Monday, October 30, 2017

Traditional Circular looking UFO that you would see on E.T movie 10-28-17 Annada MO

UFO Sighting occurred on October 28th 2017 over Annada MO U.S. UFO report reads as follows: My family and I were at a hunt club over the weekend, fishing. I do not want to disclose the name for fear of them getting mad. We stayed at a house on the property in a town called Annada, which is approx 15 minutes away from the clubhouse. The house sits in the middle of farmland/hunting ground and stands alone. This is the duck house and is primarily used for duck hunters. On Saturday night I was standing out on the deck looking East at the sky. Right above the tree line (about a mile away) there was a very large UFO hovering. It stayed in one spot for a good 10 minutes. I went in and grabbed the binoculars and sure enough, the UFO was a beautiful perfectly round Craft with several lights in a perfect row all the way around! Without the binoculars the lights looked orange/yellowish, with the binoculars the lights were perfectly round bright white lights! I called my son and nephew out and they also saw it! I took pictures but they look nothing like what I saw which is a huge disappointment! In fact, I am sure I took way more pictures than whats actually on my phone, only 1 is showing up then goes to my son and nephew of them sleeping, then there are a few more?? They were awake when I took all the pictures, and now they are out of order? I tried getting a picture through the binoculars and that definitely didn't work, lol. It was really cold this past Saturday so we kept going to the window to check if it had moved. UFO did move slightly up and down after about 15 minutes, after about 20 minutes from first spotting it, it was gone! So we didn't get to see it fly in any direction. I took pictures in the daylight to show how far the trees were from us and circled the location of the craft. I will also upload a picture I found on the Internet, it's the closest to what I saw through the binoculars on the lights were bright white and I could only see what I circled. There was no sound from the UFO Sighting. mufon cms# 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Smooth mirrored surface UFO sphere hovered approx 7 ft above lake surface Dedham Maine

UFO Sighting occurred over Dedham ME. 7/2001 Smooth mirrored surface sphere approximately 10 ft diameter hovered approx 7 ft above lake surface. Observed for approx 30 sec, looked away for approx 5 sec to get a friend's attention, looked back and couldn't locate the UFO again. I was very surprised to see it. I was not scared or nervous. I really wanted my friends to see it, but was gone when I looked back. UFO had a perfectly smooth mirror finish that reflected the environment. It was late in the day when sun low enough to cast a long reflection on the lake. I noticed the orb because the Sun's long reflection curved when it reflected off the UFO. Then I was able to see the full size of the UFO. I was the only person to see it in my group of people since it was gone when I looked back. The UFO remained still during The entire sighting. It was viewed from an elevated deck about 10-15 ft above the UFO and 75-100 ft away from it. The location of the sighting was viewed looking East at a narrow part of Phillips Lake, in Hancock County, near Dedham, Maine. mufon cms# 87640

Orange UFO orbs deployed from dimmer white intermittent pulsing UFO lights

UFO Sightings occurred on 20:38 Clarksville Hartman Ar. Oct 23 2017 Bright amber flares spotted in NE just below and to the right of Pleiades, 4 degrees above horizon.Grabbed 22 to observe through scope. Dim steady white UFOs occasionally pulsing ejecting orange flares in random sequence that quickly extinguish to dull red then invisible just as new UFO is ejected in linear sequence of threes. Dozens ejected, couldn't keep count or tell size or distance, possibly over Lake Ludwig region, simply too absorbed and excited by event and realizing flare effect is actually aural effect caused by deployed orbs or white pulser responsible for phenomena and not an actual craft in and of itself. I can only speculate on origin or purpose. Any sense of movement of flare an illusion to naked eye as a result of orbs being deployed and activated in perfect linear sequence.Think pixels of your computer screen activating in the right order to simulate a dot or other image traveling across it at any speed you desire. Possible explanation for seemingly hypersonic UFOs not generating sonic booms pilots via massive g forces from radical maneuvers. Event duration ended around 21:12 CST with flare observed in corner of eye in NW near Vega. Single engine fixed wing craft observed through scope low from west headed eastwards near to me while flying by with steady white tail light and intermittent flashing white light in front of it, another white light on right landing gear and bluish-green light above and center of windshield which formed shape of multi-colored inverted triangle from my perspective. No numbers or insignia visible due to darkness. Related or not, no way of knowing but very suspicious considering the context. I decided more powerful optics needed, so dusted off my Meade ETX 90 RA Maksutov-Cassegrain scope the next day and mounted on a tripod for terrestrial mode viewing in anticipation of recurrence that night, which is what happened in same region but different location around the same time frame. mufon cms# 87644

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Everyday since October 13 2017 we have experienced Multiple UFO Sightings Florida

UFO Sightings have occurred over Jacksonville Florida report reads as follows: We observe them in the backyard the first UFO we noticed was off in the distance high in the sky it stays stationary UFO has red green and orange blinking lights then we noticed there was more UFOs around it like in formation last night 10/24/17 we observed six UFOs off on one side in formation then we looked all the way around us and noticed they were every where on all sides, I call these ones blinkiez, then there are the orange orb or star like UFOs we see that sit there blending in with the stars then they take off flying and just completely disappear before our eyes, some are orange and some are silver or a white light. There is a Navy Base NAS JAX nearby we are used to seeing military craft we have never seen anything like this and there are helicopters flying around with search lights and other military craft flying around the UFOs. These lights stay until about 7 a.m and I have even witnessed them descend and ascend from the sky. Our electricity seems to be effected by something and our phones seem to die very quickly and I have tried to take pictures or video with my phone but the blinking UFOs are too far to show up and the orb ones are too dim to show up as well. mufon cms# 87569

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Saw bright UFO orb split into two UFO orbs Salt River Canyon AZ 10/19/17

Driving back from Four corners in northern Arizona, we drove south towards Tucson, down through Salt River Canyon. It was about 8-8.30 at night on 10/19/17 when my fiancĂ© (driver) and his mother (passenger front) saw a bright light up ahead like a car driving down a mountain. Except there was no mountain ahead. It was a bright UFO orb, a little bit pulsating. It looked stationary, hovering. Then suddenly it split into two UFO orbs and just shot off. One straight up, the second at a 45 degree angle from the first. It traveled very fast and was gone in an instant. I was a passenger in the backseat of the car and heard the whole thing, but was unable to see it from the backseat. There was no other cars on the road right then and it was pitch dark outside with no reflections from any lights. We should have stopped and looked around, but we had kids in the car that protested loudly about seeing a possible UFO. There’s no doubt in wittiness’ mind that it was a UFO. It moved WAY to fast to be a plane, helicopter or anything else. It went from being one UFO orb, to two UFO orbs, to shooting off in less than 60 seconds...and once it shot off it was bang, gone in 2 seconds flat. I think we were all shocked and amazed of what they has seen. As we never exited the car, I don’t know if it made any noise. mufon cms# 87545

Sunday, October 22, 2017

V shaped house sized UFO Sighting with rectangle Plasma/Filament light 12/20/16 Plymouth GB

UFO Sighting occurred on Dec.20,2016 over Plymouth GB: I was outside having a smoke, looking up at the stars which I tend to do, when a fast v-shaped UFO shot overhead the rooftops. All I could see was the bottom, which was v-shaped, the rest of the UFO seemed to be cloaked as I could see a veil of invisibility shift around the v shape and the above clouds. Unlike the usual circular spot lights I've seen in UFO craft described online, the bottom of the V had 2 large rectangles that sat on each side of the V. What looked like glowing/rotating filaments of plasma suspended inside could be seen inside these rectangles. I was unsure if it was an engine or not as it didn't make a sound as it passed over my neighbors house low to the ground beneath cloud cover. UFO Sighting was low down and was about the size of 2 houses. It happened so fast that I was unable to take a photo or video. I have felt compelled to report it as I can't stop thinking about the plasma-ish rectangular bottom it has as most reports of UFO's have spot like bottom lights and this was different. Just sharing, thanks you. mufon cms# 87507

Friday, October 20, 2017

Police Officer reports observed UFO descend and hover Seal Beach CA

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: I was a police officer on duty, about 0300 hours, Sunday morning, Seal Beach, southern California. Less than a mile off the beach, parked in the North American Aviation parking lot observing the stars. Earlier it had rained and washed the smog away revealing an incredible sky seldom seen in southern California in the 1960-1970s. It was probably April or May 1973. I observed to the northwest at an unknown but very high altitude what initially appeared to be a shooting star rapidly approaching my location. At that time it appeared to be bright white "UFO". It rapidly slowed, then came to a stop, probably above 75,000 feet. This only took a few seconds. Next, UFO began to descend at a moderate rate of speed, straight down, coming to a hover less than 500 feet from me. Color was dark gray, then this UFO began to pulse the same three colors in the same order. UFO was only a few feet above the munition bunkers at the Seal Beach Naval Weapon Station. It remained stationary for perhaps ten minutes while I observed it through my 10x50 binoculars it was so close and so large that I had to turn right and left to take in the rather large UFO space vehicle. I noticed the Navy security vehicles keeping a respectable distance from the vehicle. I later determined that the main gate had been closed while the incident was in progress. The vehicle did not project light, it merely changed colors. After about 10 minutes it appeared to set up a search pattern over the munition bunkers, very slowly traveling over each row. Then the UFO gradually increased speed and appeared to follow power lines toward the ocean. I asked dispatch to check with Huntington Beach and see if its helicopter could assist. I did not reveal over the radio what circumstances lead to this request. 4210 Henry (helicopter) was down for the night. I attempted to follow the "UFO" space vehicle but lost it as it entered Huntington Beach city limits. I logged the incident and turned the log in at end of shift. The watch commander called me in and I gave him a brief explanation. He did not want me to do an incident report, which would have triggered an entry in the department daily log that was read by journalists on a daily basis. Weeks earlier 2 LAPD officers on graveyard shift observed a "UFO" space vehicle up close and personal. They alerted the media which brought in Air Force investigators which rapidly led to the usual inane nonsense whenever turning back a UFO sighting. So I elected to avoid the nonsense. Weeks later the Orange County Register put out an afternoon edition that had a large photo of "my" UFO. No article but several lines of print under the UFO photo revealing that a company photographer took the picture of the UFO hovering over power lines just off an Orange County Freeway I believe it was the Newport Beach Freeway. Traffic had come to a stop, meaning that at least hundreds witnessed, up close, this hovering space vehicle and thousands more observed the UFO photo, page one above the fold. Many years later, after medically retiring and becoming a journalist a researcher was sent to Orange County and spent days going through the O.C. Register files. The UFO photo was not located. mufon cms# 87458

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Photo Green UFO I see green ORB's also 9/11/17 TX

UFO Sighting occurred on 9/11/17 San Antonio Texas. Around my home is very active for UFO's, ORB's, and paranormal activity. This glowing green UFO ship, I capture a lot and have video's. I see one thing with the naked eye, but when I film or photograph it, many times it comes out different This is more with the paranormal dimensions. I've had field investigator's and paranormal investigator's over to witness. I'm able to see a few other dimensions Second sights has ran in the family for generations. mufon cms# 87412

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bright UFO light falls very fast almost to the ground then disappears 10-15-17 Texas

UFO Sighting report reads as follows:
It was about 8:00 pm on Sunday evening October 15, 2017. I was driving west towards San Antonio, Texas on interstate 10. It was starting to get dark and I noticed a light off to my left above the horizon. This light was very bright and at first I thought it might be a star or maybe an aircraft of some kind. What was weird about it was it seemed like 1 bright UFO light with 2 dimmer lights that merged into 1 bright light and then it seemed to fall towards the earth at a very fast speed, faster than I've ever seen anything travel in the sky. It was like it was free falling and then I would guess that about a couple of hundred feet above the ground it just completely vanished. I did not see it or anything else after that. After it disappeared I thought, wow, did I just see a UFO? It was actually pretty cool because since I was a young boy I have wanted to actually see a UFO. mufon cms# 87355

UFO Sighting reported Round or Disc shaped and Glowing 2-4-17 Kozhikode IN

I was outside my house and it is a hill side area, and going up to the top to my friends house and suddenly a meteor like UFO visible from the other side of the hill and at first I thought it was a meteor and it was coming in straight line towards my direction and as this UFO comes towards my direction it became more visible and I saw almost the exact shape it was Disc Shaped and Glowing and the color was Black and it was flying low and there were no sounds from that thing that freeks me, then the direction of that UFO changed almost 90 degree it was a fast turn and this is a rural area and no military areas are here or around the place and I never saw a thing like that before that incident and also two of my friends from a near place saw two fire ball like UFOs and also changed direction they told this to me yesterday that why I am writing this UFO Sighting report. mufon cms# 87356

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blimp Shaped UFO Sighting Hovering over Wind Turbine 10-10-17 Ontario Ca

UFO Sighting occurred over Dunnville Ontario CA on 10-10-17 UFO Sighting report reads as follows: I was driving home to my parents place from work in the evening around 8:20-8:30 pm October 10th, 2017. Driving south down Robinson Rd., looking left to the east towards Rosa Flora Greenhouses, I was looking at the wind turbine in the orange light of the greenhouses and the thick fog. I noticed a blimp-like shape UFO "hovering" about 50-200 feet from the top of the wind turbine. It was the color of the fog and light given off by the greenhouses but I could see a definite oval blimp outline against the farm light. I was traveling at about 90 km/hr and slowed to 40 or 50 kms/hr once I noticed the shape in the fog. UFO gave off no sound and had no lights, no planes or stars where out or visible at the time and as I slowed the van it moved away from the wind turbine heading north, northeast slowly. Once this UFO was away from the light of the greenhouses I lost sight of the outline and it disappeared into the dark. My first thought was that it may be some kind of drone or I was seeing the odd side of a plane or something that was being used at the farm but it was too big it seemed, and again, had no lights. As I drove on I wasn't sure at all at what I saw and tried to explain to myself what it was I couldn't think of anything. I thought by now, four days later, I'd have forgotten about it but it's stuck with me. Couldn't think of who to tell other than my parents and finally decided to report it. I've been driving the same route every day since and haven't seen anything else. And nothing that's even close to the wind turbine. Not sure what to make of it. I feel fine. Curious as a cat but feel good. mufon cms# 87322

Friday, October 13, 2017

Bright Cigar Shaped UFO appeared ejecting rays out of the bottom 6/10/73 Strantton ON.CA

It was spring time in approximately 1973 and I was an elementary school student 11 years of age. I was with my brother and sister who were also in elementary school. We were at our rural property waiting for the school bus. We lived in a farming area where there was mostly livestock/ dairy farms. It was 8:00 AM and a clear sunny day. The sun was just over the horizon in the north east. The highway at that location runs east west. We were at the end of our Lane way at the high way standing and talking looking out for the bus when we noticed a bright cigar shaped UFO appear near where the sun was. It was also similar in color to the sun but not the same light intensity. The UFO was above the tree line probably more than half a mile away. After it appeared it moved slowly to the south east in a straight line over about a 5 minute time span. Then it hovered and what looked like rays of sun in a fan shape came out of the bottom of the UFO projecting about half way to the ground. The sun remained visible in the north east all this time. I was flabbergasted. I had not seen anything like this before or since that day. The bus arrived and I lost sight of the UFO. Although I may have discussed this event with my brother and sister this is the first time I have ever made it public. mufon cms# 87304 {The Photo above depicts the UFO sighting }

Monday, October 9, 2017

UFO traversed sky w/o sound from propulsion 9/24/17 Ocals Florida

Went outside on back porch at dusk. Observed what appeared to be landing lights that were OFF COURSE. As UFO drew closer I noticed there were no visible red/green markers. At this point I thought I might be witnessing the first asteroid to hit FL, and like a deer in the headlights I stayed to watch. The UFO flew right above me. The light level didn't vary at all. The light was white, it did not allow me to see the structure behind the light although it was not blinding. Intensity remained the same from initial sighting until it was lost behind trees 180° from origin WITHOUT A SOUND. SHAPE of the UFO at first was round as it moved closer and overhead was oval then reversed order as it had passed. MOVEMENT was in a straight line (indicated in in included file) without change in altitude or direction. However it did seem to slow, a very small amount, above me as I was looking almost directly at the bottom of the oval. And then UFO proceeded until out of view over the tree line 180° to the opposite side from initial point of contact?! mufon cms# 87228

5 UFOs rapidly silently moving same direction random formation 10/08/17 Castleford GB

I was sat in my back garden star gazing when I noticed that 5 dull orange/gold UFO lights had appeared to the NW, UFOs were quite rapidly moving in the same direction towards the SW but not in any kind of formation. I initially though it was a large aircraft being escorted by 2 jets because 3 of the lights looked like they could've been attached to the same aircraft and the other 2 were flying off to it's right hand side, then all of the lights moved closer to each other and maneuvered into random positions around each other then 2 of the UFO lights sped up as though to be in front of the other 3, they continued on a straight SW flight path still in random formation. I couldn't take my eye's off them, I was memorized and couldn't believe what I was watching, it all happened so fast but I was also realizing that I hadn't heard any sound/noise before/during or after the UFO sighting. I finally lost sight of the UFOs when they flew over neighboring houses. mufon cms# 87230

Low Flying Triangle UFO Reported 10/2/17 Rancho Palos Verdes CA

Triangle Shaped UFO spotted flying low for 30 seconds, no reports called in personally but multiple helicopters spotted circling within 5 minutes. UFO spotted briefly for 30 seconds, flying dangerously low through a rural residential neighborhood in Rancho Palos Verdes CA. UFO appeared to come from behind our vehicle and then along the driver side. UFO was large enough to possibly hold a person or two. Extremely fast/brief movement, obscure/irregular flight pattern (wavy), strangely SILENT, ascended slightly before emitting a neon orange light and seemingly disappearing. No reports made personally, but multiple helicopters began circling with their lights within 5 minutes of UFO sighting. source

Thursday, October 5, 2017

UFO Sighting reported 6/22/17 Flat Rectangular w/dropped lattice work looking sides Chelmsford MA

I was out in the open yard, which is flat, gravel and grass. I was standing, by my friend's car, talking to her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in the air and looked up. Both UFOs were in the air, not over 300 ft above and about 40 feet in front of me. Both UFOs were exactly alike. 1st UFO was in front, the 2nd UFO was in the rear and maintained constant position from the 1st one, which was about 20 ft behind and 30 ft to the left of the 1st one, but not lower than the first. There was absolutely no sound. The steadiness with which they flew was almost as if there was a rod between them to keep them together and maintain status. My friend is handicapped and was unable to get out of the car in time to see them. I noticed a helicopter, flying over the nearby highways of Rte 3, and 495, which was at least a mile from these 2 UFOs. I was fairly calm and had enough time and they were close enough to see the lattice like effect of the two sides which dropped down from the rectangular center. The sides did not flap or move about, the entire structure of both was rigid, very shiny like aluminum. These UFOs flew almost in a direct path until I lost sight of them behind the trees at the end of the yard and nearby cemetery. I did not have a camera and even if I did, I've never taken decent pictures in my life. They always come out blurry. I didn't even think of taking a picture. I was too happy to finally see something I've never seen before. There were other people in the yard but no one looked up or paid attention, they were all talking to each other a few yards away. I have never seen any UFO in the sky in my entire life that looked like this. mufon cms# 87144

Monday, October 2, 2017

Rectangular UFO Sighting 9/19/17 was completely silent and became transparent CO.

UFO Sighting occurred on 9/19/17 over Highlands Ranch CO. I opened my 2nd story bedroom window last night about 11:pm to get some fresh air and look at the stars and noticed movement above me. It was an UFO flying at about the same altitude as a small plane and was clearly visible. I was drawn to the movement and although there were no lights, per se, there was a faint light emanating from it. Once in my line of sight I was able to see the shape of the UFO, and it was a fairly flat rectangle and appeared to have 3 long tubular shapes on the bottom which were the length of the UFO. It seemed to be somewhat transparent, as I could see the clouds above it through the craft. It was flying faster than a plane in a very smooth and unrestricted fashion unlike a plane which is kind of forcing its way through the atmosphere and is very loud. This UFO was completely smooth and made no sound at all. As it moved through the air it became more transparent until I could not see it anymore. The whole UFO sighting only lasted about 5 seconds. It was not a meteor. I have seen many of those and they enter the atmosphere quickly with a bright light and tail and burn up quickly but this was going across the sky in a horizontal fashion and did not appear to be on fire at all. NUFORC.ORG

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Was on a cruise ship 8/17/17 experienced a UFO Sighting

I was on a cruise ship, we were returning from St.Kitts to ft Lauderdale. I went out on the balcony which I did every night. I first noticed the UFO cause I thought it was a falling star or meteor. The UFO came from the northeast, stopped, did several different moves and turns, stopped again, and then took off over the ship going southwest. The UFO looked opaque, glowing, orb or circle. I watched it the entire time, not believing what I was seeing, but I had saw one similar 2 months earlier in Michigan. I went inside our cabin and told my husband what happened. Actually made me a little scared, this is the 3rd time I have seen a UFO and made me worry why I was seeing them so often. The UFO Sighting ended flying away very, very, fast over the ship and disappeared. mufon cms# 87036

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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