Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fast flying disappearing UFO Sighting Sioux City IA US 8/13/16

I looked out my patio screen door (it's a cool summer night) and saw solid white and red lights. The UFO was going way too fast to be a plane, after about 5 seconds it flashed red and then disappeared. I saw it while on my couch. It was night time with clear skies, not a single cloud in sight. I immediately got up and went on the patio to verify if it was an actual UFO or a plane by looking up to see if I saw any other lights to compare. I counted 4 very slow moving craft consistently flashing a red and either a white or green light (I am thinking white) and determined those were completely different from what i had seen. The UFO I was seeing when I went onto the patio was very small, equivalent to a star (I determined them to be airplanes), and the UFO I saw disappear would be equivalent to the size of a penny from where I had been seated. MUFON CMS# 78376

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