Friday, November 11, 2016

8 larger copper shaped diamond UFOs in the sky some descending and ascending Hot Springs AR 11/8/16

Wife and I were returning from voting and while driving I noticed 8 diamond shaped orbed UFOs a dull orange or copper like in color appearing bright but also dull in color (not very bright); the 8 UFOs were about a 1/2 mile originally and then closed in to about 1,000 feet hovering about 500 feet in the air. 4 descended below the tree line out of view and then two UFOs disappeared and the other two ascended straight up out of view but not at the same time. The one's that descended previous came back into view and then descended again not to re-appear. The UFOs were about 7 times as large as Venus during sunset. They appeared to be quite large even at the distance given. Wife and I were driving different vehicles in tandem and upon seeing the 8 objects we pulled over to view the event. I could not determine what the UFOs were as it was not an aircraft of any kind and they had no noise with them. I normally would have been extremely excited but the election had my mind pretty busy that evening. The tree line blocked 4 of the UFOs and the last two ascended slowly into the sky and disappeared at a high altitude. mufon cms# 80345

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