Monday, June 20, 2016

Observed about 12 orb UFOs flying overhead while camping Alberta CA 6/4/16

On June 4th at almost midnight our family was camping at Miquelon lake in Alberta with neighbors when our children asked what the lights were. We were all sitting around a campfire and got up and noticed 1 orb light UFO followed by 3 more lite UFOs in formation. And then they just kept coming, around 8 more UFOs. There was no sound and these UFOs looked nothing like what my picture looks like, they were high up but bigger, they were like glowing orb like UFOs. I tried to take a video but on the last 7 secs recorded, my neighbor took a video but there was no sound and it was distorted. We were excited by what we were seeing but I know I was scared, and my daughter was scared. They kept flying and then one by one would get smaller and disappear. Strangest thing we have ever seen. MUFON CMS# 77151

UFO spoke with me and hypnotized me for 5 years reported

When I was around 4 years old, a strange text like UFO flying from a long distance attaching itself to my rooms window just before I was about to fall sleep I remember seeing an orange, burning light about a second before it appears, and I could not move my body, i was paralyzed...this text like UFO then started speaking with me in some strange manner, then pulling my body to some wormhole like liquid, and the strangest thing is this terrible thing were happening to me for around 4 years, I have told my parents, but they never believed was shining, glowing and white like diamond, no, it was not nightmare, yes I was just a kid, and both psychologically and physically healthy, but this text could put me to sleep in 3 second, and the strange thing is, right after I entered my room, I have forced to sleep, it is not a dream, what kind of dream or nightmare would last over for 4 year period? I'm not a religious person, i'm studying biology and attend to university entering still shivers me to think about those weird text like UFOs and whispers. Thats all I remember from it. MUFON CMS#77158

Three witnessed UFO flame and sparks came out of bottom Loveland CO 6/19/16

I was outside approx 9:30 p.m. checking my lawn sprinklers. Looked up and a bright orange-red pulsating UFO was flying directly towards me at approx 90748158300-1000' alt. Observed UFO with some sort of coronal ejection of bright colored lights out of bottom of orb. My first thought was it appeared to be in distress. The orb was ejecting lightning like light from bottom of orb. And it appeared to be slowing. At approx 1000' from my position I could see the orb flashing internal lights of yellow and white that appeared to be almost like fire. I could hear no sounds from orb. Then orb went from pulsation to flickering orange-red light until orb went black. There is a full moon tonight which back lite the shape of the UFO. When it was descending we could see clearly the outline and that it had been changing direction and hovering. Approx size estimates 200-300' UFO shaped possible round or square. Approx distance of landing site up to 1 mile away. We witnessed the UFO descend between the house across the street and their tree. When it reached the top of the tree behind them we lost sight. Approx 1 second afterwards we witnessed impact flash. We went looking for the UFO since I know approx location of impact due to hunting in area. However, we were unable to locate any evidence of landing or possible crash due to night and vast rural areas and adjacent to foothills. UFO Sighting Loveland CO U.S. 6/19/16 reported MUFON CMS# 77155