Monday, November 14, 2016

Bluish-Purple Saturn-shaped UFO in sky it was hovering over Vacaville California 11/12/16

I was riding in a car coming back from Wilbur Hot Springs. I was on the Freeway, Interstate 80, near Vacaville CA. I was talking with a friend who was driving. I looked to my right out the window and saw a large, hovering, purplish blue color Saturn-like UFO in the sky. It was bright, but it was in the distance. It seemed a little transparent and slightly fuzzy. It seemed surreal. In a few seconds, maybe 7, in just disappeared. I never saw it move. It seemed to be at an angle. I never saw anything like this. It was mysterious and a little exciting to see. It was far away. The windows in the car were up. I knew immediately it was a UFO. I told my friend who was driving that I just saw something that looked like a UFO. It was very strange. I can't stop thinking about it. mufon cms# 80409

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