Sunday, August 28, 2016

Three star like UFOs vibrating changing colors Overland park KS US 8/27/16

My father called on my phone to alert me to the first UFO which was about 250 degrees south west and two finger widths above the tree line. Pulsating through white, blue, yellow, red, orange, green, purple (VERY BRIGHT), then blue very quickly. A finger width to the left another star-like UFO with the same color pattern but pulsating at less than half the speed. Looked to the NWest at 306 degrees and saw another UFO with the same color pattern but Vibrating. Another star-like UFO would separate to the left of it then move back into the original UFO. The first two UFOs moved quickly behind the trees (5 mins or less) but the last UFO that separated stayed above the trees but faded away. Checked with an astronomy application on my phone before they disappeared to make sure I wasn't seeing stars or supernovas blinking out but nothing showed up in the areas these were, except for the tail of Ursa Major which was easily seen by me. MUFON CMS# 78746 

Double star like UFO appeared stationary in sky for over 30 min 8/27/16

UFO Sighting Palm Bay Rd Florida 8/27/16; In the parking lot of Walmart 875 Palm Bay road happened to glance up at the evening sky and noticed a UFO what first appeared to be the only star in the sky but at closer look appeared to be 2 stars one under the other or possibly light-emitting downward from the first UFO,the UFO appeared stationary, I stopped a fellow patron walking by and the 2 of us sat for 30 minutes watching this thing trying to reason what it might be after 30 minutes as the sun was almost gone the UFO appear to go below the horizon, I assume it was stationary and what we were seeing was the earth turning it out of our view. this was clearly not normal aircraft,we also both seemed to see little sparks of light emitting irregularly from the bottom UFO/beam. MUFON CMS# 78748