Saturday, June 22, 2019

Las Vegas Alien UFO Bases IUFOC93 Video

British UFO Researcher RW took his time to watch the Vegas Desert area with care, and on Hi8 Video. His material is on UFO shows and YOU Tube around the world. But this horrific 1993 IUFOC interrogation was captured just after the Nights hypnotic and drug Interrogation, in a hotel Room in the old Showboat Hotel downtown Las Vegas, by Irish UFO researcher Miles Johnston. Critical to this hour long interview is the intrusion, of what became known as Six Greys , and MILAB style Ultra High Multi Frequency Audio technology, detected by the camera, as mushy noise. The Camera's Infra Red auto focus, tried to focus on numerous entities around the worn out and R-W, after his night of interrogation by some of the speakers at the IUFOC Dec 1993. So important was this tape that Certain Psi-Intell Agencies in a number of countries got copies. This was released in part, in BASES 2. Now released in part in YOU Tube in 2007. FULL DVD available. The full interview after his interrogation is too disturbing, and is ONLY available to mature well experienced researchers.

Major UFO Disclosure 2019

Exciting News!!! In this video you'll here about how 2 senators and the president have been briefed on UFO's following the increase of UFO sightings by the US Navy. Is disclosure coming soon?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Greenfield MN UFO Sighting outside my window

I'm laying in my bed and I look out to my window and I noticed a UFO that presumably looks circular and has red yellow and white lights in a non distinct pattern heading West I open up my window and try to listen for a sound in the best way I can describe the sound is a low pulsating humming sound and it's very faint and it gets fainter as it gets away and then a plane not too far behind it comes to light but then I can hear the sound of the plane and barely the sound of the aircraft.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Bombshell reports thrust's UFO Sightings into the mainstream

In the first episode of "The Basement Office", host Steven Green street discusses recent bombshell reports that have thrust UFO Sightings into the mainstream. These include ongoing revelations coming out of the Pentagon regarding "unidentified aerial phenomena", the Navy's encounters with unidentified craft that "defy physics", and commercial air pilots having close encounters. This episode features Nick Pope, the "real-life Fox Mulder", who secretly investigated UFOs for the British government during the 1990's while running the "UFO Office" at the UK's Ministry of Defense. UFOs: “A Threat to the Homeland” | The Basement Office - Ep. 1 | New York Post

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Awesome Space-X Star-link objects train 24 May 2019 watch video

The train of Star-link satellites passing over Leiden, the Netherlands, about 22.5 hours after launch. Video with WATEC 902H + Canon FD 1.8/50 mm lens, GPS time insert.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Spanish Air Force F-86-F Sabre UFO Encounter 1954

UFO Sighting Witnesses:
Capt Juan Alfonso Sáez-Benito Toledo
Lt. Luis Carbayo Olivares, both F-86F Sabre pilots of the Spanish Air Force, 102nd Fighter Squadron
Ground Radar of Escuadrón de Viligancia Area #1 (EVA-1) (No. 1 Air Surveillance Squadron) in Calatayud, Zaragoza.

UFO Sighting encounter Summary:

During a "Red Eye" air defense exercise two F-86-F pilots from Zaragoza air base observed one bright grey egg-shaped UFO flattened in the upper portion with two porthole-like windows. The UFO Sighting seemed to be flying at a speed of 800 km per hour at an estimated altitude of 27,000 to 33,000 feet. Radar at Zaragoza tracked the UFO for about 25 minutes. Elements of the US VI Fleet participated in the Red Eye exercises, but there is no information regarding any contact with this UFO. Spanish results of Red Eye exercises are still classified.

The two pilots were extensively debriefed about their encounter, but when the Spanish Air Staff began declassifying their UFO Sighting files in 1991, inquiries about this case were met with the response "FILE MISSING". Most of the information about this case comes from witness interviews long after the event. Sources: Weinstein, Dominique, Project ACUFOE, Aircraft UFO Encounters: Radar/Visual Cases, Vol. 4, 1967-1976/1999 Case from Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and Joan Plana, Spanish Aircat from pilots’ reports. SOURCE credit PROJECT 1947  J.Aldrich

Saturday, May 11, 2019

The Inevitable End of UFO Secrecy

UFOs have always been an unspoken part of our world, something that remains officially denied but which is in fact believed by enormous numbers of people, many of whom work within the classified world and know the truth. Richard Dolan argues that the secret will not hold much longer, and in fact changes are already happening. The end of UFO secrecy is inevitable.

Monday, May 6, 2019

UFO Sighting over Australia March 16th 2019 watch video

UFO Sighting over Australia March 16th 2019 watch video. Peter Maxwell Slattery is an International Bestselling Author, speaker and ET Contactee, with one of the most documented ongoing Extraterrestrial Contact Cases in history.

Navy & UFO Sightings Controlled Disclosure Continues

The U.S. Navy recently stated that it is issuing new guidelines relating to UFOs or UAP. It's noteworthy that the Navy acknowledges the proliferation of unknown objects penetrating sensitive airspace, something that has occurred for decades. But another trend is at work: the ongoing re-branding of UFOs into UAP. Removing the baggage of the term UFO also means siphoning out the history of military confrontation, of crash retrievals, and even of apparent alien encounters. It's part of a slow process we can call Controlled Disclosure. Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end, but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Friday, April 19, 2019

WALKIN'S Alien UFO Contact's Video

Tangle Foot is a Thunder Shaman, walk-in, researcher and contactee offering a safe and sacred space for other walk-ins, those who have had extraterrestrial, or any paranormal encounters throughout their lifetime in order to bring forth validation and healing, in a group setting. Tangle Foot would like to encourage and inspire you to come and discuss your experience without judgement and assist with any trauma based encounters so that you may break free from any chains that may seem to bind an individual starting with the mind. One on one session will be offered as well, with herself or Theta Healing by her colleague, who is well equipped in the UFO community.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Triangular shaped UFOs circle and jump space Hillsboro Ohio

Three witnesses among family. First UFO sighting was on the way home, starting with two UFOs in a far distance, and continued as we pulled in the drive. Two triangular shaped UFOs circled our complex about 5 or 6 times within 20 minutes. One of the UFOs had seven blinking lights and the other UFO had only three; the one with seven blinking lights was leading the other craft the whole time. At one point, the leading UFO approached a normal commercial airplane and disappeared, jumping from above to the left of us in around one second. They then went around the back of the house and completely disappeared. Aircraft noises separate from the UFOs themselves were heard, possible reasoning behind circling such as watching or chasing them. duration of this UFO Encounter was 25 minutes.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Joe Rogan Believes in UFO's watch Video

Uncensored Video Transcript: You believe in UFO's yeah oh my god really yeah yeah see I believe in there's other other life-forms out there I don't think they're coming here they might the thing they might what why not think it but just because here's here's one thing I do believe most people are full shit you know it comes to like most of their stories like it's it's hard to find a person that could just tell you what happened based on what they really remember people want to jazz things up and they want to add salt and pepper yeah they have sex with men that don't they don't necessarily tell you the
truth they tell you what they think is gonna be an engaging story that kind of represents the truth maybe especially when it's a weird thing like you saw something in the sky what did you really
see how long did you look at it for how many seconds was it well I mean here's the problem I have with UFOs and I believe there are UFOs but I don't think that because that means they're Tech
first of all if they're coming here that means their technology is far way more advanced than ours
right so why would they care if people saw them they would show up if I was an alien and I was that far ahead of us I would lay in that bitch right in the middle of Times Square and be like what
we require why would you do that but why wouldn't I why am i hiding in fields where nobody can see us are you aware of how we treat un-contacted tribes yes to a point but the point but what I'm saying is if you're that power advanced they know if they're coming here they know they're way smarter than that's right because they've traveled here right and we don't even know other from
far distances we can't even imagine and they're here they don't have to hide it's just like they do it because they have to hide or do you think maybe they do it because we can't handle it because
we can't handle it why would they care if we could handle it or not because here's the problem whenever any civilization has ever encountered a civilization far superior to them the results have always been catastrophic every single time every time Europeans have invaded North America
every time the Spanish visited the Mexicans every time that this has happened it's been a disaster and this is human beings if there was something that came down here from another planet it was so unbelievably sophisticated that it could travel through vast distances in space and had insurmountable impossible technology that we would look to it for all of our answers it would become our new daddy it would completely disrupt all of our governments it would disrupt all of our religions it would disrupt every single belief system we have and people would fall apart they wouldn't know what to do
psychologically it would be devastating look I'm not a doctor a psychologist but I know most people would not be able to handle it I understand that but why would they care because that's my whole
point because why would they care about because it would be affecting our culture it wouldn't care but why wouldn't they care but why would I care we care about animals bro there's a reason we have wildlife protection agencies we have that because we care about animals and animals don't even
know we're a thing if you're a deer living in the forest and you're two years old you might not have ever even seen a person you don't even know what the fuck we are but we're trying to keep those deer alive we spend billions of dollars every year protecting them we do that because we care about wildlife if we cared about a rare monkey that we found in Indonesia in the course of strange monkey we would do whatever we could to make sure that monkey's populations thrived if there was a way
to help them I mean that's one of the reasons why zoos exist they take rare animals they try to breed them in captivity and but we're also sharing the same earth well then maybe they look at the universe that way and okay nuclear civilizations like our civilization I mean our civilization is a very dangerous one because we're we're a bunch of semi hairless monkeys with nuclear weapons
I mean we're fucking nuts bro oh yeah we're obsessed with sex we jack off to our phones where we're taking pills to keep our dick hard we're all on speed this these are we're at and we lie we lie about shit we lie about things that people did to us we pretend people think did worse things we pretend that we
didn't do things to people we lie about stealing we lie about money we lie about all kinds of things I mean people are so so you're you're thinking aliens are thinking about all that before they come down of course they would why wouldn't why wouldn't I guess I'm coming from a human point of view where we don't give a shit about anything there's a thing that's not true we do give a shit about things
that's why when you go to the Galapagos Islands you're not allowed to take your shoes you walked around Los Angeles and walk around the Galapagos Island because people have done that and they've gotten seeds from their shoes stuck in the sand over there in the ground over there and then new plants grow that are invasive species that we're worried about ecosystems that we really account that's
why humans that's where we're worried about invasive species.