Friday, August 5, 2016

Triangular UFO Sighting equal in size to moon as viewed through binoculars KS US 6/11/16

Waiting near SUV in parking area after June 11,2016 11th Annual Symphony in the Flint Hills 7 miles south of Cottonwood Falls on Hwy 177. Turn west onto Rock Road and continue 7 miles to the concert site. many other event goers all around the area. we were all waiting for traffic to clear out and take our turn to leave event. I was with my friend who had lost their glasses and could not safely drive at night due to farsightedness. I was looking at the moon with pocket size binoculars. I had found a steady position and stabilized and focused on the moon when a small point of light appeared to drop out of the moon and swoop leaf-like into view as a triangular shaped UFO approximately the same size as the moon through the binoculars. it hovered had whit lights at each corner of object.I asked my friend if they saw what I saw and they noted it "looked like it dropped out of the moon" they could note the shape and color of the lights clearly even with poor vision. I heard a voice in my head tell me I want to look at the moon. the object slowly started to drift out of view through the binoculars and I really had to "fight" to shake loose the thought of only focusing on the moon. I kept my sight on the UFO through the binoculars for the entire experience,my friend was next to me watching this occur unaided by binoculars and they could see it clearly even w poor eyesight, I have no clear sense of distance because I was looking through binoculars. it slowly drifted horizontally. I could see a solid object that seemed to reflect the dark sky but it was slightly matte in finish. I could distinguish it as solid lights changed color to blue and appeared on the edges not the corners. white corner lights turned off. continued on path when lights turned all red and appeared at the corners. stopped, hovered a second then slowly reversed horizontal course very briefly then returned traveling ENE on original trajectory. UFO moved along path then slowly began descending and as it did the lights changed to a violet color and went out of sight behind a ridge line in the flint hills. The UFO did not ascend again. making no sound no one around us seemed to notice we both had sensed the UFO was there all along and observing the event? it felt as if it was simply making us aware of its presence. like it was only for the two of us to see. MUFON CMS# 

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