Friday, June 24, 2016

Eight of us had witnessed this Boomerang Shaped UFO Pilot Butte SK CA 8/12/97

My friends and I had been watching the Perseid's meteor shower the previous night and had seen a large boomerang shaped UFO object flying high in the sky. It was at least 10 times the size of a jet plane, but we had no real perspective. It was my friends birthday 11th August. The following night it was my turn to host the meteor party with lawn chairs, blankets, cookies and hot chocolate, (there was no alcohol involved.) As it got to midnight we were all tired having sat up until 4 am watching for meteors that we decided to call it a night. My friends left and I pottered about picking up mugs etc, on the distant Northern horizon, I sighted a glow of the Northern lights. I went to my back yard gate to get a better look and to my my left, some thing caught my eye, which I can only describe of as a 'gathering' in the air. Almost like a flock of black birds. As I watched, suddenly this huge UFO craft materialized and floated towards me. It was so low that I ducked because I thought it was going to crash. It was odd because it was as if it was floating in water. Whether it was hovering over me or because it was so large, it seemed to take ages to pass over my head. It was a solid, boomerang shape. A pair of wings, something like children depict as angel wings. And underneath the UFO it had bumps all over it, what I thought of as upturned loaf pans, very smooth and seem less with surface area. The color of the UFO craft was a cross between silver and gold. Not bright but reflective,and shiny almost aluminum like no sound whatsoever. It stretched across the ditch and the road and partly over my house, then it floated to the only street light there and hovered above it for a few seconds, it then slowly turned and faced North, then in a blink it was gone so fast, I never saw it go. (incidentally the next day a crop circle was found up North). I had been standing with my mouth open, but then I rushed into the house and I was shaking. I locked all the doors and bolted all the windows. then I sat down and wrote out what I saw. The next day I phoned the local air port 30 miles away to see if they had heard anything, and was told no, as it could not have been anything if it did not have a transponder on it. I told them it was very low, then the guy laughed and said probably a UFO, then corrected himself and said kidding.
I ALSO WROTE TO THE MOOSE JAW AIR FORCE BASE ABOUT 2 HOURS AWAY AND WAS TOLD NO PLANES IN THE VICINITY AT THE TIME, I FURTHER SENT THEM A DRAWING AND WAS THEN CONTACTED MY THE COMMANDER OF THE BASE, WHO ASKED ME A LOT OF QUESTIONS AND GAVE ME A NUMBER TO CALL IF I SAW IT AGAIN. In the next few days my plants started changing, I'm a keen gardener and do not use chemicals. I had petunias which were fully purple, they started getting patches of white then they ended up with green stripes, (I have photos, but no digitals then) My sun flowers started to get multiple heads squashed on one stalk, and my yellow daisies were yellow on one side and red on the other. I do not know if this had anything to do with the UFO, but that is what happened. I contacted numerous nurseries to ask about the the change in my flowers but never got a satisfactory answer. Next day I was checking the backyard and ditch for anything I could find, but found nothing, I was waving paper, string and various other things to see if they would make a noise. They made faint noises, but the odd thing was I could feel a slight waft of air when I waved these things around. there was no sensation of displacement of air when the huge UFO craft went over me. and definitely no sound of any kind, not even when it disappeared at an astounding speed. Days later I was at a friends house and left at 10 pm.just as I was going into my yard, I spotted a bright star, which I thought was Venus, but then I realized it was a lot bigger and brighter and in the wrong place for Venus, so I waved at it, and said Hi, it immediately went out which completely unnerved me and into the house I went with all entrances locked. This UFO Sighting is as vivid today as it was back then. I still have my notes. Rather than be disturbed, which I was at first, I am thrilled to have seen it. MUFON CMS # 77225

A UFO Conference by Experiencers for Experiencers 2016

Experiencers Speak is an annual UFO conference created and organized by Starborn Support. We bring together people that have had encounters with other worldly beings. What makes Experiencers Speak different? The majority of UFO conferences have a collection of researchers and (maybe) one or two experiencers. We pride ourselves as having nearly all experiencers as speakers. Experiencers Speak gives experiencers a platform, a voice, a place to be heard! EXPERIENCERSSPEAK2016.BLOGSPOT.COM  Experiencers Speak 2016