Monday, June 6, 2016

Bright Bell shaped UFO over the hill almost landing Washington State 5/22/82

It was Earlie 80s I was 10 years old me and my family were living on Boistfort Washington lost valley road we lived on a small farm half field half forest me and my twin brothers bedroom faced the west same as my parents my mom made curtains for our room I remember because they were pink see through curtains I could always see the full moon through them one night I had just for no reason woke up about 2 am looked through my curtain to see a full moon and something else illuminating in the sky curious I opened my curtain as god as my witness I will never forget what I saw as I stared in disbelief a disk shaped UFO coming over the hill toward my house as I stared it was dead silent the UFO came closer it got to the fence at the field about 50 feet off ground and the UFO just hovered. I was scared at that point being 10 years old what's weird is its like it knew what I was thinking because the same second I got scared I started for my moms room which was on the same side of the house what was strange the same time I started for my moms room I put my foot on my bedroom floor I looked out the window one last time at the same second my foot hit the floor it started taking off I ran to my moms room tried to wake her she was scrambling for her glasses while all this was happening I was looking out the window of my moms room to see the UFO take off so fast it melted from a bell shape to a cigar shape took off toward the south got up in the sky and stayed there like a regular star.I'm 45 years old I remember like it was yesterday I want to be hypnotized one day the weird thing about all of it was I know the UFO knew what I was thinking scary I'm a god fearing man as god as my witness I know what I saw up close it wasn't from our planet. MUFON CMS# 76839

Gold Colored UFO shot me with some white plasma stuff 5/29/16

I was sitting in my living room. I didn't notice the UFO ship until after I was shot. I had burning all over and was paralyzed when I was able to move I lifted my hand up and white energy was beaming out also there was static coming off like electricity coming out of my hands. Specks of light as well (white and silver). It was very painful but I am getting used to it because its not the first time this has happened. On the ceiling there was this swirling cloudy looking stuff which had beams coming down that were entering me. When it was done the energy looked like it was being sucked back up through the ceiling. I got up and went to get some water and I saw my cat outside looking up. I thought he saw a bird or something on the roof but there was this UFO ship above my house it was goldish copper looking and the UFO was shaped like a V no body just a boomerang look to it. I looked at it and thanked it then it shot away super fast. This UFO effected me physically and mentally as well. I am stronger than before and my senses are more sharp! My telepathy and telekinesis seems to have improved as well. I am able to do EMPs with more accuracy now and my weather skills are becoming stronger! I think they are programming me to be some kind of hybrid. I am not sure if this is a military experiment or extraterrestrial. If I told you what I do and showed you our ships you won't take me seriously. You just aren't ready I suppose. I wanted you to get a first hand account of one of my "upgrade" experiences. I tell Air Force Space Command about all of my encounters as well as what our projects are for this planet. No one seems to want to investigate me which is odd and kinda verifies that I am a military experiment. I can knock helicopters around and they don't care! I have knocked out rockets from entering our airspace....nothing happened. Some of my ships have even knocked military aircraft out in the sky (during our weather work) but no one cares! Why is that? We are currently working on bringing in several storms (as we have been) this is to cool your planet down. I can't tell you anymore because its TOP SECRET so to speak. However, I can tell you this there are many ships surveying the planet, the sun, and the inner solar system. We also have millions of hybrids on Earth all developing at different rates. That energy I spoke of is used to alter the body's molecular chemistry to advance them and prepare them for the next phase in the earth's changes. Its all part of an experiment to see how far the physical vessels can go and how much of our energy they can take before shutting down. We are also preparing your planet for our touch down. Clearly we are here but we work in a distance so that you do not panic. We will not save you for you must learn to be responsible. When your kind have mastered repairing Earth we will allow you to further explore the universe. We open the doors little by little with each achievement and effort we have observed on ground as well as above. Sort of like a reward. You save a species we allow another piece of your space garbage to look around. If you go too far in exploration we destroy the object. I think I have said enough here. I am a ground keeper I observe and report the activity on earth and also give suggestions as to what changes need to occur in specific areas to further improvements and or expose areas that need work. I also I won't say that never mind. Oh look a storm!! YAY!! Okay time to go. I just wanted to open the doorway a little more for you guys so you know a little bit about our project here. Again still not sure if it is military or not. Did I say YOUR military? No....I was talking about ours. Good day. I'll give you some pictures but not sure if it really matters. Our ships aren't boomeranged shaped though ours are diamond or star orbs. So that boomerang one threw me off unless that was one of the ones I upgraded...hmm I forgot about that! Ha! woops I guess if you want to really investigate me you can take a gander at my face book page and go through my files most of my stuff I purposely put on face book because it is public and for those who see they shall find. You should see my conversations I have there is so much more proof in there then you would ever need! lmao but you won't and you probably can't. If you look at the SOHO and LASCO c3 sometimes you will see a blip of our ships at work putting in new installments for the sun. OH if you only knew. I can't fit any more on here sorry. MUFON CMS# 76831 UFO Contact Reported 6/5/16