Thursday, August 31, 2017

Large Bright Conical Shaped Pulsating UFO Reported 8/30/17 Rockledge Florida

I was walking my dog Guinness, and I happened to be gazing up at the moon when to the left of the moon I witnessed a very Large Bright Conical Shaped Pulsating UFO that at first resembled a bright star. Within the time it took to my to lock my eyes on it, it ascended abruptly at a rate of ascent which was surreal , it freaked me out. UFO instantly became fainter and fainter until it disappeared out of my line of sight. The UFO must have been massive as it was very high and very distant. My experience with the night sky as an amature astronomer and gut instincts told me It was not a shooting star nor a man made aircraft. I am always gazing into the day and evening skies scanning to identify what aircraft may be flying above me. There is a large amount of civilian and military aircraft that frequent our skies which I am extremely familiar with. mufon cms# 86366

UFO Sighting reported 34 years experience in USAF 8/28/17 Tucson Az

Standing in my backyard around 2130 hrs I noticed a bright flash to the SW. Thought it was merely a star in my peripheral vision. Keeping my eyes on the general vicinity of the flash I noted one 5 seconds later but was surprised that it appeared to be in a slightly different location than first flash. Over the course of the next 5 minutes or so I witnessed flashes approx every 3-5 seconds with obvious significant location changes (up/down/left/right). Some flashes looked like a strobe where others were much more gradual glow before winking out. I got my binoculars and studied the mystery for 3-4 minutes to ensure the UFO was indeed changing position in the sky. I was also able to ascertain no navigation lights on the UFO. After 5 minutes it slowly blinked its was south into Mexico. As an aside, I am an Air Force veteran with 34 years of experience, and have always been on the flying side of the business. I know aircraft and I know what constitutes "something very unusual". This was unusual. mufon cms# 86377 

UFO Activity reported 7/23/17 over Wyandotte MI U.S.

Have watched many nights all night as UFOs and planes that didn't appear on my plane finder application came and went. One main UFO was there on one day until 10 am. There are generally two big objects easily seen by the naked eye and then many, many little ones. It lasts for hours. On this night we turned the ISO up really high on the video cam and the things that appeared on the screen that were hard for the naked eye to see were pretty mind boggling. I've attached things we saw two different nights. What we are seeing was not a one time occurrence or one type of craft, there is A LOT of UFO activity - including many chem trails exactly over where we see a lot of this UFO activity. Sometimes I feel like I'm actually being called out from sleep to look. mufon cms# 86372

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bright White UFO dropping small orbs 8/24/17 over De Kalb Texas

It was 8:30 pm, just getting fairly dark, I was going down a farm market road headed to work when I noticed that there was a strange looking flying UFO with bright lights 2 that really stood out but the whole UFO was very lit up it was coming from my South side from across a pasture. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and started recording on video. The UFO comes across the pasture then gets in front of me and is flying directly above the road in front of me as I'm recording it. I am driving and taping at the same time. We go like this for awhile when I then notice there are 2 star size lights or orbs that are falling from the UFO. A few seconds after this I actually go under the UFO and I look up through my sun roof and can see the bottom of it, it appeared to be square, and lit underneath, it's hard to recall but seemed to have maybe pink and blue lighting? I didn't get that on video because I was driving . Very shortly after that I found a driveway to pull into so that I could get out and see this thing. After I pulled into the driveway which was now in front of the UFO I grabbed my cell and tried to get more video, I could see the UFO, it was hovering in a clearing in the direction I just came from it was lit up and unusual looking. You can at this point hear the sound of it on my video but you can't see it. It then goes straight back in the direction we had just came from, I heard some people across the street talking and I went over to ask if they saw it, it was a ways back behind their house, but they were under their carport at the time and didn't see it, but one of the men said that they heard something.Then I went on to work. mufon cms# 86357

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Nightly UFO Sightings In The Southern Vegas Valley 8/27/17 View Video

I shot this UFO video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of August 27, 2017. This makes three nights in a row that UFOs have appeared in the Southern Las Vegas Valley. This video only has a single UFO this time instead of a pair. The night vision camera shows the intensity in brightness and to the point of disappearing. The UFOs I catch here are extremely interesting and can do many things. source Steve Barone

Monday, August 28, 2017

Flying Chevron UFO with five lights visible 8/24/17 over Harlingen Texas

It was between 11pm and 12am 8/24/2017 when I went outside my house to retrieve my reading glasses from my truck. As I was walking the approximate fifty feet back to the house, I looked up at the eastern sky, at approximately 75 degrees from horizon, to view the constellations and noticed a Chevron Shaped UFO with dim lights flying a straight line and constant speed from North to South. The distance, size, nor speed of the UFO could be determined. Our local airport (HRL) is within two miles of the house so I assumed this was an airplane, however the UFO did not have the standard aircraft marking lights and was too high to have taken off from the airport. The five lights on the bottom were as dim as the starlight behind it and, if not for the movement, I would not have noticed it at all. I observed the UFO for approximately one minute and thirty seconds until it was no longer visible. mufon cms# 86317 UFO Sighting occurred on August 24th 2017 over an area of Harlingen Texas.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Silent Cigar Shaped UFO flying in straight line with 2 orange lights 8/26/17 Edmonton AB CA

I was walking out of a garage while talking to a friend, happened to look up like I usually do but this time saw a couple of dim orange lights moving in a straight line. I noticed the UFO was cigar shaped as the lights were on either end. At first I thought it was an airplane or helicopter, however this UFO was silent. Absolutely no noise came from it. All it did was fly in a straight line, I lost sight of the UFO when it flew over the other houses. I had no fear or any 'bad' feelings during or after seeing the UFO, just surprised as I was not expecting to see anything. mufon cms# 86287

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Coming from store 8-26-17 saw UFO in baseball field Paducah KY

I was coming home from shopping when I saw a diamond like UFO hovering above the baseball field I slowed down to see if it were a droid but it was literally unlike anything I've ever seen. My phone was dead so all I have is my word. UFO started to hover as I pulled to the side of the field. I looked around to see if anybody was out but I was alone. The UFO beamed a green light then started to turn inside out or what looked to be.And it slowly descended. I always knew Aliens existed now I know. Can't wait to tell me future kids about my weird experience. mufon cms# 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

UFO Sighting Circular Metal Looking UFO Photographed 8/23/17 Columbia

Latest UFO Sighting reported on August 23, 2017 this metal looking circular shape UFO was photographed over an petroleum platform in Columbia? These UFO photo's were submitted to MUFON with little information other than location of sighting.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Glowing Orange UFO Spheres Reported 8/19/17 Over Central Florida

I was driving into my neighborhood last night at approximately 9:30 and was preparing to park my car in my garage when I glanced up in the southeast sky at my roof line and noticed three glowing, pulsating, orange UFO orbs flying slowly in a northwesterly direction in a large triangular formation. As far as size perspective goes- these UFOs were the size of a typical pearl bead held at arms’ length.

I estimate these UFOs were traveling at a distance of about 10-15,000 feet and were completely silent and their airspeed was approximately 200-300 mph. The UFOs’ color never changed. I watched the UFOs break formation when they were directly overhead and begin moving in a somewhat straight line as they gradually disappeared into the northwest sky. This part of the UFO Sighting lasted about 2-3 minutes.

I then saw another of these objects traveling along the same flight path approaching from the southeast sky at which point, I ran inside my house to get my wife outside as a witness to what I was observing. We both watched this UFO through my binoculars as it headed in a straight line into the northwest sky. Same estimated airspeed, size and distance as the other objects. Also, at this point, I noticed several neighbors down the street from us standing in their front yards watching these UFOs.

We were both getting ready to go inside the house when we noticed yet another of the UFOs, same size, flight path, speed, color, etc. traveling in exactly the same direction as the previously Sighted UFOs. We watched as it gradually disappeared in the northwest sky. I estimate the total length of this UFO Sighting to be approximately 10-15 minutes. We waited outside for another 10 minutes but nothing else unusual was sighted.

We are approximately 10 miles from Sanford-Orlando International Airport and are very used to seeing various types of commercial and sometimes military aircraft over the last 17 years. I have also piloted single engine aircraft and have never seen anything like these objects before tonight.
I am certain that these UFOs had to be tracked on the airport radar close by. mufon cms# Sanford Florida 8/19/17

UFO Sightings August 20-21 2017 UFO Video Submissions Compilation

Review UFO Sightings submitted between August 19 and August 20, 2017. Locations: PA, USA; Del Rio, TX, USA; Louisville, KY, USA; Nunn, CO, USA and El Paso Tx, USA. Published on Aug 21, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Latest UFO Sightings Eyewitness Worldwide Reports Video 8/20/17

Latest UFO Sightings Eyewitness Worldwide Reports Video 8/20/17: Review UFO sightings submitted between August 19 and August 20, 2017. Locations: San Antonio, TX, USA; Tucson, AZ, USA; Seaside Heights, NJ, USA; Wichita Falls, TX, USA; Colton, CA, USA and Queenstown, New Zealand. Published on Aug 20, 2017

Latest UFO Sighting 911 report Silver Disk hovering 8/19/17 Marion Indiana U.S.

UFO Sighting Report came through local Police Dept., Witness called 911 to report a Silver Disc shaped UFO Sighting hovering over the P.A.L. Club ( Police Athletic League ) located in the city limits, Northeast, Marion Indiana. Two investigators were sent to the area. mufon cms# 86057 UFO Sighting occurred on 8/19/17 over Marion Indiana U.S.

Twenty Blue Green dim UFO orbs resembled bee swarm reported 8/16/17 Becket U.S.

Twenty Blue Green dim UFO orbs, resembled bee swarm, changing configuration Observed cluster of approx. twenty dim UFO orbs traveling at same velocity from the northern horizon. UFOs first appeared in V formation, then changed configuration, best described as a bee swarm, covering about a four finger length in the sky. No sound, steady brightness, looked similar to Pleiades star cluster, except numbering 20. Observed by myself. and by another on-duty officer. Moved to South. Photo above depicts UFO Sighting. source 

UFO Ball of light Chased by U.S. military 8/15/17 Montrose IL U.S.

UFO Sighting report Montrose IL August 15th 2017: Me and a friend were looking up and we both seen at the same time a light that was flashing, just a bit brighter than the stars and almost had a red tint to it here and there and was moving in almost a triangle form slowly. It was not flashing quickly, like a planes would. The UFO disappeared behind a tree that was in our way and didn't see anything for about another 5 min. Then we look up again and I don't know if it was a different UFO, but this one was streaking across the sky almost like a satellite looks, almost the same spot where we lost the other UFO, but this was having various speeds and disappearing ever so slightly heading east, north east, and as we were watching it out of the west and south there were what we think military planes looking for this UFO! There were 3 planes all together, and before all of this there were no planes in the sky! also before these events happened we seen the best shooting star with a pretty blue tail trailing off the end of it.

The planes keep going over and around the spot where the UFO disappeared for about another 20 min. I really wish i had a camera with me at the time! source

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bean Shaped Mirrored UFO reported 11-30-16 Westlake Ohio U.S.

This was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I was on my way to work and something high up in the sky caught my attention. It was tiny because of the distance it was from me but it had to have been the size of the average house and I could see it clearly. UFO was hovering directly above a large park. This UFO was bean shaped. Jelly bean shaped exactly. It was chrome, mirrored. There were no interruptions in the chrome. The UFO was completely covered in chrome. It was truly exactly like seeing the Chicago bean way up in the sky. It wasn't curved as much as the Chicago bean though. Just curved a bit, like a typical jelly bean. But the resemblance to the Chicago bean, almost the same shape, completely chrome, and reflective, possibly even very similar in size. The UFO I saw was very high up. It was just hovering there. Then this UFO turned just the slightest bit on its axis, catching the sun, admitting the brightest glow, then BOOM it was gone. It didn't shoot off. It didn't fade. It didn't fall. It just disappeared. That was when I truly knew I had witnessed something spectacular. mufon cms# 85991 UFO Sightings occurred on 11/30/16 over Westlake Ohio. UFO Photo above only depicts the reported UFO sighting.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Golden Orange UFO traveling east to west horizon to horizon in less than 3 min 8/12/17 Arizona

I was outside looking at lightening storms, and for the rare Perseid meteor then the following occurred.First UFO; Orange Gold coloration, orb/spherical in shape. Fast walking from West to East. traveled entire horizon in less than 4 minutes. After disappearing over horizon line, approximately 2 minutes passes, then either the same UFO made a 100 plus degree turn and traveled at the same speed towards the Northeast at the same high rate of speed. Third UFO seen 10-15 minutes later traveling North to South. Appeared larger (or possibly lower), Blueish silver in color traveling slightly slower than the other two. To early in the evening for satellites,also these UFOs/craft were moving far faster than satellites. ISS on the other side of the planet, NO standard aircraft in the area at that time. no iridium flares. no color changes nor changes in brightness. My feelings were thus; its about time that I was able to see something I could NOT identify. All UFO Sightings lost at horizon lines. MUFON CMS# 85936 UFO Sighting occurred on 8/12/17 over Lake Havasu Arizona 

UFO disappeared and reappeared at least 10 times 8-8-17 Hockessin DE U.S

On 8/8/17 @ approx. 7:45 pm in Hockessin, De., my son was looking up into a tree to try and get a ball down, which was stuck. As he was looking up he noticed a very bright UFO. The UFO disappeared. Suddenly it reappeared but in a different spot. This sequence happened at least 10 times. He took out his phone and shot some really interesting pictures. He was really scared. Note, other kids witnessed the event. They were all freaked out. The pictures seem to show a oval type UFO with a well defined rectangular, brightly lite center. It is definitely not a blimp. You can tell from the pictures that the UFO is in different positions. The pictures are really cool! mufon cms# 85938

Robert Bingham's UFO Sightings Video "Star Wars 2" 8-15-17

These UFO Sightings were captured on Father's Day June 18th, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA. An amazing array of UFO Sightings that were summoned by the Summoner himself including the extremely rare UFO that looks like an Ebani. Published on Aug 15, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

Interview Doug Trumbull Special Effects Legend and UFO Hunter

In this interview, special effects legend Doug Trumbull discusses how he decided to work on movies related to UFOs and aliens, and his interest in the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon. He is currently working to develop UFO hunting technology. Published on Aug 5, 2016

Sunday, August 13, 2017

H shaped UFO Sighting with mass showing intelligence and great speed 8/13/17 Nottingham GB

UFO Sighting reported over Nottingham GB. UFO Report reads as follows: I went outside for a cigarette about 7.30 am on 13 August 2017. I noticed a UFO light moving at speed. Thought nothing of it until I seen it just stop dead and get brighter. Really bright. Thought it was the sun reflecting off a plane until it stopped moving. So I went into the house and got my binoculars thinking it was a planet. Then I noticed it had mass and I was looking at a UFO with a flat gray outer body color and was a distinct shape of a H but a narrow H two long cylinders with a round bit connecting in the middle. It looked like well best way I can describe is it had the effect on exterior like in the film district 9 same as the alien life boat. Rugged and battered well used is another word. Lots of white lights on the underside of this UFO which made me think it was changing shape but it was the lights moving around. I watched it for a further 5 min as it moved to overtake and avoid a large plane. Then the UFO just accelerated away over the houses. mufon cms# 85883

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Silent triangular "UFO" craft sighted 3/15/17 hovering over local school

On March 12th, 2017, at approximately 8:PM / 2000 HRS (EST) Gilbertville MA. I accompanied my mother outside of her home to walk her dog. I often keep her company outside at night while she walks her dog. We live at least 45-50 min away from any major light sources (i.e. a city) so a favorite pastime of both of ours is stargazing. Neither of us are heavily invested in the "UFO phenomenon" however, we both keep an open mind. I served as a weather forecaster in the USAF, and was also a qualified weather observer. Point being, I am confident of the conditions that night. Additionally; I received training in identifying heights/altitudes of objects at a (sometime great) distance; estimating their approximate sizes, as well as training to identify US, allied, and foreign aircraft. I say this to merely partially qualify my observations on the night in question, as I realize one merely has my word that this occurred.

On the night in question, the weather was crisp, cool, and clear. The temperature was relatively cold- I'd say moderately below average for the time of year. There was little to no cloud coverage (less than 1/8 - 2/8's coverage, for those that are familiar); No low-level clouds, no mid-level clouds, and extremely isolated high-level clouds. Said high-level clouds were cirrus in nature, and not enough to obscure the star/moon light in any meaningful way. Indeed the ambient light level was relatively high- it was close to if not entirely a full moon, and the starlight added to said ambient light. On top of the that, a light layer of snow on the ground enabled enough light-reflection to provide for a relatively "bright" night. On to the heart of our experience:

My mother and I enjoy pointing out things in the sky to each other. My mother particularly enjoys counting the number of aircraft she can find in a given time period. To that end, she often points out aircraft that are traveling faster than normal, etc. It's simply something she is interested in.

Within a few minutes outside, my mother exclaimed, "Oh my God, what IS that?!" I nonchalantly replied "A plane?"

My mother then proceeded to grab my shoulders, and twisted my body to face what she was referring to. About 300 meters (1,000 ft) WSW of our position was an extremely large, triangular craft, with white lights on the three "points." From its position, it was traveling approximately NE, very slowly. However, within seconds of both of us turning our attention to the "UFO" craft, it slowed to halt. It was now approximately 275 meters (900 ft) from us, and it hovered over a football-field sized field of a local school. It hovered for about 10 seconds, before turning on its center-axis. It's "front" point now faced NW, with its "right" side facing us. It continued to hover for another 2-3 seconds, before traveling NW. It accelerated instantaneously, there was virtually no build-up of speed. It was now traveling faster than it had been when we first spotted it- but not by much. UFO quickly disappeared over a tree line.

Perhaps it was the "shock" of seeing it, but my mother and I both agreed that we felt slightly "hazy" during the sighting. We were entirely aware of what we were witnessing, but it didn't register, and no words were exchanged between us during the UFO sighting proper. However, once the UFO sighting was over, I immediately stated, "Must've been a stealth bomber."

My mother hestitantly agreed, "It was kind of big to be... yeah, you're right, must have been."

We spoke no more of the incident for 2 days. I thought of little else, however, and come to find out, my mother felt the same.

In order to verify "my version" of events, I did not tell my mother my observations. I simply broached the subject and asked her to tell me what she saw, felt, and heard. She relayed to me the exact version of events I relayed in the preceding paragraphs.

Furthermore, we solidified our experience. The "UFO" craft was completely silent for the duration. My mother stated the "UFO" craft was "extremely low," and I'd estimate its altitude to be no more than 90 meters (300 ft) AGL, and I believe it was closer to 60-70 meters (200-225 ft) AGL. The "UFO" craft, as my mother put it, was "incredibly large." I would estimate its width- from "wingtip" to "wingtip" to be about 120 meters (400 ft). Its length- from its "front" point to the center of its "rear" was perhaps 30 meters (100 ft)- although this measurement was the hardest to gauge from our vantage point, so I'm only mildly confident regarding this point.

UFOs shape was mildly reminiscent to that of a stealth bomber- many times its size, that is. The "front" point of the triangle appeared to be a 90 degree angle, with the two "wingtip" points being acute angles. We both agreed the craft was very dark, most likely black- it was darker than the sky behind it. UFO had steady white lights on each of its points, which were relatively small, and didn't appear all that bright. On the bottom of the "UFO" craft, in the center, was a very shallow dome, perhaps 3-6 meters (10-20 ft) across, which emitted a steady, deep, red light- which, again, was not terribly bright- even more subdued than the three white lights.

The "UFO" craft appeared to be 6-9 meters (20-30 ft) "thick" (from bottom to top) and had no outwardly noticeable features it appeared relatively sleek. The surface reflected no light.

Before stopping to hover, the "UFO" craft appeared to be traveling around or under 32 kph (20 mph). After its hover, when it turned and moved NW, it moved slightly faster, at perhaps 40-48 (25-30 mph).

While describing her version of the experience to me, my mother remembered something. A few weeks prior, at night, she witnessed an incredibly bright white UFO light hovering over the northern tree line of her property (about 30 m/100 ft from where she was standing). She said this UFO hovered slightly above said tree line for about 15 seconds. From her position, the UFO appeared about the size of a softball. The UFO disappeared suddenly, and silently ( UFO was silent for the duration as well). She dismissed it as a helicopter spotlight but the lack of sound and the triangle incident made her rethink things.

Now, since the "triangle incident" I've been suffering from nightmares. The odd part is, nothing especially "bad" happens in said dreams I simply spot UFOs in the sky but an overwhelming feeling of dread comes down upon me. I experience anxiety during the day when I think of the initial experience or the dreams- all of this is exceedingly unusual for me. That said, I believe that I am perhaps reading too much into all of this. mufon cms# 85851

Friday, August 11, 2017

UFO Sightings Video August 9-10, 2017 - Submissions Compilation

Published UFO Video on Aug 10, 2017

Review UFO sightings submitted between August 7 and August 8, 2017. Locations: Wakpala, ND, USA; Stevensville, MD, USA; Maddiston, GB and Missouri City, TX, USA. source UFO Channels at www.UFOPlanet.TV

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hovering UFO Multicolored lights a Light Beam Sucking Up Debris OR U.S. 8/1/97

In August 1997 I was camping with my son and a few friends. When it got dark and a round huge UFO just seemed to appear. It was a huge, round UFO that had multicolored lights flashing all over. There was a see through beam that seemed to be sucking up debris out of the forest floor! The place we were all camping was Applegate Lake and all of that area around and further away used to be gold mining country. You have to go through Jacksonville Oregon to get to the lake. Famous old gold mining town. So this UFO craft was there every night all night for a week! Really seemed to be sucking up trees and whatever else through this beam. Really amazing!! One girl that was with us had severe anxiety seeing this she was so scared she almost walked off the cliff! It seemed to affect all of us but in different ways. Made me dizzy and I felt like my thoughts were not mine! We never saw this UFO arrive or depart. Was just all of a sudden there! Never in the daytime only night time. This area seems to be a hot spot for UFOs so it's not the first one I've seen but even though it was 20 years ago I remember it like it was yesterday. mufon cms# 85803

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

UFO Video Camera is directed toward the center of Moscow August 7th 2017

Russian UFO Video :As usual, if the weather is good they UFOs appear all before, but began to fly farther. It is the center of Moscow, somewhere over the district m.”Novoslobodskaya”, counted 5 UFO objects. Filmed in one shot, until the village camera battery. If it cannot be proved - does not mean that they do not exist!!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

UFO Sightings August 4-5, 2017 Video

Review UFO sightings submitted between August 3 and August 3, 2017. Locations: Rio Tercero, Argentina; St. Croix, NB, Canada; Chandler, AZ, USA and Puerto Rico.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Plasma Looking Anomalies HD

Published on Apr 21, 2017
Here's some "UFO" captures from over the last few years! that seem to look like some form of plasma. Pay close attention because there's not many places left that show the truth. Many are still talking! calling themselves ufologists and believing they can police a subject they don't understand zero about. Others do night time observations with not even double digit magnification, passing off glowing dots as crafts and other unsupported claims. They are stuck in a dream world and really don't want to improve their equipment at all continuing to mask the dots to please people! If you're serious about uncovering the truth simply go outside on a clear day flash a mirror and observe your surroundings, keep doing this regularly and you will be shocked! the difference between us and them is they are waiting for the fish to wash up ashore we have the fishing rod and the bait constantly catching!

Friday, August 4, 2017

A tribute to Jim Marrs from James Gilliland and the ECETI crew August 2017

Three separate UFO Sightings reported 7-15-79 over Alvin Texas

UFO Sightings 1979 report reads as follows: This report encompasses three separate UFO orb sightings, all three of which were nothing short of profound and all three of which were witnessed by my brother and one of which also was witnessed by my then sister-in-law. It would be difficult to say which of the three was the most profound, but if pressed to do so, I would say that the third UFO encounter was the most profound because it was the longest in duration (perhaps 15 minutes); it was clearly a function and result of intelligence (followed aside our vehicle for several miles and coordinated with our turns and the like) and, because of subsequent time and memory loss. Some 38 years have gone by since the UFO encounters (all three UFO Sighting encounters were within 1 1/2 years at three different locations), of which I rarely speak for fear of ridicule. At one point we turned right, but the UFO continued on its previous course and out of sight. We then turned left, then right and approached an elevated irrigation canal (rice canal) and when we reached the top of the canal and bridge, the UFO was stationary approximately 100 feet in front of us and perhaps 3-4 feet above the pavement. It was clearly waiting. I (none of us) have any memory of what transpired after we saw the UFO in front of and below us. For whatever it is worth, I am not a nut. I am an officer of a $160 million oil & gas manufacturing and service company; I earn between $500,000 and $900,000 per year; I manage a very successful business unit and I direct the efforts of a team of engineers and craftsmen representing multiple disciplines. Having said all that, I would very appreciate consultation with a professional in this field because, well, I need and want to talk to someone; it troubles me. I also bore witness to an enormous triangular-shaped UFO (perhaps 500 feet in length from the front tip to its tail)having nine lights on its underbelly. I would put the altitude at less than 3,000 feet, but it was night, so the altitude and size of the UFO would be difficult to swear to. Stranger than the size and shape was that it made no sound, yet was obviously under propulsion as it moved slowly overhead. Now, in addition to all this, I have one nagging memory of finding myself heavily sedated inside of a UFO and being lowered from upper level through a hatch into a lower level. The hatch is best described as being akin to a hinged bank vault door, although only four or so feet in diameter. It is the structure and details of the hatch that I best recall, although while in transit and passing through the upper level, well, a cockpit. mufon cms# 85624

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Triangle shaped UFO hovering no sound pulsating lights communicating with light beams Benton KY. Aug.3,2017

I was out walking my dog with my girlfriend when we noticed a hovering UFO across the street in the open field. We were casually strolling in our yard with our dog and the sky is pretty and clear. We realized that this UFO was hovering and then the UFO danced a little before shooting a white beam of light across the sky. At first we thought maybe it was an airplane, but this UFO didn't move whatsoever. UFO was Triangular in shape, two surface lights pulsated reddish orange and yellow, and they were definitely pulsing in a pattern or code. We then saw a light beam pass over our heads again. I was shocked at first and thought maybe I was not really seeing it,until my girlfriend spoke up and then we noticed a lot more of the UFOs were surrounding us and communicating with each other. It was terrifying yet thrilling at the same time. After watching for fifteen minutes or so we decided to go inside. It's an experience I will never forget, and I know my girlfriend wont either. mufon cms# 85606 UFO Sighting occurred on Aug.3,2017 over an area of Benton Kentucky U.S.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Reporting a Cylinder Shaped UFO sighting on July 24, 2017 around 3:00 am Newark DE

An UFO generated intense orange light with sound, modulated those synchronously for 20 sec, while hanging above our house. On July 24, 2017, both my wife and I woke up around 2:30 am with loud thunders from lightning. As we tried to sleep, we heard a few more thunders around the Drummond North area. Then, suddenly, we heard a loud sound and the intensity of that sound was increasing and decreasing periodically with a time period of 2 or 3 seconds. Our ears were able to detect that periodic nature of the sound. Then a bright orange beam of light entered our room through a window. The intensity of that orange light became brighter and darker in synchronization with ups and downs of the loudness of the sound. As this event was unfolding, we both thought that lightning might have started fire at a power transformer somewhere. So, I asked my wife to call 911, and I ran to the window. After removing the curtain of a window, I saw that a "UFO" cylindrical structure hanging between our house and a neighbor’s house at a height of about 40 to 50 feet above my window. The approximate size of that "UFO" cylindrical structure could be about 5 feet in height and 2 feet in diameter. That structure was generating both the sound and the light beams, and their intensities were modulated synchronously. The sound had the characteristics of running a huge blower whose speed was changing periodically in a very controlled manner. The light was so intense that at its peak value that I was getting blinded by it. Our backward was lighted up as if the sun’s rays on a clear midday have become orange and pulsing. As I tried to look directly at that "UFO" cylindrical surface, I could only see some window-like features on that structure when the light intensity was low. The beam of light was practically coming from all over the "UFO" structure. Instead of calling 911, my wife was so puzzled by the event that she unknowingly ran to another window and witnessed that bewildering event. Suddenly, the whole "UFO" thing stopped. That "UFO" cylindrical structure just disappeared in front of my eyes, and the world around us appeared to be the same as before. Approximately, whole event took probably between 15 to 20 seconds to unfold. I realized later that while that event was progressing, not a single dog barked in our area. We do not have a dog, but all of our neighbors do, and their dogs will bark even if a moderately loud car enters our area at night. In the morning when I was looking up and tried to identify the area where I saw that "UFO" cylindrical structure, I realized that there is no electrical or any other overhead line has gone through that area or close to that area. The trees around that area have no burning sign, at all. As if nothing has happened last night. source

Amazing Closeup Photo of a Circular UFO

"A UFO sighting and photograph of the underside of a UFO over the skies of Grangemouth in Scotland in the winter of 1991 is perhaps ...

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