Saturday, November 5, 2016

I went into a state of a dream I dreamed I was levitated to a UFO spaceship ten Mile TN 6/15/96

As I was saying I was laid out on a cold metal slab and everything went dark. I woke up and had a fever and burn holes on my right ribcage. The burns looked like cigarette burn but there were 7 burns arranged like an x with 2 at the top and two on the sides perfectly symmetrical. I was very sick for about 2 weeks. It seemed that they took something from my mind I was somewhat deranged for months. Then I began reading minds. And others could read my mind. I think they implanted an alien source soul if you will to think things to change certain elements of things going on on earth and people especially people in power of events such as presidents, dictators and military rulers. It rotted out almost all my teeth and creates loud star sounds and loud roars that can even alter weather patterns like God if you will. They keep exchanging my personality with various people on TV.
I know this sounds crazy but I was a 99th percentile Genius in HS and am now a Geodesic engineer and have made designs to change the planets energy system. I now go into living dreams at night. They say my IQ goes to 800 as I live in the dream. I have spirits to attend to me 24/7 It is so weird . I was only an electrician and motorcycle mechanic and a Mechanical Engineering student.
I sometimes can still use telepathy to communicate to people and they freak out. I think they did something to me and used me to reprogram certain other people and I don't know if it will stop. mufon cms# 80231

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