Friday, November 25, 2016

Black UFO Orb(s) WSDOT Walla Walla Airport SW Cam 11/18/16

In Summary: One or two black orbs can be seen hovering over the center of the airstrip runway for days on end and can be seen during the day on the WSDOT Traffic Camera (State Menu) Walla Walla Airport SW Camera

Please see for yourself beginning in the morning around 0623 for the first time stamp. It may look like a spot but as the sun comes up it turns into a solid UFO object that is not a scratch on the lens. It blurs when weather passes it and vanishes completely around 1623 when the sun sets. The lens scratches spider webs and reflections are clearly distinct from the UFO(s) in the distance.

I have attached a series of images from the time it was discovered and I will try to explain what I see in the images.

I have conducted the following upon realizing that what I see is real and not a spot on the lens.

• Contacted Peter Davenport at the UFO reporting center.
• The airport manager by email.
• Contacted KVEN to see if someone can drive out there and film the area above the air field.
• MUFON Director local chapter
• Contacted WSDOT records request dept.

This UAP was discovered by chance which I can elaborate about later.

The primary goal is to film the object with infra-red, night vision and or HD camera technology that can capture the UFO(s) up close.

I feel the WSDOT camera IR filter is capturing refracted light from the UFO(s) as the sun rise and it vanishes buy dusk as the sun sets.

The photos are in 15 min interval saved directly from the website.

The UFO hovers over the runway and appears to rotate at a very slow speed and maintain its absolute position. It appears to be two orbs at times or has appendages at times and fuzzy edges.

I can add additional information later. I hope someone can verify and photo said UFOs before they depart and an opportunity is lost.
Image description:

1) Screen shot of WSDOT webpage link
2) First image saved of UFO once discovered (11-18-16 1053 hrs).
3) UFO at random 15 min interval during the day (11-18-16 1053 hrs.)
4) UFO as it vanished on the 11-18-16 at 1623 (that’s when I first considered it a washed away spot and thought I had made a mistake.)
5) Screen shot of the UFO as it appeared on Saturday. (Again thought it may still be a spot but looked odd. Did not have time to save any other photos.
6) Water on the screen object in the distance 11-20-16 - 1323 hrs
7) Object appears to be two orbs at times 11-22-16 - 1338 hrs
8) Object appears to be two orbs at times 11-23-16 - 1238 hrs
9) Random see time stamp
10) Aircraft in shot on taxi way with UFO in distance 11-23-16 1108 hrs.

I have more images and I will track this UFO every day until it is gone or confirmed a spot on the lens.

I feel otherwise and my goal is to convince someone to film this UFO that is obviously invisible to the naked eye and is part in a perfect are to observe with modern camera technology, before an excellent opportunity is lost. We can only image what it is doing there as it slowly rotates. Similar to the 20016 Nov. O'Hare sighting. Maybe less people notice in small towns? mufon cms#80585

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