Thursday, June 23, 2016


Emily was only a few feet away from the beings and believes she was given messages.
Zimbabwe UFO Child Conactee Speaks Publicly For The 1st Timeb The reports indicated that only children saw the UFO craft and the beings. If I recall the details correctly there were no landing traces or any other objective evidence that a UFO was indeed present that day. The emotional power that this experience had on the children even to this day I suspect is very strong as evidenced by her testimony. The kind of close encounter that these children experienced is certainly not a “mass hallucination" as some detractors might suggest. The very term “mass hallucination” is totally bogus from a scientific point of view. There is a big difference between technologically mediated illusions and hallucinations that result from many different pathophysiological conditions like sepsis, drug toxicity, withdrawal syndromes and dementia. "Hallucination" as a label is particularly distasteful to me as a contactee MD because I know that self-styled "debunkers" and those that believe their lies, falsely label contact experiences as hallucinations. Some contact experiences especially aircraft incidents with multiple witnesses and radar confirmations are almost undoubtedly physical not mental. Is it possible that a physical "UFO" object with living, communicating non-human beings visited the school? My answer is yes it is absolutely possible. Could the entire episode have been a theater of the mind co-creation between an Alien intelligence and the children involved? Same answer as before. How can we tell the difference? This is an important challenge for us as we search for the truth in this amazing realm called contact.
credit Joesph Burkes MD

Black Triangle UFO suborbital reported Wichita KS 10/10/10

Just before dusk I was viewing satellites using my 15x70 binoculars in my back yard when into my field of view from the east was an UFO lower then the orbiting satellites. Refocused binoculars for the suborbital UFO (maybe at somewhere around 100K feet) straight overhead. This was a pure black triangle, at each of the 3 points a red light would appear to flash (all 3 together) then the UFO would accelerate rapidity. This happened about 4 times before the object was approaching the western horizon and out of my view. Without the binoculars none of the UFO or red lights flashes were visible. One might even say that it was possibly igniting fuel during each red burst, but the acceleration jump must of been so great that I suspect the inertia was dampened or possibly a unmanned craft. MUFON CMS # 77225