Monday, November 14, 2016

Intense bright white star-like UFO light appeared 40 Deg above the horizon Wisbech GB 11/13/16

I work at the location of the UFO Sighting and was with a young person traveling north by car along Redmoor Bank in a northerly direction. A bright white light UFO caught my eye and I was very certain that due to the UFO brightness and movement that it was not an ordinary aircraft. It grew in brightness and trailed among the clouds, changing direction perhaps 2 times and diminished in brightness gradually before moving behind cloud. The UFO was not seen again after the cloud had moved. No sound was heard as I slowed the car to observe and wound the window down. My feeling was one of awe and my hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, I felt like I had expected to see something like this at this time and thought that the sighting was a confirmation or acknowledgement of some kind. The other witness did notice the UFO visually but said that they paid no attention to it until I pointed at it. Sight of the UFO was lost when it was seen to diminish in brightness by more than 30 times and moved behind cloud in a northerly direction instead of easy to west when it was at its most brightest. Noteable areas are: RAF Wittering and MoD N. Luffenham. Regular military flights take place in the area with Typhoons and Eurofighters and their flight patterns are predictable and markedly different. The landing lights on these aircraft are very much dimmer to the light I witnessed. mufon cms# 80400

Bluish-Purple Saturn-shaped UFO in sky it was hovering over Vacaville California 11/12/16

I was riding in a car coming back from Wilbur Hot Springs. I was on the Freeway, Interstate 80, near Vacaville CA. I was talking with a friend who was driving. I looked to my right out the window and saw a large, hovering, purplish blue color Saturn-like UFO in the sky. It was bright, but it was in the distance. It seemed a little transparent and slightly fuzzy. It seemed surreal. In a few seconds, maybe 7, in just disappeared. I never saw it move. It seemed to be at an angle. I never saw anything like this. It was mysterious and a little exciting to see. It was far away. The windows in the car were up. I knew immediately it was a UFO. I told my friend who was driving that I just saw something that looked like a UFO. It was very strange. I can't stop thinking about it. mufon cms# 80409