Monday, November 21, 2016

Observed dull red UFO light approx 15 degrees over Sunbright TN 11/19/16

While at camp(36 17"14"N, 84 40'15"W) deer hunting I noticed a red/pink light in the sky. I called by friend and we began to watch UFO hover, moved left, right , up,and down. Had white and dull red lights. Aprox. 15 deg from horizon. Notice second UFO white lights, approx heading 270, 30 deg from Horizon. Second moved radically the moved towards the north still in sight. Began to search sky for others, and counted a total of 28 UFOs around our area. The majority of UFOs were in the 90 deg to 180 deg quadrant. Various altitudes and one UFOs with dull red and whites descend below tree line approx 90 deg radial. Another UFO 226 deg descended below tree line. The UFOs were at various altitudes, some remained in their immediate area hovering with little variation in movement. Most were randomly spaced except for three which were in perfect vertical alignment. There was on group of 3 UFOs at high altitude, which I originally noticed due to bust of green light which caught my attention. We watched the UFOs from 11:30 PM 19 Nov 2016, until 02:30 AM 2:30 20th Nov 2016, when we retired for the night. The location of this event is 4.2 miles north of Sunbright, TN and 2 miles west.

I would like to add that professionally I am a Commercial Rated Pilot & Flight Instructor. And, an advanced degreed Radiological Physict with many years government employment.

I had an event in 1978 where a UFO followed and flew in immediate proximity to my aircraft for approx 45 min. This occurred over Jonesboro, Arkansas, approx 10 pm. I was in contact with the Memphis Center at the time. mufon cms#80549

Bright UFO light the changed from horizontal to vertical San Jose 11/18/16

I was on my balcony at my house with my kids and just looking at the night sky chatting when we noticed the bright UFO light in the sky. It was after sunset and dark and the UFO light was very bright and not a from a star, don't know how long the light was there before we noticed it. The UFO stayed at this location for the entire duration. Using binoculars the lights changed from horizontal approx 1" in width to horizontal approx 1" in length, this happened 5 times and a couple of times the light just went to a small round light then changed to either a horizontal or vertical light. The UFO light was exceptionally bright like an LED bright light and it did not change from white light to any other color nor did it pulsate just kept the same brightness.

Both my adult kids also saw the UFO light and saw the same things and we watched for over an hour and 10 minutes and we left and came back about an hour later and the light was gone. There were no stars seen in this area after the light was gone. There were a few commercial airplanes headed to San Jose International Airport in the area as this is the normal flight path. Before and after the UFO sighting I have not seen any lights in this area.

We has a discussion about what the UFO light was and did agree that it was not a plane (no blinking light and didn't not move), it was not a star or helicopter and there was no sound from where were (again no blinking light and didn't move) we also didn't see and aircraft leave from Moffett Field, not even sure if there is any military aircraft there anymore. We regarding the bright light as not being man-made and possibly a UFO.

Lastly the bright light was over the hills and the only thing near this bright light and approx 2-3 miles was an old military radar station Mount Umunhum which closed in 1980. mufon cms# 80554

Bangladesh UFO Sightings of Two Black Objects 3/10/16

Dhaka – On March 10, 2016,  I was on the roof and I suddenly spotted an object which I thought to be the moon at first. But then I realized the moon was not supposed to be in the Southern sky in the evening and there was a shadow in the middle of that moon like thing. Bangladesh UFO Sightings of Two Black Objects 3/10/16


"Former pop-punk-singer-turned-UFO-Disclosure-icon Tom DeLonge is being used as an unwitting conduit for disinformation and soft propaganda in support of the US national security state. I suggested that the UFO community is being exploited in this context as a fertile testing ground to monitor how disinformation shapes belief in a controllable subculture and that the agenda may relate to psychological warfare—the potential to weaponize belief, domestically and abroad".
The DeLonge DeLusion: Part Two, by Robbie Graham....Click and READ:…/the-delonge-delusion-part-…/  credit Honorio F. Hayakawa