Saturday, November 5, 2016

UFO flew above me then around and regrouped with other UFOs Bemidji MN U.S. 11/4/16

Came home from work about 8:10 pm and was observing the night sky as I have been since my first encounter. Noticed as I pulled into my residence an UFO moving slowly across the top of the area moving west to east.The UFO shape was hard to determine being as it was a dark misty red that did not pulsate. I had my girl pull in quickly and I jumped out ran inside and grabbed my binoculars. I rushed outside to have lost track of it. I was low enough to know that it was not a plane just from looking at it. Plus it was silent, and to big for a drone. After 5 minutes of searching I relocated the UFO flying in small circles not far from my house above my neighbors. It began emitting a bright stone like effect from itself and changed course due south. I lost it behind the tree tops. By facing due south you begin to see more of the disc like U.A.F. all different ranges all flashing from what I could see red, green, blue,& yellowish light that seems to spin around yet pulsate. The original sighting was then observed to meet up and regroup with the closest UFO. All UFOs began to make formation. Still that way even now, but moving slowly SE. I will continue to monitor these UFO sightings and document the times I see them. mufon cms# 80228

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