Thursday, December 29, 2016

UFO sighting witnessed by a couple on their way to dinner

Darin Crapo from UFO Planet examines a UFO sighting witnessed by a couple on their way to dinner. The couple was able to record a few short seconds of video and then had to leave. When they returned 30 minutes later the mysterious lights were gone.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Green Lantern Meteor captured image 2016

"This Green Meteor was captured while taking a time-lapse to document the urbanization around the Skyislands in India. The camera was set at 15s exposure for 999 shots and this came into one of those shots. Green Meteor’s greenish color come from a combination of the heating of oxygen around the meteor and the mix of minerals ignited as the rock enters Earth's atmosphere. I think for those 15 seconds, I was the luckiest photographer on the planet to have capture this phenomenon."

Saturday, December 24, 2016

UFO Sighting shifting orb witnessed at Stevens Pass, WA

After a day of skiing at Stevens Pass, I was staying the night at the ski resort with some friends in the RV lot so we could ski the following day. Around 7:00 p.m we left our camper and walked to the main base area of the resort. Skiing operations closed at 4:00 that day and the mountain was dark, but the base area was illuminated, and we used this lighting to play a game of corn hole (beanbag toss game) right in the main courtyard area next to the lodge and clock tower. It was a very cold night with broken clouds and occasional snow showers. We were the only ones outside in the area. It was the night before a full moon and the moon looked amazing with the small broken clouds moving quickly past it.

Having the place to ourselves with the resort lodges and clock tower decorated in Christmas lights and the full moon in the backdrop, I tried my best to get a picture with my phone that captured the whole scene. To do this I stepped about thirty feet away from my friends, took a knee and held my phone at an angle that got all three of my friends in the frame as well as the moon (this was tricky and you will see that in a couple shots either a friend or the moon gets cut off). Once I had the correct angle I waited for gaps in the clouds as they passed over the moon. After snapping a couple photos, I first noticed the UFO in the screen of my phone.

The UFO first appeared as a blotch of white light in the screen of my phone. It seemed like a morphing light ball with a bright core surrounded by a duller light and was very fluid yet erratic in its movements. If I had to guess I would say the core was the size of a large grapefruit and the outer layer the size of a beach ball. It was like a luminescent aerial jellyfish. The UFO first appeared in the sky around the trees in the background and moved toward us. It came as close as the clock tower (the photo showing the object in front of the lodge verifies its proximity).

At this point, I looked up from the camera, where the image was very bright, however with my bare eyes I could only see the outer dull light, but the inner bright sphere was still visible in the screen of my phone. Put another way: With my bare eyes, the UFO was not very noticeable and I might have not noticed it. At the same time it was glowing even brighter than what was captured by the camera on the screen of my phone. At one point most of my screen went white. I was really confused and rendered speechless.

At this point I stood up and pivoted my whole focus to the UFO. As soon as I did the UFO shot off to the trees behind the lodge, paused near the top for one to two seconds and then shot off over Big Chief Mountain at impossible speed and was gone. As you can see in the pictures, my friends were oblivious of its presence and I was not able to process what I was seeing in time to verbalize what I was seeing. By the time I did, it was gone. I still really have no idea what I saw and the photos just add to the mystery.

Likely unrelated, we did see multiple F/A-18 or F15s (looked like they had 2 vertical stabilizers) jets flying at low altitude over the resort the following morning. UFO Sighting shifting orb witnessed at Stevens Pass, WA  nUFOrc UFO Sighting report 

ACFT1 slow moving single UFO light ACFT2 Chevron 5 lights quick deceleration

Nov 23, 2016

6:50pm I was in my car, turning onto a street in Woodbury Heights, NJ, when I saw what I thought was a helicopter on approach to PHL, at about 500-1000 ft AGL. A second aircraft came zipping up from behind. I thought they were going to crash a few hundred yards away. The second aircraft, quickly decelerating, dove to the left under the first one, back to the right, back to the left again, like a fighter jet, and then made a sharp right bank under it and quickly disappeared towards Woodbury. I suppose a helicopter pilot might be able to make those sweeping movements, but I don’t think it could bugout and disappear that quickly. I do not believe that a plane could fly that slow and do that. Thirdly, you’d have to be an idiot to perform that maneuver so close together over such a populated area.

It was fairly dark, all I could see was the large white light (ACFT #1) and a wing-shaped line of lights, about the length of a commuter plane’s wings (ACFT #2). This line of bright lights was on the rear of the UFO craft, larger than your normal navigation lights and in the wrong configuration for any registered aircraft that I am aware of. There was five evenly spaced lights of similar size: white – green – white – red – white. Normally, you would see red on the left wingtip and green on the right and I have not seen lights like that shinning from the back of any plane or helicopter I know.

I got into the house less than 1 minute later and ran to an upper window. I could not see the ACFT #2, trees block the view. ACFT #1 was still visible a mile or so away and appeared to have stopped. I dragged my husband and son out to see the light, but that is all you could see. It was too far off and indiscernible from a large light such as Venus. It was cold and I did not stay outside to watch it disappear.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any aircraft like I described or if a near miss was reported. I live about 5 miles from PHL, on approach to runway 35; we see a lot of planes and helicopters. mufon cms# 81112

UFO Sightings of a different kind Oklahoma 12-23-16

This UFO Sighting has been visible from both sides of the world. My fiancee is in England and he see's the same UFO 7 pm his time. It's always visible 7 pm my time too. I stargaze a lot. I'm pretty knowledgeable on the star systems alongside planets. It's not a satellite. I have an app. on my phone which tells me what's where in the sky. This light is artificial. It's very close to our atmosphere as it's only observable from one location at a time. Tonight is the first night that this UFO has done anything. It's almost as if it's rotating and that's how the lights from the UFO are disappearing. It's been happening for over an hour now. We observes a change in shape too. No one is reporting this. Why?

Something is going on with this UFO. Just take a look to the sky. It's there every damn night and has been for the last few months. mufon cms# 81123

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


In 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd commanded 4000 troops and a fleet of war ships and airplanes on the legendary "Operation High-Jump" expedition to the South Pole. What was supposed to be an eight month mission was cut short after only eight weeks. Stories of underground Nazi bases, Alien UFOs and an occult race to find a secret passage to a hidden Atlantian realm beneath the ice are all explored in detail in this fascinating fact-filled program. The final conclusions are both shocking and amazing.

Discussion on the late Max Spiers at the Black Swan 12/17/16 video

Published on Dec 19, 2016

Michael Shrimpton, who specializes on the little known secret German intelligence service, DVD, gives an after dinner briefing on the assassination of Max Spiers, who he was to meet at Bases 2016. Max didn't make it, and here Shrimpton explains that Max must have had information which was planned to be revealed at that event. Max did tell Miles Johnston he was going to bring material which would be ground breaking, only days before he died.

The briefing is plagued with sound, camera issues and fire alarms. It was meant to be a live Project Camelot live stream with Kerry Cassidy. However having agreed times, Micheal needed to go early, and the 4 pm GMT was shifted to 3 PM, Kerry never got the messages, and even then she called 2 hrs late. So this is an adhoc record using 2 mobiles and a Go Pro. All 3 cameras were severely non sync, and so we have a lot of lip sync problems, and the colors going crazy.

Two Ghosts from the Black Swan contacted one of the team 2 days before, and said they would have fun. During the course of this edit the computer screens were switched off, and chaos. So I just gave up attempting to fix the lip sync, and here you have it. Its all over the place.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


PART ONE : William Mills Tompkins is one of the most important witnesses to come forward revealing details about the Secret Space Program and human interactions with ETs. He details the German alliances with Reptilians and Dracos, the infiltration of NASA by these beings as well as the positive contribution by the Nordics to our secret space program over decades since at least the 1920s and perhaps earlier.

This interview connects the dots on many topics discussed by Tompkins in other interviews including the collaboration of our Navy with Nordics (and reptilians) involving top aerospace companies such as Northrop, TRW, Boeing, Hughes, and many others.

He discusses what really happened during the Battle of LA, the beginnings of MJ12, how nearly all U.S. presidents have been ruled by Dracos and much much more....


Sunday, December 11, 2016

UFO sighting shape of a disc with bright lights with dividers in between the lights 12/4/16 Winter Harbor ME

I saw this UFO following me down the road for several miles before switching directions and disappearing. The UFO was seen directly overhead, then the witness drove 6 miles down the road. The duration of the drive the UFO was following in the sky alongside the vehicle possibly 350-400 yards overhead. The UFO appeared to be in the shape of a disc with bright lights with dividers in between the lights. The UFO appeared to be vertical, and not horizontal (parallel with the ground). It wasn't traveling at a considerably fast speed. It seemed to be more of gliding along. UFO Sightings Report

Honestly a little scared! After UFO Sighting Sauk Rapids MD 12/4/16

This was a triangular UFO with 3 or 4 lights on the back which were bright and 4 or 5 going towards the tip at different intensities. I have thought I have seen things before but nothing as definitive as this!!!! Honestly a little scared! I just got home from my daughters hockey game went out back to check on things, its quiet, look up and here it is silently floating across the sky until it faded in to the trees in my back yard and I lost it. I live near a small airport but not a lot of over night traffic oh it is or was also a black hawk base or repair site. UFO Sightings Report

Silent disk shape UFO standing at same location over prison in Germany 12/3/16

Mid night in open prison in Bielefeld Ummeln Germany. over the garden disk shape UFO. mobile phones are out of power, local phone and electricity are gone. same of the prisoners has films the UFO, and the guards takes all of the records away, in couple of minutes comes local police, and warns us, not to talk about it otherwise, we're going to have trouble with...... /..... /..... all the blocks are under.........._.. /.... :/.... I've film picture and tape film as a proof. I have been told, not to tell any other friend or relatives... mufon cms# 80913

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cumberland Rhode Island UFO Incident 1967

UFO Flying Saucer Review - Vol. 19, N. 3: May-June 1973 (FSR)


Including articles: Vincente-Juan Ballester Olmos - 'Biometric Data in 19 UFO Occupant Cases,' Dr. Oscar A. Galindez - 'A New Teleportation near Cordoba,' Joel Mesnard - 'Tranquillizing Visitation at Bouahmama,' August C. Roberts - 'The Cumberland, Rhode Island Incident,' Dr. P. M. H. Edwards - 'A few coincidences, and two postcripts,' J. C. Dufour - 'A French Repeater Case; Events at Les Nourradons,' Percy Henell - 'The Ponta do Farol Photograph,' Charles Bowen - 'Is this Man's Oldest
UFO Flying Saucer Review - Vol. 19, N. 3: May-June 1973 (FSR) AMAZON.COM

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cylinder UFO Sighting rotating in sky few blocks away two witnesses Redford MI 6/95

This UFO sighting entered by FI #22542 for witness who has seen 300-400 UFOs. See my 31 page initial report on all of these UFO sightings to Mich Chief FI, and my later updates with further investigation results. This UFO sighting entered at request of Chief FI, one of many UFO sightings witness has had. Witness was working with family members at mother's house in Redford sometime in mid 90's. Mid afternoon he and brother-in-law saw a "cylinder" rotating every 2-3 seconds perhaps several city blocks away and 1000-1500 feet up. He said they could have easily driven their car directly under it. Cylinder was a gray and black matte non-reflective surface with some shading variations that allowed rotation to be perceived. In my interview, witness drew small drawing (attached) which looked like upside down bottle shape, which witness agreed was more accurate. He estimated actual size as about the size of a pick-up truck. He estimated apparent size as a pinkie fingernail at arm's length. UFO Sighting lasted 2-3 minutes. Witness cannot recall end of UFO sighting. He since has done web searches to try and determine what it was they saw, and says a video from the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings shows exactly what he saw. Witness not sure if other family members at house also saw the UFO. I have attempted to make contact with other witnesses provided, with limited success. None of confirmations so far were for this UFO sighting. I have submitted results of Experiencer Questionnaire witness completed as appears witness may be an experiencer of some sort. Indications include scar of unknown origin, finding scratches in morning of unknown origin on his and girlfriend's back, multiple UFO sightings across generations of family members, several concurrently, recall of glowing mantis like face after 'God Flash' sighting, and sheer number of UFO sightings. Despite wording of next question, which cannot be changed, I was not a witness. There were only 2 witnesses in the 1990's event, and I am not one of them. mufon cms# 80776

Myself and 5 others observed a glowing UFO hovering PA 8/92

I believe it was approx. late August, early September 1992. My family and a friend were on our way home from spending the day at the amusement park (Hersey Park, PA). We were driving home in two separate cars, I and my girlfriend (wife now) were following my Dad, Mom, Sister and her friend. We were West bound on Hywy 22/322 beside the Juniata River. Approx. 10:00 pm as I was driving I noticed low on the horizon, above the river, a bright light in the night sky far ahead of us. I just thought it was bright star. A minute or so later I noticed that the light seemed closer. I grabbed my sleeping girlfriend's leg so hard that I woke her up and hurt her leg in the process. She said she thought it was a blimp, because it was still kinda far away. We began to watch the light as I was driving and kept getting closer and closer and brighter and glowing. When I realized it was a UFO, I remember saying "Oh my God! Oh my God!" By now it was right beside us, over the river. I started flashing my headlights on and off to get my Dad's attention ahead of us. We both pulled off to the side of the highway at the Watts Exit. Dad opens his door and exits his car leaving the door open. He begins to walk back to my car, not taking notice to the UFO. I rolled my window down and pointed to the UFO and said "Look Dad! Look! A UFO!" When Dad looked, he did a 'double-take' and stuttered stepped. He turned and ran to his vehicle and hunkered down behind the door. (This was the first time in my life that I actually saw fear in my Dad.) Dad was pointing at the UFO so the others would see it. The UFO could not have been much more that 100 to 200 feet above the highway. This UFO Sighting was very large, saucer-shaped, not thin but rather thick with a dome on top. It had a luminous glow to it, kinda like the moon. It had some darker areas, or some kind of markings on the thick rim. No sound. We watched it for a few minutes. My girlfriend and I could hear my Mom say "Get in the car, Dad! Get in the car, Dad!" We then sped away. The UFO just stayed there as we drove out of sight. On the way home I dropped my girlfriend off at her Grandparent's house. We went inside and while we telling them what we saw, Channel-27 News/Harrisburg reported that they received over 100 reports of a UFO sightings. They said it was a Navy blimp. What we saw was NO blimp.
My girlfriend went to work the next day at Weis Market in Mifflintown. One of her co-workers had said that they saw a UFO the night before, where she lived. Which was in Juniata County, in the East Waterford/Honey Grove area. mufon cms# 80777

Round odd shape UFO displaying pink and blue energy Edmond OK. 11/21/16

This UFO photo was taken on 11/21/16 over Edmond Oklahoma 
mufon cms# 80789

Friday, December 2, 2016

Tesla’s Anti-gravity Technology: Creating the Perfect UFO

What you need to know about Tesla’s Antigravity technology: Creating the Perfect UFO | NoLimitZone TV, AC electricity, the Tesla Coil, fluorescent lighting, neon lights, Radio controlled devices, robotics, X-rays, radar, microwave and dozens of other amazing…
NOLIMITSZONE.COM|BY JOHNNY credit Marjan Andonovski 

Monday, November 28, 2016

UFO Sighting reported three or four distinct lights over Moncton NB CA 11/26/16

Me and three of my kids were at the greater Moncton Christmas parade on main street about 15 minutes before it started. We were all looking down the street waiting for it to get started, looking for the first floats. Suddenly high up Three or four distinct UFO lights appeared and seemed to be in a slow descent. The UFO lights were switching from green to red and vice versa. They were in a triangle or square like shape. The UFO stopped and I nudged my oldest son and pointed. I also began to tell those around me who were equally surprised and baffled. Initially I thought maybe it was a plain but the way it moved so precisely and switched directions nearly instantly I knew it could not be. It stayed and hovered for about 30-45 seconds. During that time my son was taking out his phone to capture it on video. The lights then merged together as it was hovering in place, flashed green, red, then a bright white and continued to flash randomly. The UFO moved speedily to the left, turned and went back to where I initially saw it in the sky. Due to the city lights my sons phone couldn't focus on the UFO. It flew backwards quickly and hovered in place for another ten or so seconds. And then accelerated diagonally north west getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared all together in the night sky. I felt both excited, eerie and utterly baffled after the event took place. mufon cms# 80632

Witnessed by 4 people, multiple UFOs outline looked like space shuttle Hudson NY 11/4/16

Girl Friend and I were traveling to Hudson, NY on I-90 East around 9 pm when we saw an UFO in the sky near the highway. It had very bright lights and we thought it was probably a helicopter flying a Medevac route or military. Didn't think much of it. Around 10 pm went outside house in Columbiaville, New York and saw 3 UFOs like the one we saw on the highway earlier in the sky. They were moving slow with no regular patterns. They were low on the horizon. One UFO was due south of the house and as I watched flew over the barn across the street and came over our house. The craft made a low rumble, moved fairly slow and the best shape I can describe is it looked like the space shuttle from the bottom. My Girl Friend and Mom saw a beam of white light go down to the ground for a few seconds from one of the UFOs. Eventually there were 6- 8 UFOs in the air. I called 911, they indicated they had no other calls. I also called the Columbia county sheriff's and they said the same. This was a localized event after 10 pm in a rural area and unless you were sky-watching you wouldn't have seen this. The event lasted about 60-90 minutes. I'm an Electrical Engineer and a skeptic but have no explanation for what the 4 of us saw that night. (Nov 4, 2016) mufon cms# 80648

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Alien Abductions occurs Prineville OR CA 11/10/16

Ongoing "Alien" abduction encounters with single and multiple beings occurred with my friend during months in the later half of 2016. It came to my attention, yesterday, when he began to explain what he first called, "very strange dreams". First, he talked about an entity that can "change her appearance to another person and another and another and so on as much as she wants". He described the "Alien" entity as an extraordinarily seductive female. He said, "She told me she won't have sex with me because I played hard-to-get."

Then he told me about the others. He explained that he suddenly noticed that he was above his own body looking down on it. He said it was levitated off his bed into the air while in a laying position. Fear shot through him because he was scared he was dead. This made him leap toward his body and he stated,"I was able to slip back inside." He made a motion with his hand like the appendage took an imaginary turn down a miniature slide. As, he explained the return to his body. Once there, he noticed several Human-type beings that surrounded him. They were examining his body but they would not look up and show him their faces. Somehow, they communicated without a voice that they were trying to help him. mufon cms# 80603

Friday, November 25, 2016

Orange star UFO appears motionless it expands to a very bright orange light switching to a red and blue color UFO Graystones Wicklow IG 11/19/16

At approximately 9.30-10 pm time I was gazing out my window in my room opposite from my location are another row of houses then to the far left side over the houses is a wooded area and fields probably further up past the trees. But just above the trees 30-40 feet above them I noticed a faint orange glow ill back track slightly here as to how I came about seeing these UFOs. I am a firm believer in E.Ts visiting our planet as observers after some other questionable things that I have witnessed. So with this knowledge I am constantly looking up at the sky. So back to the UFOs as I stare at this small speckle of a orange light which seems way to low to be a plane. as I stare at the UFO it suddenly begins to start expanding and dimming while completely motionless the objects original size is about the size of a slightly bigger star which expanded in size to about 4-5 times its original size the orange glow is so bright it almost has a look of a comet entering the earths atmosphere in terms of how bright it was, but comets do not stay dead still in the sky. My original thought was that it was maybe a drone before the bright flash after i had no doubts as to what I was seeing was something very advanced as the light would dim after its first appearance these UFOs are always still when they flash brightly after the period of when they stopped flashing the UFO would dim out completely and change its color formation to a red and green blinking light and would then start to slowly move west from its location I personally think this change of color is to blend in near the air traffic as in its bright orange light state it would be easy to view this UFO kms away by anyone who happens to glance at the sky the feeling I got was of complete awe I have seen UFOs before but none quiet as distinct and obvious as this. This is not as bizarre as what I am about to tell you these UFOs I have been seeing I have seen them since 19th of November 2016 I am writing this on November 24th I have seen these UFOs everyday it has been not cloudy I have shown my parents these objects which left them gob smacked as to what they are. I have been speaking about one object but usually two can appear 20 foot across from each other they would be both motion less and would repeat the process I have described at the start but the main thing is when there are two of them they would both light up at the exact same time before going their separate directions. I have seen a lot on Youtube of people pointing lasers at these UFOs so on November 22 2016 i seen an UFO above the house opposite to mine motion less but this time I could see two lights flickering i had my phone right beside me but I am unable to capture the UFO lights as my power was to low I decided to see if I could perhaps signal to the UFOs turned my phone light on and started to point it towards the UFO after 40 seconds of flash of light at the UFO it expanded into a huge white flash. After that it turned into the same red green color formation and drifted towards their usual arrival spot near the trees.this is by far the most incredible experience there are no words to describe this i'm 95% sure that flash was meant for me as a greeting? or just a way to acknowledge that i can see it and it can see me? P have recording of what I have seen my phone is a Samsung core prime which dose not have the best camera but I do have footage to try back my claims it seems they arrive everyday I am planing to try obtain a better camera and purchase a laser pointer to try signal them at their arrival spot above the trees. whoever reads this I will be updating my findings as I try get better equipment and encounters. the last video is on its side when they appeared over the Graystone city to the east. mufon cms# 80595

Bright Red Lights outline of UFO with a green white light on top flashing Carmel IN.US 11/16/16

I was letting my dogs out at about 9;30 pm when I noticed a bright red UFO in the sky hovering about 500 ft up in the sky. I thought it may have been a helicopter but there was no noise, it just hovered, a solid red light outlined the UFO sort of pentagon or diamond shape, it also had a green/white light on top of it sort of off center of the UFO. I ran in the house to get my wife to see this UFO when she came outside it began to move about a couple hundred feet then stopped, then about 30 sec later it took off due west of my house, not real fast but moving pretty quickly, it then disappeared over the horizon. I was excited to see this UFO my wife was questioning what it was. mufon cms#80583

Black UFO Orb(s) WSDOT Walla Walla Airport SW Cam 11/18/16

In Summary: One or two black orbs can be seen hovering over the center of the airstrip runway for days on end and can be seen during the day on the WSDOT Traffic Camera (State Menu) Walla Walla Airport SW Camera

Please see for yourself beginning in the morning around 0623 for the first time stamp. It may look like a spot but as the sun comes up it turns into a solid UFO object that is not a scratch on the lens. It blurs when weather passes it and vanishes completely around 1623 when the sun sets. The lens scratches spider webs and reflections are clearly distinct from the UFO(s) in the distance.

I have attached a series of images from the time it was discovered and I will try to explain what I see in the images.

I have conducted the following upon realizing that what I see is real and not a spot on the lens.

• Contacted Peter Davenport at the UFO reporting center.
• The airport manager by email.
• Contacted KVEN to see if someone can drive out there and film the area above the air field.
• MUFON Director local chapter
• Contacted WSDOT records request dept.

This UAP was discovered by chance which I can elaborate about later.

The primary goal is to film the object with infra-red, night vision and or HD camera technology that can capture the UFO(s) up close.

I feel the WSDOT camera IR filter is capturing refracted light from the UFO(s) as the sun rise and it vanishes buy dusk as the sun sets.

The photos are in 15 min interval saved directly from the website.

The UFO hovers over the runway and appears to rotate at a very slow speed and maintain its absolute position. It appears to be two orbs at times or has appendages at times and fuzzy edges.

I can add additional information later. I hope someone can verify and photo said UFOs before they depart and an opportunity is lost.
Image description:

1) Screen shot of WSDOT webpage link
2) First image saved of UFO once discovered (11-18-16 1053 hrs).
3) UFO at random 15 min interval during the day (11-18-16 1053 hrs.)
4) UFO as it vanished on the 11-18-16 at 1623 (that’s when I first considered it a washed away spot and thought I had made a mistake.)
5) Screen shot of the UFO as it appeared on Saturday. (Again thought it may still be a spot but looked odd. Did not have time to save any other photos.
6) Water on the screen object in the distance 11-20-16 - 1323 hrs
7) Object appears to be two orbs at times 11-22-16 - 1338 hrs
8) Object appears to be two orbs at times 11-23-16 - 1238 hrs
9) Random see time stamp
10) Aircraft in shot on taxi way with UFO in distance 11-23-16 1108 hrs.

I have more images and I will track this UFO every day until it is gone or confirmed a spot on the lens.

I feel otherwise and my goal is to convince someone to film this UFO that is obviously invisible to the naked eye and is part in a perfect are to observe with modern camera technology, before an excellent opportunity is lost. We can only image what it is doing there as it slowly rotates. Similar to the 20016 Nov. O'Hare sighting. Maybe less people notice in small towns? mufon cms#80585

UFO Sighting Square Shaped with dark impressions possibly windows NY 12/16/15

On 12-16-15 at 12:13 am I woke up, to go to bathroom when I returned to lay back down, I looked outside my terrace door to see a bright light hovering over water. The UFO was stationary for a period of time (approx 2 min). Observed bright light from 26th floor terr, Bx NY. Over the Long Island Sound, UFO did not move. Used my cell phone camera, took photo, when I zoomed picture it was a square UFO object with black indentations. I'm not sure, but the UFO appeared to strobe or twinkle briefly. Since I had been observing these UFOs pretty regularly, I just went back to sleep thinking if pictures shown to anyone, they would minimize it. mufon cms# 80592

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

SPACE FENCE II The UFO Surveillance Factor The presence of UFOs in Earth’s orbit

Global Surveillance System
In this powerful part two episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Geoengineering author Elana Freeland for an exclusive preview of her controversial new book due out in early 2017 on the mysterious and obscure covert program for a massive Global Surveillance System that can track the population down the to DNA level named 'The Space Fence!'

Space Fence Predicted?
Although the Space Fence is a highly technological project that combines elements of HAARP and SDI Star Wars Technology along with a complete program to Ionize the Atmosphere to mutate the human immune system, there are also psycho-spiritual aspects embedded in the project as it represents a deep level of esoteric understanding and manifestation.

As early as 1907 Austrian Anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner had envisioned an ominous spirit of technology invading the human soul and psyche via a deep dependence in culture on emerging scientific trends that bears an exceptional resemblance to modern Artificial Intelligence. He named the force ‘Ahriman’ from the dark lord of Persian Mythology that battled the fabled hero of humanity Ahura Mazda. Steiner eventually set up a center for Spiritual Science to teach Anthroposophy in order to combat the effects of an overwhelming bombardment of scientific materialism upon a society further and further removed from its mystical and cosmic religious roots.

The presence of UFOs in Earth’s orbit and flying in our skies has caused the National Security State to implement measures to monitor and control the situation while keeping the presence of these mysterious craft from the public.

One of these programs was the SDI Star Wars Program set up in the 1980’s under President Reagan. Ostensibly set up as a missile defense program against the threat of incoming Russian missiles, it has been rumored to have been constructed with a dual purpose of defending the planet in the event the massive numbers of unidentified flying craft were hostile or unpredictable. Now the Space Fence program, set up under the auspices of a Secret Space Program, is the fully realized version of the original, but with one special addition: it can be used to surveillance and catalog the entire globe and the physical life upon it down to the DNA level!

Provocative, un-setting, eye-opening, inspiring and complex, this is the Dark Journalist episode you must see!  

Monday, November 21, 2016

Observed dull red UFO light approx 15 degrees over Sunbright TN 11/19/16

While at camp(36 17"14"N, 84 40'15"W) deer hunting I noticed a red/pink light in the sky. I called by friend and we began to watch UFO hover, moved left, right , up,and down. Had white and dull red lights. Aprox. 15 deg from horizon. Notice second UFO white lights, approx heading 270, 30 deg from Horizon. Second moved radically the moved towards the north still in sight. Began to search sky for others, and counted a total of 28 UFOs around our area. The majority of UFOs were in the 90 deg to 180 deg quadrant. Various altitudes and one UFOs with dull red and whites descend below tree line approx 90 deg radial. Another UFO 226 deg descended below tree line. The UFOs were at various altitudes, some remained in their immediate area hovering with little variation in movement. Most were randomly spaced except for three which were in perfect vertical alignment. There was on group of 3 UFOs at high altitude, which I originally noticed due to bust of green light which caught my attention. We watched the UFOs from 11:30 PM 19 Nov 2016, until 02:30 AM 2:30 20th Nov 2016, when we retired for the night. The location of this event is 4.2 miles north of Sunbright, TN and 2 miles west.

I would like to add that professionally I am a Commercial Rated Pilot & Flight Instructor. And, an advanced degreed Radiological Physict with many years government employment.

I had an event in 1978 where a UFO followed and flew in immediate proximity to my aircraft for approx 45 min. This occurred over Jonesboro, Arkansas, approx 10 pm. I was in contact with the Memphis Center at the time. mufon cms#80549

Bright UFO light the changed from horizontal to vertical San Jose 11/18/16

I was on my balcony at my house with my kids and just looking at the night sky chatting when we noticed the bright UFO light in the sky. It was after sunset and dark and the UFO light was very bright and not a from a star, don't know how long the light was there before we noticed it. The UFO stayed at this location for the entire duration. Using binoculars the lights changed from horizontal approx 1" in width to horizontal approx 1" in length, this happened 5 times and a couple of times the light just went to a small round light then changed to either a horizontal or vertical light. The UFO light was exceptionally bright like an LED bright light and it did not change from white light to any other color nor did it pulsate just kept the same brightness.

Both my adult kids also saw the UFO light and saw the same things and we watched for over an hour and 10 minutes and we left and came back about an hour later and the light was gone. There were no stars seen in this area after the light was gone. There were a few commercial airplanes headed to San Jose International Airport in the area as this is the normal flight path. Before and after the UFO sighting I have not seen any lights in this area.

We has a discussion about what the UFO light was and did agree that it was not a plane (no blinking light and didn't not move), it was not a star or helicopter and there was no sound from where were (again no blinking light and didn't move) we also didn't see and aircraft leave from Moffett Field, not even sure if there is any military aircraft there anymore. We regarding the bright light as not being man-made and possibly a UFO.

Lastly the bright light was over the hills and the only thing near this bright light and approx 2-3 miles was an old military radar station Mount Umunhum which closed in 1980. mufon cms# 80554

Bangladesh UFO Sightings of Two Black Objects 3/10/16

Dhaka – On March 10, 2016,  I was on the roof and I suddenly spotted an object which I thought to be the moon at first. But then I realized the moon was not supposed to be in the Southern sky in the evening and there was a shadow in the middle of that moon like thing. Bangladesh UFO Sightings of Two Black Objects 3/10/16


"Former pop-punk-singer-turned-UFO-Disclosure-icon Tom DeLonge is being used as an unwitting conduit for disinformation and soft propaganda in support of the US national security state. I suggested that the UFO community is being exploited in this context as a fertile testing ground to monitor how disinformation shapes belief in a controllable subculture and that the agenda may relate to psychological warfare—the potential to weaponize belief, domestically and abroad".
The DeLonge DeLusion: Part Two, by Robbie Graham....Click and READ:…/the-delonge-delusion-part-…/  credit Honorio F. Hayakawa

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chevron or Boomerang shaped UFO Sighting in the night sky Ashdown AR U.S 11/18/16

I walked out the back the door to smoke a cigarette. It was 8:30 and the night was clear and I looked up to see the stars. Towards the southeasterly direction I noticed movement. An UFO shaped like a chevron or boomerang flying in a northern direction. The object appeared to be several thousand feet up and good distance away. It had no apparent lights but the whole UFO seemed to have a very dim, faint glow. It was almost like watching a shadow move across the night sky. I watched the object for about a minute. It traveled north without changing direction. Although the UFO seemed to be flying lower than a commercial airliner, there was no sound. I watched the UFO till it was out of sight to the Northeast. mufon cms#80511

Friday, November 18, 2016

UFO Sightings Weirton West Virginia triangle orb like UFO shortly after getting close to Area 51 9/21/16

Thank you for reviewing this case. Please do not dismiss due to the sound on this video, I will explain this odd event, I did not want to modify the video in any way to make it not credible. UFO Sighting Video click here
In September a week or 2 after coming back from Las Vegas Nevada my fiance and I experienced a lot of bizarre events. During our trip to Las Vegas, being interested in the truth in EBE's we drove out to Rachel Nevada, visiting the "black mailbox" I left behind an old student id card (not valid with an old address) after visiting the black mailbox we continued on our way to the back entrance of Area 51 and got as close to the gate as lawfully possible. As we walked to the gate jokingly I said to my fiance, little do they know that we know the truth. We then came back to WV and just a week or 2 after our trip. My fiance was on the back porch at night (approx time at top) she saw these very low triangular orb set glide across the sky, she then yelled for me to come out. I can describe the object or objects too low to be an airplane and absolutely silent to be a helicopter. Usually helicopters have red flashing or white flashing lights. This was just 3,4 or 5 solid white lights in complete silence. They orbs did not hang around too much and the video was a last second record, so its a bit shaky. The orbs slowly disappeared behind a wooded area, towards the end you may think the lights are flashing but its just the lights shining in and out of trees. *****NOW let me explain the sound*****, after we got done recording it I decided to upload it to face book and after uploading it to face book, because I like to educate the public best of my knowledge, for some odd reason, face book added this most bizarre sound i've ever heard. Face book cant integrate sound into videos you upload.. My fiance and I are very serious on this topic so neither of us would be so arrogant to crack a joke. To this day I still cannot figure out how the audio got added to it or why, to make it a bit more credible, i'm a Systems Engineer, I live, eat, breathe technology.

Some unrelated bizarre happenings few days later after seeing this UFO, for 1 day and 1 day only, talking on the phone with my fiance, almost seemed like some static noise with odd sounds in the background, almost like two phone lines crossed over like the old cordless phones. We were using cellphones. It never happened again after that day... I feel like (not being paranoid) I was being profiled some how and some way by the ID I left back at the black mailbox..

If you have any questions please let me know, i'm happy to help disclose the truth to better mankind. mufon cms# 80490

Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke to Shattered Reality Podcast Sky People

Kate Valentine and Fahrusha have a wonderful conversation with Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke about American Indians and the Star People.

#40 Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke and the Star People
To listen click HERE Kate Valentine and Fahrusha welcome Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke to Shattered Reality Podcast. She has written three books on American Indians and their experiences with Star People… SHATTEREDREALITYPODCAST.WORDPRESS.COM

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A sound heard over a wide area with many UFO Sightings Lewis Center Ohio 11/16/16

A sound heard over a wide area
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[xvii] Rutledge, Harley D., Project Identification: The First Scientific Field Study Of UFO Phenomena, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall, 1981. mufon cms# 80450

UFO Black Triangle followed closely by helicopter flew (slower than most helicopters) Phoenix AZ 11/16/16

I live in an apartment in far north Phoenix (I-17+carefree hwy). I was sitting in my living room, around 7:15-7:30 pm, and I heard a noise, which turned out to be a helicopter. Now, we have plenty of air traffic in our neighborhood, especially with a hospital down the street, but this was louder as it was closer and much lower to the ground. I'm always fairly alert and curious, but didn't make much of it until I looked out my dining room window, which has a clear view looking west/northwest towards Lake Pleasant. What got me out of my seat was white lights that were unaccountable by sound. I saw the red lights of what was clearly a helicopter and could hear it plainly, but it was following an UFO that appeared black and had three, constant, white lights in a very obvious triangle structure. The two came from behind our unit making their trajectory coming from the NE heading SW, but they were very low (maybe 100-200 feet, hard to tell at night). The UFO itself was maybe 50 ft from one light to the next, and it was an equilateral triangle. The triangle made absolutely no noise that I, or my fiance could hear as we were both watching at this point with naked eye and binoculars. They were moving very slow, even for a helicopter, maybe 20-30 mph. They moved this direction, toward the I-17 freeway, before turning NW heading towards Ben Avery range or just slightly east of that where it went behind the small mountains there. We followed them as they reappeared heading S/SW toward the Peoria/Glendale area. At this time they were likely over Lake Pleasant Rd. or close to it. The UFO was still moving at the same slow pace, still being followed closely by the helicopter. During this whole thing, a couple more helicopters came into the area as well. We followed them as long as we could as they disappeared behind the mountains to the S/SW of us.

This was definitely the closest and largest UFO Sighting encounter I'd ever had and wish I was on my patio at the time as it would've been right in front of me and could've provided more details. Honestly, I was quite excited the whole time and I'm still stoked today as I never felt like we were in danger, at all. I'm constantly looking out our windows and this time it paid off! I don't have any pictures, but since I'm an artist, I could probably make a drawing or two if need be. mufon cms# 80450

Monday, November 14, 2016

Intense bright white star-like UFO light appeared 40 Deg above the horizon Wisbech GB 11/13/16

I work at the location of the UFO Sighting and was with a young person traveling north by car along Redmoor Bank in a northerly direction. A bright white light UFO caught my eye and I was very certain that due to the UFO brightness and movement that it was not an ordinary aircraft. It grew in brightness and trailed among the clouds, changing direction perhaps 2 times and diminished in brightness gradually before moving behind cloud. The UFO was not seen again after the cloud had moved. No sound was heard as I slowed the car to observe and wound the window down. My feeling was one of awe and my hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, I felt like I had expected to see something like this at this time and thought that the sighting was a confirmation or acknowledgement of some kind. The other witness did notice the UFO visually but said that they paid no attention to it until I pointed at it. Sight of the UFO was lost when it was seen to diminish in brightness by more than 30 times and moved behind cloud in a northerly direction instead of easy to west when it was at its most brightest. Noteable areas are: RAF Wittering and MoD N. Luffenham. Regular military flights take place in the area with Typhoons and Eurofighters and their flight patterns are predictable and markedly different. The landing lights on these aircraft are very much dimmer to the light I witnessed. mufon cms# 80400

Bluish-Purple Saturn-shaped UFO in sky it was hovering over Vacaville California 11/12/16

I was riding in a car coming back from Wilbur Hot Springs. I was on the Freeway, Interstate 80, near Vacaville CA. I was talking with a friend who was driving. I looked to my right out the window and saw a large, hovering, purplish blue color Saturn-like UFO in the sky. It was bright, but it was in the distance. It seemed a little transparent and slightly fuzzy. It seemed surreal. In a few seconds, maybe 7, in just disappeared. I never saw it move. It seemed to be at an angle. I never saw anything like this. It was mysterious and a little exciting to see. It was far away. The windows in the car were up. I knew immediately it was a UFO. I told my friend who was driving that I just saw something that looked like a UFO. It was very strange. I can't stop thinking about it. mufon cms# 80409

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Roswell 1947 UFO Crash new revelations surface

This is a report of an interview I conducted of a person who was at the Roswell crash site. I am a retired engineer. I joined the staff of the then new campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz. There were several sightings of UFO's in the mountains behind the campus in 1969 and reported to the University. I was asked to interview 3 people and file a report. I could find on credibility or evidence in these events but, because it was a small campus and everybody in the Sciences knew what was going on, I got the unwanted reputation of someone who knew about UFO's.
One day in 1970, a maintenance worker who I knew well from my church, came into my lab and said he had a friend who wanted to talk to me but did not want to meet in a public place. I suggested we meet at my home that evening. At the time, I did not know he wanted to tell me about a UFO incident. That evening I was told by the two men that they had been captured by the Germans during WW2 and spent a year and a half in a POW camp. They became good friends during that time and remained so after the war. The individual I interviewed was a welder by trade and after the war was employed at the Roswell Air Force base welding jigs and fixtures for servicing aircraft. He began by stating that the week before the 4th of July flying saucers would fly over the base in pairs every once in a while. He said they were circular and had a large dome on the top. They were flat on the bottom and were silent. He assumed they were some technology obtained from the Germans. He said everyone working there called them "flats" He said that he had just returned back to work after the 4th of July holiday when a truck pulled up and an officer got out and told him to load a cutting torch and fresh tanks and that they were going out to the desert. He said that it was mid afternoon when they arrived at the crash site. He said at the time he thought a plane had gone down. He said they had a flatbed truck loaded with wreckage and there were soldiers on their hands and knees picking up every piece of wreckage and putting it in cloth bags. He said the bags were the kind used for sandbags. He said they drove a little farther out of sight from the wreckage and came upon a second group of people standing around an intact UFO. He said the brush was knocked down indicating the UFO craft had skidded across the ground and came to rest nosed into a natural berm with the back side slightly off the ground. He described the UFO craft as being about 25/26 feet in diameter with a large dome on top. He said the UFO craft was the 'color of weak tea' with a burnished finish. He said there were no signs of weld marks, seams, or rivets and that all of the edges had either an inside or outside radius. There were no visible windows or openings. That was why he was brought there. He was told to cut an opening in the dome big enough for a man to crawl through. By this time it was getting to be late afternoon and there were soldiers setting up a bank of portable lights. He said he began cutting a hole from the base of the dome. He said it was a tough alloy and slow cutting but the material was surprisingly thin. He tried bending the metal out of his way as he was cutting but the metal would spring back to its original shape without creasing. He finished his cut and set the metal piece aside and looked into the cockpit for a few seconds before he was ordered off the UFO craft. He said it was difficult to see very far into the UFO craft because of the glare from the portable lights and the cockpit was full of smoke from the cutting torch. He said he saw two beings who appeared to be dead. He said the cockpit had a strong smell of ammonia. He described the two Alien beings as being about 4' tall but they were doubled up so it was hard to say. They were wearing what he said were skin tight purplish flight suits that reminded him of sequins. He described their heads as what we now refer to as grays. He said there were no visible instruments that he could see. He was ordered off the UFO craft with his gear and returned to the Air Base. He said it was dark when they arrived and he was escorted by armed guards into a building for a debriefing. He said there were several high ranking officers at the table along with 4 or 5 civilians in suits. He said that after he was debriefed he was told that he was not to talk about what he had seen as it was a state secret and if he was caught divulging anything he would spend the rest of his life in prison or worse. He was scared to death by the threat and my friend and myself are the only people he ever told and that was 23 years after the event. When we started the interview, I was told that I could not take notes or use a recorder. He was very nervous telling the story and had to be reassured by my friend that I would not betray him. He said that what had been described as the Roswell event was not true and he wanted the truth told after his death. He asked that I keep what he told me a secret until after his death which I have done. He and my friend both passed away in the late 1980's When I heard this story I did not know what to think. I was not a UFO buff and had never heard the Roswell story. My friend said this guy was the real thing and during the interview I never sensed anything odd about his presentation or with his mannerisms. He provided a lot more information that I have stated but the interview was almost 50 years ago and forgotten. I think he was telling the truth. My friend was a very honorable and trustworthy man who would knowingly support a bogus story. I never saw or spoke the welder again after that evening. I have shared my knowledge of this interview with a couple of investigators but I think they doubted my credibility. mufon cms# 80350

UFO Sighting Silent Dark fast Triangle shaped craft over Cordova TN 11/11/16

I went out to smoke a cigarette in the back yard like I always do and was looking up at the stars. I am a backyard astronomer so I am familiar with my night sky so while I was up looking at the stars smoking I sighted this dark triangle UFO. It looked like it had very very faint very very slow flashing flight lights on the corners. What was so eerie was the UFO triangle blocked out the stars behind it as it flew across. This UFO made no sound which was so freaking eerie. 30 minutes later and I still have the hair on my arms standing on end and I just needed to report it. I noticed the UFO was pretty high in the northern sky and it flew in a straight line and it disappeared into the night heading in a north eastern direction.

Date 11/11/2016
Time 1920 central
Memphis TN MUFON CMS# 80360

UFO Black Triangle Craft hovered motionless making no sound Waco Lake 9/27/73

On or about September 25, 1973, I was enrolled in a doctoral course that met from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Baylor University two nights a week. After class, I was driving west going home when I noticed a bright light above Lake Waco. At first, I thought it was the planet Venus; but as I continued to drive toward the Lake as I lived on the west side of town, I could the light appeared more and more to my right. So knew it wasn't but was probably a helicopter. 

Two nights later as I was driving home from class, I noticed the same light again. Since as I wasn't sure if it was a helicopter or something else, I thought I would check it out.

Instead of going home, I drove over the bridge at Lake Waco and took the first exit to the right which led into Speegleville Park. I could see the UFO was over the west side of the Lake in a stationary position with a white light pointing east. As I approached the UFO, it turned off the light and started moving to the southwest.

I could tell it was a black triangular UFO. It crossed over the highway, and I decided to follow it. I got back on the highway and watched the UFO cross over the highway and settled behind a clump of trees on the south side the highway. I then took the next exit and crossed over on an overpass to the area where I saw the craft go down.

As I drove slowly past the trees, I could not the see the UFO. The road curved back to east; and I pulled up about 100 yards, turned off my lights but left the engine running.

Looking in my rear view mirror after a few moments, I saw the slowly rise from the trees and started coming toward where I was parked. It then pulled up to where I was on the other side of the fence. It turned facing me and stayed motionless, making no sound. It was on the other what appeared to a telephone line about 10 feet above it.

I could definitely tell that the UFO was black, triangular in shape, about 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. It had a cockpit with a greenish hue inside, and I could see the shadows of 3 small heads peering down at me. After about 4-5 minutes, a green light shined down on my vehicle, causing the engine to die. I tried to restart it to no avail. I tried turning on my lights and then the radio; but nothing worked. Getting nervous, I locked my doors.

I sat there a good 15-20 minutes, trying every 2-3 minutes to start my engine. Finally, the engine turned over, and I drove down the road about another 100 yards where I turned on my lights and turned around.

As I drove past the UFO on my left, it hadn't moved. When I got back on the highway heading east, I could see it was still there.

About 3 years later, I saw what appeared to be the same UFO above the lights at the south end of the La Vega football field, apparently observing a football game. My family and I were headed toward my wife's family for dinner. And I wanted to drive over and show her what I had seen years earlier; but she didn't want to go.

Having served two years in AF ROTC and two years in the US Army with a Top Secret Clearance, I can say without any doubt that this craft was not one of ours. mufon cms# 80361

Friday, November 11, 2016

8 larger copper shaped diamond UFOs in the sky some descending and ascending Hot Springs AR 11/8/16

Wife and I were returning from voting and while driving I noticed 8 diamond shaped orbed UFOs a dull orange or copper like in color appearing bright but also dull in color (not very bright); the 8 UFOs were about a 1/2 mile originally and then closed in to about 1,000 feet hovering about 500 feet in the air. 4 descended below the tree line out of view and then two UFOs disappeared and the other two ascended straight up out of view but not at the same time. The one's that descended previous came back into view and then descended again not to re-appear. The UFOs were about 7 times as large as Venus during sunset. They appeared to be quite large even at the distance given. Wife and I were driving different vehicles in tandem and upon seeing the 8 objects we pulled over to view the event. I could not determine what the UFOs were as it was not an aircraft of any kind and they had no noise with them. I normally would have been extremely excited but the election had my mind pretty busy that evening. The tree line blocked 4 of the UFOs and the last two ascended slowly into the sky and disappeared at a high altitude. mufon cms# 80345

Possible UFO Sighting over Lexington Ky 11/10/16

I was driving home along Waller Avenue and had just passed over the train tracks. The UFO in the sky had a bright light on it. At first I thought it was a helicopter with a spotlight. But the light like... dimmed suddenly and all that was left was this weird egg shaped UFO in the sky. It was dark colored but still a different color than the night sky because I could still make out the UFO. The bright light I had seen previously now looked almost muted. Like there was a screen over it? It still casted an outline/shadow around the UFO. The UFO just hovered there for probably 1-2 minutes. I literally stopped my car because I had never seen anything like that before. Another car came up behind me so I turned onto the next street to get out of its way but the object was gone. Like no trace of it at all. I felt very eerie and I had no idea what to do. My house was another 30 seconds away and when I pulled up and got out of my car, I heard so much dog barking from all over. Could just be a coincide though. When I got inside I went to Google and typed "I just saw a UFO" and it lead me to this site. I just thought I ought to tell someone. I never seen anything like this. mufon cms# 80338

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Latest UFO Sighting of cluster of 5-6 lights fading in and out slowly moving Ithaca New York 11/5/16

I am writing this on Thursday, November 10th regarding a strange occurrence I witness Saturday, November 5th between roughly 9:45 and 10:15 and again, briefly, on Sunday, November 11th.

Last Saturday my wife and I were getting ready to watch a movie. As she normally does when we watch a movie, my wife began making popcorn. I went outside to walk around. This last summer I purchased a FitBit (pedometer) and I sometimes walk up and down our long driveway to meet my step count goal. We live just outside the city, on the margins of town, so while we are not completely in the country we usually have a clear view, if it is not too cloudy, of the sky. On this Saturday night, many of the constellations were out, it was so clear. Pacing back and forth on my driveway, listening to a pod cast on my phone, with my ear buds in, I was struck by a set of, what appeared to be, constellations roughly 30 degrees north east of our location. This pattern of what I presumed to be stars were among the lowest and closest to Earth of all the stars in the sky.

What struck me upon given these “stars” a second look was that they were fading and reappearing with increments of maybe 3-5 second. Had it only been one light doing this, I would have quickly assumed it was a satellite, but this appeared different because satellites are never clustered. There were five, possibly six, of these lights, fading in and out of visibility, out of sync with one another. There was no specific clear pattern or shape to them, although they were spread out from each other in what looked like a skewed pentagon (like a small child attempting to draw a pentagon). One of the lights was somewhat more central to the others and the fading in and out appeared a second slower than the others, although it was hard to tell because, again, they were out of sync.

Staring at this with some disbelief, I moved into the road for a clearer view. There was a large tree in the distance which I was using to gage the location and movement of this cluster. No movement was visible to the eye, but after about ten minutes I could see that this cluster had indeed moved northbound and lower toward the ground. Using my phone, I called my wife inside the house and asked her to please come outside to look at something.

When my wife walked outside the door, I flagged for her to come over toward the road. I pointed to the cluster saying, “there is a cluster of what looks like stars over there”, while pointing vaguely toward their direction. I stopped myself, however, realizing this might plant a seed in her mind of what I wanted her to see. I wanted her view to be as objective as possible. My wife is much more of a skeptic than myself. She almost immediately noticed what it was I was talking about. She, too, found it very curious and unusual. Assuming there was probably an explanation, quickly getting cold (the temperature was in the lower-to-mid 30s), and hungry for popcorn, my wife, after a couple of minutes, went inside. I stayed a few minutes longer, so that I could store in my memory what I was seeing.

After watching the movie, which I had trouble focusing on at first, I popped back outside to see if I’d notice anything else unusual. By this point, the sky had become so foggy that no stars or anything else were visible.

I would have written this experience closer to the date it occurred, but having a 2-year-old, being a teacher, and on the cusp of an election, I had not found time to sit and write this until now.

It is worth noting that the next night I did go out to observe. I noticed one light, slightly stronger than any I’d seen the previous night similarly fading in and out. On this night, unlike the night before, I was intoxicated and became anxious and panicked pretty quickly, so I only looked long enough (30-60 seconds) to confirm with myself what I was seeing, but otherwise went back inside rather abruptly. I have always had a long interest in UFOs and stories of encounters, so I am very familiar with phenomenon stories, though, prior to this, had none of my own. Knowing that I am prone to believe such events, it was important to me to get confirmation from my wife that the pattern I observed was both real and unusual. She agreed. Even this morning, when I told my wife I would document my experience, she again confirmed for me that this pattern was uncanny. Additionally, during this time, my wife and I could hear several dogs barking or howling in the distance. Also worth noting is that the pattern I witness was placed, more or less, over the vicinity of our local airport. mufon cms# 80329

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mass UFO Sighting over hundred lights out of the earth's atmosphere over Berkshire GB 11/5/12

I am a keen amateur astronomer with every chance I get I am looking up at the night sky, I've had a great interest in space since being a child, and have always believed our planet can not be the only planet to have intelligent life. I'm 34 years of age now and I can tell the difference between satellites, shooting stars, airplane's in the night sky. I feel that I should explain this first before I described what myself and a ex work colleague saw this night. The time must have been about 9:30 pm I was stood on my front porch having a cigarette looking at the sky as it was a very clear night. I was looking three stars in particular not for any particular reason though. They was positioned in a vertical line with center star off side slightly to the left as I started to look elsewhere in the sky for a few minutes I looked back at these three stars and the central star I noticed was not in off side to the left but more to the right thinking it must be a different star come in to view but then thinking it's a very clear night and it didn't look right. As I was thinking this the same central star moved to the left then stopped for a few moments and moved again to the right but a lot further this time and stopped again. I knew straight away this was no star despite looking like one when stationary so it's undoubtedly that this UFO was in space and not in earth's atmosphere. Be totally amazed at this I looked to see if this was the only UFO moving like this and I spotted one more quiet a distance away it looked the same a small white light moving very fast then slowing down moving zig zagging but this time I could just see a a dim light next to it moving as if it was two UFOs flying in formation. This was shortly followed by more lights coming in to view and within a hour of myself looking at all this there had must of been over hundred of these lights maybe Even more, but what must be understood is that these were not separate UFO Sightings this was a mass sightings with all in view together. Some lights had more emerging from them there would be a few grouped together with six to ten lights in formation moving very fast. Knowing that I needed to show someone what I was seeing I phoned my friend that lived locally I told him what I was seeing and he come to meet with me 100 yard's from my house and he also witnessed this event, this hole events lasted until the morning as it became lighter due to day light it was then that these mass moving lights became harder to see, I know this event happened through out the whole night as I stayed outside looking at these until the morning.
The following afternoon it was said on the evening news that this was a mass meteor shower witnessed by thousands of people, if this was the case a meteor shower will all travel in the same direction and will burn up in the atmosphere! This did not happen with these lights I believe that this reason was suggested to stop people from thinking different,my only regret is that I had no camera good enough to view this but on more research I found that a lot if people in the UK did film this event and has been posted on YouTube. mufon cms# 80297

Silver coined UFOs hovering in broad daylight over North Carolina 6/1950

My father and his brothers were out hoeing soybeans or peas on their family farm in Northern Iredell county, near the Stony Point community in North Carolina one summer day around 1950. My father was about 14 at the time, his brothers were 15 and 12. It was a cloudless day and warm, with fine visibility in all directions, a slight breeze but otherwise still. About noon, shortly before he and his brothers were going to go to their house for lunch, the three of them saw a group of UFOs due north from where they were working, in the direction of the Brushy Mountains which were clearly visible that day.

According to my father, the UFOs resembled silver coins, about the size of quarters hovering in the distance. The UFOs were generally featureless, perfect discs, and clearly a bright metallic, and about 5 in number. These UFOs did not move, but hovered about 10 to 15 degrees above the horizon, or just slightly above the backdrop of the mountains. The three of them observed these UFOs for about a minute or two, no more than that, before they began to run back towards the house to fetch the pair of binoculars to get a better look at them. It was less than a quarter of a mile between the field and the house,and as the house was due north, the three of them were able to watch the UFOs the entire way to the house. At no point did these UFOs move in any significant way other than hover and vibrate slightly (although it could be possible that the shimmering could be due to the bright sunlight on the UFOs metallic surface). The UFOs were gone when the three of them came back out from the house, the encounter lasted about twenty minutes altogether. mufon cms# 80285

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Three bright UFOs moving in night sky then stopped and became stationary Hayden Lake ID 11/4/16

I live in Northern Idaho towards the Canadian border, just leaving a family member's house. I gazed up at the stars with my fiance and we both watched three bright UFOs move into view then all of a sudden stopped moving entirely. The first UFO we saw in the sky was really bright in the night sky as it was moving. We first thought it might be the ISS, but then it stopped moving and became dimmer and dimmer. The next two we saw were making zig-zag and circular motions in the sky. These UFOs also eventually dispersed into the darkness of night. I've seen a lot of things in the sky in my time on this rock. But nothing has ever captured my attention then what my fiance and I saw tonight. I wish I could have captured these UFOs with my phone but were to far away for the camera to pick up on. My fiance and I were both completely blown away with what we witnessed. mufon cms# 80229

UFO flew above me then around and regrouped with other UFOs Bemidji MN U.S. 11/4/16

Came home from work about 8:10 pm and was observing the night sky as I have been since my first encounter. Noticed as I pulled into my residence an UFO moving slowly across the top of the area moving west to east.The UFO shape was hard to determine being as it was a dark misty red that did not pulsate. I had my girl pull in quickly and I jumped out ran inside and grabbed my binoculars. I rushed outside to have lost track of it. I was low enough to know that it was not a plane just from looking at it. Plus it was silent, and to big for a drone. After 5 minutes of searching I relocated the UFO flying in small circles not far from my house above my neighbors. It began emitting a bright stone like effect from itself and changed course due south. I lost it behind the tree tops. By facing due south you begin to see more of the disc like U.A.F. all different ranges all flashing from what I could see red, green, blue,& yellowish light that seems to spin around yet pulsate. The original sighting was then observed to meet up and regroup with the closest UFO. All UFOs began to make formation. Still that way even now, but moving slowly SE. I will continue to monitor these UFO sightings and document the times I see them. mufon cms# 80228

I went into a state of a dream I dreamed I was levitated to a UFO spaceship ten Mile TN 6/15/96

As I was saying I was laid out on a cold metal slab and everything went dark. I woke up and had a fever and burn holes on my right ribcage. The burns looked like cigarette burn but there were 7 burns arranged like an x with 2 at the top and two on the sides perfectly symmetrical. I was very sick for about 2 weeks. It seemed that they took something from my mind I was somewhat deranged for months. Then I began reading minds. And others could read my mind. I think they implanted an alien source soul if you will to think things to change certain elements of things going on on earth and people especially people in power of events such as presidents, dictators and military rulers. It rotted out almost all my teeth and creates loud star sounds and loud roars that can even alter weather patterns like God if you will. They keep exchanging my personality with various people on TV.
I know this sounds crazy but I was a 99th percentile Genius in HS and am now a Geodesic engineer and have made designs to change the planets energy system. I now go into living dreams at night. They say my IQ goes to 800 as I live in the dream. I have spirits to attend to me 24/7 It is so weird . I was only an electrician and motorcycle mechanic and a Mechanical Engineering student.
I sometimes can still use telepathy to communicate to people and they freak out. I think they did something to me and used me to reprogram certain other people and I don't know if it will stop. mufon cms# 80231

Friday, November 4, 2016

Gray UFO Sighting 5 miles North of Asheboro Airport moving rapidly changing directions at extreme angles

One UFO observed 5-6 miles (estimated) north of Asheboro Airport. Appeared to be gray in color, and shaped between an egg, saucer, and cigar. I don't think it changed shape, but possibly viewed from different angles. It was against a background of dark gray clouds.I first saw it moving from west to east, then it appeared to go straight up then back towards the west at a downward angle to approximately the same altitude as it was when I first saw it. The turns and change of directions were abrupt, and at very sharp angles. I lost sight of the UFO at this point as it either went into the clouds or faded away. The horizontal distance this UFO moved is difficult to estimate, bit I would put it at least 3-4 miles west to east. nuforc UFO Sightings report here  10/27/16

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Strange UFO flying slowly in the sky over Rochester New York 8/17/16

My brother and I witnessed this strange UFO Sighting moving slowly through the atmosphere over house in Rochester NY on August 17th, 2016 from 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm.

The UFO was coming in from the North East and about 55 degrees above the horizon.

The first clip shows the UFO moving at a high altitude and a almost star like speed. We thought at first it might be a planet or celestial body moving in low orbit.

The second clip shows the UFO at much closer range, just above the tree-line, with what appears to be a pulsating ring of lights circulating around the structure.

I was able to record the anomaly at 1200 mm with my Sony telephoto lens and camcorder.

It was such a big mass in the sky we expected it would be covered on the local news that night and speculated it was a weather balloon or some new drone experiment.

But nothing was ever reported and we couldn't find a local explanation for the UFO Sighting. mufon cms# 80177 video not available 

Monday, October 31, 2016

UFO Alien ET Disclosure the Elite’s vs. the People’s 2016

There are two types of disclosure of the reality and importance of flying saucers "UFOs", one engineered by the ruling classes and the other created by the peace loving people of our planet.

I strongly suspect that all terrestrial elites are fundamentally opposed to an ET presence.
If humanity realized that advanced intelligences were assisting our planet to evolve into a civilization of world peace based on social justice, most conventional politicians would be out of job. This is because they maintain their power through fear and divisiveness.

The military have been shown to be impotent by the "UFO" saucers that fly circles around their high performance aircraft that attempt to shoot them down. A world at peace in open contact with friendly ETs "Aliens" would not need much of a military.

Many religious fundamentalists ascribe to the bizarre notion that ET "Alien" is demonic and must be opposed. Thus disclosure-promoting conflict would fuel the fire of religious intolerance.

And let's not leave out the most important group, the oligarchies that control most politicians. Their wealth based on burning fossil fuels and endless military expenditures would disappear on a peaceful planet that might be granted the energy secrets of the so-called "ETs" "Aliens" propulsion systems.

A Marxist view of religion that was popular in the 19th and 20th centuries labeled religion as the “opiate of the working class.” But Frederick Engels, Karl Marx’s benefactor, added religion was also the “wish dream” of oppressed people.

By analogy it is possible that those hoping for “official disclosure” are expressing the wish dream of millions of Earth’s citizens that are rightly fed up with the de facto policy of ridicule and denial engineered by governments, academia and the corporate dominated mass media.

I encourage UFO truth activists to consider how “official disclosure” will likely be used under current world conditions as a way to spur a massive arms race here on Earth and in outer space. If millions of people are poisoned by racism and xenophobia now, and their passions are manipulated by cynical leaders, what might happen if the reality of flying saucers "UFOs" were not slowly introduced over decades if not generations. Those that want a people’s disclosure are already part of what I like to call “The Contact Underground” that for decades have been communicating with This Otherness That We Now Call ET.

I suspect that someday UFO truth seekers and contact activist will be leaders in massive social movement for peace here on Earth and in the Cosmos. That is the kind of disclosure that I seek. I encourage others to work for what I imagine is a great and noble cause to create a people’s disclosure movement of the reality of flying saucers "UFOs". UFO Alien ET Disclosure, the Elite’s vs. the People’s.
J.Burkes MD

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