Saturday, December 24, 2016

ACFT1 slow moving single UFO light ACFT2 Chevron 5 lights quick deceleration

Nov 23, 2016

6:50pm I was in my car, turning onto a street in Woodbury Heights, NJ, when I saw what I thought was a helicopter on approach to PHL, at about 500-1000 ft AGL. A second aircraft came zipping up from behind. I thought they were going to crash a few hundred yards away. The second aircraft, quickly decelerating, dove to the left under the first one, back to the right, back to the left again, like a fighter jet, and then made a sharp right bank under it and quickly disappeared towards Woodbury. I suppose a helicopter pilot might be able to make those sweeping movements, but I don’t think it could bugout and disappear that quickly. I do not believe that a plane could fly that slow and do that. Thirdly, you’d have to be an idiot to perform that maneuver so close together over such a populated area.

It was fairly dark, all I could see was the large white light (ACFT #1) and a wing-shaped line of lights, about the length of a commuter plane’s wings (ACFT #2). This line of bright lights was on the rear of the UFO craft, larger than your normal navigation lights and in the wrong configuration for any registered aircraft that I am aware of. There was five evenly spaced lights of similar size: white – green – white – red – white. Normally, you would see red on the left wingtip and green on the right and I have not seen lights like that shinning from the back of any plane or helicopter I know.

I got into the house less than 1 minute later and ran to an upper window. I could not see the ACFT #2, trees block the view. ACFT #1 was still visible a mile or so away and appeared to have stopped. I dragged my husband and son out to see the light, but that is all you could see. It was too far off and indiscernible from a large light such as Venus. It was cold and I did not stay outside to watch it disappear.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any aircraft like I described or if a near miss was reported. I live about 5 miles from PHL, on approach to runway 35; we see a lot of planes and helicopters. mufon cms# 81112

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