowers who have stepped forward and revealed their participation in secret UFO projects. Now a new whistleblower and government UFO insider have decided it's time to tell his story. "Thomas," a retired Navy officer, is now ready to let the world know about his own experiences. Thomas held a secret clearance in the Navy, but after retiring, was contacted by a Pentagon official and was invited into the inner sanctum of the secret government working with UFO crash/retrievals. Thomas learned shocking details that would leave him forever changed. This video tells the story of what Thomas learned about what is going on within the United States government and their interest in UFOs and aliens. Crashed UFOs are being held at military bases. E.Ts working along with the military. An underground city at Area 51. The truth is finally coming out!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

UFO Video Thought It Was A Plane But Wasn't

While walking home I originally noticed a single light moving through the sky. Shortly after another light seem to be trailing it. And then another until there was three. They then formed a triangular pattern and began to move together in unison. This is when I decided to record, convinced what I was witnessing was no longer planes leaving the airport. Then they all disappeared together. About a minute after, I noticed another UFO light appeared and begin to move across the sky as well. In the video you can kind of see its irregular movements, speeding up and slowing down but moving in a linear direction. I am still unsure as to whether or not my mind is playing tricks on me but I figured I would report it because I have never seen anything like this in my life, at least in person. Please be aware that some of my responses to your questions, specifically those regarding the size, might not necessarily be accurate. I am reporting what I saw to the best of my memory. mufon cms# 118444 Philadelphia PA. 10/4/21. This Region has had 4,238 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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What! Nine UFOs Were Captured on Video Flying Over South China Sea

South China Sea, nine UFO lights are visible in the video, then it becomes 12 lights information, the closest UFO disappears then 3 more UF...