Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bright Amber UFO Sphere Reported 5/30/16 Elyria Ohio

Bright amber sphere, with one smaller sphere on each side of the UFO craft over Elyria Ohio 5/30/16 reported. My husband, neighbor, and myself were star gazing...Coming directly out of the west, was a bright amber sphere with one white smaller sphere on each side of the craft. There was no sound to the UFO craft. The altitude was 2000 ft, moving very slow. There were no navigation lights on the UFO craft as seen on a plane (red and green). When the UFO craft went over head and towards the east, we could see white circular motion lights moving around the UFO craft. These lights were very small. The UFO craft moved northeast and it was gone. Description of our background: My husband is a machinist in research and development. I'm retired from working in a biology lab. My neighbor works in landscaping and is a Boy Scout leader. 

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