Saturday, November 5, 2016

Three bright UFOs moving in night sky then stopped and became stationary Hayden Lake ID 11/4/16

I live in Northern Idaho towards the Canadian border, just leaving a family member's house. I gazed up at the stars with my fiance and we both watched three bright UFOs move into view then all of a sudden stopped moving entirely. The first UFO we saw in the sky was really bright in the night sky as it was moving. We first thought it might be the ISS, but then it stopped moving and became dimmer and dimmer. The next two we saw were making zig-zag and circular motions in the sky. These UFOs also eventually dispersed into the darkness of night. I've seen a lot of things in the sky in my time on this rock. But nothing has ever captured my attention then what my fiance and I saw tonight. I wish I could have captured these UFOs with my phone but were to far away for the camera to pick up on. My fiance and I were both completely blown away with what we witnessed. mufon cms# 80229

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