Sunday, June 5, 2016

UFO Contact in the Desert 6/4/16

UFO Report Joshua tree for contact in the desert UFO watch with Melinda Leslie using military night vision goggles. First a white/glue sphere popped out of the sky very low and we watched it ascend with a more blue sphere following after it. we saw more blue with a purplish color, 2 green, and one red. some of them flashed back at us when we clicked out our lasers at them, they were responding to us! some of them met up in a triangle formation, but I kept my eye on the third one that had come out. with the military night vision goggles it reminded me of a jelly fish, almost translucent with a hollow bottom that draped or swayed with fuzzy sides. Its the most complicating thing to describe. With the naked eye they were glowing in pure color and had an orb form.MUFON CMS# 76809

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