Friday, November 4, 2016

Gray UFO Sighting 5 miles North of Asheboro Airport moving rapidly changing directions at extreme angles

One UFO observed 5-6 miles (estimated) north of Asheboro Airport. Appeared to be gray in color, and shaped between an egg, saucer, and cigar. I don't think it changed shape, but possibly viewed from different angles. It was against a background of dark gray clouds.I first saw it moving from west to east, then it appeared to go straight up then back towards the west at a downward angle to approximately the same altitude as it was when I first saw it. The turns and change of directions were abrupt, and at very sharp angles. I lost sight of the UFO at this point as it either went into the clouds or faded away. The horizontal distance this UFO moved is difficult to estimate, bit I would put it at least 3-4 miles west to east. nuforc UFO Sightings report here  10/27/16

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